Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some of my Master's thoughts

He has allowed me to share some of his thoughts on camp in my blog.

1.  It was at least  100 times more fun than he expected it to be.

2. None of his fears about no one (besides me, obviously) wanting to play with him were realized. 

3.  He wants some better outfits for the Prom and the D/s formal events next year.  I asked him if he was thinking of a suit or something with understated elegance.

His reply?    "No, I need  SEQUINS!  The understated elegance of Liberace."

4.  Oh yes, there will be camp next year come hell or high water.  

5.  Two words:  Gang bang!

6.  This was just how he hoped all those other parties we went to would end up. 

7.  Pants?  Who needs pants?

8.  He really enjoys making me do things that I am afraid to do, because he knows that I really do want do to them and would regret missing out due to my fears.   He is so right. 

9..  And almost the last words "You can never get tired of seeing boobies all over the place". 

10.  We're buying a bigger tent. 

I love you, Master! 


  1. We need to have a quiet chat about pics of that suit :)

  2. Well, when he gets it put together I could definitely take some pictures. So far I have had no luck finding sequins at Goodwill or St. Vinnies. Except on ball gowns. So I may have to sew them on myself.


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