Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What does a schedule look like?

It can't be all kinky fucky time can it?

 Kinky fucky time

I do different things every day, so I have no real set schedule for every day of the week.  On Mondays I work, but sometimes I work other days as well, depending on how much they need me to do.  I had a horrible dream last night that I got fired and woke up all upset and asking my Master for reassurance.  I really do like my job, especially the fact that my Master is there and I get to be with him.    

  On Wednesdays my Master is home early so my schedule is different and based around making time for him.  
On the weekends we go on various outings with friends or kids, and work around home sometimes.  Right now the kids are on vacation, so my days are completely different than when they were at home. 

In general, my normal weekday (when I'm at home and he works) starts at 6:00.  I almost always wake up before Master's alarm goes off, since I am a morning person.   I lie in bed waiting for the alarm, because I'm not allowed to wake him up.   When the alarm goes off I say "Good morning, Master" and he says "Good morning slave".   Then we cuddle for a few minutes before he either gets up or wants to have sex or a blowjob. 

After that, I get up and let dogs out, make tea and coffee, or espresso, and breakfast.   After breakfast I check the computer stuff while he showers, then I wait on him as he gets ready for work.   Usually he wants to spank me,  fondle me or have me please him in other ways. 

After he goes to work I clean up and probably go online again (like now).  I have a list of things that has to be done each day, and so I do those at the appropriate times throughout the day.   It may involve running errands, taking care of the farm chores, house work, all those kinds of things. 

In the evening I make dinner, Master gets home and we eat.  Then he wants to do his computer stuff, so I wash up, and maybe play online also.  Sometimes we'll go for a walk after dinner.   We often watch a movie in the evening, and this often involves light playing with me,  then we get down to the serious ass whackings/sexy time stuff later on.  

I pretty much enjoy the things I do.  The stuff that makes me cringe would be fixing any kind of problem that comes up- calling companies to complain about stuff they have done wrong, or calling any company that has a massive voice mail run around system ranks very high on my hate list.  


  1. you did not mention the special time that you can be the naked slave. How long will that continue?

  2. One more week for the nudity. It's getting so putting on clothes to go somewhere feels weird.


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