Thursday, September 13, 2012

A couple of sickies

Well, Master and I are a couple of sickies today.   I've been suffering a cold for a couple days and last night he came home tired and grumpy, saying his throat hurt.    I had managed to make a decent dinner and get it served, then washed the dishes, fed the dogs and went to bed straight after that.   Master got the kids put to bed on his own, lovely wonderful man that he is.  

I slept terribly, feeling all hot and fevered and constantly throwing covers around trying to get comfortable.  His sleep couldn't have been all that great with all my thrashing. 

In the morning I got up and stumbled downstairs for some cold medicine and coffee.   I made sausages and waited for his alarm to go off.   When I heard it I went back up to see if he wanted anything, trying to be a dutiful slave.  He said he felt awful and was going back to sleep.

I ate my sausages, made tea, drank my coffee and got the kids fed and packed off for school.    By then the coffee and meds had begun to kick in and I was feeling pretty reasonable.   Master came down and had his tea, but was not up for breakfast.  I brought him some medicine too.   

After an hour or so we were actually both feeling a lot better, and I was sitting at the laptop when he came up behind me and lifted me out of my seat with a tug on my hair.  I scrambled up and followed after him as he led me to the couch, bent me over it and fucked me, just briefly.   Then he wanted to get a blowjob while he watched porn.   Ok, not exactly what I wanted out of a Thursday sickie morning, but if it was what he wanted, I was eager to please him.  

He came down my throat and then held me in his lap and cuddled me. (Love!)  We took care of a few other things we wanted to do, then after a little while I asked him if I might have a bit of a beating.  He said he wanted to make me cum a bunch.  Then I think I did a happy dance.  Really, I didn't feel sick at all anymore :). 

We went up where the toys are, and he gave me a hard flogging, so much that I was feeling wobbly on my feet.  I held on to the dresser.   He caned me on the backs of my thighs, where it is so tender and good.   Then got the dragon tail and whipped me.   This left a few little marks, which are not so evident in my pictures but were pretty plain for me to see.   One really big one on my thigh too.

He gave me the Hitachi wand and true to his word, made me cum a bunch!  I have no idea how much, but it was wonderful.  Then he fucked me again and came all over me.  

Not bad for a couple of sickies!

We took a shower together, with its attendant rituals, and then went for some lunch out.   We did some shopping  at a new store downtown whose motto is "modern frippery"- I couldn't resist such an excellent motto (Master ok'd the purchase of a spiffy new purse!!) and he got a haircut.   

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