Monday, April 1, 2013

A couple of holes, again

Last night Master watched porn while I gave him a blowjob, and he used my cunt to cum.  I felt very much like a used couple of holes.   I was happy to be able to serve him, and since we had been having almost non-stop intercourse all weekend I really was close to sated (geez I'm a horny bitch all the time, aren't I?).  

Then he flogged me, and used both the belt and the hard strap on me until I was quite floaty and happy. 
He let me use the vibrator, crouching on the floor, and I was waiting to cum until he gave the command.  But when the strap hit me I started coming, and didn't stop as he hit me with it 5 or 6 or more times.  Every new sting intensified and prolonged the orgasm.  It was amazing.

Today I went to the gym, and did the Zumba class.   It is a dance aerobics type of thing, using some belly dance and latin dance as well as other styles.  It's pretty fun and gives a heck of a workout, even if I do feel like an idiot not knowing any of the moves.   However, I never let feeling (or looking) like an idiot stop me!

I did wonder in the locker room afterward while changing and showering if anyone noticed the distinct strap shaped marks all over me.  Probably not.  It is rude to stare and we are all very polite here.  

After that I went over to Mystique's house and we hung out and watched a few episodes of season one of Game of Thrones.   It was extremely cozy and comfortable.  


  1. Very, very hot.

  2. I also attend Zumba classes. Don't feel like an idiot. You can't worse than I am at that :P

  3. nisza_E my thoughts are Hey, this is exercise, not a televised performance, so as long as I'm getting a workout, who cares what I look like. But you know those FB memes about how one looks doing Zumba- oh yeah, that is me. LOL

    Also, the instructor is smoking hot. After I told Master that, he said he might join in just to see. This is something I cannot imagine.


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