Thursday, September 19, 2013


Last night was difficult for me.

I should have known it was going to be when I was passing the bathroom and he called me in there, had me kneel and practice a new position for him while he was on the throne.

Then he sent me off to our room to wait.   

When he came in I was in position, kneeling, head down, arms up above my head and wrists together.   Without saying anything he tied  my wrists, then pulled me up and had me get in bed.   He told me he was going to make me wait for an orgasm, for long time, perhaps I would not get one at all.  Perhaps he would just have a blowjob and go to bed.

I have mentioned that orgasm denial is not my kink, right?   I'm sure of it.  Anyway... this is his show.   

I had just started to suck when he told me to go get a paddle.  I hurried over, picked out Uma, the smiley paddle, and hurried back.   With my hands tied and leaning over him, I could not get balance or leverage and every strike of the paddle put me further off my blow job giving game.  He began to berate and humiliate me for the poor job I was doing and I wanted to say... well... I wanted to say a lot that I'm afraid was not entirely polite or respectful, but I didn't.  Don't talk with your mouth full, and all that.   

I tried harder, and he paddled harder. 

He rolled me to my side and fucked my face.  This was easier on me, although still not to his satisfaction.  At all.  Which he let me know.   He untied me, had me get the Hitachi and get on top of him.  I was close to coming, without turning the wand on, but he told me to wait.  He used the paddle on my breasts and hips, and put the wand on my clit.  He untied my hands and tied this crazy looking tie around my neck.  He pulled me up close to him by my leash, which made it near impossible to avoid coming.  

But I waited.  

  He asked me if I was close.  

 "Yes, Master, can I?"

"Can you what?"

"Can I come, please Master?"


"Please, Master?"


He told me to turn it off, and take a deep breath.  The feeling of being on the brink faded.   

This was repeated several times, then he began beating one breast with the paddle until I broke and cried.   

He turned me over and fucked me from behind.  When he orgasmed, he told me to come. 

I couldn't.  I just fucking couldn't.  Overwhelmed with  failure and frustration I sobbed into my pillow.   He was disappointed.  I knew it.  He was hoping for a big finale and I failed to produce it.   

He rolled me onto my back and slapped my face repeatedly before telling me to come again.  This time I did, and hard.  Forever in fact. 

 Ok, not forever, but he kept giving me the command and I kept coming.  And crying.  And coming.   Perhaps it was forever.  

It must not have been forever though, because sometime later I came out of the trance and cleaned up all the toys/blankets/messy towels  so we could go to sleep. 

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