Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Penises Are Icky

    It is my first day of unemployment, and ksst was looking forward to some kinky sex.  The kids were at school and we were home alone except for the roofers, who could look right in the bedroom window from the top of the barn.  I was not to be denied, so I took ksst behind our dressers, which I thought would block line of sight, and told her to strip and suck.  Then I pushed her back on the floor, and began nibbling and sucking on her pussy.  It was then that I had a real A la recherche du temps perdu moment, although it was not a Madeleine I was eating.

    I thought back to the first time I saw her naked, and the first time I tasted her.  We were both still very innocent, and I snuck her down into the basement, began kissing her, and finding her unresisting, began taking off her clothes.  Finally ksst was naked, so I pushed her back onto a recamier, kissed her, sucked her nipple, and then moved down to her pussy.


  I remember kissing her there, then looked up at her.  She had a frozen, deer in the headlights look that convinced me I had gone too far.  I dressed her and led her back upstairs and we both agreed we had gone too far.  Still, she didn't run away screaming, and still agreed to see me the next day.  A few days later I stripped her again and ate her pussy for about an hour, something we did regularly for a while.
    I don't know why I thought of that then.  Maybe it was because we were hiding from the roofers, or because she looked unusually sweet and innocent this morning.  I asked ksst if she could remember anything about how she felt that first time, and she replied no, and asked if she should get out the rope.  Only if you earn it today I answered, touching off a 30 minute wrestling rape scene.  As we struggled furiously I kept asking her about that autumn, and especially why she had never offered me a hand job or blow job in return, or even asked me to fuck her.  ksst would grunt and moan or jab at me, then reply that she couldn't remember. 

 Did she want me to fuck her back then?  
 Yes, she replied.  Why didn't she say, or do something?  

"Because rape is so much more fun!"  ksst answered.

Besides, penises are icky.


  1. Welcome to your first day of unemployment. Glad you were able to find something deverting! It's fun to think back.

    Good luck and enjoy your adventure with icky penises and Consentual non-consent.


  2. I am not sure how long I have been following you, and I certainly don't get to read every post, but reading this has a revealed a whole new side to you :) How exquisitely lovely xx

  3. LOL I'm sure it was obvious that my Master wrote this, but yeah, I was nearly regressing to a younger me (with a lot of joking around) with his prompting then. I had a whole different outlook on sex back then, for good reasons, I think.


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