Monday, June 9, 2014

Kicking and Punching

We didn't really get much alone time yesterday, what with the kid's birthday party, going to play laser tag (What a blast that was!) and such things going on most of the day.

Also, Saturday night we had everyone who wanted to come over after the munch out for a potluck and bonfire at our house. That was a great time.  

We did make the most of what time alone we had.  He spent a few minutes in the morning kicking my ass, then late in the afternoon he wanted a blowjob.  After I had sucked him off, he spanked and punched me.  I think being closed fist punched in the butt is my new favorite thing.  It feels AMAZING.

He also did a few of the new pressure points he learned about Saturday, which are a very quiet way to cause a lot of pain.  There is one right under the nipple that if he presses really hard, it is just horrible.  But of course he does it and then tells me to come, and the pain and the orgasm just get mixed up all crazy together.  

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