Saturday, May 9, 2015


After the chores are done, I ask Master if he's ready for bed. 
He says yes, but first he wants some of my good cocksucking.  I kneel between his legs and he watches porn while I please him.  He tells me I'm his mouth, his hole, for sucking as he thinks about others.  This turns me on, being an object to him.  A little fuckhole.

He tells me to go get the paddle, the one we handily keep in the kitchen disguised as a cutting board, but that is only ever used for my pain.

He rubs it gently over my ass, so soft and sensual, as I try not to tense up before the big swing.  When it hits, I gasp.  He spanks me many more times, then makes me come and tells me to get back to sucking.  I enjoy his cock: fondling, sucking, stroking it.

When he is ready to go upstairs he tells me to bring his clothes.  In the hallway he's punching me; grabbing my throat and hair, he kisses me.   

This is the best of romance!

In the bedroom he takes off his belt and whips my back until I whimper, then he tells me to wait for him and leaves the room.  
I get in position and wait.  My back is stinging from the belt and my ass from the paddle, and I wallow in that pleasure as I think of submission, of being his, of being here waiting for his desires. 

When he gets back he ties my hands to the bedposts, slaps me a little and fucks me.  It is sooo good. I arch up to meet him, wanting to come right away.

He tells me to flip over.  My wrists are still tied together, but I flip and plant my face on the pillow, my ass up.  He takes me again and makes me come.   

Then he tells me to go get my vibrator.  I kind of wave my tied wrists at him, "Ummmm, Master?" so he unties me, then I go fetch it.

He has me on top then, allowing me to vibrate my clit while he tugs hard on my nipples.   He's talking about all kinds of naughtiness with clamps and other people to hook me to with them.  Yeah, it is going to happen.  That should be fun!  I come like three (?) more times and soak everything before he makes me turn it off.   He comes too, then as I lie on top of him he spanks me hard again.  It felt fucking amazing, too.

He was going to let me sleep in this morning instead of making his breakfast, but when I heard him downstairs rummaging around I got up anyway.  His breakfast was mostly made, but I still got to be with him. 


Earlier this week we had had what passes for an almost-argument around here.  Anyway, feelings were ruffled on both sides from a certain session (what happened right before Property Reminder) that did not work out, and some talking about it the next day that also didn't go well.  I bounced ideas off (ok, ranted to) a friend, who is also a slave, on the computer and she gave me some good thoughts to work through it. 

If the other night (Wednesday) and last night are any indication, I have my calm and serene back now.   I really don't want to go back there in my head, though, so I can't give details.  

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