Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Butt Pliers

  We started out the day by watching some TV, which naturally led to groping, pussy spanking and cock sucking.  He wasn't letting me orgasm, and I was getting increasingly turned on throughout the show/ordeal. 

I asked if I could go pee and he said yes, so I headed for the bathroom.

"Um. What are you doing?" he asked.

"Going to the bathroom," I replied.

"Nope, you will use the outdoors".  He made me leave my robe inside, and it had frosted that night, so the ground was COLD.  I was swarmed by dogs as I tried to squat.  Holding them off with one hand (not very successfully) I pissed in the grass.  
Dogs: "What are you doing? We halp? Pet me, pet me, pet me!"

It's a good thing I've never had a shy bladder.   This is becoming a regular feature of Tuesdays.

Back inside, Master led me upstairs by my hair, giving me a few punches along the way.

He tied me up, except for  my hands, then had me grip the dresser.  He started out with a delicious flogging, which gradually grew harder, making me strain up on my legs and curl my toes.  He told me to turn around and put my hands behind me.  He flogged my tits with the stinging tips of the floggers.  He wrapped the floggers hard around my butt which hurt so good.   Then he had me kneel in front of him and he beat straight down with the misery stick as I sucked his cock.  That really, really hurts! I was soon crying. There were a bunch of other implements used that I couldn't always see: spoons and crops I think.   Over and over, in the same damn spot, until I was whimpering even more.  

Master put me on my hands and knees, my head down on the floor, he beat me until I was near to sobbing/hyperventilating and then he left me there.  I don't know what he was doing, but he was directly behind me.  He didn't actually leave the room, but he was waiting and watching.  I could feel his eyes on me.  Still I waited and tried to recover my breath and composure.  Wondering what was going on, relieved that there was a pause and fearful of what was next.

Finally, he asked me if I felt the humiliation of my situation, felt what it was like to be his slave. Yes, Master, I do.

He gave me the vibrator and went back to beating me.  He allowed me to come, twice, spurred on as I was, but also distracted by the pain he was giving me. With the second one I toppled over to my side. 

Something sharp was scratching the backs of my thighs, my ass, my inner thighs.  It felt exquisitely scratchy but barely painful. 

"Don't move or you're really going to get hurt", he warned me.

I tried to stop my trembling.  

I felt something hard and metal against my asshole.  It began to press in.  I tried to think what it could be- not a butt plug or beads, it didn't feel like those.  Surely something that didn't belong in my ass!  I held very still.

When he was done he showed me his pliers and told me how dirty I had made them.  Wicked dirty girl, I am.  :) 

Then he told me to get my butt plug in and get ready to be fucked.  I did these things, and he fucked me thoroughly with the plug in.  One of the orgasms I had was so strong it was painful, a massive earthquake-gasm- I actually cried and he was worried something had gone wrong.  Nope, just a really good one!

Now he has butt pliers. 








  1. WOW...WOW....I would call that a terrific Tuesday....and no way am i mentioning butt pliers to Master...
    hugs abby

  2. Gotta say -- I flat out love the term "butt pliers." Two words you never expect to see together but they do have a nice ring. I'm going to ask for butt pliers for Christmas!

  3. Butt pliers? Bahaha! Sounds wicked. and fun. And painful. And. .... wonderful.


  4. Butt pliers? Bahaha! Sounds wicked. and fun. And painful. And. .... wonderful.



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