Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do You Ever?

Do you ever get those days when you are so dang horny that you can't even think?  Sometimes my brain is like one of those "This is your brain on drugs" fried eggs from that one PSA commercial, except not with drugs, just with its need for pain/sex.  

 We had an extended play time on Sunday, when I was caned and fucked into near-oblivion, but a few hours later, cunt aching still, I was wanting more.  I was reading an erotic fantasy book and getting all worked up again (Why? I don't know).  He had me reading it aloud to him, just the best bits, and sometimes he was feeling me up, or squeezing my tit.   He told me he likes me all wanton and horny.  He had me kneel at his feet and he slapped me. I gave him a blowjob.

 Then Monday I was buzzed up with desire all damn day.  Master teased me again at night, with touching and fondling, but nothing else.  At bedtime we just went to sleep.  Sometimes I feel like I'll go out of my mind, then I think, no, I can handle it, I got this, I can wait.  Ah, fuck me.



  1. Hope he will…. Soon!

  2. Replies
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    2. I meant to say why did he NOT give you more Monday night or does he like keeping you on edge without relief.


    3. He just didn't want to. It is always up to him.


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