Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 27: Do your non-kink interests ever find their way into your kinky activities? If so, how?

My non kink interests:  dogs, sheep, reading, writing, being outdoors.

The dogs sometimes do barge in on our kinky activities, but mostly they head the other way- "Eek, spanking!".   There is also pet play when I pretend to be a dog. The human pet agility course last summer at kinky camp was fun.

 The sheep- all the nope. 

Reading- sometimes I read to Master or he reads to me some sexy passages from books.  Or we read a non fiction kink book separately and then discuss it.  

Writing- yes, right here!  

Being outdoors- oh yes!  Kinky fun outdoors is great if the weather cooperates.  We have done that many times.

Master's interests:  reading, playing computer games, history

He frequently has me blow him while he plays computer games.
 I don't know if that even counts as kinky though.  Maybe not, but sometimes there is spanking or paddling too, and there is always the underlying power exchange aspect.

He once ordered me to read his favorite history book (I need him to fill in the name- I forgot).  I made it through the first few chapters before he said I didn't have to finish it.  It's just not my thing unless there is a strong human interest story.  Books like Band of Brothers by Steven Ambrose I really enjoy.  Another time he had me recite Japanese ship names during a spanking.

I guess the interests do intersect more than I thought when I first saw the question.  


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