Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Whip marks

We had quite a fun time yesterday.
Three hours to ourselves, and none wasted.  
We made some videos, which you can see if you are on Fet and have a membership.

There was so much that the post to describe it would go on and on and people are probably tired of all that, right?

So here is the quick rundown:

-Butt plug
-Foot rub
-Cock sucking

change of scene to upstairs

-Leather straps
-Lighter.  Some mindfucking and also some burning.  Makes the mindfucking more believable, you know?

-Musical accompaniment: In the Jungle, You Can Call Me Al, etc.
-Purse strap
-Leather paddle/strap
-Spoon percussion
-Duct tape
-Nipple clamps, fucking nipple clamps
-Country Roads by John Denver
-Pussy flogging- mini flogger
-Pussy spooning
-Misery stick

-Single tail whipping
-Belt and purse strap whipping (the purse strap is super painful)
-Sword (HOT!)

-Moar fucking!
-Orgasmed my butt plug right out
-Clean up


  1. you slept well...fantastic use of your time..
    hugs abby

  2. You must be proud of the whip marks.



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