Sunday, April 2, 2017


Yesterday we had a birthday party for our youngest, who is turning 12.   I made this cake on Friday, but left most of the preparations for Saturday morning, so I had a really long list of things to do.

We were taking the kids (5) to play laser tag, so I had to clean out my van.  It was kind of a disaster since I mostly haul around dogs in it.  It didn't have a lot of trash, but of fur and rocks, sand and grit, there was plenty.   There were sheep to feed, the yard to clean up, shower, finish frosting and decorating the cake, and of course make breakfast and lunch and wash dishes.

It was about mid-morning, with only the making breakfast and writing a blog accomplished so far, when I started listing out the things I needed to do on my fingers to Master.  At the end he added "And give a blowjob". 

I smiled and held up one last finger, "Give a blowjob". As soon as I finished the dishes he had me upstairs between his legs as he looked at magazines and pretended I was one of the hot little models in them.   Eventually it turned into fucking and orgasms for everyone, then I had to get up and shower.

Cleaning the car took me a full hour, but the rest of the tasks were pretty quick and I was done 10 minutes before kids arrived.

The laser tag place is over an hour away, but the kids seemed to have a good time punching each other or something in the back of the van (Four 12 year old boys!).

I thought the laser tag was great!  I had such fun.  Master played too, and he tried to explain the rules to me, but it was really complicated and I ended up not really figuring out all the modes until the last few games.  So, I didn't win or anything, but it didn't matter, I had a GREAT time.  Our older son was one of the top scorers not just in our group but for the whole day.  He's done it before with his friends.  

After that we took everyone to Huhots Mongolian BBQ, which everyone loved, although it was so crowded the lines were really out of control.  

Then the ride home.  After a while they got kind of bored of teasing each other and began singing the song from Frozen as a group.  This was pretty funny.  Then Master really impressed them by singing for them and knowing all the words to Weird Al's Star Wars parody of American Pie.   If you want to see how long it is, here's a link:
By the end they were all joining in on the chorus.  

It was a very successful, if tiring, day, I thought.  


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