Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunday Morning Fun

Sunday morning I got up early, made breakfast, weeded in the garden for a while and then asked Master if I should go for a walk or if there was anything else he would like to do with me
 (hint, hint!).

He said he wanted to fuck me.  (Yay!)  We went upstairs and he put me on my hands and knees naked on the floor.  He began by smacking with the wooden back scratcher and then switched to my very heavy belt.  I was afraid of being struck between the legs but I simply waited and didn't move, hoping it wouldn't land there.  I could feel myself getting wet. Master brought out the floggers and beat them down on my back and ass.  This felt like heaven compared to the belt.  I do need the pain though, in addition to the heaven. He pulled me up to my knees and had me suck his cock while he continued to flog me from above.  

When he pushed me down to hands and knees again he completed the action pressing my neck to the floor.  He got behind me and fucked me, which was wonderful.  He called me his dirty little slut, his cocksucking whore.

Then he moved us to the bed and he took off my wrist strap and bound both my hands together with it.  It's a bracelet that transforms into handcuffs simply.  I wear it all the time.  He pressed down on my chest and fucked me hard.   I told him about the fantasies I'd been having about when we go over to Travis and WM's house next time.  They are pretty naughty! 

When he finished we were both exhausted, happy and spent. 


  1. That bracelet sounds like a very convenient piece of accesory!

  2. Wow, what a way to start the day! Love the sound of the bracelet :)



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