Sunday, July 18, 2021

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Fun Week

 We are having a pretty exciting week here.  My Master is feeling less bad than before, which means he wanted to flog and fuck me this morning, and on our anniversary, which was Saturday.  ,Although he also has trouble sleeping, so he's very tired. We both hardly got any sleep last night, but for a good reason for me at least, our dog was having puppies!  They are Australian Shepherds with a good working pedigree, and such cuteness! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tmi Tuesday

 1. Are you happy with the number of people you have slept with?

Yes.  I think it might be somewhat unusual, but I don't regret having sex with any of the people I had sex with.  The total number isn't important (I lost track, but it is more than 10 and fewer than 20).  

2. Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I enjoying painting with Bob Ross.  I do tiny paintings on rocks because what would I do with a bunch of huge canvases? (plus rocks are free and canvases aren't).  

3. Would you say you have an excessive need for stimulation and are you prone to boredom?

Excessive compared to what? 

4. Do you have a history of promiscuous sexual behavior or wish you had?

Nope, I think I'm fine.  I don't think sex with a lot of people is a good or bad thing, but just a thing, without judgement.  

5. How do you cope with a sex drought?

a. masturbation

b. sex droughts don’t bother me

c. try not to think about sex

The less I'm having sex the less I want it or think about it.  It's not a drive like needing food.   If I'm having a lot of sex, that's when I'm horny all the time.   

Bonus: If you were a wave in the ocean would you be rough or calm?

I'm a calm wave. 

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