Monday, December 30, 2019

TMI Tuesday

In 2019 did you
1. Get a new job? No
2. Get a new haircut? No
3. Get a new car? No
4. Move? No
5. Get a new romantic partner?  No
6. Have a kid? No
7. Take up a new hobby?  Finally one that is a yes. I was about to be glum that I did nothing all year.  I took up fencing, but then hurt myself and had to give up (for now, anyway).  So, yeah, that's not depressing. 

Yes, I do have post holiday, I've been sick for two weeks, the weather is gross here, slump.

In 2020, will you?
1. Get a new job?
2. Get a new car?
3. Take a risk?

Hard to say. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Happy Solstice Everyone!

I'm a day late, since it was yesterday, but hope you are all having a good winter season, and from here on out the days are getting longer, so that is really something to celebrate.  These are some of my pictures from past winters.  


Friday, December 20, 2019

Leash and Spoon

This week on Master's day off he told me to get into a sexy outfit and put my butt plug in.  I went off upstairs to pick something out.  The first one I lit on was the black satin chemise- it seemed like the thing to wear.  I put in on, and then struggled a bit with getting the lube only in the right places and not on my clothes- maybe I'm doing this backwards?  Ah well, I managed.  I went back downstairs and knelt at his feet.  As he likes, I teased his cock slowly with my hands before finally taking it in my mouth. Periodically he would order me to stand up and bend over, where he would fuck me for just a minute or two before sending me back to the sucking.

We went upstairs and he took my chemise off.  He had me stand in front of the dresser facing him for my whipping.  He was using a long strip of leather first, which struck right on my nipple, and hurt like heck.  Then he had me turn around and he whipped my back with both that and a longer single tail whip.  I can tell when the longer one comes out because I can hear it dragging on the floor.  It burned like fire, but in such a good way.

 Master took the leather strip he'd been using and attached it as a leash to my collar.  He told me to get on all fours on the floor and crawl after him as he walked around.  Then he took out a wooden spoon and after giving a few good cracks across my ass with it, he put it in my mouth and told me to hold on to it.  I crawled some more for him, and then, on command, stood up for more whipping.  The spoon was making me drool a lot and once I let it fall because it was getting so slippery and hard to hold on to, what with all the whipping, but I picked it up quickly and put it back in my mouth.

At the end he fucked me, still with my butt plug in, and he made me orgasm several times.  It was all pretty dang wonderful!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Diet Progress

The diet progress is still going well, even with baking cookies. I eat a couple, but only limited amounts of those high point foods. 

 I have lost 16 lbs!

Good Surprises

I wasn't expecting anything last night.  I folded and put away some clothes while waiting for Master to come up to bed.  Then I got undressed and put my night collar and robe on. I got into position in the middle of the room, kneeling with my head down on the floor.  He came in and instead of telling me to get into bed, as usual, he walked around behind me.  I started to get a little excited about what might happen.  He lifted up my robe, but that's all.  I knelt there perfectly still, my butt exposed.  Some how being only half exposed made me feel even more vulnerable. 

There were noises and footsteps behind me for what seemed like ages, although really it was probably only a few seconds.  Then I felt his fingers probing me, quickly turning into rough finger-fucking.  I moaned a little at the pain which was quickly turning into pleasure.  He used his foot to kick my knees wider and then knelt behind me, taking me.  He let me have some orgasms with the vibrator before he came inside me. 

 It was all a lovely surprise.

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Master spanked me, fucked me and I had a big orgasm today!  Yay!
And we're going to a party.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Yes-Shave December!

After a month of No Shave November, I was ready to break out the hedge trimmers and get rid of my hairy hippie chick look that Master for some reason likes.  With his permission, I took a razor to everything except my cooch, well, I also left my head hair and eyebrows alone.    It took about 2 days to actually clear every thing away, it was that thick.   I feel better now, lighter, less fluffy.  

I skipped a week of going to the Weight Watchers meeting, because it was the day after Thanksgiving and I was definitely not dieting on Thanksgiving.  There were pies and potatoes to consume!

But on Saturday, struggling hard, I went back to counting my points and staying on the diet.  I hope I at least haven't gained anything when I go to weigh in tomorrow.  

Yesterday I started physical therapy for my tennis (rapier) elbow, which confused everybody when my forms stated that I have a farm, I hurt myself fencing, but no it wasn't building fences it was swordfighting too much.  We had many interesting discussions at the place.   So she thought I should lay off fencing for a little while, and I have agreed, although I have mixed feelings.   Last night Master went, and I went with him but just sat in the car.  Two hours is a long time to wait, so besides just sitting in the parking lot, I also went to the store to buy some items for our upcoming holiday kink party.  

We had a glass of wine before bed, which made me a bit tipsy.  Then Master wanted a blowjob and so I did the best I could.  It's hard and thankless work, but someone has to do it.  Afterward I wished I could have sex too, but it was too late, he was asleep.  I call this blow job regret and I feel like I'm the only one in the world ( or at least the only sub/slave) who gets it.  I also feel super dumb, because I would have just had to ask and he probably would have fucked me.  But he's been going on for days about not getting any blowjobs (not my fault he always ends up fucking me half way through).    So... eh.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sexy Times

We hadn't hardly had any time together since Wednesday.  Master had been working super long hours every day, coming home after I was in bed.  He said last night he considered waking me up for sex at one am when he came to bed, but he was too tired.  I considered waking him up at 6 am with my mouth on his cock, but for one, that's not allowed here, and for two, I knew he needed the sleep.  

So we waited until after breakfast, at a more mid morning-ish time, before sneaking back upstairs to frolic.   

First, he tied me up with the robe sash my wrists together and then up to my neck, and then he had me on my knees worshipping his cock.   I was really getting into this- it had been so long.

Then he had me get into bed and he gave me a series of stingy blows with the misery stick, front and back, before he began fucking me. 

I was on top, having gotten loose from the tie sash, teasing my Master by going up and down quickly, rocking back and forth, and then suddenly stopping to bite him or kiss him before he got all the way there.  He enjoys this kind of teasing, and I could see his enjoyment in his eyes, which was so hot to me.  I was a slutty little fucktoy, and I think he could see this reflected in my eyes. 

He told me to use the vibrator, and I came again when he told me to, this was probably the 3rd or 4th time, I lost count.  The first was in the kitchen when he just barely touched me.  

Eventually I'd had enough fun teasing him and I just rocked quickly, gripping his shoulders hard with my fingers, until he came inside me. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Image result for happy thanksgiving image

Hey everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving (or normal Thursday) is wonderful!  We had our big dinner yesterday, with a couple friends coming over for a party of six.   There was a lot of food, so today is all about leftovers and relaxing.

Ten things I am thankful for:


  1. I'm thankful for my Master's hard work.
  2. I'm thankful that he loves me.
  3. I'm thankful that he listens to me.
  4. I'm thankful that he still thinks I'm hot and sexy.
  5. I'm thankful that I'm able to serve him.
  6. I'm thankful that he takes care of me.
  7. I'm thankful that he expects me to serve him.
  8. I'm thankful for the corrections he gives me.
  9. I'm thankful that he likes to see me orgasm, lots.
  10. I'm thankful for all the hugs and cuddles I get.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Talking and Ovesharing

 This may be oversharing, but I'm trying to get things straight in my mind so I can figure out what is going on in the jungle wilderness I call a brain.
We talked a lot last night.  I've been grumpy much of this week. I said I haven't been feeling very slavey. I'm doing all the things I'm supposed to, but not very well, and I'm not feeling good about it. I said I am having thoughts like "Sometimes I think it was a dumb idea to be a slave".  He said a lot of people throughout history have felt the same way.  I feel like he picks on me, I can't do anything right. He punished me, which made me feel worse, like I shouldn't have said anything. But he also told me some things I had done well this week, and made me come up with three more things that I thought I had done well. He apologized for picking on me about my sewing (it hasn't gone well). He told me I have to see a dr about my arm, and if I need to stop fencing because it hurts too much all the time I can. I really enjoy fencing, but I don't enjoy being in pain all the time. He told me if I feel like I need to renegotiate some things then I should come to him and tell him that so he can "Shut that shit down" which oddly (or perhaps not) makes me feel good that he's not willing to give up on me just because I'm feeling negative.
Also, we had sex but I didn't enjoy it. When he asked if I enjoyed it I told the truth, not really, and why, and he said that's ok because he enjoyed it and it's good to use me. Which makes me partly sad but partly content that at least I pleased him. It's so complicated having feelings. They don't all go one way or another. I got pretty much everything off my chest, and it was ok. I got lots of hugs and reassurances.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Diet Update Success

As of the last WW meeting, I have lost 12 lbs!  This is a great success for me, because I (along with most people my age and gender) find it terribly hard to lose weight.  The next challenge is sticking to it.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

TMI Tuesday. Bird Afterlife.

1. Do you think taking a break in a relationship works? Have you taken a break? Why do you say it worked or did not work?

In my opinion, taking a break is the first step to a break up.  Like, let's see how this break up goes, and then later get on with the real thing.  In some small number of cases the break doesn't become permanent, but no, as a fixer tactic I think it rarely works.  I've never done it.

2. What is your ideal “break” in a relationship: a. we stay monogamous but relax expectations on each other and each other’s time b. we can see/date other people c. we can take time to explore sex with other people d. take a break but there is no discussion about seeing other people

Ideally, no break (up) is needed.  You can have these discussions and non monogamy without that step.

3. Currently, how many healthy relationships do you have? How many unhealthy or toxic relationships do you have?

I don't keep any toxic relationships, so I would say they are all healthy.   How many? It depends on how you count relationships.  If you say all family and friends in relation to me, then I have so many I can't count, but not all of them are that close.  If it's just romantic relationships, then probably just my Master.  Play partners?  Maybe 2-I'm counting Mystique who I love (but not romantically any more)- we play rarely, and also Dr. Peter who I like a great deal but am not in love with- we play maybe once a month.  None with any regularity, and some number more than two with great irregularity.

4. Are there limits to your sexual creativity?

I'm not the creative one here.  I just know what I like- which is mostly being told what to do.  I like Master being creative!

5. What one item in this life do you want to take to the afterlife?

 (For the purposes of this questions just assume there IS an afterlife)

I feel in my gut there is not an afterlife, but if there is I'll probably be reincarnated, and I'm hoping I get to be a bird. In Florida.  A Floridian bird sounds perfect, and then I won't need anything but maybe some twigs for my nest. 

Bonus: What life-altering thing should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their life?
Travel to different countries.  I think it's very broadening to see new things and meet different people.

Busy Day Yesterday

Yesterday was the day we took the lambs to market.  We also had to bury a dead sheep.  She was one of the older ones, but not super old, not old enough to suddenly be dead.  In the morning she had a slightly swollen face, and then at night- dead.  People who think farm life is listening to birds in the morning and cute, fluffy lambs all day should realize that it has just as much death and mess as pretty and sweet to balance it out. 

The day started out when I went to buy sheep food.  I got 200 lbs, plus a big bag of cat food.  I was going to find someone at the store to help me, but no one was handy and I didn't want to wait around, so I loaded it.   Then I got home and had to sort the sheep for feeding.  I'm trying to keep the greedy ones from pushing the small ones away from the food, so I use a dog (Pepper) to separate them and keep them separate until they have eaten.  Big, pushy greedy sheep find their way back through the fences and gates as soon as I leave, so just keeping two groups doesn't work.  

I came inside for a snack and then went back out to sort sheep with Sprite for a herding lesson.  The client dog is kind of rowdy, so I wanted some larger ones who weren't pregnant.   This took me about half an hour to accomplish as they were not cooperating.  By the time I finished, the student had arrived and we did her lesson. 

 The dog is showing a big improvement from a few weeks ago, which is encouraging.  I put all the sheep back together afterward, wishing I could save out my good herding group, and then went inside.  I was so tired and cold (it was 14 degrees) that I was almost ready to cry.  Master told me to come sit by the fire with him, which was very cozy.   He had made a fire and done laundry while I was out. 

Once I was rested he said it was time for my slave-duty of getting him off.   He asked what I wanted and I, of course, said "Whatever you want, Master".   He took me upstairs and fucked me with the dildo and used the vibrator on me.  I had a hard time coming (again) but finally I did, then he came inside me.

It was about 1:30 when we finished and Master said we should start getting the trailer ready for the sheep.  First we had to push it into position, and get it hooked up to my van, and then build some makeshift panels from the barn door to the trailer.  All this took about an hour, while the actual loading of the sheep, with Sprite behind them to keep them going the right way, and me and Master helping them up the ramp, took about 10 minutes. 

Did I mention we were having a nice little snow shower all this time?
Oh yeah, lovely.

But the sheep loading went better than it usually does, with no escapees getting past us and running around the yard this time.

Master drove and Sprite and I rode along, down to the butcher, only about 10 miles, but with slick roads and snow it was nerve racking.  Then backing up the trailer was a pain in the butt with the space he had to work with, not to mention snow and ice.  I was glad it wasn't me because I'm terrible at backing trailers anyway.  When I used to go to the other butcher farther away by myself I would always get out my helpless female card and ask the guy there to back my trailer for me. 

 Sprite was puzzled why we returned home with no sheep.  She kept looking for them. 

Then we still had to unhook the trailer, push it to the barn, take down the makeshift chute and bury the dead sheep.  The ground was frozen, so this was hard even though someone had cleverly dug a hole already a month ago.  There was still the frozen earth to chip out and fill it in.   It made me sad for the sheep and worried that I didn't know what was wrong with her or if it was something that might affect the rest of the flock.

My arms and back were ready to die by then, and I spent most of the evening curled up on the couch with tea and television.  Master went fencing without me.   I had planned ahead to have crock pot soup, so no cooking needed, but there were still somehow a lot of dishes to do before I collapsed into bed.   

Thursday, November 7, 2019

No Shave November

Master has decided it is No Shave November for me again, so I'm not allowed to shave anything, not legs, not armpits, nothing.  Sigh. 

In completely non related news, I woke up super horny yesterday.  Master played with me a little bit but then he left.  I went right back upstairs and started using my toys.  I was going to edge a little and wait until he got back to come (it wasn't going to be long) but that didn't work out well.  I came almost immediately.  When he got back he asked if I was going back to sleep, because I was there under the covers.  I said I was just waiting for him.  He was surprised to find the dildo still inserted in me and everything all wet from my play.  He didn't waste anytime removing it and inserting himself instead.  I had a few more orgasms, so it was a very fun beginning to the day. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Stories my Master Tells

We had a house full of people (my mom and also the college kid came to visit) so all our sex on the weekend (yes, we still did) was quiet and relatively quick. 

This morning, everyone is gone and just me and Master are at home.   He started out having me suck his cock as I knelt on the kitchen floor.  He ordered me to go upstairs, put on my collar and something sexy and come back down with a beating implement for him.  It felt absolutely FREEZING in the house with only my sexy nightie on, and he kindly allowed me to crank up the heat a few degrees.  He began warming up my back and ass with the cane I brought down, so that was helpful.  

He took me upstairs and once in our room, he drew back one hand to slap my chest.  I kind of dodged back, but he ordered me to stand forward and keep my hands behind my back.  I had to look right at him too, while I waited for the blows.   That was the hard part, the looking.  It's much easier with my eyes closed.

After slapping me a few times he got the floggers out and I had to do the same thing, facing toward him, getting flogged on the breasts.  I lasted until a harder one caught me across both nipples at once and then my hands came up to protect my sensitive bits.

"A slave never learns", he commented sternly, and he took out a leather strap to tie my hands behind my back.  He also put my gorget around my neck.  I made it to protect my neck during fencing, but it also makes a rather effect posture collar for this situation.  

This isn't mine, it's evidently from Albania, but mine is pretty much the same. 

When Master had me down and was fucking me, my arms tied, my neck constrained in metal and leather, my butt plug in place, it was the best feeling ever.  I was trapped in every way and not getting out of it.  Just the way I like it. 

He began telling me a story, as he often likes to do. 

This one was about going to an SCA event where we ran into this pretty woman who enticed us on a hot day to go off into the woods and find a stream pool to skinny dip with her.  She began teasing my Master by leaning her large breasts over toward him, and lying back and opening her legs to show off her shaved cunt.  Then she began focusing on seducing me (so the story went) by standing above me and shoving my face in her cunt using my hair as a handle.  I really liked this story.
Soon we were both sharing his cock, or taking turns fucking and sucking, and I was imagining back to a time when we had really done all this with one of our friends.  So beautiful and hot.
Thinking this way made me come (again).  

After a good long fuck Master turned me over and came inside me from behind.   This is just what I needed. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Flogging Today

The day started out dreary and wet, but was much improved by some flogging and fucking.  Not a bad way to spend a cold fall day!  

Now I have made a turkey meatloaf for dinner, which fits on my diet and was really delicious warm comfort food.  

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into pants that I thought were too tight again!  This is exciting.  I know the weight loss isn't as fast as with the Atkins diet, but hopefully will be more healthy for the long term.

I was gone last weekend for a trial and visiting my parents.  That was fun, and gave me a bit of break from the routine and stresses of home.

Now I'm back and Master has been at work all week so I've barely seen him.  There is little or no kink to speak of.  I feel very blah about that. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Choices, Or Not

Master didn't give me any choice this morning.  He let me take the kid to school, and go to my weight watchers meeting (I lost 4 lbs).

Then we went on a long bike ride and then he said it was definitely time to use the slave this morning.   

Well, he did give me a choice then- between meeting him downstairs wearing something sexy, with something slightly erotic on the TV and some paddles with which he could beat me. 

 Or I could meet him upstairs, wearing my butt plug and collar, and get fucked right away.

Want to guess which one I picked?

 I picked the butt plug and getting fucked right away. 
Well, there was still some cock sucking and flogging with the tiny flogger, but mostly it was fucking and orgasms.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Yesterday was the first time I felt happy in a week.  I felt like I was finally able to let myself relax and enjoy sex fully, instead of just being there for my Master.   And then last night I actually slept all night instead of waking up at 2 or 3 or 4 am. 

I hope this is a trend that continues.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. Which of these do you do the most with your significant other? List in order of frequency from done the most to performed less frequently. If you don’t engage in any of this with your significant other write N/A (not applicable)
  a. Eat meals with your significant other without smartphones, tablets, TV or any device. b. Exercise together c. Share a morning kiss that lasts longer than six seconds.

b. almost every day that he doesn't work. 
Then a. but hardly ever.  We almost always have devices on.
And lastly c. I don't know when that would ever happen- practically never.  We hug a lot in the morning though.

2. Briefly tell us about a time when things felt helpless but you knew you would pull through.

Ah, shit.  Just about every day for the last few weeks.  My life sucks right now.  I'm just hanging on by alternating fatalism and hope in equal parts.

3. Would you rather have sex in a posh romantic hotel suite, on a secluded tropical beach or in your own bedroom? Why?

Ooo, I'm going to pick the posh romantic hotel with someone else washing the sheets.  And it is sound proof too so we can be loud.

4. Have you practiced orgasm denial? Did you like it? Would you do it again?

Only for short periods of time.  Nope, I do not like it at all, not one bit.  It makes my sex drive drop completely instead of perking it up.

5. Finish this line: I doubt I will ever tell you _____ .

My real name.  It doesn't seem to be a good thing to put on a kinky sex blog.

Bonus: Would you pay good money to have the kind of sex you want, when you want?

No, I'm not interested in that.  That would mean I'd have to be the one in charge.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Well, we survived the first day of school/college drop off.   It was a long and slightly harrowing week.  First our septic system had a disaster on Monday, the holiday.   Which meant sewage pouring into our basement.  The younger kid was just getting over some illness where he'd been barfing a lot.  We couldn't put any water down the drain.  And I hadn't done the laundry yet so there were two piles of clothes that needed to be washed before taking the kid to school (on Tuesday!) and not to mention showers for everyone.

So, with no choice, Master called around and found someone who would empty the septic tank on a holiday (for extra big bucks of course). But it's still plugged so we have to get someone to fix it, it is only usable now for a week or so.   That will also be even bigger bucks.

Anyway, we got the laundry and the showers and packed the car.  But SOMEONE (kid) left my car door open all night and we had a huge thunderstorm.  One side of my car was soaked, but at least it started up. 

The college is almost 3 hours away, which isn't bad compared to some of the schools we looked at.   It was a long day, but we made it through.  I haven't started crying yet, but I did get misty eyed a few times.  I just think about all the worse things I've been through, going to college is a GOOD thing. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Catch up

I'm not sure how nearly the whole month of August got away from me without any blogging!

It seems like I'm busy doing a million things every day, trying to get ready for school starting, going to appointments, buying hay, unloading hay bales, trying to keep up with the Pokemon Go...

But we do find some time for kink and enjoying each other regularly anyway.   Friday night there was some exciting times in the woods I can't really talk about...

And last night Master was teasing me all evening.  He made me a bet about the Pokemon game- I thought he should have 2 raid passes and he thought he'd only get one.  He bet me ass sex vs. whatever reward I wanted to choose that he was right.  This is funny to me, because as my Master he could fuck my ass any time he wanted, but he still wanted to bet to win.  I don't know why.  I lost the bet, but then he decided it was too late and he was too tired to fuck.  

I had gotten myself all worked up, even watching some porn before bedtime, which I almost never do, so I was kinda disappointed. 

When I told him I'd been watching porn and was all heated up, he got a second wind and began playing with me.  I'm sure I slept a lot better after those orgasms.  Thank you, Master.   

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Wind Chimes

Being the Master is hard, what with all the decisions he has to make.   This hard decision of this morning was between sticking a penis in or adding more clothes pins.  The answer?  

MORE CLOTHESPINS (is this kind of like more cowbell?)

When he hit them with a flogger or tapped them they all clinked together like a wooden wind chime.


Here's the wind chime formation:  


 Eventually all the clothespins had to come off so he could fuck me, but not before I'd been flogged.  There was also quite a bit of caning, before, after, and during the clothespins.  He wanted me to say the pictures are all for Tara.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. Do you or did you have an “our song” with a current or past significant other? What is the song?

Not really.  We have no song that comes on and then we say "Our song!"

2. What is your most annoying habit?

Probably forgetting things.  It annoys me the most, anyway. 

3. You have been offered free plastic surgery for one part of your body, what will you fix?

I very much doubt my Master would let me have any sort of plastic surgery, free or not, unless getting laser hair removal counts- I have these darn stubborn hairs!

4. A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved family, pets, your computer, and smart phone. You have time to save one more item, what will you save?

Photo albums.

5. Would you reveal a deep dark, shameful or embarrassing secret about your partner for one million dollars?

If he didn't tell me I could, then no.  However, he doesn't have any secrets that are so bad, so I think he'd probably say "Take the money, I don't care about secrets".

Bonus: Which one of these do you have the most of: a sense of humor, sense of time, sense of direction, sense of adventure?

I have everything!  I have come to the kitchen many times when my dinner timer was about to go off- to within 30 seconds.   But probably mostly sense of direction.   I do lose track of time if I'm very involved in something.

Monday, July 29, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. If you were a sex worker what kind of sex work would you NOT do?  

Probably anal.  I don't know, but it seems the most difficult. 

2. You are a sex worker and you must have a specialty. Which ONE of the following would be your specialty and why? 
a. Live sex shows 
b. Professional domination 
c. Camming 

I'd want to do some live sex shows. I mean, I've done it for free, so why not?

3. What is your secret fetish?  

I don't think I have a secret fetish on here at least- I pretty much talk about all of them.   

4. Anal sex can be pretty alluring? Tell the truth, which do you prefer anal or vaginal sex?  

I prefer vaginal.  Although anal can be fun for different reasons it's not an every day fun thing.  It's very intense for me.

5. What is the most embarrassing thing you have said during sex?

I can't remember saying anything embarrassing.

Bonus: Is your g-spot in your ass? If no, where is it?

 Nope, it's in my cunt in the usual spot.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Bit of Fantasy

This is a bit of fantasy.  Some of it may or may not have happened, or may have happened in a completely different manner than described:

I had let one of my sons' friends tamper with the washing machine lock which was stuck closed when the power went out.  That was after my Master had told me to leave it alone.   I don't know what I was thinking, other that I was really annoyed that the washer wouldn't open and worried that the clothes sitting in there for three days would be completely ruined.   

Anyway, he broke the lock so I had to call a repairman once our power was back on.

Once the man was over and we were in the basement, he began threatening me that I would have to do what he wanted if I didn't want my husband to find out what happened to the washer.  I agreed, frightened and horrified.  I'll do it, just don't tell him, please.

He pushed me onto my knees on the hard cement basement floor to please him with my mouth as he spanked me with some long flat thing (which I later realized with horror was a saw).  He lifted me up,  to tie my wrists with trailer connector four flat (wire) only to make me get back on my knees.  Then the repairman made me bend over the washer and he felt between my legs.  There was wetness dripping right down into my sandals.  When I didn't come on his command he gripped the back of my hair and began slapping me hard across the face until I did come.  He ordered me to call him Master.

"What would your husband say if he saw you like this?" he chided.

I looked down at the floor with my eyes, as he still had a grip on my hair, but I didn't say anything.

He fucked me right on the washer, with me bent over its cold metal rim.   One more beating with the saw, then told me to get upstairs.  I walked with my hands still bound in front of me, up to the main floor and then to the bedroom. 

There he untied me and pushed me to the floor, where he began taking pictures and videos of me in compromising positions, wearing my butt plug, with clothespins on my nipples, with his cock in my mouth and my cunt.   

"Your husband doesn't do this does he? What would your husband do if he saw these, you cheating whore?" he asked again. 

"I think he would beat me," I said as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

Does he know you'd like being beaten, though?" he asked.

"He knows how do it so I won't like it" I replied. 

He took me to the bed and had me on top of him, fucking, orgasming, having my tits slapped over and over.  I was a soggy and completely humiliated mess.   I couldn't help enjoying myself even as he threatened once again to blackmail me, to come over and use me in any way he wanted as much as he wanted. 

Finally, curled up in bed, we came back to ourselves and the "repairman" was just my Master again. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Having a summer schedule with one of the kids working nearly full time, the other having a boyfriend to go hang out with, and Master having many more days off than at previous jobs, makes for some good sexy-times at home for us during the day.

However, when I'm stressed out I have a hard time feeling the urge to be sexy, or to initiate anything, so sometimes I need my Master to just take what he wants.   I got stressed out by not knowing when our power was coming back on.  One hour? Two hours? A week? Who knows?  How do you make plans?

But yesterday seemed to be going really well.  The lights were on, we had some errand type things to do, and also some fun things. 

Master wanted me upstairs in the middle of it all.  He wanted to put some rope on me but I was too impatient and kept going straight for the DICK.  


Normally I love rope, but this was turning into a belt around the neck, on my knees, cocksucking, while being half-strangled good time.   Then my absolute favorite positions, which is being fucked from behind on my knees with the belt around my neck and him pulling it back like "Whoa, horsie!" 

So fun. 

There may have been was some spit in my face too, although I'm not admitting it and certainly not admitting that I liked it.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

TMI Tuesday: SNAIL edition

1. why are you single? n/a

2. why are you married or in your current monogamous relationship?  Because I fell in love with him. Being married was the thing to do when you plan to stay together forever in my mind. 

3. is polyamory something you want? Yes. I didn't used to, but now that I've tried it, this is something I enjoy.

4. what is the gender of your best friend?  Master (male) is my best friend.

5. what do you think is the worst thing about being male?  Having a penis and balls.  Hahaha, bet you weren't expecting that!  So untidy, sticking out all over the place when you don't really want it to.  Vulnerable to injury.  Not that every male has a penis, just the cis males. 

bonus: why are you sexy?  Because I'm a wanton slutty slut.  And tits are awesome.

I want a man with the slow hands.  Well, ok, any hands will do.


I haven't been here this week because we had no power.  Storms with 85-90 mph winds knocked out our electricity, along with most of the towns around us.   It went off Saturday morning and came back on Monday afternoon, but we had no idea how long it was going to be.   By Sunday night both kids had abandoned us- the younger to his friend's house and the older to a hotel.

Yesterday 5 minutes after I left to take a shower at a neighbor's house, and charge up our phones  our power came back on.  I had Master's cell phone to charge it up.  The neighbor had offered showers/laundry machine/ charging for our phones since they are really nice.  Our younger son was staying with them- they are about 3 miles down the road and their son is his oldest friend. And for some reason the phone at our house still wasn't working even though the power was on.   So he and the older kid (who had come back from the hotel he'd gone to- he's 18 and discovering that he can just go get a room and not have to put up with out lack of internet at home during black out) biked over to tell me that the power was back on.  I'd already gotten my shower by then (felt great).    If you haven't gone without it for a few days, you have no idea how wonderful the sight of water coming out of your tap can be.    

Friday, July 19, 2019

Family Visit

We had Master's mom and her husband came to visit us this week, so I haven't done a lot of writing or blogging.  We did some fun stuff, went out to eat a lot, and they brought me a Spanish/English bilingual cookbook from Panama (Master's mom is originally from there, many years ago), so I'm interested to try out some of those recipes.  First I think I want Cajun potatoes, though.  Is over 90 degrees too hot to cook potatoes?  Surely not, in Cajun land it's much hotter than that.  

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Flogging Class

Yesterday, almost on the spur of the moment, Master decided that we were going to drive a couple hours to go to a flogging class.   The class was fun to watch but there wasn't an opportunity to practice there, so that had to wait until we got home. 

Master was inspired, I was eager; it was the perfect set up for play.

I was naked in the middle of the room. He held me, kissed me, stroked me and told me to get into position by the dresser.  He started off with then gentlest floggers and it felt absolutely wonderful, working up to a heavier and faster pattern.  He switched to the more stingy and heavy floggers, and beat me into a very warm place, with some of the evidence of my excitement dripping down my leg.  

He took me to bed then and made me orgasm with fingering and fucking and vibrating.   It was amazing.  I still have sore spot on my chest where he dug his knuckles into my sternum.  That's an almost unbearable pain, so I can't help but like it in a way. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019


I have read a lot about "being broken" on various BDSM sites, not as a bad thing but as something that can happen in play.  

I didn't really understand it, until it happened to me. 

I felt broken afterward, not as in injured or sad, but like I had broken through to a whole new level of submissiveness.  It was triggered by one thing my Master said and my reaction to it, I thought, but then looking back at the whole play session, I think it started being set up well before that.  I don't know that it was something he intended either, at least he didn't say so.  But it still happened.

It started out when we were facing each other and he wanted me to do some of the Tai Chi moves with him, and he punched me in the chest suddenly, whereupon I got too nervous to do any Tai Chi and I kept backing away out of his range to avoid getting punched.

He started talking to me, and I don't really remember what he said, but it put me in a calmer and better headspace, one of submission, so that I was able to stand there and accept being hit, or the possibility of being hit at any moment, without flinching away.

This was the lead up, but the real breaking point came later.  He was scratching me with a porcupine quill, which feels kind of tickley and pokey but not very painful.   When he ran the sharp tip across my labia I thought about piercing, and how painful that would be.  About that time he asked if I was ready to have some safety pins shoved through my pussy.  

I felt alarmed, but like a good slave, I said "Whatever you want Master".  

He asked me the same thing again and I gave the same answer.

He asked a third time and since I knew he wanted something different from me I said "Yes, Master, I'm ready". 

Then he said "Don't be silly, we're not doing that now".

I was kind of incensed.  Silly?? I'm just trying to be good here.  I'm trying to do what he wants, and now I'm silly?  I thought I was doing what I was supposed to.   I tried to keep behaving but now every sensation was setting me on edge, pinching, intolerable. The rope was pinching, his fingers pinched my tender bits. 

I pushed him away several times before I got control of myself and just let everything break inside me.  I let all the negative emotions break off, to leave just the broken, docile submission to him.  If he wants to call me silly, then that's what he will do and I'm going to just lie here and be in complete submission to it.  That is when I felt like I'd been broken.  My will was gone, even the will to be incensed by what I thought was unfair.  After all, fair is where they have the pony rides and cotton candy, and has nothing to do with being a slave.  

It was something I hadn't felt in a long time, or maybe not ever, this breaking, which is really a break through.   

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

TMI Tuesday: Is Romance Dead?

1. Have you ever sent an intimate photo of yourself on accident to the wrong person?

No, I haven't. 
2. Which of these is a caring gesture you would appreciate?
a. Lover pre-heats or pre-cools your car before you drive off to work.
b. Lover initiates or consents to a sex act you’ve been wanting to try.
c. Lover surprises you with a mini vacation or getaway.

c. That sounds exciting.  b. we have done, and it is fun also.

3. Office romances–hot or not?

They are pretty common, so I guess they could be either? If they don't work out everyone is uncomfortable.
4. To find a romantic mate would you rather use an online dating site or a matchmaker?

Does anyone have matchmakers anymore?  I guess I would pick the first one if I had to chose between those options.  I'd really rather meet face to face.

5. Think about this. In a current relationship (e.g., romantic, friendship), are you clinging to past good times and memories or are you still having good times and making new happy memories? 

We have a lot of fun times, this morning for example, I'm making farro for him, which is a bit of an adventure since I've never done before.  Also, see the blog about yesterday.

What relationship, if any, is it time to let go of?

My relationship with thinking bad things about myself.  I should dump it. 

Bonus: Have you (or your relationship) survived infidelity?


Monday, Which is his Saturday

For once yesterday I didn't get out of bed when I first woke up.  I've been waking up by 6 every morning, even when I don't have to, which can be pretty annoying.  Yesterday it was only 4:45 though, practically still night, so I took off my collar, went to the bathroom, came back and lay down with my robe over my head trying to block out the sun.

When I woke up a while later Master was just waking up and stroking me.  It had been 4 days since we had really had time together.  Sunday night he didn't get home until after I was asleep.

He stroked me until my legs opened.  Then he was all over me, pinning me to the bed, biting me, hitting me, taking me roughly.

Afterward we got up and I made biscuits and sausages for breakfast, then showered and got dressed.  I was already to go out shopping when he came upstairs with me and pushed me to my knees to suck his cock.   He told me to get in bed, and I was struggling to kick off my sandals and pull down my shorts at the same time as I fell back on the bed.

He took my panties and stuffed them into my mouth.  As he took me he told me I better raise my shirt or he was getting his knife out.  He fucked me quickly and then told me it was time to go to the store.  He didn't let me shower, and told me what I was to wear, which didn't include a bra.  He teased me that everyone was staring at my nipples.  It was really humiliating.  I went the whole day without a bra, and while I feel more comfortable that way, I also don't like to think people are staring at me and thinking mean things about me. I don't know if they were or not, but I imagine it.

Later that night he had promised to beat me even more, and he put me face down on the bed, where he caned me and flogged me.  

And then we fucked.

What a great day!


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Kink in the Woods

Last night I went to a kinky gathering of friends in the woods.  I wasn't super up for being social beforehand, but I couldn't back out either, so I went and had a much better time than I would have sitting at home. 

My Master couldn't go because he had to work, and I missed him a lot. 

There was a fire play demo which I was the bottom for, and that was a lot of fun.  I'm now sporting some cup marks.  I also enjoyed seeing some friends I don't get to see very often.  

Not "those" woods, but some different woods for flavor.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!  Master is working today, so I might have to make my own fireworks, so to speak.

Image result for fireworks image

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. What excites you beyond belief?

That would have to be the crack of a bullwhip at my back.

2. Your significant other has asked you to sleep with his cock in your mouth, what are your first thoughts? Would you say yes or no? Why?

My first thought is how am I going to get any sleep at all with the covers over my head?  I will feel like I'm suffocating. I would say yes if he wanted it, suffocating or not.

3. Have you ever had someone sleep with your cock in their mouth?

4. Fill in the blank: Spank _____ .

the monkey?

5. Write a sexy sentence (or two) and use the phrase ‘harness of rope’.

He led her to the table with a leash attached to her harness of rope, where he ordered her to lie down to be bound tightly and blindfolded for what was to come. 

Bonus: Who do you laugh and play with more often– your friends or your significant other?
Definitely my Master.  I don't see my other friends that often.

Monday, July 1, 2019

The Lesson

A conversation slice: 

Me: "I'm feeling sad and lonely today."

Master:  "Oh? Why"

Me:  "I missed out on the sex."

I had given him a blow and hand job earlier, but then afterward, when it was too late, I started getting really horny and sad and kind of angry that I'd missed out most of the fun.  Angry at myself for not being able to see just pleasing him as enough.  He told me that's how it should be, but my brain wasn't having any of it.  Thus, the sadness.

He then asked if I wanted a spanking and I said yes.   I was facing him so he started on my tits, smacking and punching, while I did my best not to shrink away, although that's hard to do.  Then he gave me a good caning, and used a dildo on me until I had several orgasms.  Everything was very wet and I felt far more relaxed. 

Conversation afterward went something like:

Master:  "So, did you learn your lesson?"

Me: "What lesson, that spankings are fun?"

Master: "No.  That pouty slaves get spankings."

Me, laughing: "I'm still feeling a bit pouty right here".

Master- punches me in the tit really hard.

Me:  "I'm all better now!"

Master:  "Good!  The beatings continue until morale improves."

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I'm Home!

I was gone for a week visiting my parents, which was fun, but I'm really happy to be home.  I missed my Master.   He missed me too; it's pretty boring here on his days off without me and the kids around. 

But now I'm back and I got a good caning on Tuesday night, which I desperately needed, and also a surprise spanking and fucking yesterday.  He took me down in the basement, made me strip and pressed me up against the cold fieldstone wall to make out with me.  It was cold and hot at the same time!  That was after he'd put me over his knee and spanked me.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cheesy Beating

It all started with Tai Chi.  Master and I have been going to a Tai Chi class which is wonderful and relaxing.  Part of the class involves moving energy around by tapping on various body parts to move the chi and change your emotions.  

Whenever the teacher mentions moving your balls of chi, I think she is talking about cheese balls and begin to get hungry, and I also want to laugh, but I keep this to myself until after class.

Wednesday morning, Master decided to corrupt ancient Chinese medicine for his own perfidious and impure purposes.

It started with deep fried cheese curds.  In a basket.  I am just about to eat the last one.  There are greasy crumbs on my fingers and face.  I'm feel almost satisfied and yet there is still room for one more small cheese ball...

Now, just imagine that you're being gently tapped all over with a cane as someone says they are moving a deep fried cheese ball all around your body, and describes this in great vivid depth.  You can't help but laugh, of course.

He got rid of the moldy Edam of self doubt and replaced it with a fine Gorgonzola of knowledge that I am pleasing to my Master and  a delicious baby Swiss, the best of the Swiss Cheeses, representing being a good slave and loved.

He tapped a spoon lightly against my head to get all that moldy Edam out, and against my chest and liver to loosen up fear and let it flow away, to be replaced by contentment.

Then he said "Want to play a fun game?"  I know the kinds of games he likes and my self doubt came pouring back in.  I think I said "No" but even if I didn't, he could read exactly what I was thinking over my whole body. 

He said "I know what you're thinking", and he told me exactly what I was thinking.  He told me he was beating out all of those self doubts of whether I could play his game and still be a good slave.  He said I could turn him on by being aggressive, by jumping on top of him and fucking him vigorously until he came.  He began beating my cunt with the wooden spoon, telling me he was beating out the cold and beating in flaming hot passion.   Well, that worked.   Soon my chi was flaming, my yang was up and I did leap on top of him and plunge his cock into my pussy.  When he tried to hold me I pinned his hands to the bed and fucked harder until he came inside me.  

As silly and hilarious as it sounds, I think it really worked and I'd like another one of these cheese beatings. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Handmaid

We started watching The Handmaids Tale for the first time.  We've only made it through two episodes so far and it has been rough to watch, hard on the feelings for me at least.  That didn't stop me from getting all worked up sitting next to Master alone on the couch though when it has been days and days since we had sex.  Maybe since last Thursday, or longer.  There was a little sucking and fingering Saturday morning before he left for work, but it was more of a tease.  

The terrible thing about The Handmaid's Tale, as while it is completely unerotic in the film itself, bits of it are easy to fit into some of my fantasies. 

Master started by making me leave my robe open.  He let me touch myself.  Then he told me to go get a toy to play with- I brought down the glass dildo.  I fucked myself with it and he watched me out of the corner of his eye.  I was really enjoying myself and barely paying attention to the show anymore.

When he ordered it, I came in a huge squirty gush (I planned ahead for this by putting a blanket under me).   He took me up to bed,  tied my hands behind my back and began caning me all over, avoiding my hands, but hitting my upper shoulders, ass, thighs, calves.     I still had the dildo between my legs and I was really getting off on both the caning and humping that thing.  

He had me get on top and use the vibrator while he caned my breasts.  I had some amazing orgasms and still have some nice bruises from that.  

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Knives and Fantasies

I was tied up, breasts bound up tight in offering up to him, when I heard the snick of the knife opening. I shut my eyes to avoid seeing what he was going to do.  Maybe it is easier that way?  I relaxed my body as the knife slid across my chest.  My silent mantra at these times is "I am his to do with as he pleases.  He can cut me and I will stand here and not move.  I am his property". 

I felt the sharp knife prick my nipple and felt sure I would see a drop of blood trickling.  I began begging him "Please, Master, please don't".  I didn't even really think about it, but I really feared for the safety of my nipple.  He moved the knife to the other breast and it felt softer. I had closed my eyes again and I didn't feel a prick.  Perhaps now he was using the back of the knife instead of the sharp side.  

The fantasies came the following day.  It was just and ordinary morning when my Master told me his cock wasn't going to suck itself.  I went down on my knees.  

He took me up to bed and said we were going to play a fun game.  I was going to be his mistress and he was cheating on someone else who somehow was also me.  It really screwed with my head (is that what you think of me??) but at the same time we told the story together and I put in elements that made me hot while he put in elements that made him hot until the story was complicated and interwoven of both of us.  

And the fucking was really hot.  

Monday, June 3, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. When you post on your blog, what is your main goal?

Pleasing my Master. 

2. What are some questions your blog readers should be asking you but they are not?

I enjoy specific questions about any of my blog entries, but I can't think of anything myself. 

3. What is a great blog post that you have read lately (leave a link in your TMI post)?
This is the first post I have read on this blog, but I really enjoyed it and plan to go back to read more:

4. How long have you been blogging? 

 About 7 years on this one.  Before this I had a vanilla blog under my real name for a couple years.  

5. Considering your current blog, what are the top two most popular posts you have written? (post links to each in your TMI post).
This is my number one blog post of all time, in popular terms:

I guess tons of people are interested in cuckqueening.   

And this is number two:

It's just a picture, but evidently people are really into boobs.  
Or tacks.  
Boobs 'n' tacks.  Nothing wrong with that.

Kinky Camp!

Master and I went camping with some of our kinky friends over the weekend.  It wasn't a big event, just a small group of us at an "Anything consensual goes" private campground.  We had beautiful weather both days, a little chilly at night but we huddled around a campfire. I slept kind of cold too.

Master beat me the first day with some of Mystique's implements like a two tongued tawse/whip type thing and a paddle that slips on like an oven mitt (down side- it also slips off easily).

We sat around talking and playing a few games with everyone late in the evening, which was fun. 

In the morning Mystique's sub, Hasufel, cooked us all some tasty scrambled eggs and bacon.  I did the washing up. 

There was a funny moment when the Dominants told us that I was above Hasufel in the pecking order, so I could tell him what to do.  Not that I want to tell anyone what to do.  But I could if I wanted.  He was thrilled to be the omega sub.  

Then she gave him a chance to be above me, telling Hasufel "Tell her to bring that over here in your meanest voice."  Hasufel is a slightly Minion-like sub:

 Image result for minion

So he said to me (in an ordinary voice),

 "Bring that over here in your meanest voice".

Later on after breakfast Master began flogging me, then whipping me.  Mystique joined in and they both whipped me, one on the back and one on the side.  I don't know how they kept the whips from tangling!  I still have a bit of sting and a few marks from that.  Master dragged me off to the tent when she was done and fucked me to a gallery of comments coming from right out side the tent.  You know, helpful things like "Gag on it!" 
Sometimes it was too much and I had to giggle.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Bad, Dirty Bird

I was watching the Netflix show Tuca and Bertie yesterday and they had a really funny bit in the third episode.   They are trying to spice up their sex life, and Bertie (the female bird) says "What if you order me around?" and Sparkle (the male bird) asks if she wants a safeword, but she's like "Naaaaa".  He picks "Warm potato" anyway.

Then he spanks her, and calls her a "Bad, dirty bird" and she likes it at first, but then she starts to get sad, and she says "But I'm a good bird" and starts crying.  He apologizes and said he was just role playing. 

It was funny because I have been there, thinking he's serious when he's just playing.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mom of a High School Graduate

That's me now! 

I'm very proud of him.  It hasn't all been fun and games, but he stuck with it and finished.  Now, for college!  😭😄

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Master is Always Right

I was horny Saturday morning, but Master didn't want to fuck because he was saving his load for a friend we were meeting later. I told him I didn't know if we were even planning to do that, as we were just planning to meet for dinner, but he told me better safe than sorry. So I told him SHE had a 23 year old Marine boyfriend, and probably wasn't interested in him. This inflamed him so that he beat me and took me hard and rough. Win one for the slave team! 

At least, that is the story, as he told it at the dinner table. Everyone laughed as I protested the story's complete lack of truth, which he admitted with a laugh.   It had just enough half truths to be a great story, while completely exaggerating the beating part, and the boyfriend part.  There was a Marine involved, though.

When we got home he decided I needed some "funishment" for contradicting him at the dinner table about his story.  He wasn't angry at all but it was a good opportunity for giving me a sound spanking and then making me apologize and recant everything and promise that Master is always right no matter what. 

Even when he's making shit up.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


We had a perfect weather day yesterday, rare for us!  Seventy degrees, sunshine-y, just pretty.  Of course we spent a good part of it in bed, on the couch (well, I was on my knees and he was on the couch), in the kitchen (same again as above).   He told me to bring him something with which to beat me, and I picked out a cane.  He also picked out a belt and a whip.  After all that he flogged me too, which felt extremely nice. 

We spent the afternoon walking down by the river catching some Pokemon. 

I wasn't the perfect day, but it was pretty close. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. What is the rudest thing you have ever done?

Probably something in an internet argument about politics. I have been known to say "dumbass".

2. What do you like more being a leader or follower? Why?

I'm definitely more of a follower.  I don't really like being in charge or telling people what to do.

3. If you are single, what do you miss most about being a couple? If you are in a relationship, what do you miss most about being single?

Nothing at all.  I can barely remember not being in a relationship. 
4. If you could hack into any computer whose computer would you hack?

I want to see if the President has that Russian prostitute pee video. 

5. If you could shop for free at one store (brick ‘n’ mortar, not online), what store would it be?

Fleet Farm!  Is that too low brow? I should pick a more expensive store, but Fleet Farm has everything I need.  Or else a car dealership.
Bonus: What is the biggest favor a friend has done for you? Do you feel you must return the favor?

She went to a school trip meeting with my kid for me, because I needed to stay with my other kid who was just getting out of anesthesia. I called her at the last minute to ask if she would.  We do things for each other all the time, so I didn't feel a pressing obligation to do something right back. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  And happy Dog Mom's day and Cat Mom's day to the pet lovers.  And happy Childfree Freedom day to the rest of ya'll lucky bastards.  

My Master had to work, so I spent the day doing fun things I wanted to do with the kids.   We went to a private screening of the Pokemon movie, for just our group of Pokemon Go-ers.  Turns out you can get the whole theater to yourselves if you have 25 or more people and go at a time when they aren't showing other movies, and pay matinee price.   Then we got some eggrolls and played games (the oldest is just getting into Magic the Gathering).  We took the dogs for a walk and tried to get the bicycle working, but that will take someone more expert than me.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Craving Cock

Do you ever wake up craving cock?  Needing to feel something hard and deep inside you?  Not really wanting all the extras like kissing, touching, oral sex and fingering, or implements of ass destruction.    Just the simplicity of cock pounding hole.

This morning I did.  When Master started to get up, I tempted him back for some kisses.  Then I grabbed the implement of my desires.  He had to go to work, so he told me it would have to be quick.  That was ok with me.  He slipped into me right away, though I wasn't the least bit wet.  It took awhile for my body to generate some lube, but I rather enjoyed the discomfort on the way there, which didn't quite reach the level of pain because he was going slowly.   He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and pounded me as the wetness grew.  Then he let me ride on top and use the Magic Wand until I came.  It was like a slow building series of orgasms, maybe 10, with the big one at the end when he told me I could come.  Or maybe that is one long orgasm, I'm not sure.  

He also came and then hopped up to get ready while I hopped up to make breakfast.   It was a nice start to the day.  His is going to be long at work. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Molested By Pokemon

Today we had another long awaited play date with Dr.Peter. He had a flu for a long time, and we were dealing with a million and one things here, but finally the stars collided (or whatever) and we made it all together.  He made us a delicious lunch of dosas stuffed with potato curry.  It was amazing.  I don't just want to talk about food.  But I really like good food.

I also enjoy a hard play session, and this one certainly was.  My Master got very silly with the Pokemon on my phone, and added a bunch of them to the pictures he took.  The only picture that didn't have a Pokemon was on his phone and I don't know how to get it.  The top one is Heatran, and then Pikachu, of course.


Molested by a Heatran on my butt

What are you so happy about Pika?

Lightning Cheeks!

Is Pikachu zapping me or defending me from all comers?

Hard to say.

I got double teamed for a good few hours here, with all the canes you can see on the bottom photo off to the right, plus some wooden cutting boards that were new and a particularly fiendish 5 finger tawse.  If you look closely you can see all the fingers of that mark just behind Pikachu.   Then there was sucking and fucking and all of that good stuff.  

Saturday Party

Saturday we had a little play party after our munch and demo.  The demo was Mystique with a little rope tying up me and her sub.  This was a lot of fun, and got me ready for Master to take me to the back room, cuff me to the cross and begin whipping me with his belt. 

When he started digging through the toy bag I had brought, he discovered that every one of them was one of our meanest toys.  

The mean bag contained the machete, the rubber flogger, the whips, the dragon tail, and the tire tread paddle.   

He exclaimed to me that if he hadn't gone back and packed a second toy bag after the one I brought we'd have no "nice" toys, such as the soft floggers, at all.   I swear it wasn't on purpose though that I picked a bag with all mean things.  I just grabbed the first bag I came to, added some rope to it and went with that.  But it turned out that I had packed the two bags some time ago for a different outing when I was feeling particularly wimpy, and I'd put all the mean things in the bag I was leaving at home.  And that was the bag I had grabbed to bring on Saturday.  

My Master got several good laughs out of this and made sure to use all the really mean things on me (except the tire tread paddle which was hiding at the bottom) before he got to the floggers.   Then he finished up with an absolutely excruciating session with the machete that left my ass with some very nice bruises even still there today.  

Monday, May 6, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. Can one masturbate too much?

Yes.  Sometimes I get cunt-burn from the vibrator.  That's too much. 
2. Do you masturbate daily?

3. Do you masturbate significantly more than you have sex with another person?
A. Yes
B. No

B. No. 
4. Can you go one week without masturbating?
A. Yes
B. No

C. Only if I could have sex at least every other day

I could, but I wouldn't like it the first few days if I wasn't having sex either.  After a while without orgasms I think my desire goes down rather than up.

5. Are you comfortable casually admitting to others that you masturbate?
A. Yes
B. Depends on Who I’m Talking To
C. No

B. Definitely this one.
6. Would you be comfortable performing a masturbation “show” in front of your lover?
A. Yes
B. Maybe, Depends on the Personality of My Lover
C. No

A.  I am now.  I didn't use to be, but I have many times now.
7. Have you ever masturbated in a public place? Where? Why?
A. Yes
B. No

A. Yes. The car. Because I was really horny.
Bonus: Would you rather. . .
Never masturbate again?  OR
Have to masturbate five times a day, every day, forever?

The first one.  Masturbating 5 times a day is too much for me.  It would be super frustrating and take up too much time. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hardships of Being a Slave

My cunt is all sore this morning, from so much fucking.  Just kidding, that's a bonus not a hardship. 

We've been watching "Rome" again, and it makes both of us all hot. 

There were also beatings this week, which was fun. 

TMI Tuesday

1. I can flex my _____ .


2. My neighbor is out of control they tried to stuff my _____ .

Mailbox full of cookies!  Out of control in a good way.

3. If you were known as a do-it-yourselfer, what is it that you diy?

I would be an electrician and rewire the barn.  Although I'm scared of that so I never will be an electrician. 

4. Dear god look at the size of those _____.

Zucchinis!  This is what we'll be saying soon.

5. My morning _____ is the best.


Bonus: If you could watch a movie about everything that happened in your life thus far, would you enjoy that movie? How many stars would you give the movie, 1=terrible   5=best movie ever

It depends who's directing?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Follow up Dr. appointment

I went to see the rheumatology specialist yesterday, and I was so nervous the whole way there, actually ever since last Friday I have been.  He was really reassuring though, and although he told me they don't actually know what I have, it seems like something autoimmune and they have a medication that works for several different diseases like that, and is pretty safe, so he's given me that. 

 It doesn't start to show results for a month or two, but I feel better that I don't definitely have rheumatoid arthritis (still possible though) and maybe I will be better after a while. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. What is it about a woman or man that would drive you crazy?

Crazy in a bad way?  Willful ignorance, bigotry, lying, unable to ever admit wrongdoing, just generally being a bad person. 

2. If your employer offered an “afternoon delight break” where you leave work for an hour to go have sex, would you take that break?

If my Master wanted to, then heck yes.
3. On your afternoon delight break would you most often have sex with (pick one):
a. Yourself
b. A stranger (e.g., app hook-up, sex worker)
c. Your significant other

4. What is your best way of sustaining an erection?

Oral sex.

5. Tell us the top two (2) sexual things you hate to do?

Facesitting, and also being in charge. 
Bonus: What embarrasses you the most?

I was reading a post by someone who had made a scene at the grocery store.  I would almost literally rather die than do that, or be part of some big yelling fracas in any store.   Never have, never will.

Sunday, April 21, 2019


I found out on Friday when my blood tests came back that I have rheumatoid arthritis.  At first I was thinking "Oh, that explains a lot", but then I started reading more about what it was and getting more and more scared.  Basically, I'm not going to die of it, but it's not good at all.  So that's depressing.  I haven't seen the specialist yet, but that's coming soon and hopefully they have a medication that helps.   

Oh, and happy Easter.  The bunny didn't come this year (I was worn out last night and felt like I had the flu) but we are doing Easter pinata instead.  Now I just have to figure out a way to have a cardboard pinata stand up to the hearty swings of two massive teenagers.  Maybe they will have to hit it with pillows!  

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