Tuesday, November 28, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Spice It Up

1. Why should you have sex on a first date?

Because you like sex.  I can see lots of reasons not to have sex on a first date, but really it depends on how you feel about dating, relationships and sex.  I prefer to not date and just have sex, or bdsm only.

  2. Why do you dislike giving oral sex?

I don't.   I used to dislike it, but with practice and much reinforcement it has now become one of my favorite things. 

  3. Tongue or no tongue? Explain.

Tongues are good for a lot of things.  Yes, to the tongue! Kissing or oral sex, I use the tongue.

  4. Would you have a sugar daddy or sugar mama?

Hmmm.  I guess if my Master allowed me.  I doubt that would ever happen, those positions go to leggy 20- somethings, don't they?

  5. What’s a sure sign that you need to get laid?

Everything looks like sex.  Or I'm just crabby for no reason.  Either way, sex is a good cure. 

Bonus: Right this very second, which do you prefer– to make love or fuck like a wild animal?

I always prefer violent fucking.  There may have been a time when I liked gentle love making, but it was at least 6 years ago.  


Discretion and Temptation

Sometimes I get the very wicked temptation to say the wrong thing out loud.

Today, for example.

I met a group of people at a Pokemon raid bright and early this morning because the new raid boss came out last night.  They are not exactly friends but not strangers either since we have become acquainted through Pokemon Go.   Most of them were talking about work, how they had to finish up this raid and then get to their jobs by 9:00.   One had already been to work, and then ran out to do this raid but had to be back for a meeting.  I wanted to say something about why I couldn't stay and do raids all morning, but the truth would have been highly inappropriate.  

It would have been something like "I have to get back to my job as a sex slave in case my Master wants to beat me and fuck me when he gets home."  

So I said nothing.

Discretion, I have it!  

Songs My Master Sings Me

 Master sang me this song while beating on my ass with two canes.

Oh ksst was a good slave,
She gave lots of head,
And the lips of her cunt were
Pink, purple and red.

Her head hair was golden, 
her cunt it was bald,
And her tight little asshole,
Is occasionally plowed.

I beat her in England,
I fucked her in France,
The one thing they say is
She's quick out of her pants.

So come all you Masters, 
Where ever you're found,
Let's beat her and fuck her,
Right here on the ground.

Here is the original:


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Here's Piss in Your Eye

Master took me upstairs this morning, when my back was feeling a bit less non-functional, and he had me on my back teasing me with the tip of his cock.  I wanted it inside me so bad I was making all the noises of desperation, but he cruelly would not stick it in. 
 I began begging in earnest, "Please. Please. Please, Master."

"Please, Master, fuck me" I whispered.

"What's that?" he asked, still just rubbing on the edges.

A little louder, "Please, Master fuck me!"

"What? You want me to masturbate on your face and leave you horny and unsatisfied? That's what you said?" 

I groaned in frustration and he just smiled at me.   

"Whatever you want Master", I said, hoping.

Finally, after ages, he thrust into me and made me come at once.  

He gave me many orgasms and then pulled out and fucked my mouth.  Just as I felt his come hit the back of my throat he told me to orgasm again and I did.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and wiped more of his jizz all over my face.  

In the shower, a bit later, he commanded me to kneel.  
"Kneel, slave", just like that.  I never get tired of hearing that command.  
I knelt.   He lifted my chin in his hand and pissed all over my chest, then raised up the stream into my mouth and in my eye.   

It's been a fabulous day.  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The One Good Thing

The one good thing about having thrown my back out yesterday is that I can't feel if my foot hurts or not anymore because my back is screaming.  

All I did was bend over to pick up a pair of pants to put in the laundry and my back went CRUNCH. 

This morning I couldn't bend enough to tie my own shoes.  Master did it for me.  But then he had to go to work.   After a bunch of Ibuprofens and some stretching I managed to get to where I could take a shower and get dressed.  I hate this back of mine.  

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017


I am thankful for

-Master who loves me and hurts me in all the hottest ways.
-Healthy children who are interesting, kind and successful.
-My parents.
-My animals.
-My friends, who are amazing and supportive, especially Mystique.
-Trees, the sun, grass, the moon and the rain.  
-My new car.
-This crazy puppy who keeps me laughing.

 What are you thankful for?


Did I mention I really love whips?

Probably I have.  I really do.

After some cock-sucking and porn Tuesday afternoon, his day off, Master took me upstairs and told me to turn around.  I grabbed the dresser. He grabbed the bullwhip.  The really big one.

I shivered a little bit and waited.

He began with a light whipping which increased rapidly to painful, but never broke skin.  Then he traded it off for the belt, which smacked into my back and butt with solid thuds.   He got out the stingy floggers and on top of the soreness already dealt out from the whip this soon had me yelping and wincing.   He let me get on my knees then and he switched back to his belt, beating me on the back and ass as I sucked.  

We moved to the bed and he told me to go fetch the glass dildo.  When he touched it to my cunt it was nearly ice cold, and I moaned, but quickly warmed it inside me.  I sucked him while he used the dildo in a rapid fire piston motion to give me several huge, squirty orgasms.  Then he told me to be on top and do all the work to get him off.  I did gladly, because it is a pleasure for me as well, especially when he let me use the vibrator at the same time.  He punched and slapped my breasts, and then fondled them gently, massaging the soreness, which drove me right over the edge.   I rode up and down quickly in just the way that he likes, to make him come too. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Productive Day

I had a pretty productive day.  I know, not as busy as some of you who are getting ready to host family, but pretty good for me.

-Cleaned the fridge.
-Went to physical therapy.
-Worked sheep with Pepper. Fed the sheep.
-Cleaned the yard.
-Took kids for haircuts (found out the day before Thanksgiving at a drop in place is not the best day to go).
- Took kids to the optician.
-Did some work on the computer.
- Made party potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.
-Made meatloaves (3) for dinner tonight.    

This week Master and I also watched the Netflix series Alias Grace.  It was pretty interesting, I thought.  It's about a woman, a housemaid, accused of double murders in the 1840s. 

TMI Tuesday: Then and Now

1. What was your favorite band in high school?

The Beatles

2. What is your favorite band now?

I still like the Beatles, but I don't listen to them that much anymore.  I'm not sure I have a favorite band now.   Some that I like that are newer are Pink and The Dixie Chicks. I listen to a lot of old music too, like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong- they are a couple of my favorites.

3. What was your go to “make me feel better” food in high school?

Cereal.  I ate SO MUCH cereal. 

4. What is your go to “make me feel better” food now? Why?

Chocolate.  It wards off dementors.
5. Fill in the blank:  That _____ was then; this _____ is now.

I'm drawing a complete blank on these blanks!  Maybe I will come back to it.  Or not.

Bonus: Where were you and what were you doing on November 21, 2016?

I was having a little Honest Talk with my Master.  

More TMI Tuesday here:  https://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/20/tmi-tuesday-november-21-2017/

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How To Aftecare Part 2 AKA Slavelife

After a hard session with the cane was done, we were lying in bed and I reached around and felt my ass.

"It's really warm," I commented to Master.

"You should get up, go out, and feed the sheep while your butt will keep you warm", he told me.   I knew the air was freezing and the wind was whipping around outside, so I was not that keen to get out of the warm bed.

 I did anyway. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Belts and Bonfire

I waited for Master on the floor in our room.  He came in and told me to get naked- I was wearing my robe because of the cold.  After I threw my robe off to the side he came and stood directly in front of me, looking down.  I knew what he wanted, so I took his cock in my hands and then in my mouth.  He was making all the good noises of pleasure, which spurred me on to be even more enthusiastic.  Then he reached just to the side where the machete lay.  Who else keeps a machete on their ironing board?  No one I know!  

He pressed it up against my neck.  I could feel wetness between my legs starting to become a river down my thigh.  Master used the flat edge of the knife to beat my ass, the hard metal so unforgiving.  I kept at my sucking though, not daring to stop.

Then he pushed me backwards and laid the machete across my neck.  He entered me, and it was almost TOO wet, if such a thing is possible.  I was already soaked.  It felt wonderful, and I came quickly. 

  He had me get up and stand facing my dresser.  I could hear him taking his belt out of the loops behind me.   There were many snaps around the air behind me, to give me a good dose of anticipation, before he began to connect.   After a good belting, he fucked me doggy style on the floor.  He looped his belt around my neck and that was amazing.  I can't even describe how much I love that.

He took me to bed and said he wanted me to tease him, to use any part of my body I would like, but not do it enough to make him come for 45 minutes.  I'm a good teaser.  I went all up and down his body and used every part, but I got him so excited in the end that he couldn't wait, and he flipped me over to my stomach and came inside me.  That was only about 20 minutes!  But I'm not allowed to refuse when he says "Roll over", so that was that.  

We also had a bonfire Saturday, and a bunch of kids over here (that was well after our play time).   The kids were so different than last year.  They are the same friends, but now they seemed quieter and more mature.  

I started feeling sick and achy pretty early so I went to bed. I didn't even hear the puppy escape from her crate and Master calling her and trying to catch her as she ran all over the house like a nut (she does that to look for her toys).  Master told me about that in the morning.  

Saturday, November 18, 2017


This week I have gone into a blogging slump again, as well as just an over all slump. 
We found out Monday that our 11 year old dog, Ben, had cancer that wasn't really fixable.  We put him to sleep on Tuesday, cancelling the plans we had made to go out because we were just too sad.

 Good bye, sweet Bennie. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

TMI Self Care

1. Have you ever had a professional massage? If yes, what type? If no, why not?

Yes, once. I had a Thai massage and it was WONDERFUL.
 I loved it.

2. Do you engage in the following? Tell us all that apply and how often you do it a. yoga b. tai chi c. float therapy d. run/jog e. workout–any that isn’t actually training for something but is for physical fitness maintenance f. other – what?

I do a tiny bit of yoga and tai chi- just enough to stretch and relax me in the morning.   I used to walk or jog but can't right now with my foot problem.  I'm doing physical therapy for that- I just went to it this morning. It's pretty nice- a little foot massaging.

3. How many hours of sleep do you average on a weeknight? Weekend? Do you think you need more or less sleep?

I sleep about 7 hours a night on a weekday or weekend.  It makes little difference because my body wakes me up automatically on the weekend too.
I always feel like I would like a few more minutes, but once I'm awake I can't.  I tend to fall asleep during tv shows at night.

4. Which of the following are you most likely to add to your self-care routine and stick with it? a. Schedule in a planner daily “me time” b. Acupuncture c. Take a moment at the end of each day and consciously list a few good things in your life. d. Turn off phone and step away from computer/tablet for 4 hours a day

 a. no.  b. no.  c. maybe  d. yes, many days.

5. What do you do for self-care either physically, spiritually or emotionally?

  I don't know. 

 Bonus: Today, make sure you give yourself some love–self-care.

I'm not really in the mood.  Feeling very sad.  How about if I just eat everything?  

TMI blogs

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Rest of It: Role Playing or Something

Soooo, I left some things out of my post about role playing, because things were just getting too confused in my mind.

Here is the rest of it.

Master told me his fantasy while he was paddling my ass.  I was tied in rope, and wearing a see-through black nightie. 
 He asked, "Do you want to hear my fantasy? It's pretty terrible.  You won't like it."

How can I resist that?  Yeah, I wanted to hear it. 

He began "You lead me up to the bedroom on some pretext.  You close the door and lean back against it.  You ask me "Well, what next?"   I kiss you. I pull down your jeans and finger you, and then I carry you to the bed and we fuck."

I said, amid more paddling, "That doesn't sound terrible at all."

He reproved me, "Oh, come on.  You know why it is terrible."

Yes, I did know.  That's the thing about having been together for 30 years.  Sometimes I know what is in his mind without him saying it.  From one phrase, I knew that wasn't me in the fantasy at all. 
 I knew exactly who it was and why he thought it was terrible.  Why he thought I wouldn't like it.  I used to be more jealous than I am now.

When we went upstairs, I leaned back against the door and putting on my best pouting face, asked him "Well, what next?"

That was when he kissed me, thrust his fingers up into me, and then threw me down on the floor.  That was when he was asking me if I were still a virgin.   I know she wasn't a virgin, but what are details, right?  

Right after I said "I want to be yours forever, Master", I added "I heard your wife likes girls.  I bet she won't mind if I join you."

Master said "It doesn't matter.  She doesn't have a choice.  Choices are for people." 

Then he gave me the flashlight.


Today Is the Day (Fantasy Story Part 3)

It's going to be the day that I finish up a few things, including the last part of this story that I started writing.  

The first part was HERE.
The second part was HERE.

When we last left our heroine and the Professor, she was kneeling in the shower waiting for him to make his will known.
She had her suspicions, but found insider herself an overwhelming dread of knowing for sure.

He unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper, and removed his pants and undershorts.  His cock was straining toward her and she couldn't help staring.  He stepped up to the edge of the shower stall and commanded coldly, "Look up at me."  

She looked at him just as he began to piss on her.  The warmth splashed over her breasts, over the bra she'd tossed carelessly on the floor and then had been required to put back on.   He pissed right into her face, over her eyes and nose and lips.  

"Open your mouth".  The ultimate shame curled tortuously around in her stomach, but she obeyed.  
The taste was like the smell; she did not enjoy it.  

When she opened her eyes and he was smiling down at her, the ordeal was worth everything.  He was pleased by her obedience!  She smiled back up at him and thanked him. 

He allowed her to wash herself in the shower, and to remove her bra. He gave her a warmed towel afterward.  When she was dry, he took her back to the large desk and positioned her completely naked body over it.

He began caning her slowly and methodically, warming her bottom until she was straining slightly backwards to receive each blow.  The strikes became harder, stinging to make her gasp and clench her hands to her head in the effort to control her impulse to wiggle out of the way. 

"Just ten more now, dear" he said gently to her.

She could stand ten more, just ten, she knew she could.

He counted them off, and when they were done he stroked her flaming bottom, making her quiver with desire.  He touched her between the legs, rubbing and patting.  She moved against his hand, forgetting all pretense of decorum, thrusting her hips against his fingers with the effort to achieve satisfaction.  When his two fingers slipped inside her, she exploded in waves of clenching orgasm.  Then he was taking her, pulling her hips back against his, flooding both of them with pleasures.   

When he'd finished with her, they got dressed, her leaving off the drenched bra.  They kissed lightly.  He touched her hair.  She walked out of the office and down the hall, pausing briefly in a deep shadow at the top of the stairs to look back over her shoulder.  She didn't see him watching her go. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Role playing Or Something

"Are you a virgin?" he asked as he pried my legs apart and rubbed his cock against my slit.

I looked up at him  "No," I said simply.

"Yes, you are," he told me.

"Are you a virgin?"  He asked again.

"Yes, I am". 

"Not for very much longer" he growled.  

"Wait, no! We can't!  I have a boyfriend," I lied.  "He'll be upset if you take my virginity and he didn't get the chance."

"As soon as we're done here, I want you to go to him.  Don't shower.  Take him to his room and get him to lie on the bed.  Fuck him, all painful and bleeding as you are, make him think he's the first."  

He thrust into me. There was no pain, not like the first time.  I willed there to be pain, but there wasn't any.   I thought back to when he really did take my virginity.

"No, stop, you can't!" I struggled and pushed, but his hand was holding me down by the hair, and his weight was too much.  

"What's my favorite 4 letter word?" he grinned down at me.

"I don't know.... is it 'fuck'"?   

"That's a good one, but no, not fuck",  he said.


"No, not cunt.  Ok, I'll tell you," he said.  "It's rape."  I looked into his eyes then. 
"You know why you can't get away?"

I pushed back harder but he wouldn't budge.  

"It is because you are liking this too much."

"I want you to be my Master forever, Master", as I was thrusting my hips up to meet him.  I did like it too much.   "I will dump that rotten boyfriend I had." 

He got up and came back with a flashlight.  

what the..... (I did not say this out loud).

"Get in bed and get a towel."

Once I was lying on my back he handed me the flashlight.  "Call your boyfriend and tell him you're masturbating.  Tell him you are coming over to fuck him."


I held up the flashlight like it was a phone and pretended to dial.   

"Hi.... it's me" (I couldn't think of a name for my fake boyfriend).  

My Master had his fingers in my cunt and mouthed "Say you are masturbating".

"I'm masturbating" I said into the flashlight.   "I want to come over and fuck you".

Master said a little louder "Tell him all about it. Talk dirty".

"What, no one is here!  I'm just talking to myself," I said to my flashlight.  

"I've got my toy... yes, of course I have a toy (I giggled like a self conscious virgin caught using a sex toy).  I've got it in my pussy.  It feels so good.  I'm thinking about your cock. I want to come over there and I want you to fuck me.  Ohhhhhh (I moaned like a porn star)."  

My Master took me and fucked me as I talked.   He came with a loud groan.

"What? No!  I'm just watching some porn now.  I'll be there soon".

"You're mine now, you fucking cunt, tell boyfriend good bye," my Master said loudly, so he would be sure to be heard.

"Well, bye..." I hung up my flashlight.

KOTW: Cutting and Tearing (Clothing)

The cutting and tearing of clothing is an enjoyable and hot thing for my Master and for me.  The picture above is the aftermath of one such play session.  I had stockings and panties which were shredded either by his hands or a knife or both.  Those white flecks are not camera artifacts, but bits of fabric. 

The violence is the main reason it is so exciting.  Other than that, I'm not sure I could explain it.   It's just hot.  It's violating, violent, delicious.

Because he is a kind Master, he often asks me if I'm wearing some of my favorite panties before he cuts them off, or he tells me to wear some that are not my favorites ahead of time.   I have had to go out and buy more underwear just for the reason of losing so many this way!  It's way more fun than just letting them wear out.  


Monday, November 6, 2017

TMI Tuesday: For something different

We are to create a story using these words:  
Albert Einstein
Olive Oil
Eight (8)
He was dragging her across the kitchen floor by one arm.  As he did so, he kicked the fallen eggbeater out of his way, heading toward the bedroom, railing at her the whole time,
 "Who do you think you are, Albert Einstein?  Do you think you are better than me? You have that fancy fucking degree from college and here I'm just working for a living so you think you're better than me?  Smarter?  I don't think so, you dumb bitch." 
He made an abrupt detour away from the bedroom toward the living room. 
Toward the Closet.  
She peered out from wet lashes at the rain streaking down the window above the sofa on the far side of the room.  All around, the empty walls where pictures of smiling children should have been.
"You're just a whore now Missy! A dumb whore!"  With this declaration he threw her into the closet and locked the door.   She counted eight breaths in and eight breaths out, trying to calm herself in preparation for what she knew was coming next.  She didn't know if that would be in minutes or hours.

Two minutes later he returned and snatched open the closet door. 

"Bend over the couch" he snarled, unscrewing the cap to the bottle of olive oil.  
Click here for more TMI Tuesday stories

Date Today

I have a lunch date today and I'm getting excited!

I was feeling overly tired and kind of down all weekend, but I think I'm a bit better now.  I went to bed at 8:30pm, and then woke up at 10:30pm.  Master spanked me and had sex with me then, which always improves my outlook on life.   He's been working way too much lately, and I miss him a lot.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


We shower together once or twice a week.   This time he didn't want me to wash him, and he didn't want to wash me.  He stepped in after I'd already started and told me to kneel.   He held his cock and I knew what was coming.  After he'd started pissing on me, he told me to stand, turn around, and bend over.   He pissed on my cunt, told me to come, which I did with the warmth trickling across me.  He raised up his aim and pissed on my ass.   Then he turned me around and told me what a nasty hole I was, as I grinned up at him.  Then he got out of the shower, leaving me to finish washing myself in the warmth. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Whip and Hood

Yesterday was Master's day off and we spent the afternoon engaged in some fun debauchery.

He had me blow him (not to a finish) first, and in between sessions of fellatio, he paddled me with the cutting board and the cane.   We watched some terrible pornography.  

The dialogue! 

"You must really want this, you even bought duct tape!"  

Yes, someone actually said this in a porno.  I couldn't do anything but laugh until the paddle hit the same spot again and again and I stopped laughing.

My Master fucked me as I bent over the kitchen table, still with the porn in front of us.

Then we went upstairs.  He had me on the floor, fucking me from behind, then pulled me upright and up against my dresser. He whipped me with his heavy belt, and the bull whip. I was driven to orgasm by this whipping.   There was fucking and sucking and more caning.  He brought out the hood and set it on top of my head, pulling it only half way down so my mouth was still available.  I was on my knees in front of him, sucking and half-hooded.   He had the machete now, which he used to beat me as I pleasured him.  This is challenging, just so you know!

He pulled the hood down completely then and buckled it on.  He helped me up and guided me to my spot against the dresser.  I breathed in and out, inhaling the leather scent of the hood and hearing my own breath sounds magnified in my ears.  Everything became more intense and concentrated by the hood.  Master began to flog me.  I danced around a bit when it became painful, and he kept going.  I could feel the whip marks from the bullwhip re-stung by the floggers.  

Then he came up close behind me, grabbing me around the neck and by one of my breasts, squeezing hard.  I yelped a little, and he told me to orgasm.  Wetness dripped down both my legs.  Master led me to the bed and fucked me with the dildo, using the Hitachi on me at the same time until I was a wrung out from so many orgasms.  Then he fucked me until he came too. 

 It was an amazing time.  He asked me later which part was my favorite, but I think all the parts were my favorites.


. You Never Know When They Will Catch Up To You

  I just made what would have been a hilarious joke on social media, if only the one other person who would get it would have been around to...