Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Last Day of Febphoto Month!

I had run out of ideas for picture taking, but my Master took a bunch of good ones today during our play, so I'm just doing a photo blast here for the end of the month.  Happy Tuesday!

Febraury Photofest

Monday, February 27, 2017

TMI Tuesday, a little early this time

1. Which one of the following do you need increased privacy: a. Online interaction such as internet search and website interaction b. Sex c. Drinking or taking drugs (including marijuana use) d. Work

I think the first one, by process of elimination.  I don't mind being a bit of an exhibitionist while having sex.  I barely drink and don't do drugs.   I always work in privacy, or with only a couple people around.  However, mostly I don't like to be watched while I'm interneting.  For good reason, because it is often sex sites I visit.  This doesn't count my Master, of course, he can watch as much as he wants.

2. What decade in life were you most happiest with your sex life? Why? For example: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

Right now, which is my 40s, it is the best ever.  Ever since I became a submissive, in fact. Not a coincidence!
3. What is the sexiest TV show you have watched in the last year? Why is it sexy to you?

Westworld.  I like that one bad guy, the man in black.  He's got knives and drags the woman, Delores, off and does who knows what to her.  My imagination runs wild. 
4. What sex scene, from a movie, would you like to recreate?

The Story of O: one of the whipping scenes. 
5. Your sex life is to become a reality series. Which of the following titles best fits: a. “Too Big To Fail” b. “Years of Solitude” c. “A Visual Guide for the Perplexed” d. “Yes please, Any Time and Anywhere”

d, so much d.  ;)
Bonus: The Late Phoenix would like to know your family’s secret recipes because he is hungry and thirsty all the time. Please share.

This here is a GREAT meatloaf, from my dad's recipe book:

Ground beef 1- 1.5 lbs
chopped onion
1 can tomato sauce (small)
torn bits of bread (optional) 
1 egg

Mix 1/2 the can of tomato sauce into the other ingredients above.  Place meat mixture in a loaf pan.

other half the tomato sauce
3 T mustard
1 t Worcestershire sauce
2 T brown sugar
2 T vinegar
1/4 cup water

Pour this over the meat.

Cook at 350 for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Serve with mashed potatoes for best deliciousness.  I sometimes double it and still don't have any leftovers.  If you want to be healthy or if you are like me and can't eat beef, you can substitute ground turkey, but it won't be as good.

TMI Tuesday Blog 

See through: Febphoto

Febraury Photofest

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Master has been sick this week, a stomach virus of some sort, really not fun for him.  So mostly I've been making toast and tea and going to the store for more clear sodas.   He felt a bit better for a while Saturday night and he caned me and fucked me, for which I was very grateful.  Then Sunday morning we showered together and he had me suck him off.   So, he's making a recovery, but still not back to eating regular foods.  

I'm planning to avoid being sick by eating spoonfuls of pickled ginger.  Actually I have no idea if this works, but I really love ginger so that is a good enough excuse.  It seems like it should be spicy enough to kill all stomach bugs.  

Hitachi: FebPhotos

Master took this one while he was having me use the Hitachi.  I like the faint stripes from the cane there at the bottom. 
Febraury Photofest

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Febphoto: Knifeplay

The feel of a cold blade sliding down my back.
The prick of pain on my labia, wondering how far he'll go this time.
A knife at my throat while I'm being fucked. 

Master's knife. 

Febraury Photofest

Friday, February 24, 2017

Poly and Non Monogamy

This is a "where are we at this point in time" and "how did we get here" on poly and non-monogamy. 

I am very far from being able to write a "This is how it all worked out for us" type post.   I would say it is going one day at a time, working things out, see where things go still at this point. We are not experiencing any particular challenges right now.  In fact, it has all be extremely easy for me lately.

My Master asked me the other day, as we were driving, how I managed to put jealousy aside when I used to be so concerned and upset if he was even looking at other women, talking about them in sexual ways, or watching porn (that was years ago that I last remember being upset about those things).  

 I had an answer for him because I had been thinking about the same thing.  A lot of my "jealousy" was actually territoriality and possessiveness rather than fear or insecurity, although there was some of the latter also.   I thought, being in a monogamous relationship, that it was my job to keep him from other women.  Mine. My husband. I thought it was something that was expected of me by society.  That's how you are supposed to be, right?  So that is how I was.

I have to say that he never gave into my possessiveness and jealousy at all, not in the slightest. He didn't sleep around, but he flirted, always. He would still make comments about other women and he told me there was no way he was going to stop watching porn so I could just deal with it.  Ok, then.  

Fast forward 10 or 15 years to the time when I became his slave.

I wrote this post in 2012.  At the time that I wrote it we had been Master and slave for about a year.  He had been involved in one gang bang and we had both played (s/m play) with other people, but I had not had sex with anyone else yet.  

At that time, I had more options.  Now that we are comfortable with it, he rarely gives me options.   I have done things on his order that I would never have wanted to do had it been up to me.  That whole idea makes me super hot, btw.

I expressed some fears in that post, but mostly I was comfortable and on board with opening up our relationship in whatever way he chose.  I would have been ok with a one penis policy forever; it was not something I needed, those other penises.   But it was something he wanted to try eventually, sharing me with other men, and he thought that I would like it too, because the fantasy turned me on quite a bit.

Shortly after that we started dating Mystique.  It was a good triad, both of them dominating me, but eventually (after about a year and a half) she found her own submissive and decided it would be better for her to be monogamous with him.   This was a bit painful for me, and unexpected, for me at least.  My Master expected that to happen all along, that she would find someone else, so he was not surprised.   

I confess my feelings for her have not changed.  I couldn't say exactly what those feelings are, but I know I have them. They are more than platonic but less than carrying a torch.  She still does casual play with others, and sometimes with me, but nothing serious or sexual like we used to.    Master has given her blanket consent to do as she likes with me, and this still applies.  So if she wants to start hitting me with canes while we play a Harry Potter trivia game, that is ok with Master.   And my bliss.

The first time Master told me to have sex with another man it was a surprise to me.  We had a play date with another D/s couple, and so I knew that we would all play together, but the sex was unexpected.  It was a good surprise (he was quite good at it), but still: Hello!   We swapped with the same couple on several occasions but eventually they broke up for unrelated reasons.  We continued to play with her alone on occasion and eventually she asked Master for a CNC relationship.  It was definitely still a part time thing, relating to play sessions only.  She had some other events in her life which caused her to break it off eventually.   This triad was more focused on Master as the center and her and me relating to him, than anything beyond friendship between her and me (although she and I had sex too).  We are still friends, but have not played together since.

In terms of what I like about these arrangements, besides just exploring and having fun with other people, is that to me one of the hottest things still is the fact that he does as he likes.  He could see someone else, or not, and I have no say.  He could have other subs or slaves.  He could tell me to fuck someone else, or not, and I have no say.  This is one of the single biggest kinks I have, simply the power aspect- him having it and me, not.   I enjoy it, no doubt about it, when we swap or play with other people.  But I enjoy the fact of my Master's complete power over me even more.  The reason I no longer express jealousy is that I have no ownership of him in any way. I am a possession, property, not entitled to dictate, and that makes all the difference for me.  I feel it very deeply.  If he was doing something with someone else and not me, I might still feel a bit of envy, but only if I couldn't be there to watch.  I might be thinking I would like that to be me, but this is a different emotion than what I felt before. 

He has not fallen madly and crazy in love with anyone else yet, though I consider that always a possibility.   I will deal with that when or if it happens.  He and I have both had a few basically reciprocated crushes on people.  We are not exactly seeking anything, but not closed off to any possibilities of how a relationship may develop either. 

We talk about issues when they come up, but as for the current state we are coasting pretty easily. 


Body Writing: Febphoto

This is a photo from a couple years ago (you can see the green grass behind me because we were out on the porch).  
I've run out of new ones!  I need to get some inspiration somehow to make more.  The month isn't over yet and I'm determined to make it with a picture a day!

Master wrote on me so I could see it by looking down.  

It says "Good slave. Dirty fuck".

Febraury Photofest

Thursday, February 23, 2017

No Don't Stop: Febphoto

Last night Master told me to get in bed, spread my legs and be ready to be brutally taken and violated.  As he settled between my legs he said "Don't look so happy, slave, you are about to be viciously raped!"

Febraury Photofest

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday's Fun: Febphotos

Yesterday I enjoyed serving my Master by giving him a foot rub.  I was sitting on the floor as he played on the computer.  Eventually he told me to go put in the butt plug, then come back naked and continue to massage him.   I was rewarded by getting to suck his cock, and by being told to fetch the cutting board so he could paddle me.  He made a little video of some of this.   

He told me to bend over the kitchen counter and he took me hard.  With the butt plug making me all tight it hurt, and then hurt more when he began slamming in hard.  It was so good though, the hurting.  A good pain.  There was more paddling after that, and a lot more sucking.

He took me upstairs and flogged me until my back stung with it.  He tied my hands together and put the nipple clamps on upside down (so they twist around).  He had me bend forward further so as he flogged me my breasts swung and ached even more.   He put the chain in my hand so I was tugging on myself.  I didn't dare to let go, though it was very painful.  When he released the nipple clamps he told me to orgasm.  

Master fucked me on the floor, then took me into the bed.  He made me come over and over.  We finally collapsed under the sheets in exhausted tangled mess.

I'm still aching in parts today, which is a delightful reminder.  

A little peekaboo with one of the floggers he used!
Febraury Photofest

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Febphoto: plugged

For size:

Febraury Photofest

TMI Tuesday: Virgin dreams

1. I am too busy to _____ .

Iron sheets.  Or maybe I just don't want to.  I try to avoid any ironing, actually.

2. Last week I did not do TMI Tuesday because
_____ .

I did not like the questions and I had several other blogs to write.

3. Last week’s TMI Tuesday’s _____ were _____ .

The questions were difficult and problematic.  I found the "conclusions" off putting.  For example, on the first one it said 
"Scientist claim that being “in love” only last within the first six months of a relationship" which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and I doubt that whoever said it even knows what love is.  It certainly is far from a scientific proposal.  I didn't feel like getting into a whole long blog post about my problems with the statements, so I didn't post anything.  I had other problems with most of the other questions except for the naked people cocktail party one.  I'd be naked too, I'm sure, because my Master would tell me to strip.  We like naked.

 4. _____ depends on dreams.

 What you strive for depends on dreams.  If you have a dream to accomplish something, that can motivate you to work hard for it.

5. Virgin _____ .

cocktails are not as good?

Bonus: The more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why bother to learn?
Your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I think it is meant to be funny.  In all seriousness, I think we need to keep learning throughout life to keep our brains in working order.  I wouldn't want to simply stagnate, how boring!  

To see the other TMI Tuesday answers, look here:  TMI TUESDAY.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday To Do List

Things on my to do list:

Clean house
-vacuum everything (half done)

-kitchen floor✔
-onion box✔
-shake rugs ✔
-bathroom quick clean
-run dishwasher ✔

Laundry, three or four loads (started)

Feed and water sheep ✔

Plan meals for the week

Grocery shopping

Go to the pharmacy

Make cookies for Master to take to work

Write blog (half done)


Make doctors appointments

RSVP to kid birthday party ✔

Take kid to the doctor for checkup

Things I have done today that are not on the list:

Pokemon stat calculations ✔
Making a to do list ✔
Fetlife and Facebook ✔

Febphotos: Bedtime Leash

Febraury Photofest

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kinky Geek Night- Unicorn Magic

On the way to meet up with another couple for dinner, I got a bit of a leash yank from Master.  I was describing this one situation, in a hypothetical manner, and said "I'm not going to do that."  
 Master said "You'll do it if I tell you to do it."  I was in a very light hearted mood and I laughed and said something a bit flip back to him.  He got more stern with me, telling me I was owned and had no choice, until my light mood changed to subservience and I said, "Yes, Master."  Of course I am owned and have no choice. 

A bit later down the road, in a completely unrelated vein, he told me to take off my panties and sit on the seat with my skirt pulled up to my waist.  He made me pull up my shirt and sit in a manner to expose myself best to him.  He left a hand print on my thigh with a hard slap, and allowed to me to touch myself a little, as long as I made sure not to get his seat wet.  He made me stay this way even as we passed several truckers (but not the cars where there might be kids).  I don't think they happened to look down, but I am not positive of this.  

After a good dinner and enjoyable company, all four of us went again to Kinky Geek Night.  The other couple went straight to the dungeon,  while Master grabbed several games off the shelf because he wanted to wait a bit before playing.  Looking over rules, the easiest to learn in 5 minutes seemed like it would be Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.  We were immediately joined by another couple, and she soon let drop that she had read all the books seven times!  The questions were hard, though, the sort that make you think "Who would even know that?"   

It became a bit more challenging when Mystique came to sit with us and began beating me on the back with canes, more of a massage level than truly hurty, but super distracting! My Master several years ago gave her blanket consent to do what ever she wants with me. I get excited when she takes advantage!
 The funniest part in the game was that I got a spell card that said "This card makes you exempt from going to the dungeon".  We had a good laugh about that.  I did go to the dungeon right after the game, card or no card.

  My final question, with no multiple choice, was "How long is the Sorcerers Stone?" and I guessed two inches because that seemed to be a good size for a stone.  I was right, so I won!    Come from behind victory! (insert dirty joke here).

Master picked out a cross for us to use, and told me to get naked while he went to do something.  I stripped bare and stood there waiting for a while before he come back.  Talk about building up nerves!

He began with a thorough flogging, getting ever harder.   He put the hood on me then so I was all in the dark.  He flogged me front and back both.  He beat me with the wavy Kris paddle, and a leather strap.  Then I felt the cold metal handle of the tire tread paddle between my legs.  It was shockingly cold and there was no mistaking it.   He began somewhat softly slapping it three or four times against my butt before reving up to a painful series of blows.  I think that is the implement that did the bruises but it could have been some from the paddles too.  I think there was another paddle after that.  
He took off the hood and told me to get on my knees.  I followed his directions to suck him, then he pulled me up, bent me forward on the cross, and fucked me.  There were more interludes of flogging, paddles, sucking and fucking until he was ready to stop. 

 We pretty much went immediately from there to playing with the other couple, who are Dom and sub.  I realized later that I should have had a drink of water in there somewhere, but I was going along doing what I was told, not thinking. 

Master fucked me first, then we swapped around so he and the other Dom were fucking her, then they did me the same to me with one at each end.  Then the other Dom fucked me for a long time, we swapped back and Master came inside me. It was all extremely pleasurable. I had many orgasms.  I was utterly worn out and befuddled by the end though.  

After about 5 minutes of sitting in the recovery room I started to feel sick and Master thought I must be dehydrated.  The rooms were quite warm and I think we'd been playing and fucking for close to three hours.   I'm not really sure on the times.  He pressed water on me even though I didn't want it, but I knew I need it, so I tried to drink as much as I could.  I ended up lying down on a mat with a unicorn for a while, which made me feel better. Unicorn magic.  

Butt pic for Febphoto

Ok, maybe it's not so artistic, but Master and I had fun last night.  

Febraury Photofest

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Dance of Pain: KOTW

The Kink of the Week is dancing.  There are many ways I considered approaching this subject, from belly dancing, to dancing for fun with my Master (polka!), to doing a strip tease, but the one that stood out as most related to kink for me (no surprise here) is dancing in pain.

There is certain type of dance I do when the whipping or paddling gets intense.  When we are at a dungeon party with loud music it takes over my body, along with the overwhelming pain, and I start moving to the beat.  I get in a zone, a dancing subspace even, and I'm flying.  It is such a high.  I could be tied to a cross or just hanging on to it.  This also happens when we're at home and there's no music, or perhaps Master is singing along with beating me. I'm able to stand still at first, but when it gets very painful my feet start moving, and I'm hopping from one foot to the other, doing my little pain dance.

Sometimes Master has tortured me by putting nipple clamps on me and playing music (for example Dancing Queen), then ordering me to dance around the room.  It's very difficult to do and definitely qualifies as torture.  The more into moving and dancing I get the more it hurts.    

See other Dancing kink posts here:

Chain: Febphoto

This is an older picture I took, in the summer, while playing around in the barn.  You can see the sunlight through the barn boards in the background.  It's one of my favorite explicit photos of me.  I have a real thing for leather and chain, obviously. 
Febraury Photofest

Friday, February 17, 2017

Notes about Libido

- Being told I'm not allowed to masturbate makes it go all crazy high.

- Getting tattooed (feeling like knives are cutting into my leg for an hour) makes all horniness vanish and gives me a floaty feeling for the rest of the afternoon.  

-Master let me masturbate again today.  I wore the butt plug for an hour while I cleaned the bathroom and then looked at some (not very inspiring) porn.  It took me less than a minute to come after I turned on the vibrator.  Only moderately horny now.

-Tomorrow we are meeting up with friends at an event to play and I am SO excited!!

New Tattoo, Febphoto

I got the new tattoo Master wanted me to have for Valentine's Day yesterday.  I was so nervous, but it turned out exactly as I had hoped.   It didn't hurt any worse than the others I have gotten, so that was good.

Febraury Photofest

Thursday, February 16, 2017

No Masturbating

I have not been allowed me to masturbate on my own since last week.   Normally I am allowed once per day and I use that chance almost every day if he's at work.  Now, all I can think about is the fact that I'm not allowed to and it makes me unbelievably aroused constantly.  I know it is a mind thing, and not a physical need. But my mind is completely taken over with these thoughts.  I'm dreaming about sex.  The other night I dreamed I was trying to seduce a gay male couple into bed with Master and me.  And then we were negotiating some knifeplay. 
Yeah, I was dream negotiating with gay men.

Yesterday when he got home I was practically dripping with desire. 

And I had to wait some more.  He said he might just have me lie on the floor and masturbate onto me, leaving me unfilled.  I hoped desperately that he was just teasing me.

At bedtime he had me suck his cock lying in bed, and he beat me with the misery stick, seen here.

It hurt so much, and turned me on as much as it hurt.  He took out the leather wrist straps and the nipple clamps, applied them and fucked me, finally ordering me to orgasm.  It was so good!

He made me count orgasms, and also rate each one numerically for strength.  In the course of being fucked and several more intense sessions with the misery stick I had a total of 15, ranging from about 2 to 8 in strength.  Rating orgasms is hard!  

At the end I was hurting and satiated, but by the time morning rolled around I was in need of more again.

This time there was no help for me.  I was in the bedroom folding clothes when he came in and told me to get naked.  He had me kneel and kiss his cock, then told me to get on my knees and crawl like the dog that I am.   He told me to touch myself, show him how I was in heat.  It was so humiliating.  I wanted him so badly.  
I wanted to be taken; I wanted to come.  But he didn't.  I didn't.  

I'm going to get my tattoo today.  I'm pretty nervous.  I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as that misery stick.   I have two already, but this will be in a more sensitive spot, maybe. 

Balancing Act: Febphoto

Febraury Photofest

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Boots: Febphoto

I have run out of my favorites from the new photos Master and I took already, and only half way through the month!   Here's an older one of me in my fuck me boots.   Time to start taking pictures again!

Febraury Photofest

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Belts and Buttsex

He took off his belt.  

I watched out of the corner of my eye.

My mouth was busy.

I was on my knees.   

I saw the belt doubled over.

I shut my eyes.


Romance can be hearts and flowers or it can be belts and buttsex.  

Ours was the latter.

"Put your butt plug in, I'll be right back."

I held it in my hands to warm it.

The metal is arctic cold.

From down the hall he shouted "Just shove it on in there, don't make me come do it!"

I shoved.  

I grimaced.

But it went in easier since I've been practicing.

Master came back. The hood went over my head and all went dark.


I begged him to fuck my ass.

Butt plug out, cock in, so much easier that way.    I was screaming.  Easier, sure, but still there was screaming.  He told me to stick my fingers in my pussy.  He stuck his thumb in my mouth and I was muffled a bit when I sucked it. 

He came deep inside me.

We went out to lunch with my posterior sore inside and out.  I might have squirmed a little in my seat.


Waiting Is the Hardest Part

While Master was getting ready for work Monday morning I went upstairs to ask him if the new limited orgasms regimen meant I couldn't masturbate any more.  It made sense that it would, but I wanted to ask to make sure, just in case he would allow me to orgasm on my own... yeah, that doesn't make sense.  But I wanted to be sure.

So I asked him.  Nope, no masturbating.  Immediately my cunt began to drip.  Not just dampen, but actually drip.

He pulled my hair and told me to get on my knees, to touch myself.  He told me to lie down and show myself to him as I fondled.  I lay on my back, robe pushed off to the side, legs spread, cunt open and dripping.   He stood on my neck.  Light headed, I lay there, stroking myself and hoping for the command to come.  He gave it and I did. 

 He helped me get back to my knees and told me to give him a kiss.  Just a little one, because had to go to work.  I gave him the tiniest little peck on the tip.  He was hard.  He grabbed both sides of my head and thrust deep into my mouth, fucking my face.  I wanted him so badly.  I knew I wouldn't be allowed to masturbate after he left which made me long for it even more. When he pushed me away and called me a cocksucking whore I kissed his feet and thanked him.  

Last night he wasn't home and I had dreams.  

Valentine's Day Febphoto

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to get your slave a tattoo representing one of your important animal symbols?   He owns me and can mark me any way he chooses; this thought is exciting to me.  The act of doing it, even more exciting.

A lot of people have special animals that represent things to us, or parts of ourselves.  One of my Master's animals is the elephant, and also, Ganesha, Opener of Ways, is one of his favorite deities.  

 Saturday, Master told me that a new tattoo would be my present (squeeee!) so we stopped at the tattoo shop to give the guy ideas for a design and make an appointment.  I'm going back Thursday.  I'm really hoping the preliminary sketch turns out to be one I like! 

  It was funny because outside the shop I mentioned to Master the color scheme I thought might look good and he stared at me in surprise because he'd been just thinking of the exact same one.   My other two are just plain black, so I was looking to get some color this time. 

And for Valentine's day, a close up of my other tattoo (one of them).
I love my Master so!  Best Master ever!  I got him a little something for Valentine's Day also.   A few days ago when I asked him what he wanted he said "A hot threeway. Or fourway."  It just so happens that we had plans for that next weekend so if all goes well he will get his wish! 

Febraury Photofest

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pokemon and Chill

You know Netflix and chill?  Well, Master has invented "Pokemon and Chill".   

We went out yesterday afternoon to do some errands and also to go for a walk and catch Pokemon.  We didn't find any spectacular virtual monsters, but there was a lot of naked boob fondling in the car!  

When we got home it was dark.   He told me to get out and open the driveway gate for him, and he ordered me to take off my shirt and then put my coat back on without it as he drove through.  I got back in the car and he parked in the garage.  We were necking just like when we were teenagers!  There was more fondling, but no orgasms because he has put me back on restricted amounts of those.   There were none at all on Friday, and Saturday he said I could have one or maybe two if I was really good.  He did not encourage me to undo his pants, which I was hoping for, but instead told me to get dressed again and we went inside.  
 Later that night I waited for him on the floor of our room.  He came in and had me stand up.  He took a tiny leather strap from my dresser and used it to tie knots around my sensitive nipples and then tie them together.   My nipples are quite sore; I'm not sure if it was the smacking from a few days ago or just the time of the month.  I no longer have periods, thanks to the IUD, so I never really know what time of the month it is anyway.  

When he told me to get in bed I grabbed one of our absorbent blankets and he told me I wouldn't be needing that because he didn't intend to let me get all squirty/orgasm-y!

I lay on my side, nipples still tied together with the cord, and he let me suck him.  He lifted my leg in the air and spanked me hard on the thighs and ass.  This was so hot I had a very difficult time not coming right then.  He began finger fucking me, I still sucked as well as I could, and it was amazing.  My cunt was trying to pulse around his fingers, but my brain was saying wait, wait for the command.   He rolled me to my back and with his cock just brushing my lower lips in the most maddening way, he began fiddling with the nipple string again, tying it here and there, and then taking it off and using it to whip me.  

He rolled me back to one more session of cock sucking and then took me.  My brain was on fire with lust and wanting to come.  There wasn't the usual relief of small orgasms, so the big one was just building more need.  I imagined sending him some of my fire energy and he responded with harder and deeper thrusting.  

Finally when I didn't think I could hold back much longer he told me to come and I exploded.  

He told me what I needed to do to earn the second orgasm, which was easy enough.  Of course, I would have done it anyway just because he ordered, so I'm not sure why he put it that way, but I did as he wanted and got into 69 position.  I can't say it is one of my favorite things, but he enjoys it.  Then he had me on top riding him.  My cunt felt like it was gripping him and practically begging to come.  Finally he gave the order.  It started off slowly, but it was growing in intensity throughout.  He drew back his hand and gave my tit a terrific slap, and then another, and the other breast got it from the other side, over and over.  The whole time my orgasm was just going on and on and getting more powerful until I collapsed on his chest.    He turned me over and fucked me from behind until he came.  

He then fastened my leash to my collar, petted me and told me I was always his good slave.  


Bedtime: Febphotos

Something happened with my other post for today to make it appear last Friday, so I just did another one. 
Bonus photos!

Febraury Photofest

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

. You Never Know When They Will Catch Up To You

  I just made what would have been a hilarious joke on social media, if only the one other person who would get it would have been around to...