Sunday, March 13, 2022



 1. Under what circumstances would you fake your own kidnapping?

I think this sounds like way too much trouble.  What if I just fake baking a cake?  Look, I have a cake! I have baked it!  

(just kidding, there's no cake)

2. Do you feel you belong?

Oh, yeah, probably.  The pups have accepted me as one of them. 

3. In your life, what is a fun thing you did that you will never do again?

Ice skating.  It was fun when I was in my 20s, but I tried again a few years ago and it just made my feet hurt. 

4. Do you listen to your inner voice?


5. What can you hear?

Right now, out loud or from my inner voice?

My inner voice says I should go watch that Last Kingdom show.  Out loud I hear a bunch of dogs walking around the house.  Click, click, click...

Bonus: Do you know yourself?

Yes, better than I know anyone else.  

I gave away his coat today

 My Master left me an unofficial will, or list of things to give away, in addition to having a regular lawyer-approved will. It's taken me this long to even get in touch with one of the people on his list. It's really hard to face that he's not going to be using these things anymore. Some days I just feel like he's gone on a really long trip and I'm sick of it and I just want him to get back already, although my head knows that he's really not on a trip.

Master used to work with a guy who never had a proper winter coat. He would only buy a cheap one every year, because of not having money, and then it would fall apart by the time the next season came, not really having kept him warm. Master told me to give his good winter coat to this man. They hadn't worked together in several years and hadn't really been in touch. It's a really poofy LL Bean one, the highest cold rated coat they make, a real Wisconsin winter coat and it should last a decade.

We were originally going to meet for coffee but I have a cold (not covid, I tested) and didn't want to give him that too, so I said I'd just meet at a parking lot and give him the coat. We were wearing masks. He grabbed me and hugged me for a really long time. I know they were good friends but I didn't expect so much emotion in a hug.

He asked how I was doing.

"Oh, you know..." I trailed off.

Each thing is like a mountain.

Friday, December 3, 2021

TMI, ummm, Friday

 1. With whom would you love to sing a duet?

My Master.  :( :( 

2. Have you ever cried over a pet? What kind?

Yes, of course.  Mostly I've had dogs.  Also cats, horses, sheep.  I cry over a lot of things, though.  Other people's pets included.  I cried about a dog that came into the clinic and didn't survive because the owners waited too long to have her treated.  I didn't even know the dog or the owner. 

3. Do you think your personality needs polishing? Why?

No.  I'm a sparkly, sparkly sunshine.  Pthtllllpppt.  

4. What is the worst injury you’ve ever had?

I got a concussion while sledding and remember being in the car on the way to the hospital and saying "Mommy, I can't see". I had my eyes open.  That freaked her out more than it did me.  

5. If you had a clone, what part or your life or tasks would you have it do on your behalf?

Cleaning the oven and stove.  Hate that.  

Bonus: Gifting supermarket flowers–good or bad?

Yes, they are good, if I'm getting flowers.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

TMI Tuesday

  1. You went to dinner on a first date, and your date took care of the bill. But when you get home you get a text from your date that is a Venmo request (money transfer app i.e., TransferWise, Paypal Worldremit Azimo) for half the cost of dinner. Do you;

a. Pay the Venmo amount in order to up your chances of a second date

b. Only pay for what you actually consumed

c. Pay nothing because the date supposedly picked up the tab and did not discuss halfsies when you were face-to-face

d. Call the date and yell “WTF?!”

C. and also never see them again because that is some passive aggressive bullshit that they can't ask to split the check in the restaurant if that's what they wanted. 

2. Does anyone owe you over twenty dollars? How many different people?

No.  I don't lend money except to my kids and I haven't at the moment.   

3. Are you one to sneak food into movie theaters?

I have, but not often.  I don't buy food there hardly ever.  And I haven't been to a theater since oh, 2019. 

4. What do you want to brag about?

How cute my dogs are.   SOOOO cute. And cuddly. 

5. What do you get in trouble for the most?

Trouble? What, me?  

Bonus:  What is in your attic?

I have never been there.  Could be a mummy or a bat civilization.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

TMI Tuesday

 1. Traditions. We all have them. Some good and, well, some not so good. Think for a minute. When you were a kid, what were your holiday traditions? Do you still follow some of them today?

When I was a kid, we'd open the presents usually the day before Christmas eve, at night, and then my parents would drive all night to get to the first set of grandparents house.  Me and my brother (and later on, a couple dogs) would sleep in the back.  The seats would all fold down to make a cozy bed.  Then we'd wake up to breakfast and Grandma and Grandpa's. They would spoil us with sausages, sweet rolls, all sorts of attention, while my mom and dad slept to make up for the night.  Christmas morning my aunt and uncles would be there, and all the cousins and we'd open presents and have another big breakfast.  Then we'd drive to the other grandparents' house and do it all again.

I don't follow those traditions, especially not the driving at night because I just can't.  Sometimes we go visit my kids' grandparents and sometimes we stay home.

2. How would you describe this stage of your life?

Uh, mourning and bullshit?  

3. What is next for you?

I'd say recovery of equilibrium.   

4. What will you do this month to nourish you?

Hug my friends, play with my puppies.  Hug my friend's puppies. 

5. Are you participating in Movember?

Nope.  I try to walk when I have energy, but that's not every day.  My job involves a lot of walking most days.  

Bonus: What is your motto?

I don't know, what's the motto with you?

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Weird lost feelings, reprint with easier to see color

 I feel weird about still being in all the Master/slave groups on fetlife, seeing as how I'm no longer a slave and am not seeking anyone. I don't know if I'd ever want to be  a slave again.  Right now, my feeling is no.

But I can't really stand to leave the groups either, and I still read the topics. 

But also, I am still wearing my "vanilla" collar every day because it feels important to keep.  I stopped wearing the night or play collar because it was bothering me, I don't know why.  All these little decisions that have no real right or wrong answer, I just answer with my gut feeling on what I want to do at the moment.  It's a weird sensation having no real answer and just do what I want though.



They are big!  Still so cute though.  


   1. Under what circumstances would you fake your own kidnapping? I think this sounds like way too much trouble.  What if I just fake bakin...