Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Chainsaw Noises

Yesterday my Master knew I really needed some butt whackins.  I kept thinking it hurts too much, but it really wasn't that bad, I've just gone soft.   Also, he thought I should wear my butt plug while he fucked me.  That was amazing and delicious and I had some excellent orgasms.  However, when we were all done he said I had to roll over and make chainsaw noises as he tugged on the butt plug, then start up as he gave it a good yank free.  

What else could I do?  I rolled over. 

"Rmm, rmm," I said softly. 

Then "RMM RMM," as he tugged a little more firmly. 

By the time he pulled it out I was rmmm'ing and laughing so much I barely noticed the plug coming free.  

He told me my chainsaw noises need work. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lovely Day.

I went to the store to look for toilet paper, but came home instead with my favorite wine. I got two. It was on sale.   My kids are on their 1,298th (approximate) hour of Diablo 3. 

Oh, and I got lamb poop on my hand trying to clean up the bathroom where the 2 day old lamb was living.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Open your eyes

Master took me upstairs today for a blowjob, but first he put me in front of the dresser for some whipping with leather strips.  When he was done he got out the knife and traced it down my body, over my breasts, down and down until he was at my cunt. 

"Spread" he commanded.  I closed my eyes and spread my legs.  I could feel something sharp poking around down there.  I needed to stay really still or I could get very hurt.  I kept inwardly reminding myself that my body was his, be still, I am his, my body is his.  I felt something slide up inside me.  "Is that the knife??"  Surely not? But is it?  He was making me so wet.  I felt a sharp prick.  "Come" he said, and I did, eyes still closed.  Then he pulled it out and said

"Slave girl, open your eyes".  There before me were just his dripping wet fingers.  The knife was on the floor. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Plague Times

Most of our social gathering type things have been cancelled, and the store is out of toilet paper, and the kids are off school, but otherwise I'm trying to remind myself that things are still fairly normal.  My lambs have started being born, so I'll be busy with that.  


in large friendly letters. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Struggle of Orgasms

I haven't been having as many orgasms as before, so Master told me I'd been having tooo many (Master-logic?) and forbade me from masturbating (or fucking) at all for four days.   Not that I'd been masturbating at all, anyway, before that.   

Then after the four days were up he told me he was going to fuck me and I was going to get one orgasm, maybe, if I was really good about teasing and edging him a lot, getting him close to orgasm many times and stretching out his pleasure for a long time.  If I did really well using my mouth, cunt, or other body parts, then I could have an orgasm.  Later.  Much later.  However, if I made him come too soon, there would be nothing else for me, no fingers or vibrator or anything.  And I better not come before he commanded it.

I got really worked up myself while I was working him over.  All the times I got close when he normally would have given me the command, he didn't.  I was edging myself as well as him.  I found myself trying to think of unsexy things to avoid an orgasm too early, such as baseball.   But then the baseball players in my mind turned into a huge bat swinging orgy. With spanking. Baseball bat spanking.  Baseball is really sexy if you are in the right sort of mood.    

Finally he decided I'd done well enough that he made me come twice.  Then he came twice too, so I know I was doing it right.  

Sunday, March 1, 2020

My Story

This was the fantasy story I was writing for Master while he was gone:

Way, way back in time, in a land not so far from here, lived you and me in our younger selves.  I had a huge crush on you and you had invited me out on a date for ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  I wore a thin white shirt and deliberately left the bra off.  I also wore my black mini skirt.  I was hoping to flash you at some point. 
We were eating our ice cream and you were trying not to stare too hard at my breasts, when a great dollop of vanilla ice cream leaped off my cone and landed right on my chest.  You wetted your napkin and tried to help me wash it off, immediately noticing how the wiping made my whole breast jiggle.  I noticed too, and began to blush and giggle, but I didn't want you to stop.  

 We walked back to your house, and no one was home.  Except the alarm cat.  We went down in the basement and you said you wanted to take off all my clothes so you could see me naked. I felt shy but also excited.  I hoped you weren't going to take advantage of me.  But then I kind of hoped you would a little bit.  You pulled my shirt off and fondled my tits.  Then you started to pull up my skirt and I got nervous and ran behind the bench.  Instead of following me, you sat down on the green bench and invited me to come sit on your lap, which I did.  I straddled you so my cunt was brushing up against your cock, which was very hard.

I wiggled a little bit, enjoying the sensations, and then began sliding my skirt up a little at a time until I was completely exposed.  It was thrilling but scary!  I was almost about to decide I'd had enough and should leave, but you saw the look of flight in my eyes, and pinned my wrists behind my back.  I never realized being trapped could be instead of frighting, actually calming.  My cunt began to feel the need of being filled and I wiggled more purposefully onto your lap.  

Your jeans were unzipped now and I just kind of slid onto your cock.  Everything was getting soaked now, your jeans, the chair, the floor- it was more than I'd every thought possible.  I slid easily down, and then up again when it got to tight and painful.  Then down a bit more, rocking until I felt like you were going to burst inside me.   Suddenly, you pushed me off your lap and onto my knees on the floor.  I was shocked.  What? No!  But you gave your cock only a couple strokes and it was coming on my face.  This was humiliating and really quite disgusting, but I loved the feeling anyway.  I hoped there would be a lot more of it in my future... as your little slave-slut. 

Good Saturday

Friday night I had a dream that I was being held captive in a room and tortured mentally and physically.  I distinctly remember some razor blades being involved. 

Of course, I woke up horny.

I didn't even start anything or say anything, but my Master seemed to realize what I was in the mood for, or else he was in the mood for the same thing.  He rolled me around roughly, slapped me, gagged me, and just generally made delightfully violent love to me.  

It was only a couple hours later when he got me upstairs again and fucked me as I was on all fours on the floor.  Then he came in my mouth. 

After that we went to an SCA event, where I wore my Dolores dress, even though it's a bit too late to be the right period, but it was what I had.  I couldn't just run around in my chemise, although I did wear that underneath, as well as a crinoline (petticoat??). 

It was a really great day.

Chainsaw Noises

Yesterday my Master knew I really needed some butt whackins.  I kept thinking it hurts too much, but it really wasn't that bad, I've...