Saturday, February 17, 2018

More Lessons of 2018

Well, nothing improves a poor attitude in a slave quite like some CNC buttsex at 5 am.

I was feeling kind of down yesterday, about myself and a lot of things, and I went to bed really early.  I didn't even get up to put my collar on or brush my teeth, and Master didn't wake me.  

Now I feel a lot better, though.   

Friday, February 16, 2018

Busy Week

It's been a busy week, and requiring constant  planning and re-planning to fit everything in.  I envy those for whom slavery means turning off their brain and just submitting.  
It's not like that at all for me.  Not even close to that. 

Just as an example, there was yesterday.

I got up at 5:00 to make Master's breakfast.  I already had a message from Mystique asking if I wanted to go with her to help out Sarahnade with getting to the doctor and shopping again this week.  Her PT was at 10, so we had to meet down at the Fleet Farm parking lot at 8:00.  Sarahnade lives a little bit more than an hour from here.  I asked Master if I could go and he said yes. 

It was Thursday, so it was my day to do all the washing of sheets.  So, first I stripped all the beds, but I didn't want to leave the laundry moldering for a half a day, so I didn't start it running.   I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, and had all the dogs out and back in again, cleaned up the kitchen, had a shower, and started the dishwasher and was ready to leave the house a little after 7:00.  I hoped to make a detour downtown for Pokemon supplies before meeting at Fleet Farm, which just took a few minutes.

Mystique and I walked around for about half an hour while we waited for the appointment to be done.   Then we all had a fun time after the PT going to lunch (where they helped me stick to my diet, thank you thank you!). Mystique is doing Weight Watchers, so hers is a bit different, but still the same idea.  We stopped by the store quick for some essentials, then Mystique and I drove back home.   

I arrived at home at 2:00.

I started the laundry, cleaned up dog poop in the yard (lots of melting snow means lots of revealed poop!), fed the sheep and tried to do a bit of mucking in the barn (not much really).   Then I put new sheets on the bed and vacuumed the upstairs. 

I switched over the first load of laundry and then went to pick up the older kid at school (he's done with after school things at 4). 

When I got home I flipped over the second load of laundry to the dryer and made dinner, chicken, in time to be out the door again at 5:30 to take the younger kid to his Thursday night club at school.  While he was at the club I went to the grocery store to get some desserts (which I won't be eating).   I forgot the sausage so I have to go back today. 

I got home at about 8 pm, said hi to Master for a minute or two, looked at stuff on the computer, gathered the laundry from the basement and began putting it away (this isn't finished yet), let dogs out and back in,  fed them and then it was basically bedtime.  We had sex, which was delightful but rather hurried.  

And sleep, happy sleep. 

Fit For Friday 3

2/9  5 carbs, one 20 minute walk indoors.

2/10 PIZZA DAY  1 million carbs (or so), no walking to speak of.

2/11 17 carbs, a 20 minute walk indoors plus a 3 mile outdoor walk in the snow around the lake with Master. A beautiful day, still cold though.

2/12  9.5 carbs, one 10 minute walk in deep snow, plus another walk later outside for 20 minutes.

2/13 44 carbs after an unexpected lunch out.  It was really good though.   40 minute walk outside. 

2/14  Went out for Indian food with Dr.Peter.  Carbs=oh fuck it, I have no idea.  Dinner was leftovers from the restaurant.  Walked 20 minutes outside.

2/15  8 carbs.  SOOO hard to stick to a diet that day. I asked Mystique and Sarahnade to help me when we went out to lunch, to not allow me to order pancakes and French toast. And they didn't.  We walked about 30 minutes outside while waiting for Sarahnade to get done with her physical therapy. 

I lost one more pound this week. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


We celebrated yesterday because my Master had the day off, and today he likely won't be home until late. Not because he got the days mixed up and thought yesterday was the 14th (maybe). He told me to come upstairs for my Valentine present, and then took his belt off and started hitting me with it. He gave me a flogging, then he blindfolded me and had me lie on the floor for the new toy he had got me.   It's a knobbly glass dildo, a very intense feeling.  

Afterward we had to take the cars for oil changes, and while we were waiting we went out to lunch and split a piece of cheesecake. It was all very romantic. I am going to get something for him today.

I'm all yours, Master!

Monday, February 12, 2018

TMI Tuesday for Valentines

1. Tell us two reasons why you would stay in a bad relationship.
That's a tough one.  I know people do it, but I don't think that is something I would ever do.  I value myself too much, and my own happiness.  I'm guessing the primary reason is not having a way to support yourself, if people are staying while unhappy.
2. Do you wish your private life was kinkier?
I think we are pretty kinky, but anyway YES.  I could always do more, at the whim or demand of my Master.  Always.  I don't think I've ever had a "That's too much kink for me" moment.
3. Tell us about your weirdest sexual experience.
Once while in subspace I hallucinated that Homer Simpson came out of the clouds to talk to me.  I forget what he was saying now.  It seems even weirder to say it than when I actually experienced it. Then, it was like "Well, why wouldn't Homer talk to me in the clouds?"  Totally normal.

4. Can you have a totally hands-free orgasm?
Yes, my Master has taught me to orgasm on command. He doesn't need to be touching me. He's done it in a restaurant, in a gift shop, over text messages.  Sometimes I have orgasmed without command from certain rhythms and duration of pain (whip, paddle, cane). 
5. What tips can you give for staying hard (you personally or keeping your partner hard)?
Sucking/oral sex is always good for getting my Master hard.

Bonus: Is it okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day even though you have a partner? Why or why not?
Sure, people can do whatever they want.  It's not nice to disappoint your partner though, so you should see if you are in agreement before doing nothing.  I like getting stuff on VD.   

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life In Balance

I was listening to some guy on the radio talk about depression, and how our society promotes things that add to depression and anxiety rather that working against it.   I'm thinking about reading his book even though I'm not prone to depression myself.  I probably haven't mentioned it, but our older child was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety.   As his mother, this has been a painful thing to realize.   I assure you, there is no aspect of self-blame that I have not indulged in.  I think it is a hugely fucked up part of our society is that "It's always the mother's fault."  I think Freud probably started this, but even though people are over Freud, they aren't over the blaming mothers thing.  

 The radio expert was not against drugs, but there are many things that we could be doing, not individually, but all together, that would make this less of an epidemic, besides just throw drugs (that don't always work that well) at people.   This is the book:

One crucial part of his recommendations was just doing things with friends.   Not social media friends, but actual face to face friends and really doing things.    

He told one story about a man in Cambodia who lost a leg.  His work in the fields became intolerably painful and he stayed in his house and spoke to no one anymore.  He was depressed.  The other people in his town got together, talked to him, listened to his problems and then they bought him a buffalo.  This was his anti depressant.  One- he had people that cared to listen to him- his friends.  And two- now he had a job which didn't involve painfully standing on his prosthetic leg- he could milk his buffalo and became a dairy man instead.   

This week my life has revolved around friends.  One of our close friends who lives about an hour from us has a repeated bout of mysterious illness that came on suddenly and prevents her from working or driving for an unknown amount of time.  She has to go to physical therapy twice a week.  Mystique and I went to see her and take her to the doctor, we went out to lunch and then Mystique bought her groceries while we sat in the car and chatted.  Our friend was worn out from the PT.

This was the same friend who let Master live with her for several days a week when he was working in her town, for a period of almost two years.   She is a VERY good friend that we haven't seen enough of since she first had a bout of this illness.  The doctors can't find a cause.  She recovered, mostly, but now it is back two years later.

Saturday was Pizza Day.   We had planned this, with Travis, Wolfmoon and MissV, last month, but Master ended up working every Saturday in February and couldn't go.  He said I should just take the kids and go without him.  I felt bad about this, but there was nothing I could do about it. 
We drove down to Milwaukee (about 2.5 hours away) and spent all day making pizzas of various kinds and tasting them.  This was enormous amounts of fun.  Both the kids made delicious pizzas, and in addition to the regular kind there was also low carb pizza and yogurt crust pizza.  I would be a bad food judge because I gave them all first prize! They were all delicious.  MissV got the real judging job and she gave my older son the trophy, with the pizza that won her heart.  He did a thin crust, pepperoni, sausage, onion and several cheeses.   

I made a mushroom and black olive pizza to take home to Master. 
Travis made a hatch chile pizza with a wonderful thick crust, and also a quick pizza that was just flour and Greek yogurt, zero rising time, for the crust.  Wolfmoon made a low carb "meatza" which had ground hamburger for the crust.  This was also delicious and I'll probably try it at home for my diet.   My younger kid (he's 12) made a stuffed crust pepperoni which was also great.  

We have two of the important depression-fighting strategies right here:  meaningful work and good friends.   I'd have to read the book to remember what all of them were.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Fit For Friday Number 2

Fit For Friday Results

It is the day to weigh in, and I ate SO MUCH last night.  I need to go do it though.   

2/2 12.5 carbs, 30 minutes of walking/jogging and stair climbing in the house

2/3  This was our day to go out to eat with friends, so I had a total of 41 carbs for the day.  I walked for 20 minutes plus shoveled snow and did outside chores for an hour.

2/4  5 carbs, 20 minute walk in the house.  I wasn't feeling that great at night, a little nauseated.   I got up and had a piece of cheese.

2/5  11.5 carbs.  I did a 15 minute cardio dance work out video from You Tube for variety, and also later on a 10 minute walk interspersed with stairs.  I was feeling good until about 10 at night, and then sick again.   

2/6  10 carbs.   I did a 15 minute walk outside and 10 minutes later on inside.   Feeling good, but really hungry before dinner.

2/7  Went out for lunch, but stayed on the diet.  5 carbs.   15 minutes of walking in the house, with some stairs.  Feeling really full after dinner.  

2/8 About 40 carbs yesterday.  We went out to eat again, and it is really tough not having a bit of everything they put in front of you when it is all so good- our favorite Japanese restaurant does everything wonderfully.
   I worked out with a Zumba video for 20 minutes, inventing (possibly) a new thing I call Zumba with puppies.  You may have heard of goat yoga.  This is something like that.  Puppy Zumba involves a large puppy leaping on you and also you have to constantly stoop and reach to rescue her ball which she keeps rolling under the coffee table.   Later on I went for a 25 minute walk outdoors, which was really great, if cold, since it was only about 7 degrees here.   

Here is a picture from my Tuesday walk.  It was -9F that day. 

Edit to add: I lost 1 pound this week. 

More Lessons of 2018

Well, nothing improves a poor attitude in a slave quite like some CNC buttsex at 5 am. I was feeling kind of down yesterday, about myself ...