Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Park

We went to the park.  It was raining and there was almost no one else there.  Which had some advantages. 

Slap Me and Make Me Come

I sometimes read about what other women like, and find out that, weirdly, it isn't at all what makes me happy in bed.  If my Master starts covering me with soft kisses and touches it is all I can do to resist the urge to push him away and leap out of bed. 

 Do. Not. Want.  

And when I tell him things like that, and he smiles wickedly and says "But I want to do it that way, so you will put up with it."  

And I do.  I don't push him away and I don't leap out of bed because... well, because I tried that early on during the development of our M/s relationship and it didn't go well for me.  I got rebukes and I really do not like rebukes. 

 So, I am good and I lie there and take my sweet kisses.  

But I'm really hoping that he will slap me and make me come.

TMI Tuesday

1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization would you participate (giving or receiving)?

*forced feminization is the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women, to make him submissive. For example: wearing lingerie, heels, make-up.

I'm extremely not into being the one forcing anything.  He'd have to force me to force him, which would be kind of... meh, not working that well for anyone, I'd think. 
2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?

No, not really.
3. Tell us your hottest, sexiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less.
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals or are societal taboos.

Why would I share the one I never share?  Seriously.

4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra

Oh, Wonder Woman I think.  She's pretty hot.  And she would definitely tie me up.

5. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.

Yes, when one reads blogs or stories about what others are doing I think it is inspiring and makes one want to do those things, or similar things, or at least SOMETHING.  

Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.

Perverted, hot, kinky 

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Friday, May 25, 2018

FFF 17

I have been working really hard to get the kitchen finished this week.  You know that kitchen project we started last summer and then it sat there half done for 6 months?  Or 8 month, maybe.   Master started kicking me into gear again to get it done before his relatives come to visit the second week of June, so I have been working on it again. He did some on Sunday and the kids helped too, so now it is finally getting to where I can see an end in sight.   The garden has also been demanding my attention- I'm still trying to get things planted.  And now we are going away to visit my parents for the holiday weekend so nothing will get done here.  Maybe I shouldn't feel so stressed out about this but I do.  There is just a never ending parade of things to do.   I cross a few things off my list but then add even more new things to it.  

Anyway, I'm hoping painting and gardening count as exercise because this is my fitness post:

5/18  Carbs:  Too many.  One hour of gardening.

5/19  Carbs:  A bunch.  3 hours of walking and 30 minutes of gardening.

5/20  Carbs:  19.  Four hours of painting and one hour of gardening.

5/21 Carbs:  17.  Four hours of painting.

5/22  Carbs:  19.  One hour of gardening and a 30 minute walk.

5/23  Carbs:  9.  30 minutes of gardening and 30 minutes of walking.

5/24  Carbs: 16.  2 hours of painting.  1 hour walk.

Oh, and I gained a pound.  That sucks.  

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Master's Day Off

Our Tuesday started out with Master ordering me to go upstairs, put on my leather collar and butt plug and bring him some whacking implements.   I picked out two canes that I thought looked fun.  

I also grabbed a towel because I knew I'd be kneeling on the kitchen floor and I like it for my knees.   He was watching porn and I got to work pleasuring him.   He beat me a little with the canes while I was busy down there.  Then he had me get the cutting board for some heavier paddling.  Master bent me over and took me, fucking me just briefly.  It was so tight and almost painful with the plug in.  He had me get back to sucking.

Before too long he took me upstairs and fucked me from behind on the floor.  It was intense.  I came. 

 Then he pulled me up to my feet and put me in position at the dresser.  I got a flogging, and whipped with his belt, which was painful but amazing.  I guess I had been missing that part of things a lot.  He tried out my own belt on me too, which is a thin braided one that hurt a lot, but didn't make great popping noises.  He really likes the popping noises.  After that he took me to the bed and we fucked and I had some wonderful orgasms.  It was a great day.  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Flogging Class

Today is Pokemon Community Day, so I'm hoping it doesn't rain so we can get in lots of walking and catch some of the special Pokemon (only available for 3 hours!).

I realized I never wrote about last Saturday, which was Master's flogging class.  He was asked to teach about flogging another munch group near us.   I got to be the first demo target. It's held in a strip club, so we were right up there on stage (not my first time) near the pole.  I stood fully clothed as he demonstrated, and then he had me face away from the audience and hiked up my skirt.   

"I can't believe you wore THOSE panties when you knew you'd be in a demo" he said with scorn.

"You don't like those?" I asked.

"No."  He pulled them down and took them off of me.   I  started to say something else but I found my mouth being stuffed full of panties.  This is about 100x more humiliating with an audience.

He demo'd a few more things, and other people volunteered to get up there so I sat down for a while.  

Then he had me come up one last time and get on my hands and knees, skirt pulled up to my waist again.  This time he wanted to show the whips, the single tail and the dragon tail.  That was good fun, and more painful.   


Friday, May 18, 2018

FFF 16

It was not a good week.  I gained maybe a pound, or so, hard to say.  

I didn't write down my carbs because it was all too many. 

I did keep walking though, so I will post that.  

5/13 30 minute walk.

5/14 30 minute walk.

5/15  1 hour walk

5/16  1 hour and then 20 minutes later on.

5/17  1 hour walk with Pepper in the woods.  Perfect weather.  

I just can't keep myself from eating things lately.  Ugh. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Little Story: Fiction

Lady Katarina glided to a stop in front of her stately home.  She stepped out of the silver Rolls one long stockinged leg at a time and balanced on elegant heels as she strode firmly up the walk.  She was hungry, and she expected slave Rolf and slave Amanda to have prepared a light and healthy meal for her so she could get right back to work on some things she needed to wrap up for the next day.  

When she drew open the door, however, no scent of cooking greeted her.  She didn't see Rolf or Amanda in the kitchen, which was spotless as usual.  Unfortunately it didn't contain one spot of anything ready to eat either. 

"Where are those slackers?" she muttered to herself as she glanced out the window into the back yard pool area.  Not there. 

She her muffled shufflings coming from her bedroom.  
HER bedroom.   Not the slave closet where Amanda and Rolf had sleeping pallets.  

Lady Katarina marched quickly to the bedroom door and flung it open.  There was slave Rolf standing awkwardly on one leg trying to pull his pants back on, a look of panic in his eyes.   His look of panic stirred her predatory instinct just a bit.   Slave Amanda was half under the bed, looking for dropped shoes most likely, and she backed out quickly and flung herself into a flattened gesture of appeasement in front of Lady Katarina. It was obvious that they'd just finished having sex in HER bed and left it all a rumpled mess.  
She was going to have to think of a way to deal with this insubordination that left no doubt in their minds that they had made a mistake.

But first, she seriously needed some dinner.  

"You and you!" she barked "Downstairs now, and make my dinner.  I will come up with your punishments later."  

Rolf and Amanda slunk guiltily out of the room, not even trying to make excuses for their behavior and together cooked up a meal for their Mistress.  

As she was about to sit down at the table she gave them each a penny and made them stand against the wall with their hands behind their back and only their nose holding the penny up against the wall.   When she was done eating she moved her own plate to the sink and then came first to slave Amanda.  She pulled up Amanda's short skirt and gave her one hard smack on the rump, jarring her nose into the wall and almost making her lose the penny.  Katarina stepped up to Rolf, pulled down his pants and gave him a smack too.    She made them stay that way, uncomfortably aching, while she worked at the table for at least half an hour, then she released them so they could go to the kitchen. 

When she'd done her work and they had cleaned everything, she took them both outside to the slave kennel, and chained them there.  She didn't bring pallets or blankets, so they had to try to get comfortable on the hard ground.  They were chained too far apart to touch each other, but luckily it was a warm night.   

The slaves spent a long and uncomfortable night, and looked forward to being released from the chains early Friday morning.  Their Lady had them prepare breakfast and then informed them that her dominant friend, Kato, was coming over that evening to use and enjoy both slaves.   

"But unlike my usual ways, for your punishment, neither of you will be allowed to orgasm." 

In A Rush

Lately my Master seems to be getting most horny in the 5 minutes before he leaves for work.  He told me he doesn't know why this is.  I can tell you that it's very frustrating for one constantly horny slave, though!

This morning the kids left for school first (usually they all leave at the same time) and Master ordered me to come upstairs with him so he could see my cunt.  He had me lie naked on the floor and he kissed it, and patted it a little.  I went from zero to extreme desire in about a minute, and then he told me to get up.  He went back down stairs.  I know I am a bad slave because some very dark thoughts were going through my mind then.   I started gathering up sheets and stripping the beds because it is sheet washing day.    

He came back up though, and said he wasn't just all about tormenting me this time.  He had me get out the glass dildo, and the vibrator and he used both on me until I'd had three or four orgasms, and he let me suck his cock.   I felt much relieved but still desiring to be fucked and spanked.   He didn't have time for a second shower though, it was time to go.  This whole thing took less than 5 minutes, and he had to leave for work. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. Who was your favorite cartoon character as a child?

I really loved Speed Racer.  I pretty much only watched it at friends' and neighbors' houses.  Some where along the way (I don't remember what age I was) our TV broke and my parents decided not to replace it because we didn't need it.  

2. What makes you cry?

Lots of things.  Sad people, pets dying, songs on the radio, pain, or just being sad in general for no good reason. 

3. What similarity between you and your significant other do you love?

I love how we think the same things are funny.  Also, that we both love dogs. 

4. What characteristic do you admire in others that you feel you are lacking?

I wish I could do things like other people and feel like it's no big deal.  Things like to making phone calls or talking to people in stores or where ever without feeling a huge dread and anxiety about it beforehand.   

5. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be?

I can't think of a single thing.  I guess I have a good life!
Bonus: You can trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?

I can't think of anyone for this one either.

Friday, May 11, 2018

FFF 15!

5/4  34 carbs, 1 hour of walking 

5/5  I was sick.  No walking, probably some carbs but I didn't write them down.

5/6  47 carbs.  I had an apple turnover.  20 minute walk and then 30 minutes, both pretty slowly since I wasn't feeling that great.

 5/7  15 carbs, finally getting it back down there.  20 minute walk.

5/8   A bunch of food, not really sure.  20 minute walk.

5/9  I forgot to write anything, and it rained so I didn't walk.  Plus my stomach felt weird and Master told me to eat a bagel.

5/10  14 carbs,  30 minute walk. Another 45 minute walk. (cramming for the test?)

I'm exactly the same weight as last week, so that is good, I guess.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Classical Art Memes

If you like art and (usually juvenile) humor, look up Classical Art Memes on Facebook.  It's my daily chuckle, especially the comments, which are sometimes funnier than the original title.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Squirming Internally and Externally

Yesterday Master and I had another date.  This one was a rescheduled tryst from the week before when Master had been sick so we had to put it off.  

We visited Dr. Peter at his house, and we had a nice chat and lunch before the cruel Dominants stripped me and did horrible and unspeakable (which I fully intend to tell all about) things to me, by which I really mean we had a really fun afternoon.  In truth, I'm still mentally processing all of this, perhaps because it had been a while since I experienced this level of intensity, or I was unusually sensitive yesterday, so I'm just not sure how I feel about the whole thing.  My mind is confused.  In order to ground myself, I have this mantra, lifted from the book SlaveCraft which says "Did I obey my Master? If the answer is yes, then I am ok.  And the answer is yes."  
He was very pleased with me, additionally, so that makes me happy.   However, I was awake what seemed like most of the night with my back feeling like it was on fire, worse than a bad sunburn, too hurty to sleep, and wondering why I thought it was a good idea to do this.  Ok, it seemed really hot at the time, but in bed at night, I just had all sorts of other thinky thoughts.   The thinky thoughts circled back around to accepting and embracing the pain, and reminding myself that I obeyed and therefore I really am ok.  Today my back is feeling better, and my thoughts are evening out. I kind of need a nap though.

The first thing that happened Tuesday after Master stripped my clothes off was that I knelt on the little bench at the foot of the bed.  I heard Master exclaiming about a whip that Dr. Peter has, then he began lashing it across my back.  I clamped my legs tightly together, because it's not so fun when the whip gets me there!  Not that clamping together prevents it completely.

Dr. Peter took over and began to lightly slap me all over with a leather paddle for warm up.  He used several canes, the Smoked Dragon and the Whangee and I think some other ones,  which hurt rather a lot. My body seemed sensitive, or just canes are hurty.  I was making too much noise, so Master took my soaked panties and crammed them in my mouth.  At least once he took them out, stuffed them into my pussy to get them re-soaked and then back in my mouth.  This helped with the noise problem, but not with my squirming around.  For that, Master held my wrists tight.   There were several internal squirm moments when Master was humiliating me.  I find that so hot, and yet I squirm. 

There was fucking and blowjobs at the end of the beating and cutting with knives, and swabbing those cuts with alcohol, and the cleaning off of the blood.  

Then we went in the other room to have a cup of tea.  

 I started saying something, standing beside the table, and Master commanded "Down on your knees while you are talking to us".  More internal squirming happiness.   I dropped to my knees, totally forgot what I was trying to say, and Master pushed my head to the floor.  He placed his foot on my back and pressed down.  The cuts on my back ached but I felt unusually contented.   When he got done with what he was saying (Vishnu?), he told me to crawl back to the bedroom and get my clothes on.  I did this, across the hard linoleum of the kitchen, then a strip of hall carpet to the bedroom.  I put my clothes on, except for the soaked panties which went into my purse.   I peeked back out of the door and asked if I should crawl back, which was going to be much harder with a long skirt on, but he said no, I was ok now to walk.   I walked back, sat gingerly on my chair and drank my tea.  They were having a deep discussion about politics and all the things going wrong in the world, but I was pretty much fuzzy headed and out of it for the rest of the day.


TMI: A little late

1. What makes you, you?

Well, my mom and dad got together and some of the little chromosomes from each of them combined in an entirely unique way to form a tiny human, who was nurtured and managed to survive and grow up to this point. 
And here I am!  So great! Much miracle!

  2. Do you care more about doing the right thing or doing things right?

Probably doing the right thing.

  3. What is sexual freedom? Do you have it?

Um, I'm a sex slave.  So, nope.  But I don't want it either.  Lack of freedom is something I enjoy in my sexual life. 

  4. In your romantic relationships, is trust more important than love?


  5. Your life, is it more of a dream or a nightmare?

Neither.  I have the good and bad of real life, which is better than any dream.  Certainly better than a nightmare.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Clean and Clean

It's the day to catch up on the housework after I basically did nothing on it for the last three days.  I started with cleaning out the dog room, which was a disaster area.   A little snack break, then I'm going to do the vacuuming and laundry.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dirty, Dirty

What's a little getting clean in the shower without some dirty, filthy talk?

"Suck my pissy, cunty cock" he demanded.

He'd just peed on my cunt and then fucked it, standing up in the shower.   

Yeah, my day is going well.  I'm feeling a bit better illness wise too.


Saturday, May 5, 2018


Ooof, I'm sick.  I finally caught what everyone else in the house has had all week, and I'm supposed to be hosting our munch dinner tonight, on my own because Master has to work.  I don't know if I'm going to make it though.

Friday, May 4, 2018

FFF Week 14

4/27  11 carbs,15 minute walk

4/28  Oooh probably 100 carbs, I don't know.  1.5 hour walk and then another 20 minutes.

4/29  There may have been pancakes.   About 1.5 hours of walking.

4/30  11 carbs.  1.5 hours of walking and then 30 minutes.

5/1  15 carbs.   About an hour of walking.

5/2  At least 52 carbs.  I did some walking- maybe 30 minutes.

5/3  Woah. 50 carbs.  20 minute walk and 1.5 hours of digging and hoeing in the garden.

I didn't gain any weight this week, but also didn't lose.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Just Slavin' Away

I was halfway through writing a post, in the middle of a thought, and also had just taken the first bite of my Atkins bar, when Master said, without warning, "Go upstairs, I'm having sex with you."  

I squeaked out "Right now?" 

"Right now".

I hurried off, leaving everything on the table, my uneaten bar, but didn't even get up the stairs before he was pushing me over and stripping off my clothes.  He took me right there, after throwing my shoes down and yanking my jeans to my ankles.  

 It was really fucking hot.  

. You Never Know When They Will Catch Up To You

  I just made what would have been a hilarious joke on social media, if only the one other person who would get it would have been around to...