Tuesday, June 30, 2020

TMI Tuesday

 I'm awake and I don't want to be. My worries and anxiety are high. Every part of my body hurts. Those things are probably related. 

1. Should we be worried about sex robots?

I am not worried about sex robots. 

2. A humanoid (a life-like robot) that looks like your biggest crush, and acts exactly the way you hoped your crush would act has been created. This humanoid initiates sex, with you. Would you have sex with the humanoid?

Please no, so creepy. 

3. What’s your typical sleep attire?

Naked in the summer.

4. What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have experienced in the bedroom?

Probably farting accidentally.   You just giggle and move on though. Bodies, what can you do?

5. Are you satisfied with the amount of after-sex affection (e.g., spooning, cuddling, intimate conversation) you receive? yes or no . If no, how could it be better?

Yes, we get some good cuddles.  Occasionally conversation, but not always.  Mostly I'm too out of it to be good at the talking at that time.

Bonus: What is your most useless skill?

Flipping my tongue over.  No, it's not good for blowjobs.

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