Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pinching: KOTW

This is going to be difficult to write for only one reason:

Master still isn't home, not until tonight, and EVERYTHING is making me absurdly horny.  It didn't really help that we did some online sexing last night.  I asked to touch myself, and he said no, not until I had written him a good filthy story.  

"You have 5 minutes, slut".

You better bet that I got busy writing something hot for him.   Then when he said I could touch myself he described exactly how he wanted me to do it.  After a few minutes he made me come. 

I don't know if I will make it through the blog without taking a masturbation break.  We'll see.  (Yes, I'm allowed today. Once, only).

He likes to pinch me, mainly my nipples.  It drives me absolutely crazy, the good kind of crazy, the kind that induces massive wetness and near orgasmic pleasure.  The more it hurts the harder (ohh, harder! sigh) I have to try to keep from cumming immediately.   

Sometimes he uses clothespins also, in various places all over my body.   Mainly it is his fingers on my nipples.  Any time at all, not just when we are having sex or playing, he might be pinching me for the fun of it.   

 Here are some pictures from a day not that long ago when he used magnets to pinch.  It felt quite delicious, but the one nipple really hurt because he'd just flicked it really hard before putting the magnets on. 

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  1. Oh girl, I'm with you. Sir pinched my nipples so much last night and then WENT TO SLEEP! Ugh. I went to sleep - eventually - sopping wet!


  2. I warned him that I'm going to pounce on him when he gets home.

  3. pinching is kink of the week?! WHOOHOOO!

    I bloody LOVE pinching. Not just nipples - though obviously that is awesome - but everywhere!

    Having a full house we're always on the look out for silent ways to inflict pain, and he stopped biting his nails especially so he can dig them into me and P-I-N-C-H me with them, sweetie that he is... Places like the top of my inner thigh, bum, tops of my arms, even my clit... *dreamy look*

  4. oh i hate pinching, nearly as much as i hate tickling lol

    and i dunno why but its always seems worse when he makes me do it to myself while he watches!


  5. I am not a pinching fan....something that seems to make Him enjoy it more...Hope you get your reunion soon.
    hugs abby

  6. Try these magnets.

    Or pass along the tip to your master. He'll love 'em. You. Maybe not.


  7. I have more magnet stories for today...

  8. Magnets on nipples? I'm not sure what I'm more afraid of. The pain from the pressure or the weight.

  9. Oh now magnets I would definitely like to try!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  10. I used to have a set of magnet clamps. Not sure what happened to them when I split with the Ex!

    I'm pretty specific with pinching. Hard enough and it make me wet (and even come) too hard and it pops me right out of "good" pain into "bad." Of course...he doesn't always mind that pop and does it deliberately at times, the sadistic bastard.

    1. The most painful pinching I ever had was my inner thighs. That was by Mystique and I would have told all the secrets had it been an interrogation. Owie! Left some nice bruises too.

  11. That magnet looks MEAN! We are a fan of clothes pegs in this house though


  12. Magnets! Brilliant idea and I've never seen them used before. Hmmm i think i need to go shopping,


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