Monday, December 8, 2014

Master's Look: KOTW

All Masters are required to master "The Look" at the uber secret Master school.  They won't tell you about it, because it is super secret, duh!  But they can't graduate unless they can use that look that tells their slave in certain terms that they go to far and they better start back pedaling before their ass is in water hot enough to make lobsters cry.

But this is about a different look. 

Last night we were lying in bed and I wanted to tell Master something, but I didn't know how to say it.  I had to turn the light on and look into his eyes.  His eyes penetrated into me so deeply I thought he might see when was in my mind without me having to find the words.  I know it is a cliche, but I felt so deep in his eyes that I could drown there.  It was the look of knowing, of love, of waiting acceptance, of being open.  He was waiting for me to tell him what I was thinking.  Not just waiting though.  Demanding.  Insistent on not letting any stray bit of me hide.  I tried my best to get it out, and I think I only partially succeeded.   His look held and transfixed me.  I was being examined down to my core.   Held and pinned.

I adore his Look. 


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  1. First you had me giggling...and nodding my head - yes! I do think they have to pass "the Look" class before they are allowed to graduate "Master" school! Ha! - and then you had me melting. Such a lovely, sweet, loving take on "The Look." :-)

  2. I love description of both of the looks, can relate to seeing them as well. I love both

  3. Oh I agree with the first part completely! And again the second part, it's such a comforting feeling isn't it.

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