Tuesday, December 22, 2015

KOTW: Come Slut

At bedtime Master wanted a blowjob.  He was seated at the computer, watching porn, all but ignoring my efforts, seemingly ignoring me, anyway.  The way his cock responded I know I was making him happy.  This is what I am, just his hole in that moment.  A thing for pleasing him.  Being useful.

When he came he was standing and thrusting into my mouth as I knelt on the floor, and so deep down my throat I coughed involuntarily. His semen didn't all go smoothly down like usual, but went all over everywhere- trickling down his balls, down my chest, all over my face. I licked up the part of the mess that was all over him.   

The best part of all came when he looked down at me, stroked my hair and told me I was a good slave. 

The Kink Of The Week is come, or semen.   Part of the appeal for me is the dirty, messy and humiliating feelings. Being a disgusting come slut, having men come all over me is a favorite fantasy, bukkake, which I have never experienced due to safe sex concerns.  

But it is also like the frosting on a doughnut, although not quite as tasty (wouldn't that be great if it was? I would be a come-monster for sure then).  

My Master sometimes comes on me as I lie on the floor and that never fails to be hot, especially when his foot is on my neck.  I have a thing for subjugation. 

I enjoy the feeling of his come trickling out of my cunt, down my thigh.  Waking up with that feeling of having been used the night before, when I can still feel his come in my vagina, it reminds me of what I am.  Feeling it in my ass, as it was yesterday, is quite delightful as a sensation.  

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  1. that frosting reference was most excellent!!! sweet post...

  2. Yes, yes, yes.... Love this, I can totally relate to everything you have written


  3. What do you think about this new easily abused UK law? More and more men will become vulnerable excessive and false accusations of abuse http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/article-2878926/New-domestic-abuse-offence-created.html

    1. I don't know how it will work out. It doesn't seem more liable to false accusation than any other crime to me. There still has to be evidence of threatening behavior. I also think women engage in that sort of controlling behavior toward their spouse, perhaps even more than physical violence, so it can cut both ways. I don't support ANY sort of domestic violence, mental or physical, outside of a fully consensual and agreed on relationship.

    2. I disagree. Even if there have been cases where the kind of emotional or mental cruelty or abuse which supposedly necessitates this law has led to actual physical abuse,it is an abuse of language to call this domestic violence. As, in practice, there has often been a tendency to favour female spouses when relationships have broken down, false accusations could be made not only out of malice but also for financial reasons.

      In a free society only actions which involve physical or sexual violence - or the threat of such actions - should be criminal offences.

  4. As a cumslut I love everything about this post and like you have drawn the line as bukkake due to safety worries, maybe one day but who knows.


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