Monday, August 22, 2016

Kink of the Week: Tasks

Doing tasks for my Master is a regular part of our lives.  They are almost always housework or errands or other non-kinky things, so I don't even know if you can call this a kink for us.  Probably not. It's simply a "He's the Master and I'm the slave, so I do what he wants" situation.  Putting some of those tasks in a schedule has really made it easy for both of us.  He doesn't have to DO anything now, about the tasks, unless he thinks of an additional one.  They are on my schedule and it is up to me to get them done or else let him know if I wasn't able to (or forgot).  

For a quick sample, Monday's task list says:


Plan meals
Inventory food
Grocery shopping
Clean (vague, I know, but I always find things to clean, whatever looks dirty usually)

In addition, these tasks have to be done every day:

Get in the mail (except Sunday of course)
Scoop dog poop in the yard
Make the bed
Cook meals
Make Master's tea
Wash dishes 

If there are unusual circumstances that take up most of my day or we are traveling, he doesn't expect all that to be done.  I will ask if I think something really needs to be moved to a different day and he generally says yes.  If however, I was being a slacker, not managing time well, or just forgot, he may decide to punish me for not accomplishing one of the things. Besides the punishment, I hate the dreadful feeling of needing to tell him I didn't get something done. 

Now and then he gives me some kinky or sexy tasks while he's at work.  Those are the most fun.  Sometimes he'll tell me to write him a story.  Once I had to wear the tack bra all day, even to the grocery store, and another time the butt plug for several hours.  Although on both those last ones I had to call him and beg to take it off/out because of the pain being too much for me.  I know, wimpy.  He said yes both times, the tack bra after 6 hours and the butt plug only 2, but I was having gut issues at the time.   Sometimes he'll require me to masturbate and have a certain number of orgasms, or even tell me what to think about when I do it.  

I'd have to say the non kink tasks are quite important for our relationship whereas the kinky/sex tasks are an occasional fun thing.


  1. Domestic tasks are definitely not part of our D/s dynamic as that does not work for me at all. It is interesting to read how your separate the types of tasks though and I totally get the bit about feeling terrible when you have to say you 'failed' to do one.


  2. Tasks, domestic or otherwise give me a feeling that I am being of service - that I am doing something that he wants.

    I wonder how you would feel if the tasks portion was removed, even though it doesn't seem to be a big part of your D/s life?

  3. Domestic chores aren't part of our D/s dynamic. I'm out of the house longer than my Sir is, long hours and long commutes mean I can be tired and grumpy. We share the chores and I can always ask for his help.

    I do agree the kinky tasks are so much more fun!


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