Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hood and Clamps

I waited for Master, kneeling, naked, my head on the floor, my hands stretched in front of me.  I had been ambivalent earlier, not really in my right frame of mind mostly because various parts of my body were acting up.  But as I knelt there I felt the ambivalence fade slightly but not completely from my mind.

Master came in the room.  I didn't raise my head or look up as he walked around behind me.  He kicked my legs wider apart and positioned himself behind me. He parted my lower lips with his one hand and thrust into me hard.  I wanted him, I wanted this badly, but my cunt was completely dry and unprepared to receive a cock, in that uncooperative way that bodies have of not being like pornography.    Each of the first few thrusts was painful, but the pain quickly brought on lubrication.  There's a good cunt.   I squirmed back against him eagerly.  Just then he stopped and told me to stand up.  I asked to be hooded and he told me to go get it.  I was still feeling a bit "overthinky" and hoped the hood would put me into that calm space.  

As he fastened the neck strap on the hood tightly I felt all my worried thoughts float away. I was calmed and completely in the moment.   When the other strap was done I felt him grip my collar tightly and use it to raise my head.  

Something cold and sharp was pressing into my neck.   A flash of fear when through my stomach.  I couldn't see.  I couldn't know what was going to happen next or what was really happening at that moment.  He took the sharp thing away and I felt him leave my side.  I stayed motionless of course.  Where was I going to go blinded?  

I heard the familiar jingle of the nipple clamp chains.  My hands seemed to have minds of their own, flapping around in front of me, getting in his way.   He cuffed my wrists together with the leather strap/handcuffs I have been wearing around my wrist.  

How it looks for every day wear

Unsnap it, flip it around, it turns into cuffs. 

Master fastened the nipple clamps as I concentrated on controlling my rapid nervous breathing.  It sounds so much louder in my ears with the hood on, like an echo chamber.  Clamps in place, he rested my cuffed hands on my dresser and began with the soft floggers.  The blows weren't hard, but each one set the clamps to swaying, which was exquisitely painful.  It went on a (seemingly) long time until he switched to the stingy pair of floggers.  I was quickly overwhelmed by the pain coming at me from both sides- my shouting nipples and the stings of the flogger on my back.   Concentrating on my breathing helped me to hold still. 

He removed the clamps (OW) and led me to the bed.  I have gotten better about following his guidance blindly while wearing the hood and he barely had to encourage me this time.   He told me to put my hands down.  I crawled into bed.  He began to beat my ass with something- I believe it was one of the paddles.  Then he felt my cunt up a little and told me to get the right way on the bed.  I crawled over and straightened out.  Master took the leash and snapped it to both the cuffs and my collar so my wrists were fastened quite near my neck and I was face down on the bed.   

He beat me then with the paddles and the canes.  There was a lot of punching.  He made up a kinky alphabet soundtrack that went like:

A is for Ass-whacking with Abba
B is for Beatings with Bowie
C is for Caning with the Carpenters
D is for Degradation with Disney Ditties

He skipped E and went straight to Fucking.  Without songs.

His hands pressed down hard on my back so my face was buried in the bed, the small hole in the hood not quite adequate anymore for breath.  Before I completely ran out, he let up on me.  Now instead he was pulling back on the collar to choke.  Inevitable orgasms rocked me as he finished with me.   

I just have to say that cuddling afterward while still wearing the hood, with my hands still cuffed and leashed to my neck, was one of the best feelings in the world. 

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