Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fantasy Story- Part One

This is one I made up:

He was just finishing up some work at his office.  The sun came in low between the blinds and shone golden on the rows of books across from his desk.  He looked fondly at the leather bound classics and wondered if he should run out for a quick coffee on his way or just head home.   

A hesitant knock sounded on the door.  He crossed the room and opened it to find a young women standing with a sheaf of papers in hand.  She fidgeted from one foot to the other as she began, 

"Professor, I apologize for my late paper.  I know it was due Monday, but I just finished it now."  She held out the papers.

"I have no excuse.  I am prepared for my punishment."

He smiled darkly.  She was about 5', maybe a little more, slim yet soft all over.  She wore a thin, white blouse that was unbuttoned at the top and a fitted skirt.  His eyes traveled down her hips and bare legs to her black heels. The ankle straps of her shoes gave a suggestion (maybe just to him) of bondage.

She looked down in embarrassment.

"Come in" he said, taking the proffered papers from her hand. 

"Stand over here now, girl", he ordered, indicating a corner of the room.  

He stepped behind the desk, having no doubts about her doing exactly as he said, reaching for the long hanging curtain, for what lay behind it. 

When he returned to stand in front of her, he carried a dark cane of about 3 feet in length.  

"Hold out your hands."

Her trembling palms were raised in offering to him.  Her face was turned away, ashamed.

He balanced the cane on her palms carefully and told her sternly,

"Now stay like this, and think about how you can better manage your time for the next writing assignment so as to have it done on time."

"Yes, Professor," she replied.

He knew she had expected to be struck.  They all did expect that.  Her body trembled with the need for it.  But he preferred to make her wait just now.  His thoughts of getting coffee or going home had vanished.   It could be a long night.  His eyes glittered.  

Part Two
Part Three


  1. that was such a lovely teaser. the waiting can be so terribly delicious!

    1. Thank you! I'm planning to write another chapter or two on it.


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