Friday, September 5, 2014

Kink of the Week: Buttplugs

Kink of the week, led by Jade at Kinky and Poly, is back!

I enjoy these, because they give me inspirations for things to write about, at least if I've had any experience with the particular kink. 

Before a few months ago, we'd had no experience with butt plugs at all.  I had some anal beads, ever since Master started having anal sex with me,  but those are different- much more of a gradual introduction into the butt, rather than a "Hel-lo! That's big".   

After being on Fetlife for a while and seeing lots of buttplug pictures/stories I had asked Master a few times if I could buy one and he'd always said no.  I don't know why, but they just didn't really appeal to him that much.

Then a friend gave me one, the pretty jewel kind, and we tried it out.   Master loved it.  It made fucking a very different experience because he can feel the plug inside me, which is good for him.  Now it has become a fairly regular feature, and again last night he had me put it in while he fucked me.

You can see a picture HERE.

I also love it, because it feels good, and also if he has me use the plug and then fucks me in the ass, it is less painful.   I don't know if I'm a tight ass or what, but pretty much every time the plug hurts on its way in.   I always use lube.  Sometimes he gives me time to ease it in there slowly and other times it's more of a cram it in right now situation.  

The one time he had me put it in and wear it for several hours when he wasn't home it was not a pleasant experience.  It was ok for a bit, and I felt very interesting walking around with it, but then I got these horrible gut cramps and he said I should take the plug out.  It is hard to be sexy with cramps like that. 

So far, we just have the one plug, but I hear so much about how great the NJoy is, I'm hoping some day he'll get me one of those too.   

Kink of the Week


  1. Ooh, nice! Thanks for the link to these - like you, I love having inspiration/meme's to keep me writing!


  2. I hope you get an njoy too. Make sure you get the large. Trust me on this. If you mess with the smaller ones first, you'll only want to upgrade. :)

    1. I'll trust you on that, even with the "large" idea scaring the poo out of me!

    2. She's right on this one. Now there is a 2.0 lying around here, somewhere. We should talk... :D

    3. I take it the 2.0 is larger than large. And um, if you used it it is yours!

  3. I'm with Kaya on this...the large is the perfect size - nothing to be scared of, honest! The 2.0 though...THAT one's a little scary. Though, you know, eventually you get used to it. ;-)

    LOVE the jeweled one! (And so glad to see you participating in #KOTW!)

  4. Oh I've never heard of the NJoy before! But I looked it up online and now I want one too! Thanks so much! ;o)

  5. The Njoy plugs really are the best. And yes, sometimes I get cramps too and that then isn't a good day to wear a plug. Other days I can wear them for far longer.

    Nice photo too :)

    Rebel xox

  6. I have one of those plugs but if you read my post you will see why I say that you need to be careful wearing it during sex. The base is not really big enough to me absolutely certain that it won't go the wrong way and it is not just me either I know half a dozen people who have had similar experiences. It is ideal for wearing day to day though


    1. I also had it start to go the wrong way once during sex- the base slipped halfway in and I grabbed it back out. And yet we are still using it! I have thought about tying a string on it just in case- losing it and ending up the hospital would be very miserable!

  7. You will find lots of advice and assistance with erotic bloggers and as Molly says do be careful! I had one disappear once! Fortunately I didn't panic and was able to sit and relax and let nature take its course, of course, this is not guaranteed to work so do take care!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. I'm very tempted by an NJoy plug too, they look so pretty!

  9. I love my NJoy, hope you can get one soon :)

    ~Kazi xxx


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