Monday, May 4, 2015

Sit On My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me!

 I'll sit on your face and say that I love you, too!

If you didn't sing that, well then I just don't know.  You have missed out on the culturally vital force that is Monty Python and you should look it up.  Learn it. Live it.  Sit on my Face.

Face sitting is the Kink of the Week so I get to write something about this somewhat embarrassing (to me) topic.  Even though it happens here, I have left it out of the blog (mostly, I think) up until now because of my feelings of unease.

My Master loves my cunt.  Actually he likes cunts in general; mine is special because I'm attached to it.   He likes it in his face with me lying down, or in his face with him lying under me. 

 I think too many times face sitting or even cunnilingus is portrayed as something only submissive men like, but I think lots of men (or women) like to have cunt all over their face.    I do it because he likes it, and that is the only reason.  It doesn't honestly do that much for me.  Receiving oral sex in general is a touchy thing for me.  Sometimes I absolutely love it and I can hardly resist coming all over the place before he gives the command, but other times I'm lying/sitting there thinking "Get away, get away! Stop!" and forcing myself to hold still.  Sometimes he actually has to hold me down firmly or hold my wrists to keep me in position.  
(this is the best part)

What can I say, my cunt is a creature of whimsical indecisiveness. 

Then to that you add the fact that he's got stubble, which looks rugged and handsome but it isn't that comfy to sit on.  And I squirt, a lot, almost every time, and end up soaking him which is embarrassing to me for some reason I can't explain.

I guess I have decidedly mixed feelings about face sitting.  
I do it for him, I enjoy it sometimes, I'm uncomfortable talking about it, sometimes I don't like doing it at all.  I'm just all over the place.  Because I don't always like it, sitting on him because he ordered me to is something that makes me feel submissive.  For me it is a submissive act.

Obviously this is a kink that can go either way.  Sometimes he sits on my face, with his dick up to the balls down my throat, and me trying to breathe around said balls.  
Balls breath play, now there is some fun.  I love this.  As difficult as it is to do for long periods, I still love the sensation of being so trapped and controlled underneath him.

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  1. I didnt find this an easy one to talk about, when Master has stubble it puts me off because i find it ticklish and i giggle lol


  2. I read someone said that this doesn't make them feel submissive, yet when he tells me to, though I have mixed emotions, when I do it I feel very submissive. So it was nice reading this.
    "Actually he likes cunts in general; mine is special because I'm attached to it." Made me laugh, so very true!

  3. It really does nothing for me so it was a difficult one and it took me a week to stop signing that song and actually write something!


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