Thursday, June 18, 2015

KOTW: Chains, Chains, Shackles and Chains

My chain is a leash.  Just the kind you can get at a pet store, with a red loop handle.  I got it at Petco.  

Leashes are a huge kink for me.  I love being walked around by Master at an event with the chain restricting me to follow close to him, to pay close attention and not get distracted by others or risk being yanked by the neck.

It is sensual, and romantic and a bit degrading all at the same time. 

 The only thing not to like about them is the cold chain brushing up against my skin in the winter.  However, being hit with this chain is pretty hot. So is having it shoved in my cunt.

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  1. I have a chain/leash which was purchased at a pet store...he even bought me my own dog bowls to go in the cage....i am spoiled lol

    Being led on a chain is it.

  2. We've had some chains/collars from the pet store also. We own one chain that can hook to my collar, but we haven't used it in ages. I think I miss it!

  3. Lovely images! I have lengths of chain I purchased at a hardware store that I can fasten to my cuffs by means of carabiners.

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I just love how chain leashes look, they're so beautiful!

  5. I bought a chain leash too. I like them much better than the nylon. I got mine at one of those discount stores that sells old and damaged shipments. I think it was maybe $2 or $3.


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