Thursday, March 16, 2017

KOTW: 69

I'm getting this one in right under the wire at the end of KOTW!

I do not think of 69 as a kink, but merely doing oral sex on each other at the same time.   My Master enjoys it, but for me I would prefer many other types of sexual pleasure.  It's not my favorite.

 When I'm sucking him, it gives me a ton of pleasure just to be pleasing him (this was learned, not something I came with factory installed).  Any licking of my bits is only distracting and I can't enjoy it.  It's like being hugged while you are in the middle of trying to perform a difficult and important piece on the piano.  Just wait, ok, hug later?   I'm enjoying my piano playing and this hug is totally throwing me off my game.  

I don't know why, but being fingered or using a vibrator while I lie on my side are not the same level of distraction for me.  I love experiencing those while I'm orally pleasuring him.  I can't explain this, but it may be a mental block thing.   I also don't like being on top when I'm receiving oral, and this is almost always the way we do 69, so that may be a lot of the problem for me.  


  1. Oh my we are like exactly the same on this topic including the bit about bring on my side and having toys or fingers used on me.


    Ps... I put the link to your post into the page on Kink of the Week

  2. He definitely has to be in top and controlling the 69 for me to get anything out of it

  3. Great post Ancilla, it's good to hear your perspective. I really enjoy 69 but (only?) because I enjoy driving my wife to distraction i.e. the point where she just can't suck my cock any more because of what I'm doing to her cunt. Personally I can't get off myself via 69 so it's just (really enjoyable) foreplay for me.

    1. My Master really enjoys it too, which is why we do it. It seems like a lot of men do?


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