Sunday, July 3, 2016

On My Knees

Kneeling is a position that represents submission or deference in many cultures and places across the world.  Being literally higher as representing higher status is seen in some social animals as well as humans.  It is the submissive dog who grovels or rolls over, not the top dog.  I'd be willing to guess that for humans as well as dogs it is an instinctive emotion, even if our current social culture has done away with most of these sorts of status displays.  It makes kneeling to another person (rather than in prayer) a taboo thing for us.  It is associated with begging a favor or mercy from a more powerful person or being. 

Satyricon, Petronius

The first few times I knelt in front of my Master, the strongest thing I felt was the breaking of that taboo.  I was admitting by my position to not being his equal, to be being below him.  It felt humiliating, but in the best possible way.   I was humble before him.

Now all the taboo is gone for me, and a lot of the humiliation.  My favorite thing is to kneel or sit at his feet.  Every night (unless he gets to bed before me) I spend some time kneeling in wait for him, and I generally spend that time thinking about submission to him, and about being a good slave. 

Kneeling: Kink of the Week


  1. I like your thoughts of kneeling, and it makes me consider my own thoughts when kneeling

  2. Thank you so much for this. I'd be really interested to hear more of your thoughts about the process by which the taboo and humiliation dissolved - both your initial experience of them, and how you feel about them now.


    1. Thanks for the question. I've been trying to think back about how I felt at various times, and will make a new post on this.

  3. This is very interesting. I think the act of kneeling has always been deeply hot to me and I have never felt humiliated by it, just really turned on

  4. It's those taboos society puts on us that makes it humiliating but I think that's part of what makes it so hot, at least initially.

  5. I always feel very humbled when kneeling. It has such powerful connotations for me that I generally won't do it unless there is a D/s connection between us, very seldom as just a bottom or in pick-up play. But that is also what I find so hot about it - I *want* to feel humbled by him (of her.) I want to feel humble and vulnerable.

    It is interesting to me as well, that transition between an act that was humiliating to one that is not.


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