Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Sex, seriously?

 TMI Tuesday

1. Do you think being a sex worker is as legitimate a work option as being an accountant?

Depends on which sort of sex work.  Some of them are legal, and those are legitimate to me.  Where I live prostitution is illegal, so, no, not as much so.   It doesn't change the morality (I don't have a problem with it that way), but there is a lot more risk involved than with legal work.   The prostitute faces a constant risk of being raped or abused and no real way to seek police help.   There is a danger of being exploited by pimps, and also abused.  I think legalization would help these dangers lessen, or at least allow them to seek help without danger of being jailed themselves.
2. Which of these rules would you follow if your lover had to have it followed in order to be aroused: a. wear socks will having sex b. have the lights on during sex c. have the TV playing, volume up while having sex d. the room must be in complete darkness to have sex

He's the Master, so whatever he wanted he'd get. We almost always have the lights on anyway.  I like to wear socks in the winter.   The TV?  Kind of distracting.  It's hard to beat my ass in complete darkness, so that is my least favorite, although if he wanted it, it is completely up to him.  

3. You must plan an evening of sex with your lover. Tell us what you’ve planned for the evening.

He ties me up thoroughly, maybe with my butt plug, and my arms tied to the rafters.  Then the beatings and teasing.  Especially some flogging and whipping.  Cocksucking, face fucking, slapping, being told I'm a hole for him. Then a long session of fucking.  Maybe also finishing up with butt sex, and with cuddling afterward.
4. Rule: If one of you is in the mood for sex and the other is not, you give the other 24 hours to ‘get in the mood’ before masturbating. Would this work in for you or in your relationship–why or why not?

No, it doesn't work at all.  If I'm not in the mood he just takes me anyway.  If he's not in the mood either I just deal with being horny or I ask to masturbate.   I don't think being pressured to "get in the mood or else" works. I think it would backfire, honestly.  That's totally different than being taken forcefully, which is a huge turn on for me, so even if I'm not in the mood it puts me there in a few minutes, if not sooner.

5. Apparently, even though it is the year 2016, some folks still have a “number” that delineates another person from being normal and liking sex versus being promiscuous. What is THAT number for you? According to a recent U.K. report more than 15 sexual conquests for a man can be off-putting, while more that 14 sexual encounters for a woman may give a potential suitor pause.

Maybe 1,000?  I'm not sure. 
Bonus: How was your weekend?

There were some really good parts and some really bad.  About like every weekend.   I was worried about my kid, and also feeling down on Sunday, kind of sick too.  But I got to spend some really nice time with my Master both Saturday night and Sunday.   We also did some canvassing, and since hardly anyone was home it was mostly just walking around together.  I enjoyed that.   But then I had a headache and felt totally exhausted.  

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