Monday, November 4, 2019

Stories my Master Tells

We had a house full of people (my mom and also the college kid came to visit) so all our sex on the weekend (yes, we still did) was quiet and relatively quick. 

This morning, everyone is gone and just me and Master are at home.   He started out having me suck his cock as I knelt on the kitchen floor.  He ordered me to go upstairs, put on my collar and something sexy and come back down with a beating implement for him.  It felt absolutely FREEZING in the house with only my sexy nightie on, and he kindly allowed me to crank up the heat a few degrees.  He began warming up my back and ass with the cane I brought down, so that was helpful.  

He took me upstairs and once in our room, he drew back one hand to slap my chest.  I kind of dodged back, but he ordered me to stand forward and keep my hands behind my back.  I had to look right at him too, while I waited for the blows.   That was the hard part, the looking.  It's much easier with my eyes closed.

After slapping me a few times he got the floggers out and I had to do the same thing, facing toward him, getting flogged on the breasts.  I lasted until a harder one caught me across both nipples at once and then my hands came up to protect my sensitive bits.

"A slave never learns", he commented sternly, and he took out a leather strap to tie my hands behind my back.  He also put my gorget around my neck.  I made it to protect my neck during fencing, but it also makes a rather effect posture collar for this situation.  

This isn't mine, it's evidently from Albania, but mine is pretty much the same. 

When Master had me down and was fucking me, my arms tied, my neck constrained in metal and leather, my butt plug in place, it was the best feeling ever.  I was trapped in every way and not getting out of it.  Just the way I like it. 

He began telling me a story, as he often likes to do. 

This one was about going to an SCA event where we ran into this pretty woman who enticed us on a hot day to go off into the woods and find a stream pool to skinny dip with her.  She began teasing my Master by leaning her large breasts over toward him, and lying back and opening her legs to show off her shaved cunt.  Then she began focusing on seducing me (so the story went) by standing above me and shoving my face in her cunt using my hair as a handle.  I really liked this story.
Soon we were both sharing his cock, or taking turns fucking and sucking, and I was imagining back to a time when we had really done all this with one of our friends.  So beautiful and hot.
Thinking this way made me come (again).  

After a good long fuck Master turned me over and came inside me from behind.   This is just what I needed. 


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  1. Hi Ancilla,

    Wow, that was some session, and some, hot, hot!



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