Thursday, August 16, 2018

Kink of the Week: Face Slapping

There is an art to face slapping.  Too soft and it can be anti-climactic and meh.  Too hard and you can do real damage- dislocate jaws, detach retina, joggle the brain too much.   

I like a slap on my face that stings.  One that I wish I had clenched my jaws for but it took me by surprise so that I didn't prepare.

I have a fantasy of being humiliated in public by a casual slap across the face when I said something out of line.   I doubt my Master would ever do this in public as it's not really wise.  But maybe in a kinky gathering or party.  I have hope.   The humiliation of that is the main thing to me, more than the sensation physically.

There was one time he slapped me that wasn't connected with sex, just as a rebuke when I said something, and that hit me in an entirely different way, really powerfully.  I play with it in my mind regularly, and that was years ago.  

When we have sex or play, Master slaps in the face frequently.  It makes me really aroused and can even be a trigger to orgasm.  It makes me feel like I'm his thing, his dirty whore.  I like that. 


  1. Great post. Ive come to enjoy face slapping too.

  2. Hi Ancilla, face slapping is mixed for me. Depending on the circumstances and intensity it can provoke negative feelings.



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