Sunday, January 17, 2016

Over His Knee: KOTW

The kink of the week is over the knee spanking, often seen abbreviated OTK. 

This.  This.  

Is one of my favorite things.  It isn't a role play or age play thing for us at all, it is simply one position out of many that he uses to spank me.  He doesn't use his hand much, but generally switches to a paddle or short cane pretty quickly.  I guess I have a hard butt.

I really love it because of the closeness and physical contact.  There are possibilities to have his hand gripping my collar or my hair when I'm in his lap.  I love that.  It is rarely used for discipline at all, which may be because I enjoy it too much, or maybe happenstance that most of the discipline has been given in other positions (generally with me lying face down on the bed, actually).

One position that he uses a lot is a standing OTK where he crooks one leg and bends me partway over it.  I end up clinging on to his non spanking arm while he works me over.  It is such a helpless, vulnerable and HOT feeling to have, braced up against him like that. 

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  1. I am with you on is my favorite place to be for a spanking. We mostly use it for a warm-up or just to enjoy each other...have never tried the standing position...will have to make a suggestion.
    hugs abby

  2. I like your description of the position you use a lot, I like to feel helpless and vulnerable like that. I haven't done over OTK spanking, so I can't relate to the other. Maybe I'll have to try it to participate in KOTW

  3. I love your description, I totally agree with you about the physical contact element and the feeling of vulnerability


  4. OTK is my favorite too. I actually like it better when it's either in a disciplinary context or when it's played up that way.

  5. OTK is a position we haven't used, no idea why not but the physical contact is something that really intrigues me about it.


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