Saturday, December 10, 2016


If I am lucky, this is how my morning looks:

Master's alarm goes off at 5:30.  He gets up to take a shower.  I drag myself out of bed a few minutes later, undoing my own leash and replacing the night collar with the day collar.  I make the bed right away most times.

I head downstairs and start making breakfast.  I have been making scrambled eggs with fried onions and sausages most days this week, on Master's specific request.  Coffee for me and tea for him.

After we have eaten I clean up the dishes, unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  He goes to get dressed.  I drink my coffee. 

Here is the "If I am lucky" part:

He comes back to the kitchen and tilts my head back for a kiss as I am doing the dishes.  His other hand fondles me under my robe.  He stands back, undoes his belt buckle.  I immediately go to my knees.  Yes, I am a cocksucking whore, Master!   He takes his dick out and I suck it briefly, then he pulls it out of my mouth and dries it on my hair.  To accomplish this, my head must be pulled into an attitude of submission, matching my feelings.  

He uses the loose end of his belt to slap my face half a dozen times, not terribly hard as there is no momentum.  Just a reminder.

Then while he puts his pants back right he tells me to show my cunt.  I already know this means I have to lie back on the floor and spread it.   When he tells me "Ok, good girl" I can get up again.

Then I get all my winter things on: snow pants, boots, gloves, and parka to go out and open and close the front gate as he drives through.  One more kiss, but no flashes this time.  It is hovering around 0 degrees this morning.  

The dogs romp around me on the way to the barn, where I get the sheep all fed and watered before I head back in to my waiting coffee cup.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rope, Clamps, Flogging, Yay!

Yesterday was a good day.

It started out not so great, with a doctor appointment and driving home in a bit of light but very slippery snow, but as soon as I got home it began to look up immediately.

Master was home, and after I had vented my frustrations to him he told me he wanted some cock sucking.  We went upstairs and I knelt in front of him and gave him my full attention.  Then he stood me up and tied ropes around me, a chest harness and a rope between my legs with a "happy knot".  He pushed me down again and entered me from behind as I knelt, head down, on the carpet.  

Just for a few thrusts, then he let me clean him and he said we needed to get dressed to go out.  I put jeans and a hoodie over the rope harness.  It showed a little at the neck but only if my shirt got crooked.  It showed even more plainly that I wasn't wearing a bra or undershirt. And it was cold out.

We went to Mystique's to watch Westworld and then the three of us went out for lunch.  It was a lot of fun, but there was also some serious discussion too. The ropes pulled and tugged at me in very interesting ways the whole time.

After lunch on the way home Master had me talk dirty to him while he fondled one of my breasts.  I was getting pretty excited in the car and wiggled on my "happy knot".

We got out of the car and I was about to go shut the gate when he beckoned me to come to him.  I did, not knowing what he wanted.  He quickly scooped up a handful of snow, lifted my shirt and pressed the snowball to my bare breast. 

I went ahead and shut the gate, still cold and slightly dripping, not wiping any of it away.  

He took up the big knife, then had me strip, kneel and suck him while he did some things on the computer.  He told me to bring him the cutting board for some spanking.  The knife is good for that, or for pressing to my throat.

  I was good and warmed up, tingling all over with pleasure, when he took me upstairs and untied the ropes, then flogged me thoroughly and hard.  After that: the belt, which was painful but bringing me close to orgasm each time he struck.

He used the clover clamps on my inner labia, and then nipples, and fucked me, making me come over and over as he tugged on the chain between them.  

Teeth about to bite


You might remember from a while back that Master was weighing me weekly and punishing me if I gained a pound?  Well, that completely dropped off the agenda- he didn't do it any more. 
 I stopped reminding him.  And then I started gaining weight like BLOOP! BLOOP!

Even though I kept up with the exercising, inspired by the fitbit and other tools, I also kept up with the eating.  Uh huh, that happens.  Food is just so good!

So, last week Master announced that HE was going back on the Atkins diet and I decided it was a good time for me to diet also.  So we both started on Wednesday, a week ago, and so far I have lost 6 lbs.  He has lost weight too.  I know I can keep doing it!  I have only been sick one day, and that was probably due to too much cheese. 

I know it is not a balanced diet. People who can lose weight on a balanced diet probably have no trouble with eating and weight to begin with.   There is no other diet that I have tried that made me lose even so much as a pound.  And, this is the only one I've ever been able to stick to for more than a few hours (yes, hours).  But this one works, it gets rid of cravings for so much junk food, so I'm doing it.  

I don't have a goal weight exactly, but it would be great if I lost at least 20 lbs. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Master/slave Talk, plus caning

Saturday was our local munch, and the topic was Master/slave relationships, a discussion led by my Master.  I was not so much a prop this time (last time I had to do stupid slave tricks), but just a listener, occasionally adding comments.  There were lots of questions, and the discussion went for almost two hours, so that was really good.  I enjoyed it.

 I was the only person there who is a slave. 

He passed around my list of rules again and one friend asked where was my list of limits, why wasn't it written on the back?  

I said I didn't have one.  There was some discussion of limb lopping and other crazy shit.  That doesn't even fall in the same category as barbed wire floggers, or other messy blood play, imo, which was also brought up.   I have my own theory on why people jump to limb lopping or other horrible things immediately when they think of anyone having no limits.  I didn't get a chance to say it at the munch, unlike the last time Master gave this talk, because the discussion quickly went a different direction.

My theory is that every potential slave has some action or activity that they secretly dread being ordered to do.   But it is something that other people in BDSM land actually do, and thus they are afraid to come out with "But what if he made me drink pee? (I must have limits)" and look like a fool, because a lot of people do drink piss and are fine with it.  It's not dangerous unless that is ALL you get to drink.  Then you die of dehydration, slowly.  But as an add on it is fine.  There is nothing wrong in my opinion with simply stating that you have limits.  Most people should have limits, especially if they are new-ish.

So instead they say things like "But what if he wanted to cut your arm off?"   Anyone who wants to cut your arm off for real is not going to ask first if it is on your limits list, they are just going to do it.  Limits in that case are totally pointless. 

Kick 'em in the nuts and run.

In my opinion, a limits list is for things that are within the realm of possibility that a partner could want, but that you just don't want to do.  And that is totally fine, if that is the way things work best for you. 

 I'm sure no one there at the discussion could fathom the attraction of being made to do things I don't actually want to do.  It's a particular kink, and I have it, and a lot of people in the community don't have it and don't understand it. 

 That's ok too.  There is room for everyone and every kind of kink.

We don't have to all be the same- how boring would that be?!


That was pretty much it for us and kinky fun until Sunday night.  We had a lot of fun doing other stuff together, like walking in the first snow of winter and baby sitting a friend's puppy.


 I wasn't sure what would happen until I was waiting in my kneeling position on the floor and Master came in, walked around, but didn't immediately tell me to get in bed.  That was my first clue that he might want something more that sleep.  Then he had me remove his socks and underwear for him.  I sat on my feet with my head lowered until I got the next order.  

"Get in bed and turn on the lamp".

I turned on the light, hopped in bed, and tucked myself under the covers.  To be totally honest, I only did that last bit because it is so hot when he rips the covers back from me. 

He began telling me I was his cunt, his hole for fucking, and he took me right then. I was already wet for him.  He wrapped my leash around my wrists and snapped it to my collar.  He had to push my arms up out of the way since his view of boobs was blocked.  After he finished fucking me, I wasn't coming often enough for him.  I had at first, but then the orgasms were running out, I did not come on command, so he said he'd have to beat me.

Oh no! Anything but that! Not the briarpatch (grin)!

 The first few strikes of the cane were hard and I flipped around, looking at him and trying to twist away.  This is not something I consciously plan, it is a reaction.  He ordered me down flat again and I bit the pillow to try to be quiet and also have an anchor point to stay still.  

It was a wonderful beating and I did come, and then I asked for more (beatings, not orgasms).  Most times the pain is more important to me that the orgasm. I'm not sure why.  Both together is always great.  

After all that, I got an actual punishment, for making the bed hastily, messily and at the last minute. It wasn't painful, but it was more horrible than pain. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Top Sex Bloggers

I'm so freaking excited to have made the list!

The top 100 sex blogger list of 2016 is sure to give you some good reading material if you haven't got enough blogs to read already, so check it out.

I'm at #59, whee!  

Molly's Daily Kiss Top 100 


Friday, December 2, 2016


Sucking his cock with a machete pressed to my neck is super hot. Especially if I have to lean into it to do a good job.

Just a random thought brought on by the other night.  :)


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Primal Electric

There is moment in sex when I turn from "girl" or "woman" to something rather beyond that.  An advanced state of slut: mouth wet, cunt wetter, body loose and ready.  Then sometimes, like last night, there is a moment even beyond that.  He had just ordered me to fuck him while on top, I had been between his legs on the bed, the vibrator between my legs, and when I lowered myself on to his cock my whole body was tightly full of electricity.  I felt like a beast, primal, my cunt gripping hard at his cock, pulsing it.  I didn't know if I was coming or going.  My mind was so full of the electric fireworks that I couldn't tell anything beyond that.  It was an eternity of pre-orgasmic delight as I rode up and down.  I stretched it thin, holding off the completion of the orgasm, but it felt like the beginning was already there.  Then he came and he ordered me to come at the same time.  

Yeah, it was like this:

He had started out by going down on me, and I was uncomfortable at first, but by the time he tied me to the bed and fingered me I was bucking against his face and fingers in a wanton way.

Then paddling my thighs as he fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders, clover clamps on my nipples and cunt lips, more fucking, and sucking.  And finally, the fireworks.