Friday, April 29, 2016

Tasks Today

Master left me with some sexy tasks for the day, and you know what?   I got all excited because it is not very often that he does that.  He told me to write him a fantasy story and send it to him, which I did right away as soon as everyone was out of the house.  He also told me to masturbate and come twice for him today.  The first one was easy.  I put in the butt plug, used the Magic Wand and came a few seconds later.  The second orgasm was tougher.  I took a little break, walked around, did a few things.  The butt plug made me feel like I had to poop, not exactly sexy.  

But once I started masturbating again I liked the way it felt.  I pulled it in and out several times, and brought out all my favorite fantasies.  Nothing was working, until finally I imagined Master in my head saying "Come, you slut!!" in his most commanding voice and then I did.  It wasn't as big as the first one, but still, an orgasm is an orgasm.  Tasks accomplished!   Of course, I did the fun ones first and now I have all the ordinary unsexy Friday tasks to do.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Night of Ordinary M/s

Last night we curled up on the couch to watch some more of season one of Game of Thrones.  It can be pretty macabre watching it the second time through.  I was making comments in response to the characters' statements to be even more so.  
"I will love you for as long as I live,"  would get a "Not much longer, then."  And so on.  

And then I fed the dogs while Master got kids to bed.  Then we went to sleep.  

The weather had been cold and rainy a lot this week so I have not gotten as many miles walked as last week.  I went out and counted my own steps to see how close the Fitbit was to my actual steps.  
I counted 500 steps and it gave me 540.  But I did have to rescue a turtle from the road and open and close a gate in there too, so I think the device is very close to reality.  

Sunday:  6272 a terrible day for walking.  Nothing but rain and yuck.

Monday:  10,403 

Tuesday: 12,356

Wednesday: 13,943 

My total miles since April 14:  77.84
Not counting today, averaged 5.4 miles per day.
Weight lost:  Ha, don't make me laugh.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rope and Butt Sex.

This morning Master had me rub his feet and shoulders, then we watched a bit of Game of Thrones (not enough tits in this episode!).  

During the show he pinched my sore nipples (still hurting from nipple clamps worn on Sunday, which I never got to writing about) and fondled me all over, keeping me spread open and very slutty-feeling.  Then he ordered me upstairs, to kneel and suck his cock. Master went behind me, pushed me forward on to hands and knees and fucked me doggy style on the floor of our room- this was really tight and intense at first, enough to make me moan loudly.  He used the stingy flogger on my back while I rode him backwards.  It was painful but in a good way.  Then he rolled me over and fucked my ass, which was painful in a painful way.  I cried.  He loved it.  After a while my ass relaxed and I loved it too, which was good because it went on for a lovely long while.  

After our shower together he dressed me up in a rope harness under my clothes and we went out to lunch with a friend. 
It has been a great day.  I'm still wearing the rope.  It is really comfortable.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to Apply Chapstick? I guess you can do it that way.

We were out on a walk a couple days ago and I asked if Master had some chapstick I could borrow.  I never carry it because I tend to leave in my pocket and then wash the pants and ruin clothes.  

He said, "Sure" and I held out my hand.  I share his all the time.  Instead he avoided my hand and began to appy the chapstick himself to my face.  Except he didn't stop with my lips.  He spread it all over my whole mouth area really thickly, until great chunks of it are sticking to me.  I was laughing and very puzzled. 

It kind of reminded me of some of the humiliation scenes I've seen in pictures where make up is applied very thickly and badly on purpose.  But this was just chapstick.  

Put on a Show

Last night Master had me masturbate for him.  I lay on the floor with my legs spread, while he snapped me with his belt.   I had the vibrator doing its thing, and he made me beg to come.  When I finally did beg (because I was getting close) he said no, and then he counted down from 10 before he allowed me to come. 


Wednesday we spent a lot of time in bed, or just lounging.

Result 10,478 steps

Thursday I was ready to kick ass again.  I went for a 2 mile walk/jog in the morning, did work around the yard and garden, then walked almost 3 miles with Master at night.

16,299 steps, a new record since I got the fit bit.

I was really sore that night, and the next morning, so I decided not to try to beat that distance on Friday. 
Friday I grazed the sheep twice and worked in the garden.  Also, walked with Master in the evening.

14,479 steps

Saturday I had a very lazy day, doing some shopping with Master, up until 7:00 when we finally went for our walk.  He was on a mission and was doing his 4 mph pace where I have to jog to keep up for a lot of it, except when he slowed down to give me a break.  We went about 3.5 miles.  I almost died.

15,880 steps

Total miles in the past 10 days: 58.4


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stern Attitude Toward Slave (hot)

Last night we watched a movie and I noticed Master getting more and more stern throughout the show.  It wasn't the mad kind of stern, but the lustful kind of stern, when I know I'm about to be used and used hard.  He allowed me to fondle him a little, but when I asked to undo his pants and belt he said no. Not yet. 

 Eventually he told me to go get undressed, and come back wearing only my robe.  Then he had me sit next to him with everything spread wide and uncovered so he could fondle me.  His sternness, even more than the fondling, was making me unbearably aroused.  I think he could tell by my looks, but he said that he might just want a blow job while he watched porn, and he might just want to leave me horny.  Wouldn't  I like that?  
I said what I knew he expected, "Whatever you want, Master".  It did sound really hot at the time, but I knew I wouldn't like it later, if that actually happened.  It's so hard to sleep!

After the movie, he did have me suck him while he watched porn for a time.  He got very close to coming, and I was really trying, but he held off so he could take me (such a benevolent Master!).

Before that, though, was the whipping.  He ordered me to get on my hands and knees and he beat me with the dressage whip.  
Then he fucked me quick and hard, and I came (again).  Massively. Several times.   It was a very good Friday night.