Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Beautiful (Rainy) Sunday

After our weigh in (the same as last week), and after breakfast (biscuits with strawberries) he called me upstairs with him.  I took off my robe and stood there in my underwear next to the bed.  Master took my throat and propelled me backwards to the dresser.  He picked up his big knife and without saying anything he cut both sides of my panties and pulled them off.  He tied them around my eyes to blind me and pushed me to my knees.  I couldn't see what he grabbed from the toy drawer, but as soon as I felt it I recognized the misery stick. 

Starting out hard with the most painful implement is, well, painful.   I sucked him hard, doing the absolute best I could and was rewarded with his happy sounds and comments. 

 The stick kept coming down on my sore butt, and Master ordered me to come several times just for fun.  He switched to the belt, beating on my back and ass.  I concentrated on his cock which was so delicious, just what I wanted. 

When he moved to the bed he took the blindfold panties off my eyes and stuffed them in my mouth instead.  He tied one hand to the bed and gave me the vibrator to hold in the other.  He fucked me as I used it, sometimes hold my nose shut, then letting me breathe and come at the same time.  It was so amazingly good.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

At the library

Master was doing some research on cars at the library today, and I sat down beside him.   I was achy.  I complained about my sore butt, which was hurting in at least two different ways from this morning. 

He looked hard at me and said "Well, if you weren't such a naughty thing that wouldn't happen, now would it, cunt?"   

I got all grin-y and duck-y on him and squishy, a bit, because though I had been a bit slow and naughty this morning when he gave an order, taking my time to come in to him, because I was wanting to finish up an extra few things, he wasn't all that upset with me.   I know (because he told me) that he would have beaten me either way, and either way there would have been him pounding the butt plug into my ass while fucking me long and hard from behind.  

But still.  

That little reprimand.  Getting all in my head again, in the library of all places.  

Then he was ready to go.  We were in a back room with the magazines, no one else in sight.  He stood up and tugged my hair back, a little reminder to hurry up.

We still had to do all the shopping for the week because until he gets a new car I won't have one to do that stuff.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tentacle Sex

The title should be enough warning, right?

She was lying naked in the sand.  It was warm and dry there.  She was so relaxed.  So very relaxed.  The waves washed the beach down lower.  The sun was gentle with her and the sound of the waves soothed her mind into a blankness.  A hypnotic space.  She felt the tentacles coming up her body.  But she wasn't frightened.  Nothing could hurt her here; she just relaxed as the tentacle pressed its suckered way between her legs and another sought her ass.  They squirmed inside her.  A third tentacle tightly roamed over her belly.  It clenched hard on her sore nipple, which had already been clamped with metal for tenderizing earlier.

Another was in her mouth, causing her to gag.  Her Master told her to come as she gagged, bringing the realization back that it was his hand going down her throat, and the tentacles were in her mind.  

As his cock replaced his fingers in her mouth she was coming up from hypnosis, maybe, possibly.  It is always so hard to tell.  Sometimes she thinks she's awake and she's not.  At some point the anal beads had been a tentacle.  Perhaps that was the night before. And his cock in her other hole had been a tentacle as well.  

    He had described the suckers inching across me, all over, invading me, violating me with their false soothing, their beastly alien intelligence and slippery ways. As I arched my back and squirmed he told me:

"You are going to write about this tomorrow and everyone will see just how perverted you are."   

"Yes, Master."  

I think we are a well matched set of perverts.  :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

SCC: communication prompts

The Submissive Coffee Club is a perfect name in my mind, warm and welcoming, so I had to check out this site.  I think I will use their writing prompts also, though I have nowhere near run out of dirty stories to write.   

Prompt set #115

- Has your everyday language been altered by your lifestyle language?

Only with my Master.  I talk about things with him in a way that is not the same as how I speak otherwise.  It is a unique intimate form of communication, especially since I can be a little awkward with others.  With him, things just flow, and we have our own private references sprinkled through conversation, but that has always been there.  The new part is the deference, and the obvious and explicit shows of respect that I give to him mostly just when we are alone together.  One example might be "I'm yours, Master" or "Whatever you want, Master", just whenever it seems appropriate.
- Do you use non-verbal forms of communication in your dynamic?

 Like waving his cock at me when he wants it sucked?  Or when he snaps his fingers I come.  When he waves his tea cup at me I know he wants more tea.  Yes, we have signals like that.  They are not any super secret sign language though, he hasn't found that necessary.  Many forms of intimate touch and body language are a natural non verbal communication.  The better you know someone the more of that you do, I think.

- Has your lifestyle language cause any bloopers in your everyday life?

Very rarely.  I think one time he called me "slave" in front of the kids, but they didn't appear to notice since the TV was on.

I am not the type to shout "Master!" across a crowed room, even one with all kinky friends, and especially not in a vanilla crowd.  It is more of an intimate name for him that I use when we are close.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How a Broken Transmission Turns into Breakfast For Two

I was just getting the second kid ready for school when Master called and said I needed to come get him.  His car had died as he was dropping Kid #1 off at school.  He had PUSHED the car, by himself, from the school to Mystique's house and he was waiting there for me. 

  I threw on my clothes, tossed the dogs who hadn't been outside yet into the outdoor kennels and hurried over, but he had already gone to work before I got there.
  She had said "Why don't you take my car?" after he'd talked to me.  I made several phone calls, from Master to a repair shop and then back to him to report what they said.  Hmm, a new transmission or a new car, not such good news, but he knew this day was coming for the old car. 

Myst wanted to go out for breakfast with me, but first I had to call Master for permission.  It is something that, on one hand, I love, asking him for permission for anything, but on the other it always embarrasses me to come out and say things like "I can't go out without asking".  So I hem and haw and don't really say that, then I just call him.

 I really don't know why it should embarrass me, it's not like she didn't already know that was the case, but it still does, even after all this time. 

He said yes, I could go.  We went to this great little diner nearby.  You know the one in a small town where all the older people meet for breakfast and conversation?   The one that is packed and there is a short wait for a table on a Wednesday morning, or you can sit at the counter.  

You can get pecan pancakes for $3.50 there.   
The waitress will ask "Do you girls want more coffee?" every few minutes, forever.  
And she'll give an older guy, obviously a regular, a one-arm hug when he complains jokingly "Uh, Miss, this banana is cold".   

And yes, we do want more coffee, forever.  We should do that more often, without the car breaking down part.  It was good to catch up on the girl chats.

I'm gonna ask when he gets home.

Or maybe just wait until he reads this. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Suit Porn: KOTW

I have never thought of suits as porn or as a kink, but I do think my Master looks very handsome in his tailored suit.   For work, he wears a tie on a daily basis, but when he gets out the jacket and the more formal wear, that's just hot.   

We have occasionally been to events where he dressed up and I dressed down (naked) and that serves to emphasize a power differential in our minds, I think.  It affected both of us mentally and was erotic.

I had written a short but popular piece on one of those times HERE.

In our culture a good looking suit is often linked in the popular imagination with wealth and power.  I don't know much about wealth, but power sure figures as a turn on for us.  
Does that make it porn? 

All right, as much porn as any fully dressed picture could be :).

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday Weigh In

We had a party this weekend at our house, with friends from the community here, so I didn't have much time for blogging.   Master grilled out lamb chops and brats, and I made spanokapita (spanky-pita).  

 But I did get my Sunday weigh-in and have lost 1.5 lbs this week.  This time I'm not blaming the inaccurate scale (I know, double standard, too bad).  

I only walked 13.3 miles this week because of the crappy weather, but I did not give into my cravings for donuts and Snickers either.  Or brownies.  Instead I discovered a new/old love for Cream of Wheat.  Ok, it isn't exactly diet food, but I like it.  I sweeten it with 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 brown sugar and add some nuts for texture and protein.

We had lots of sex this weekend, which also contributed to my lack of time for writing.  Sunday evening he wanted a blowjob, then we went to Mystique's to watch Game of Thrones (I was dying to see more, they ended on such a cliff hanger) 

When it was bedtime he left me prostrate head down, ass up, and whipped me with the dressage whip and then his belt.  Then it was time for sleep.  I had a hard time sleeping as the room was stuffy, the blankets tangled my feet and I probably had had too much coffee earlier.   I had a particularly bad dream, too, but Master's hugs in the morning were just what I needed.