Friday, February 27, 2015

Starting With A Phone Call

Last night Master had a business meeting after work.  He called me when it was over, at nearly 9 pm, and told me to get ready "for the rest".  I knew what he meant by his tone of voice, but I coyly asked whatever could he mean by that.    

"Get ready to be beaten and fucked."  

If I'd been standing my knees would have wobbled.  But I was already in bed, and so instead my cunt started to drool and clench. 

  I was anxious and tentatively excited the whole 50 minutes it took him to drive home.  It was late.  He'd been sick all week.  Surely I was thinking if I got all worked up, he'd be tired and have changed his mind by the time he got home.   So I waited, trying not to get too excited.  But I'd been craving pain from him for the past three days, and I was very eager.  

When he arrived I was still in bed, and he said "Hi" briefly then went to brush his teeth.  I got out of bed, stripped except for a t-shirt, and waited prostrate on the floor for him.  

He came in, said "Hi, slavegirl" and told me to get in bed and lie on my stomach.  I took off my shirt.  He began right away with the misery stick.   This is an old picture below, but the misery stick is the one with the blue handle, a very thin and painful cane.  He used the leather strap on the right to bind my wrists to the headboard when I began to wiggle too much

He told me about all the girls he'd like to fuck while making me watch.  He described this in some juicy detail, then told me to orgasm.  I did, and it was huge!

He switched to the paddle after some time, and beat me until my head was all in happy and fuzzy places.  Then he fucked me.  He put his hand on my collar and pulled back.  I love that sensation.  He made me come again and again.   

When he was taking me from behind he started talking about fucking my ass, and reached over to the night table drawer to pull something out.  I wasn't sure what it was until I felt the string I have attached to the butt plug drape across my behind.  He began to press it hard into place at a slightly off angle and I squirmed trying to get it to go in the right way, and finally I asked him to shift angles a bit.  He did and it slid right in.  I felt a momentary pain as the large middle part went in, as always, but then it felt amazingly good.  His cock was still inside me the whole time.  He began fucking hard still from behind and it was a painful pleasurable sensation as he slammed into the butt plug and my cunt. 

There was a lot more after that- me on top, him on top, more punching me in the ass and orgasms.  It was a lovely night.

Oh, and his business meeting went well too :).  Inspiring, even.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Master is sick

He's got a cold, but still going to work, so he's just exhausted all the time, poor man.  My week has been about getting stuff done and taking care of things at home. Also, the sheep are lambing.  I have been working at a little online job for a few weeks, not making much money but still better than nothing, right?

  His work is still up in the air.  We don't know what will happen, some people appear to be messing him about, and that is worrying both of us. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little morning sex

Waking up
A little squeeze
A little tease
Between my legs
Fuck me please.

His Grip on my throat,
I come.
Rolling over
From behind
I moan
I gasp
He's come.
I've come.

I need to wash the sheets.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Morning Belt Practical

I often meet Master in the bedroom as he gets dressed in the morning.  Usually he reminds me of the things I have to do that day, and sometimes there is a little other reminder too.

My newest rule is that I need to have a lunch prepared for him on workdays, so I get that done before I meet him upstairs.   

This morning I waited on the steps outside his bathroom, then followed him to the bedroom.  

As he dressed, I knelt.  Then I crawled to him unasked and kissed his feet.  It's just something we like :).  It makes me feel good and submissive.

He told me to stay right there in that position.  I heard him getting out his belt, with its distinctive jangle.  The first crack landed directly on my cunt and I whimpered and nearly fell over, but struggled myself back to position.  I was instantly wet.  The next few struck on my ass.  Then he got behind me, wrapped the belt around my waist and humped against me roughly.  We were both still dressed though; sadly it was time for work.  

He ordered me to roll over and he placed his foot firmly on my neck.  He told me to come, and I did.   Then he had to head out, but I'm filled with happy tingly thoughts now.  And a sore, very wet pussy.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

KOTW: Belts

First of all, my heart goes out to Jade and her partners.  I read that one of the guys is seriously ill.  I don't know more than that which I read here:   Jade, Kink Of The Week.  

They are in my thoughts, and am hoping all will be well soon.

On to the topic of the week: belts. 

On a night, long ago, or one of many:

"Get in position". 

I grip the front of my dresser and hear him behind me.  The buckle on a belt being undone is a distinctive sound.  It makes my pussy clench.  Maybe he is taking off his pants to fuck me.  Maybe he's going to use the belt on me.   (I'm hoping for both.)

It snaps just to my right and then my left, then a quick slash over my ass.  He uses it like a whip, or like you'd snap a wet towel.  It hurts.  I love it.   

Another time a girl used a belt on me.  This time it was doubled up in her hand and smacked me over and over and over.  I had several uncommanded orgasms then because Master had not given her the key, and the sensations were so intense.  I didn't really even try to stop myself.  I don't know if I could anyway.  I was very far into subspace by then. 

Sometimes I have been fucked from behind with his belt around my neck.  Or in my mouth. 

Belts are definitely at the top of my favorite kink toys.  

And so handy for holding up pants too!

Kink of the Week

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Twuntalope Sings Like a Twuntalope Do

"The best thing about a little slavegirl is I can do whatever I want to her." 

Master said this to me this morning as he parted my thighs and slid between them.    I rubbed his cock against my hole until there was some wetness for him and he entered my cunt.   He pinned my arms above my head and fucked me, then pulled my legs up onto his shoulders.  It feels so good.  Then he pulled them up a little higher and moved his cock down to find my butt.  As always it was a struggle within myself to relax and let go of the wish to struggle.  I did relax "It's going to happen" went through my mind.  Then he was done and ordered me to get up and make his breakfast.

Last night I had asked for a spanking before bed, and he said just a quick one, but then it turned into a really hard and long beating with the misery stick.  At the same time he made up many songs to beat out on my ass, and all of them had a twuntalope sneak into them.  I sang along with him.

"We all live in a yellow twuntalope..." or "Bye, bye Miss American twuntalope..." and many more.

Just what the hell is a twuntalope, you may be asking?  

Well, it is half twat, half cunt, and not even a little bit antelope.  Or else possibly it is just a little slavegirl nickname, kind of like SluttyWaffleTwat.   Master has been teasing me for a few days that he's going to change my name to twuntalope, so he's been calling me that a lot, to get me used to it.   Or because it is funny. 

Well, I am his twuntalope after all, for better or worse.   :)

After the misery stick beating, he fucked me every which way, and gave me many orgasms.   

This is the song that I'm singing this morning:

A twuntalope sings like a twuntalope do...

The tune for that one

Friday, February 20, 2015


We are having a topsy turvy time in our non-relationship parts of life.  Master's job and business things are all up in the air and it has been a very stressful time, especially the last few days, a roller coaster of ups and downs.    It's not all bad, but the uncertainty of everything stresses me out something terrible.  

Plus it is cold here, February sucks the worst, and I'd rather be on a beach somewhere with no worries and a couple margharitas.  

Wouldn't everyone?