Monday, October 5, 2015

Mystique and the rest of Saturday Night (long)

We met Tuesday to walk together, and then did our grocery shopping together. 
As we were parting ways, she said,

"I have a new toy to use on you.  You're going to hate it".  

I asked what it was, and she said I'd have to wait and see. 

Sadists, right?

Friday she and I got together again, this time at our house.  We took the dogs for a walk, then picked apples.  I tried guessing what the new toy was.  

A hurty thing?  Yes, for sure, it will hurt.
Will it burn?  No.
Will it pinch? No.
What is it?  You have to wait.  
Arg, the waiting!

Saturday night she brought it out just after I'd already been beaten twice, first by Master with his belt and then by Dr Peter with many of his canes.  The latter wasn't a simple scene, since Master was also doing various things to me the whole time- holding down my wrists or taking a turn on me with some of the canes.  Giving me a breather and then finding more things with which to hit me.  

Here are some of the marks:   

The new implement Mystique got turned out to be a flat, rigid, deadly looking stick. It came from Cane-iac, so I was able to find a picture of it here.

She used it on me, and Dr. Peter hit me with it, and worst of all, Master used it on me (worst because he hit the hardest).  

It was quite stingy, but I still think our misery stick is worse.

After that, Mystique said she could light me on fire.  She'd just gotten a new shipment of flash cotton. 

Master wanted me to have it done on my front side, so I lay back on the table.  He spread my legs and said we must do "Flaming Cooter of Death"!

I was sure to mention that I'd even taken the tweezers to my few remaining cunt hairs after shaving, so I was sure that there was NO hair remaining, at least on the parts that I can see.  I'm not making any claims of perfection for the further back areas.   Didn't matter though.  It's all about the fire anyway.

He held down my thighs as she arranged a large poof of flash cotton over my pussy.   
Click, click, click from the lighter and the wumpf!
It felt like a sharp burning slap but then it was over.

Mystique began arranging more cotton over my stomach.  Someone dropped a hood or cloth over my face so I couldn't see any more.  Master held my wrists.  
The cotton went up in flames and I felt a brief burning heat and then Mystique was quickly toweling out flames that still burned on me.   Evidently they didn't go out quickly enough on their own.  She dripped cold water over me, even more torment.  

And that was only the first half of the evening. 

There was more beating from Master for me and a young lady (B.), during a super hot threeway scene, with us being tied together in a bed and flogged, belted, and the misery stick.    Watching Master fuck her was incredible.  I touched myself, indeed I did.  I even did that instructional fantasy bit that he wanted, that I was so embarrassed about earlier (a few months ago when he first started talking about it).  I first wrote about this fantasy of his here and here, although I was awfully coy, wasn't I?  It was just me showing and telling her what to do, which felt awkward and embarrassing for me. 

 Both of them seemed to love it, and I loved it when Master praised me afterward. 

S. came in later after we were done and had been resting for a few minutes.  She had a taser.  B (who is her girl) immediately said "red" and I hid behind Master.  Nobody got tased.  This time.

Later on Master told me that S. has his permission to do just about anything to me anytime he's not using me, which I did not realize.   Again: property.  I guess I just accept that, then.

I was starting to get my clothes back together when it was time to go and Master informed me otherwise.   I'd been naked except for my boots- the tall sexy ones- the whole party.

 Master told me I could drape my jacket over my shoulders because it was nippy out, but otherwise I wasn't allowed to put on any clothing, not even for the ride home. I walked out to the car naked, thank goodness for the rural location, set my blanket down to protect his seats, rode all the way home with just boots and a half open jacket.  

We got home to one of the least romantic discoveries ever- one of the dogs had made a big mess on the rug.  Seriously, dog!  We have ONE rug downstairs and many non carpeted floors to choose from.   So I'm cleaning that up and Master tells me to make sure I wash my hands well because he still wants to use me again before we go to bed.

 I did, and he did fuck me quickly once more.  Other than the dog mess, it was a thoroughly wonderful night.  



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Little Funny

We were pulling in the driveway last night and I complained about how sore my butt was. 

Master said something like "Awww, you poor thing".

I said "You really feel for me, don't you?"

He said "Only because I'm not exactly sure where you are in the dark".

Ba da bum, Tshhh!

Being Property

Well, we had an excellent, wonderful, amazing night.  I still smell like sex, but not all my own sex fragrances.  Other, foreign tasting sex.  Yum. 

  I have been thinking a lot this morning about how hot I find it being my Master's property. It is a fact, but it's not just a fact, it is also an inspiration driving most of my fantasies.  When that fantasy becomes reality, hits me right in the chest, literally, it gets more exciting that the best fantasy I could come up with on my own.

One of the best ways he smacks me in the face with that property fact is when he lets other people do things to me.  I don't need to be consulted, because I'm property.  They have his consent, that is good enough.  A non person doesn't need to be asked.  Ok, I know I'm a person, but for that moment it ceases to be an important consideration. The fact that he often doesn't ask, just tells me or holds me down for someone that I was trying to avoid, oh, my the hotness of that for me is overwhelming.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015


 Master wore me out last night.  First my mouth, and then when I was starting to think it couldn't take any more use without falling right off (that's never happened, has it?) then the rest of me was well fucked.  My tits were like punching bags.

Ow, ow, ow. 

I have the best Master ever :).

And tonight we're going to a party.  I probably should get a nap, but I'm too excited. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Just a Thursday Night Bliss

I have no bruising on my chest and yet it aches with every movement.  It feels puffy to touch.  But no bruises except for a tiny blue spot.   I was complaining about my lack of visible marks and he says he did it that way precisely on purpose.  So, that's ok then.  It's what he wanted.

Last night I gave him foot rubs and back rubs, then after the youngins were asleep, he let me suck his cock while he watched porn.  He asked if I felt very ignored. 

"Yes, Master," mumbled around his dick.

 I did, but in a purposely disregarded and kinda hot way.   I enjoyed being an instrument for his pleasure.  I wasn't even thinking of my own wants (for a change) but he took me upstairs and tied my hands behind my back with a rope harness which tightened painfully on my sore chest.  That little pain sent me spinning into near subspace territory right there.   

Master pushed me into the bed and fucked me all the ways.   When he was on top of me he punched my chest again, over and over, right in the sore spots from Wednesday night.  I do so love receiving pain from him.   Pleasure and pain, exploding through my body.   I can come just from being punched, even when he doesn't give the command, even when I don't mean to.   I don't get in trouble for these orgasms though.  He enjoys making me come even when I was trying to hold off.  

When he's done with me, my body is ragdoll-loose.  My arms fall completely pliant across the bed as he manipulates my body to remove the ropes.  



Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Needs. This post contains too many fucks.

I needed to let it out a little.  You know, make some noise.  We had one hour before the kids got home.

I believe I was gasping out "FUCK" but I wasn't sure if I meant "FUCK NO" or "FUCK that's good don't stop!"  Probably both.
He was punching me rapid fire in the chest while fucking me. 

I really needed that.  

You know all those people who say slaves don't have needs except to be of service?  Fuck 'em.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sick and Not Fucking

Yeah, the sick fucking was better than sick and not fucking.

Today was a pretty fall day outside though.  I went for a walk with Mystique and then we did our grocery shopping together. 

Earlier this morning, before I even got out of bed, with Master's permission, I tried to masturbate, which didn't go well.
I guess there was a climax, of sorts, but it was anti-climactic, if that makes any sense.