Saturday, November 28, 2015

Busy Friday, and Another Dinner

This was my Friday:
-start roast
-start laundry (5 loads washed, dried and put away, including the sheets I'm normally supposed to do on Thursday but couldn't because we weren't home)
-clean the house
-make 2 pies (pecan, blueberry/raspberry)
-clean the kitchen again
-write blog
-get dressed
-feed sheep
-clean up poop in the yard
-set the table for guests, hang out with Mystique and hasufel while we waited for Master to get home.
-finish up the salad and side dishes
-wash dishes, clean kitchen again
-play Lord of the Rings Risk (the good guys won. Master and I were the Orcs)
-take care of dogs
-go to bed around midnight

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pretty Brutal Night

 Just what I was hoping for!

Wednesday night I was flirting with Master again, and I asked him to hurt me, hoping for something like that a little later at night. 

He stroked my head and said he only want to make sweet, gentle love to me.

When I got a bit goggle eyed by this weird statement he punched me hard in the chest.

"So then you don't expect it when I do that!" he laughed.

Such funnies, Master.

Later on, after a cock sucking session, I waited for him kneeling prostrate on the floor of the bedroom, wearing my night collar and the fuzzy robe that I'm allowed in the winter.  In a few minutes, he came in and said sternly "Naked, slave."  That was my cue to expect a rough night.

He told me to grab the dresser, and he took out the mean toy- the tire tread paddle- and a long leather paddle.  He used them on my ass quite hard, until I was dancing away from him, and then even a little bit more, before he told me to lie on the floor.  

He cropped my tits, cunt and thighs. He took me.  I started to struggle away, but he held me down, punched me in the chest repeatedly, bit me, and told me he was raping me, so I better enjoy being a raped little whore.  I did enjoy it too, though I kept on struggling to get away. He told me I'd like being raped by anyone, I was such a whore.  Mmm, all the squishy feelings!  I came.

Master pulled out and rolled me over.  He cropped me again and whipped me lightly with the dragon tail.  
Then he told me to get in bed, get the pillow under my hips.  He fucked me from behind and came quickly.  Then he rolled me back over and grasped a nipple and pulled hard. 

 He flicked it. I whimpered.   

He began a count down: "One hundred."  

Really, 100 nipple flicks?  Eeep. (In my head.)

He flicked it again.  "Ninety nine".

And so on. He may have skipped a few numbers but eventually reached "Negative one" before he let me come and stopped flicking my poor nipple. 

He gave me ten hard cane strokes on the backside and we were done.

In the morning I made his breakfast- fried potatoes, sausages and cheese in a burrito with tabasco.  It was Thanksgiving, and we were soon to be heading over to our friends' parents' place (about a 2.5 hour drive each way) for dinner.  

I microwaved my hot cereal, but before it was even done Master said he changed his mind about letting me eat breakfast first and said he wanted me upstairs right away. 

  He put the nipple clamps on me and pulled the chain as I rode on top (kaya, if you are reading, he said "I have to thank kaya again for these, they are SO FUN").  One of my nipples was still way more sore than the other from the night before. I might have cried a tiny bit.

  He held off my nose and mouth with his hand, taking my breath.   He let me use the vibrator as he fucked me, until I had two huge orgasms, then he came inside me.  

We had to hurry and get ready after that, because it was close to time to go!  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for my Master, and family and good friends again this year.  We spent the day with some friends and their parents in another town. 

 They made the traditional dinner and didn't even let me help clean up afterward.  I brought the party potatoes as our contribution.  Now we are stuffed and happy and going to bed as soon as I get my dogs exercised and fed. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Non Crying Parts of Tuesday

Almost half the day was gone and Master was still getting work done on the computer.  I mentioned that my appointment was coming up soon (ok, soon is relative- it was still 4 hours away) and didn't he want to do some things today?

He said "What things?" and I knew he was just teasing me, but I still didn't want to say out loud what things.  I don't remember what I did say.  I might have mumbled something as I wandered off. (Nothing I care to repeat).

An hour later, he told me to get naked, go get my leather collar and a leash and DO NOT use the bathroom.  I bobbed my head with a grateful, "Yes, Master". 

He had me remove all his clothes as well, then he put the leash on my collar and tied my hands together.  

He took me outside and told me to squat and pee.  Then he went on top of my spot while I held his cock.  It's a "marking on top" thing. 

Do you know how cold it is here now?  Plenty. It is plenty cold.  

Back in the house, he told me to go get my butt plug in, then he let me play with and suck his cock.  Now and then he would have me bend over and fuck me standing up, then back to the sucking.

This time when he took me upstairs he had me raise my arms while he got out the lighter and brought it right up to my fuzzy armpit hairs.  I stayed still, just barely, but I was whimpering and fearful as he burned some of it off.   He didn't get my skin, but I could smell the burned hair.  

He fucked me in bed, and had me sit on his face (not my favorite thing), then he let me use the vibrator while he took me again.  I had some huge and intense orgasms, for which I had to beg him.

He came inside me. That was when the crying began (see last post). 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Master fucked me today.  He didn't want to mark me up because I had a doctors appointment this afternoon and he didn't know which bits I'd be exposing. He didn't want questions.  I had specifically made the appointment for his day off so he could go with me.  I'm getting a permanent birth control installed.  I didn't know until today exactly what it would be or what all was involved in the procedure.  

After the fucking I was extremely shaky.  It was one of those times when between the butt plug causing discomfort and emotion (butt plugs cause emotion? Well, I think they do. And discomfort), and the huge orgasms releasing emotion, as we finished I collapsed on his chest.  
I began to shake and cry.  First he tried talking with me, and I was worried I'd disappointed him.  Then he tried blowing on my tummy, because I was due for one anyway, and why not torment me some more?  Then, bringing out all the stops, he gave me a chocolate toffee bar.

 So there I am, lounging on my side in bed next to him, eating my chocolate, when he takes off the chain leash I'd been wearing (ever since he took me out for my freezing-ass cold piddle in the yard much earlier) and begins beating my ass with it.  

 Eating chocolate toffee while being beat with a chain, I have now decided, is the ultimate in hedonistic pleasure.   

When I tried to make his lunch I shook some more.  I looked at the cheese I was slicing, my shaking hand and this little yellow cheese, and it was just so sad.  I don't know why, it makes no sense at all now, but that little cheese was just so sad I had to cry.  Master told me to put the knife down and he came over and held me, told me to breathe, until I'd stopped crying.  He wiped the tears from my face.
I went back to making lunch.  

At the doctors' they said what they offer is the Essure procedure, for which I had to get a shot of Depo Provera right away, as a preparation.  I will have to get another shot in three months.  The Essure can be done before Christmas, which is what we wanted.

The nurse came in with the shot and I was all freaked out again, shaking and close to crying (I'm not usually like that about shots). 
 I felt panicky and slightly nauseated.    It all seemed like it was going so fast.  She said she wasn't going to do the shot unless I was sure I wanted it.  Yes, I wanted it.  As soon as possible.  I managed to get the hysteria out of my voice.  Master told me to look into his eyes while I had the injection.  I felt swimmy (giddy, dizzy) as the needle went in.  He said my eyes looked weird and they both kept asking me if I was going to pass out.  No, I'm not going to pass out over just a shot.  It's just all going so fast.  The Essure seems like it will be way easier on me than a tubal ligation, but still, having anything done to me like that scares me.  Master told me if I really didn't want it I didn't have to, we could do something else, but he really thought it was the for the best.  So I'm doing it. I had the shot. 

On the way home I started crying again.  

But I made soup for dinner, and muffins, and all is well again. 

Master thinks I didn't enjoy the sex because it made me cry. But nothing could be further from the truth.  I enjoyed it so much it snuck deep into my being and made tears fall out.


Do You Ever?

Do you ever get those days when you are so dang horny that you can't even think?  Sometimes my brain is like one of those "This is your brain on drugs" fried eggs from that one PSA commercial, except not with drugs, just with its need for pain/sex.  

 We had an extended play time on Sunday, when I was caned and fucked into near-oblivion, but a few hours later, cunt aching still, I was wanting more.  I was reading an erotic fantasy book and getting all worked up again (Why? I don't know).  He had me reading it aloud to him, just the best bits, and sometimes he was feeling me up, or squeezing my tit.   He told me he likes me all wanton and horny.  He had me kneel at his feet and he slapped me. I gave him a blowjob.

 Then Monday I was buzzed up with desire all damn day.  Master teased me again at night, with touching and fondling, but nothing else.  At bedtime we just went to sleep.  Sometimes I feel like I'll go out of my mind, then I think, no, I can handle it, I got this, I can wait.  Ah, fuck me.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Hair

Since mid October I have not shaved ANYTHING, not pits, not cunt, not legs, except for the day of the Halloween party I was allowed to shave a little off my legs for my costume. Otherwise,  I have definitely gone all hippie chick on his orders.  I'm not one of these girls that doesn't really grow a lot of hair, either.  I have hair EVERYWHERE.   Soon I should be able to make armpit braids.  Today he found his delight in yanking a few of those hairs out of me.  Gleep!

Master told me he likes my hairy bits for two reasons:

1. It just looks sexy. (ok, different tastes, whatever)

2. The main one.  He knows I hate it and that gives him the sadistic smile of glee.  He knows as soon as he gives the permission, I'll be in the bathroom giving my neglected razor a workout.  His power over me makes him happy.  His power and glee makes my cunt twitch.  

So, I'm good with it.  Not so much the hair, but with knowing that he is pleased.