Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tuesday of Fun

Master told me to get him another cup of tea and then run upstairs and put on something sexy.  

I picked out a flimsy nightie-thing, my leather collar, and brought a towel to kneel on.   I wanted to bring my robe because the house is COLD, but I knew that would defeat his wishes for something revealing, so I tried to pretend that I was actually not freezing to death.  

That lasted three seconds. 

"It's cold in here" I said, semi-casually.

"Mmmhmm" Master said. Unsympathetic. 

Why does that turn me on so?

I knelt on the floor at his feet with my towel.  He fondled me and watched porn for a while and then told me to go get him something to whack me with.  I must have been feeling extra masochist-y because I got down one of the sticks which is likely to draw blood.  It still has all the branch stub knobbly bits on it, which are sharp. 

 He had me stand in front of him and bend over.  I lifted up my nightie.   After a dozen or swats he said I was bleeding.  He didn't stop then, but gave me a few more, and then went and got the metal cleaver from it's drawer.  He smacked me hard with that, which was even more painful than the stick.   I wondered how bloody it was getting back there.   

He sat down and I knelt again to suck.  In the background there were moans from the porn stars.   Master stuck his foot between my legs, I rubbed myself against him, soon my moans were adding to theirs. 

After a while he told me to turn around and put my face to the floor, ass in the air, presenting him with a target.  The knobbly stick made a few more dents.  

He let me flavor his cock for more sucking by sticking it in my cunt just for a few thrusts and grinds.  I thoroughly enjoyed that but soon it was back to my knees again.

He eventually took me upstairs.  He picked up the extension cord and I started to turn around to present my back, but he corrected me,  "I didn't tell you to turn around."

I stood, quaking, as he whipped my front with the cord.  The first strike wrapped around my hip, which was a pretty good one as far as pain.  The lighter ones fell on my breasts, stomach and thighs.  Then one directly to my nipple which hurt like FUCK.

His goal of seeing me wince apparently accomplished, he told me to turn around.  He gave me a delicious flogging and then took me to bed.  

One minute after we rolled apart, I looked at the clock and gasped.  That time already??
I was supposed to pick the kid up at school in 1/2 an hour.  I took the world's quickest shower and just made it there 5 minutes late.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Same Dream, But Different

I had a bizarrely real-seeming dream last night about a house that I used to live in.  In the dream I KNEW that I lived in that house.  I have dreamed about it over and over, one specific part of the house especially.  But it's not a real house that I ever lived in, it is just a house that I dream. 

Last night was different.  I discovered a new part of this house that I'd never found before.  Also, Master just decided we were moving (in the dream) and was frantically throwing everything in boxes, even down to the clothes that I had planned to wear that day or the next day.   He stopped us right in the middle of sex to begin the packing of boxes, in fact.  There seemed to be an orgy going on all over our house.

Last night I found a secret door into an undiscovered room in the dream house, which contained a stage, lights and sound systems and best of all two working treadmills!  I didn't want to move now that I had treadmills!  (Weird, I know).

The down side of this house has always been, in the dream, that in order to get to one whole upper floor wing you have to squeeze through a narrow opening which terrifies me every time.  So many times in my dream I have gone up to this opening, really needing to get to the upper wing on the other side, but then chickened out at the last moment for fear of being stuck in the narrow crack.  

Last night was different.  In the newly discovered secret room was another door- the one that led to the hard-to-reach wing!  A normal sized door that I could just walk through and never have to face the cramped crack again!   

And all around, the orgy went on. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Truth

1. A friend gave you a pie touting it as a favorite family recipe, and you ate this pie and got sick–or had an allergic reaction. The friend calls a few days later to ask, “How did you like the pie?” What would you say?

I'd probably tell them it didn't really agree with me. 

2. Your significant other really wants to try the “swingers’ lifestyle” but you really do not want to do this. Do you:
a. Tell him/her no, you are not interested
b. Do it, and go along to make her/him happy
c. Say yes, because you’ll try anything once
d. Say no, with no explanation and forbid your significant other from venturing into swinging.

My Master did ask me if I wanted to try this sometime.  My response was that I would do it for him, but I wasn't really into it for myself.  
He ended up not exploring it.
However, we do swap at times with other couples, but not at specific swinger events.  My main issue with the swinger lifestyle is that most of them frown on any sort of BDSM and I kind of need that stuff to get interested.

3. Have you texted nude photos to someone and had it come back to bite you in the ass–as is someone taking revenge for your misjudgement?

I haven't ever texted nude photos.  

4. Have you or would you ever stop having a relationship with someone who had a weight problem, and their physique drastically changed?


5. Would you rather find true love or win the lottery with winnings of $10,000 (usd)?

Well, I'm already in love so I guess the lottery?  Although I'd never give up love for money.

Bonus: Which topic of conversation do you avoid at all costs–politics or religion?

Neither!  I'm regularly into both discussions, but perhaps I'm more willing to debate on politics than religion.  I have nothing much to say about religion except to each their own and keep it out of politics.    

For more TMI posts:

Belt and Orgasms

Master came into the bedroom right after me, when I had not yet had time to put on my collar or get into position.   

I fumbled in my dresser drawer.  

"You better have that robe off by the time I get the belt."

The robe tumbled to the ground and I turned my face away.  His belt snapped out and cracked me on the ass, to the right and left, up high and down low, in the air, then landed firmly on my back and behind.  He stepped in closer, enclosing me in his embrace.  I clung to his arm.  He bent me slightly forward and with the belt doubled up now.  I buried my nose in the the delicious scent of his arm as he struck again and again. "Hole", he called me.   He wrapped the belt around my neck and made me come. 

 He turned me around and put me on my knees.  I opened my mouth for him, and he continued laying on the belt.  In a few minutes he switched to the cutting board paddle, which is much more painful to me.  He led me forward to my knees and went around behind me.  I wasn't sure if he was going to fuck me or hit me some more.  It was the belt first for a few strokes, making me tremble for fear of being hit in the exposed asshole or cunt.  Then he came in behind me and took me.  I came again.  He pulled out and flipped me over, standing up again with his belt in hand.  It snapped out at my exposed cunt and inner thighs, stinging me and making me jump.

Then he ordered me into bed.  I sucked him as he knelt over my head and he plundered my cunt with the knobbly glass dildo.  He gave me the vibrator to hold, and at this I could barely hold back at all. Luckily I didn't have long to wait as he told me to come over and over again.  The Liberator blanket lived up to it's hype and met the challenge of containing every fluid I can put out.  Then he beat me around the chest with a cane (I think it was a cane; my mind was getting hazy here), and fucked me in every position.  

It was a very good Saturday night.   

Friday, January 12, 2018

Good Slave

Lying in bed last night I asked my Master if I had been a good slave.   

He said "You are the best slave.  I don't even know why you are such a good slave for me."

I got a naughty impulse then, and said "I don't either.  It would be a lot easier to be a half-assed slave, wouldn't it?"

He casually commented "Then I would have to beat your ass. Not in a nice way."

I guess I know why I work so hard to be a good slave after all.

Sometimes I just like to be reminded. 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lessons of 2018

I don't feel like I learned much from 2017, so I thought maybe I should keep better track of lessons I learn in 2018.

Number 1:  Being beat with an electrical cord really fucking hurts.  


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

If You Like It Put a String On It

The parody song of the day, to the tune of Beyonce's Single Ladies of course, is called "Little Buttplugs".  

This is after my ass attempted to eat the new butt plug with the heart crystal on the end.   The plug stayed in its proper place during all the morning's beating, sucking and fucking.  Then when we were lying exhausted and warm in bed I saw a parade of stars across my eyes and felt a weird, but not painful, sensation in my ass.  I reached back there and found no plug.  I exclaimed, startled, "I just lost the plug".  Master thought I was joking but I assured him I wasn't, my ass had swallowed it.  He was jolted out of his pleasant drowsiness, but happily with a little effort I recovered it.

This one is definitely getting a string on it like the other one has.   

Tuesday of Fun

Master told me to get him another cup of tea and then run upstairs and put on something sexy.   I picked out a flimsy nightie-thing, my le...