Monday, July 21, 2014

Morning Routine

It is not on the level of ritual, but here is an example of my morning routine on the days Master works.   It varies from day to day, but this is a typical really good morning.  :)

His alarm goes off at 5.  I ask if he wants me to get up and make breakfast, and today he says yes, that would make me a most wonderful slave, oh and pack a lunch too.   Desiring to be a wonderful slave and unable to say no, I haul my sleepy butt out of bed and cook breakfast.   

After he eats and showers, I meet him upstairs to wait while he gets dressed.  This morning I've already packed his lunch, so he doesn't have to send me back down to do that.  I kneel at his feet while he puts his socks on, then I kiss his foot.   He tells me to take off my robe.   I'm already starting to get wet just from him looking at me (THAT look, you know, the one that says "If only we had time...").

He tells me to turn around and present myself.  Head down, ass up, looking so very wanton.  Then he has me go get a dildo and fuck myself with it as he watches.  He tells me to cum.   He orders me to turn around and lie down, and some more fucking myself.  He places one foot on my neck. 

"You're mine".

"Yes, Master."
  Then he has me kneel in front of him and give him a quick suck before he tucks in his shirt and puts on his tie.   He pushes me back and uses a hank of my hair to dry his cock before he finishes dressing.   

Downstairs again, he gives me tasks and instructions for the day.  Then I go out with him, carry his lunch to the car, go and open the gate for him.  He has me flash him on the way out and tells me to cum again, right there in the driveway.  I close the gate and listen to the sound of his car speeding away.   

Have a good day, Sweetie.

Watch Where You're Kneeling

We were in the shower, with me facing away from the nozzle, when he ordered me to kneel and wash him.

I dropped down like a shot- straight on to the faucet with my butt!  I howled in pain, and then, still in the grip of endorphins from earlier, started laughing about "breaking my butt".

It turned out I gave myself a bigger bruise just between the cheeks, than anything he did to me earlier that day!

Next time I'm looking first!   

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Humiliation is humiliating.

And that is all I have to say about THAT.

Ok, not really.  That wouldn't be much of a blog, would it?

Master is really, really good at humiliating me, and I suppose he should be after all this practice at finding just the right level: I think he aims for the point when I feel the greatest humiliation and yet not so great as to have lingering bad effects or to cause a total meltdown on my part.

I don't really want to go into ALL THAT which he did, but I'll just say it involved some piss and some story telling and a whole lot of fucking and orgasms.  

A few other random snippets in no particular order, from yesterday and today:

I'm on my knees and he grabs my hair and pulls me upright, spinning me around so quickly that I stumble and fall half to my knees again. He pulls me on to the bed.  He tells me to put the butt plug in.  

He ties a body harness on me, then ties my hands together using the leather cuffs, and loops that rope through my collar.  Then he uses a rope (a tie) as a leash to pull me here and there, up to his mouth for a kiss, then down to his cock for sucking.

He has me pinned to the bed, fucking me on my back, and runs the leash through my mouth, pinning the leash to the bed on each side of my head with his hands.  

He makes me sing the alphabet song  ("nice and slow now") with the magic wand on my clit, telling me I can orgasm when I reach the letter "z" but each time I reach "y" he has me start the song over.   It is exquisite torture.   I finally do get to cum like a seizure-having-she-beast. 

He orders me to describe some hot scenarios for him, and I do, the favorite one being about him fucking someone else while I am tied up and forced to watch while random men come up to slap my cunt. 

This makes both of us come. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pictures From Today. There is pie and then there is pie.

It is really hairy!   Good for pulling on, he says.  :(

I think a few cane stripes go well with the butt plug.   
What do you think?

Friday, July 18, 2014


There is something strangely erotic about Downton Abbey.  There's no nudity or sex, but all that "Yes, M'Lord," and  "No, M'Lord" hits all the hierarchical dominance and submissive, servant and master, sexy buttons for me. 

Curling up on the couch with Master while he fondles me, then orders me, "Get that cunt over here, I want to see it", and switching around in my seat to show him, makes it beyond erotic into the imagining the characters on the screen doing very nasty things to each other realm.   

Meanwhile Master is slapping and lightly punching my cunt, sometimes pausing to pet or pull the hairs (they are long enough to pull- eeeek!).

Earlier I'd given him a blowjob, and later on there would be whipping, flogging, caning and fucking... but sometimes it is nice just to cuddle.  :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Encounter With Nature

The other day I was mowing the pasture, because sheep don't like tall weeds and thistles, wearing my ear muff style ear protection like I'm required by Master... and I feel a tickle on my ear. 

My hair sure tickles today, I think.  How weird that it is blowing around in there.  But I keep mowing for another 20 minutes or so until the tickle gets too annoying and I start to think,

"What IS that in there?"

"Maybe that is not just my hair?"

What I did NOT expect was to find that a giant daddly long legs had been cuddling up to my ear the whole time!

This was WAY too close for comfort for something with that many legs.  I scooped him out, threw him... somewhere... and put the ear muffs back on.  

Gotta love nature, huh?   Next time I'm looking inside those things before I put them on.  

And as Master said "At least it wasn't a wasp." 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Asking For It

Why is it so difficult?  Why do we go to such great lengths to avoid asking for things, and especially in the case of many slaves and subs I know, asking for kinky play?   

My Master has made it clear from the beginning that I have to ask for things if I want them.  Suffering in silence is NOT ok.  Unless he's beating me and tells me not to make a sound.   He's not a mind reader and he doesn't like me to go around deprived of things I crave for long periods.  Sometimes he says no, because he's in charge, and I can accept that gracefully (now).  He generally has reasons, such as he doesn't really feel like it. 

 But every time I find myself in that position of having to ask, I find it embarrassing, somehow, like it is shameful to admit to having these desires.  Then there is the complicating factor of being in the middle of a beating and thinking "I asked for this?  This hurts!  What, am I nuts?"    It is easier to think "Oh, I'm doing this for him... I'm such a good slave", which happens a lot here, and I have to admit, it is waayyy easier on my brain processing. 

Very few slaves I know are absolutely not allowed to ask for play.  Most of them, even when allowed or encouraged, hesitate to do it, especially if they are fairly new to the dynamic, but sometimes it gets the long timers also.  I think some of us see it as too forward?  Maybe we see a simple request as making demands?  Maybe we are afraid to hear "No"?  Or even more afraid to hear "Yes" and think that maybe he didn't really want to?

 I have had to learn new ways to think about it, because my Master insists that I do.   He likes to know that I want it.  It turns him on to know that I want to do sexy things with him.   So it is not all about me and my wants; by letting him know my desires I'm also fulfilling his wish and desire.  

Last night he made me ask.  I believe he already knew I wanted it, but he still wanted to hear me ask.  

After the twinge of embarrassment, I do ask.  Perhaps he also likes that small humiliation.  I suck his cock first, then he has me fetch him the long wavy paddle and he gives my ass a thorough smacking.  It is so delicious when he goes from pounding on me to gentle stroking, then poking his finger up between my legs to see if I'm wet.  


Then later, he's on top of me, fucking me, and slapping my face, harder and harder, making me fear each next coming slap.  Making me come repeatedly, sending me into bliss, and he says to me:

"You're not supposed to be enjoying this".   

See, he's reading this book for a book club, "A Billion Wicked Thoughts", which I actually brought home from the library, but I gave up on it really quickly because it pretends to be scientific while being filled with wild assumptions and stereotypes.  Evidently women don't like sex.  Nor do they like graphic pictures or descriptions of hot fucking action.  Women like romance novels (gags quietly). Uh huh.  Sure.   Master wants to discuss (er, rip apart) the book in the club, so he's still reading it even though it is terrible.  The book is practically a nefarious example of the sort of social programming women receive that liking hot and dirty sex is unfeminine, trashy, WRONG.  I admit I'm not immune to the social programming, but I'm trying to get over it.  

When he says I'm not supposed to enjoy it, I know he's joking and I giggle, thinking of the spanking scene on Big Bang Theory.  If you haven't watched the show, you must google it and watch that scene at least.  

HI-LARIOUS, especially to those of us who love spanking.  

Then, of course, I must say the response (Amy's response):

 "Well, maybe you should do it harder then."  

Because it is from the show he doesn't see it as cheeky.   He raises his hand and full out hits me in the chest.  And again, and again, on both breasts and in between.  Damn it hurts.  He makes me come and I buck and thrash under him, coming hard at his command.   I'm whimpering softly when he asks if it is better, harder.  I squeak out a pained "Yes, Master".