Friday, November 21, 2014

Something about last night, plus punishment, then a little fantasy, my title is too long

I got tied down to the bed last night, and had a serious long beating with the misery stick, and the paddle.   I was humping the blanket in delight and agony before he let me come.  After that there was some delicious sex, the dessert.  :) 

This was my reward for doing a certain task for him yesterday, one that was difficult for me.    

And, surprising me, it turned out he was saving my punishment for this morning.  It was quick and painful, a lot more painful than the "fun beating" of the night before.  This is how punishments go, of course, with no time for warm up or enjoying it.  

I'm having a pretty awesome day today, with my butt all sore and everything.  I helped that along by wearing my butt plug for a while.  It has a string on it now, thanks to all the people that worried me with stories of butt plugs vanishing up their rectums. 

I had this delightful fantasy going on while I wore it.  

I imagined that Master and I were shopping together, and I was wearing the plug with the string, and also a longish coat.  He had his hand under the coat, holding the string and tugging at it to guide me around the store, or just to remind me that he was holding my leash.   

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Owning Me

My legs spread wide, my spilling over cunt drenching the sheets, Master above me looks into my eyes and whispers, "In my mind I'm raping you, girl", and he was.   It is clear that I want it (now) while I didn't (before) but something about him taking what he owns makes me want that and everything more, insatiably more.

"It's not just in your mind" I said lustfully, not trying to be insolent, because he knew everything, what I wanted and how I didn't want it, as my hips strained upward to meet him.  I can feel a cut still on my lip where my face felt his hand then.  Three times.  Then I came, again.

Earlier I had to give him many confessions of things I had not done, or done wrong, or thoughts I had which were the wrong ones, the thoughts which led to me avoiding him and pouting last night.  I know I should not do this and I do it anyway.   There were so many confessions to make that every time I thought I'd finished I'd think of one more.  I'd had a hard couple of days, and frankly everything was finally catching up to me, things that I didn't want to admit or even think about.   

Punishment is still an option, but one that he doesn't use this time.   He has many reasons to punish me; he says I should be punished, he even asks if I need to be punished.  I have a hard time squeaking out a yes, finally, and yet he doesn't, because I guess he doesn't want to. 
I don't feel it as a grace though.  It would be nice if I did feel that way, or even felt a little grateful, but I don't.  I do feel grateful that he has torn all these confessions out of me, even though it makes me cry in agony.  This is how he owns me, even the bad parts, the parts I wish were not me.

  He still uses the paddle on me, reminding that it is only for his pleasure, not because I want it or don't want it or deserve it or don't deserve it. I finally give a right answer, surprising him, when he asks if I want to be beaten more.  "It doesn't matter what I want".  

Punishment or not, it still hurts like the devil, and I cry.  I fight with my own hands to keep them from rising up in self protection when he works on my chest with the small wood paddle. 

Finally I am wrung out limp.   He's struck out all my pain, absolved me and we can sleep. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So... my mom thinks we are nudists

This all started a couple of years ago, when I told her that while she and my dad were watching the kids we were going to a friend's cabin for a picnic.  And she said "Well, are you going to be running around naked in the woods then?" totally out of the blue.  It caught me so completely off guard, that I blushed and stammered, "Well, actually, yes".  
She told me to make sure to wear sunscreen.  

I didn't tell her that her son in law was going to be beating me after I got naked in the woods.

 My mom is unique, I suppose.  What you might call "a character".   She thinks all this is more humorous than scandalous.   No reason to worry as long as I'm keeping my sunscreen on. 

Now, she knows we go camping every year with friends, and the kids don't get to go.  So that makes her absolutely sure that we are nudists going to hang out with our nudist buddies.  Because what other reason would there be for going camping without kids?

She barely misses an opportunity to tease, and I return the serve.  Sometimes I have been tempted to let slip the whole truth, but Master thinks it would be a bad idea, so I don't.

Last time we spoke I made a comment about their weeks of keeping the kids in August being Master's and my time to "frolic".   She said she wasn't sure she wanted to contribute to the delinquency of a "major" (she almost said minor, but remembered in time, I'm old!) I just laughed and then she said "I always knew that man was leading you into naughty things!  You can tell just by looking at him."   

Oh, I was so unbelievably tempted to deliver up to her curiosity a hint of the naughty things.  But I didn't, just bit my tongue and changed subjects. 

No Spanking For You!

Yesterday I was flirting heavily with some people that are going to be staying with us in a few weeks.  I was telling Master all about it, and normally he doesn't get upset about this behavior, he doesn't really care if I flirt.  But one particular thing I said caused him to say that I really was being too naughty.   I teased that I deserved a spanking.  He said, "Even worse, you get NO spanking".   

And so, sadly, I didn't get any.  

It doesn't even matter that one spot of my ass is still sore from Sunday.   I have massive cravings.   

Monday, November 17, 2014

KOTW: Piercing

Piercings – yea or nay? Do you have any? If so, are they a part of your kink, or just decorative?

I don't have any piercings, not even my ears anymore.   I originally got my ears pierced because Master wanted to be able to buy me earrings, but the infections kept bothering me for a long time so I let them close up after a year or more.  That was back when I was a teenager. 

I'm pro-piercing, if my Master wants to have it done.   He has been talking about getting labia rings, and also a clitoral hood piercing for me.   It would be all about what he wants, not what I want.   I have heard that the new jewelry is far better than the old cheap stuff I had in my ears, so hopefully I would not face the same problems again. 

What is it about them that makes them a “kink” as opposed to just decoration?

I would be doing it because my Master thinks it is hot.  I do also, but without him desiring it, I won't do it.   I think it would be especially exciting to do it as a scene, where he organized the whole thing without consulting me, then had me tied up during the piercing.  We know some piercers who would enjoy doing it this way...

Do you enjoy the sensation of being pierced, either in play or as a part of creating a permanent piercing?

I haven't done it, so I don't know.  I think whether I like the sensation or not (I'm thinking NOT) wouldn't matter; it would be more about the symbolism it holds for ownership and belonging to him, and him making the decision to have it done.   That is the part that gets me.

What is it about being pierced that “gets you where you live”?

See above ^ :).   Also, I think rings are really pretty and would be fun to play with after they are healed up.  Master is keen on getting a locking mechanism on my cunt somehow, just for the hotness factor for him.   He has also been talking about doing some stapling, but that is a slightly different thing, as it is only for the play, not for permanent decoration.  

If you a lover of piercings on other people (but not yourself) what is it about them that turns you on?

I like the way they look.  I didn't use to, but now that I've seen a lot more I find them attractive, at least sometimes.  I don't love facial piercing as much as nipple and cunt jewelry, but I'm not really sure why.   The thought of belly button piercing being done is the most frightening.  I don't think I'd like that at all.

Kink of the Week

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Best Thing

The best thing about being fucked with the butt plug in is that both my holes are sore and happy when he's done.  Well, mainly the cunt is happy and butt is sore, but whatever, right?

We had visitors this weekend, small children we were sitting for. Which led to 24 hours of seeming chaos-- between the dogs (one of which could not stop barking any time anybody moved) and the kids it all led to me feeling totally run down. 

As soon as they left though, and ours too off to a friends house, Master caught me in the bedroom with laundry.  Serendipitous, eh?

He pulled down my pants and shoved me to the floor.  The belt and whip were liberally applied as I moaned and tried not to squiggle, then some cocksucking and the misery stick.  The butt plug.  A whole lot of fucking and orgasms.   

My batteries are feeling recharged, and Master is making dinner, too, some bean soup.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Bit of Fight

My Master likes me to put up a bit of a fight sometimes, just for fun.  I hate it when he blows on my tummy.  He could just order me to lie still and not put my arms in the way, but sometimes he lets me fight and wiggle first.  This morning I thought he was going to do it, and went to protect my stomach and he let me struggle a little bit before ordering "hands above your head".  Then he almost did it, but not quite, but then seemed to change his mind as he told me to get up and make biscuits.  He said the fleeting emotions in my face -disbelief followed by relief- as I started to get up and then he pushed me back down and did it anyway were just sweet.  

This was after I'd been spanked with the misery stick, so I have no explanation why it so much worse than a stick that actually hurts A LOT, but it is.