Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Evil Paddle With Holes on Master's Day Off

Tuesday was Master's day off.  We were sitting in the kitchen with our laptops (I got a laptop of my own! Wheeee!  That was a whole 'nother story of how long between ordering, reordering and receiving it took, and a few problems, but anyway, I will skip all that).

I was trying to answer some post on Fet. and he randomly (as far as I could tell) began calling me names: "Slut.  Fuckhole.  Cocksucker. Whore," and so on.  He made me take off my clothes.   It was really distracting.  I kissed his hand.  And his arm. I wiggled in my seat and groveled at him.   More names.  Eventually I gave up trying to type anything.  He said I could suck his cock since I so obviously wanted to.    He was still typing. 

After a bit he gave me some new orders:  "Go get your butt plug in, some rope, and your other collar."  I ran upstairs for those things, feeling excited and extremely eager.  My cunt lips were already puffy and aching for his touch.  When I had the plug in and got back downstairs, he had me kneel on the floor, my face down, to show him.  Aaaah, now it was dripping.

He tied me with a rope harness and I gave his cock more loving attention, then he bent me over the counter and roughly thrust into my pussy.  Between the ropes and the butt plug it hurt, but in a few minutes that was all good.

He stopped and told me to bring him some things to hit me with.  The large cane wasn't handy so I brought a smaller cane and the cutting board.  It's what we keep in the kitchen. ;)

He caned me hard.  We went upstairs.  There was fucking on the floor on my hands and knees, more sucking, and the evil wooden paddle with the holes in it.  And more fucking on the bed.   I love it.  All of it.  Even the paddle, sorta, at least when it was over I loved it. 


Finally Feeling Better

Yeah, I woke up Master with a huge coughing fit last night when I couldn't seem to stop.  And I'm still full of mucous, cough, snort, so sexy, hey?  But I feel less sick today, like I might be on the mend.  

I might even go for a walk.  Or maybe not.  

I've been busy trying to catch up on my "to do" list which is way behind.  And the vacuum is throwing out more dirt and hair than it is picking up.   I'm just going to get a new one.   I spackled some holes in the wall that were made during the whole bed removal/replacement ordeal (not my fault).  Then I get to paint.  And I'm making bread.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Fucking

Master told me it was time to get ready to go, and I should come upstairs with him.  I could tell he had other plans than getting ready by the way he smacked me on the stairs.   We got to our room and I dropped my robe.  He pushed me to my knees and dropped his as well.  I concentrated on sucking him hard while he reached for a paddle.  It was the one with the broken handle and holes in the paddle end (carved holes for less air resistance), but still long enough to reach even as I knelt on the floor.  I struggled to continue the blow job as he paddled hard. I think he likes the way my head jerks.  He put down the paddle and gripped both sides of my head, fucking me, making me want him so badly.  He pushed me back a little, then smacked my breasts with the paddle as well.  I groaned softly.

He pushed me down onto my hands and knees and took me quickly in one hard thrust.  I moaned and leaned into it, fucking him back.  My arms began to buckle as I became totally immersed in being his whore-bitch-hole.   He told me to get into bed.  He pushed my face into the pillow and fucked me from behind.  He gave me the vibrator after a short time, and he told me he wanted me to read to him from the book on the nightstand, a part with a sex scene.  I did this while riding him and using the vibrator.  Talk about your difficult efforts of concentration! This is certainly a hard one.  I stumbled over words and tried desperately not to come too early. 
 I waited until he told me I could, and then I had one orgasm after another.  I think my coming pushed him over the edge because soon he was also.    

Happy fucking Sunday!  I would write about Saturday too, but the details are getting fuzzy.  Mostly I remember the part where he shoved the butt plug in my ass.  Very memorable!  Usually he has me do that myself.   It was quite exciting when he did it. 

After all that, he went canvassing without me Sunday because I'm still sick.   This has to be the longest cold I've had in a long time.   I was happy he told me I could stay home, and I could do laundry and make pumpkin pies instead of walking around in the rain.   Although I do like walking with him, I just was not up for it.   We also thought they might have us do phone calls, but with my voice and coughing, that was also a bad idea.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Master tells me he's flirting on line and this knowledge makes me all tingly.   Nerves, yes sure, of course there are nerves too, but also the looming excitement of possibility.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Needing More Caning

I hate to seem greedy, but I am.  

Thursday night Master fucked me, then caned me briefly.  I wished he would have kept going longer, but I hate to say anything like that.   It was just starting to go from painful to really good.  I never know if I should speak up at those times or if I will just seem tiresome to him, and not accepting and agreeable.
It doesn't do me any good to say it now, well after the fact, does it?

And I'm still sick.  Last night I made French onion soup and we watched TV.  So exciting.  I don't feel any better today than I have all week.  Ugh, I hate being sick.  It doesn't seem to slow down my love of sex and painful things much though.  

Side note:
I read something on Fetlife, in a group I don't belong to, about how giving head for 2 hours is completely impossible.   Now, I personally have never done that without a few breaks (usually for spanking and fucking) but I have done it continuously for over an hour.   Also, I once personally watched someone give head, not two feet away from me, for a solid two hours.  I was impressed.  And yeah, she was quite stiff from being on the ground that long.   It can be done.  

So, out of curiosity, how long do you do it?   With breaks? Without breaks?  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Doing Things

I did many things today.  I'm less tired than yesterday, but still very tired.  I was able to go visit Mystique, whom I had not seen in weeks and was missing a lot.  We just chatted and played with her dogs while a repairman tried to fix her TV (unsuccessfully).   

I also did laundry, got groceries, cleaned up the yard, vacuumed downstairs and cleaned one of the bathrooms.  I still have more laundry.  And fixing dinner.  And I want a nap, but it is already 4:30.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sick, sick, sick

So the kids have been sick all week.  I have been feeling "off" for days, since last Friday, and am finally admitting that I really am sick today.  Master gave me dispensation to take it easy and nap today. I'm still doing stuff, like laundry, because clothes are dirty, but I hope to have a nap also.  Although we also have a new bed delivery coming, which will be long and involved and I'm too tired for that.  Nevertheless. 

Yesterday we fucked anyway, twice.  I wasn't that sick.   The first time was wonderful, with hurty nipple clamps and many orgasms, and Master spitting in my face, which is so disgusting I can't even say, but it makes me crazy-aroused.  We were sticky, sweaty and exhausted by the end.  I felt happy then.  

Then S & M came over, bringing more tools and supplies.  I don't think I mentioned this, but S has brought her power tools to our workshop in the barn and has been building some cool stuff out there for the past three weeks.  The first project is a cage-bed commission for someone else.   Master has given her some aged ash wood, which will be turned into paddles.  Other projects are in the wings. So S, and sometimes M, have been spending a lot of time here, in between work and school.   

We had a shower, and took the older kid to the doctor.  On the way back we went for a short walk at the park.  Short, because I had to get home to finish making bread.  I have made two batches of homemade pita, which comes out more like buns which can be stuffed with filling, and everyone loves them.    After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen I was, again, SO tired.  I asked to go up to bed, and he said yes.  He was dealing with some paperwork on the computer.   

When he came to bed he pulled off the covers and took me.  It was quick, it was definitely more of a "used hole" feeling than anything else for me.   I fell right to sleep after.