Monday, June 27, 2016

A Fine Sunday Activity

A fine Sunday activity for Master is ripping my chemise to shreds with his knife, then stuffing it in my mouth for a gag.  This was determined to insufficiently humiliating, so he took the shirt out, stuffed it in my pussy, then back in my mouth.  I was being threatened with the knife at various points in my anatomy and my desperate breathing was sucking the thin shirt material against my nose with each inhalation.  I had totally clear airway on the exhale, and then struggling for each inhale.  

After a hard fucking I crawled across the floor, took a cane from the cane stand, held it in my mouth and crawled back to him with my best pleading look.  He took it with a "Drop it" order, just like we would do with the dogs.  I think he was pleased with me.  I lay on my stomach on the floor and received my desperately longed for beating.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kinky Prom

I was just reading in the Twisted Tryst group about Kinky Prom making a come back this year.

I was all excited and exclaimed to Master,
 "What will I wear? What will I wear?"

He just looked down at me and kind of snorted.  "Wear?"

I guess that means I will be wearing very little, if anything.  

Still excited.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ice and Heat

Ice, dripping down my stomach.  Ice cubes fucked deep into my cunt until they melt into the heat of my juices. A sharp coldness at first, turning to a mellow cool.  Ice, with a tangy taste of pussy, placed in my mouth, allowed to melt slowly on my tongue.  My mouth back to his shaft, spreading coldness there too.  My fingers trail ice water over his shoulders, mixing with his sweat as he labors above me.  Now I'm on top.  Ice sliding across my nipples, teasing them up, dripping down my belly on to him.  Ordered to pleasure myself with a fresh ice cube as I lean off the bed and eagerly suck his cock.  Painfully cold, I try to rub harder and faster to warm it up.
Held down by the throat. Warned to shut my mouth, I know what is coming.  He slaps me hard, repeatedly, leaving my head aching and my cunt clenching him, spilling more juices over his cock.  

Earlier, Master had called me upstairs in the heat of the afternoon to rub his feet while he iced his sore shoulder. When the ice pack began to warm, he sent me downstairs to more ice. 

Friday, June 24, 2016


I had a busy but extremely nice day yesterday.  Master called around noon to tell me that a friend of his was going to be in town and was coming to stay the night.  I was out doing errands and then working outside (filling holes with topsoil, leveling the ground, and planting grass in an area that kids and dogs had turned into rough and barren terrain) so I didn't get the message until he called again around 4.  

I had to clear the 15 year old and his stuff (he moved the stuff, but there was still sheets and cleaning to do) out of the guest room where he's taken over unless we have actual guests.  
Then get the house spruced up a bit.  Then I had an hour long phone call I had to take. 
Master brought home some brats and grilled out, so I didn't have to make anything but the salads for dinner (fruit and regular).
Master has to work today, but we're going to go meet him for lunch.  Then we have fireworks (private display) to go to tonight, and a reunion for Master's school tomorrow.  Busy, busy! 

The Rules

 I've never typed out all our rules before.  They felt really personal and private to me, more than most other things I write about, but I'm not really sure why.  I had to type them up anyway for something Master is working on, so I decided I might as well post them here too.

The Rules

1. Get in the mail.
2. Scoop dog poop on days off.
3. Make the bed every day.
4. Wash the sheets once per week at least, or more if needed.
5. Don't put my glasses on Master's night stand.
6. Shave cunt. Or trim as ordered. Or let grow out as ordered.  Just do what he tells me.
7. Grow hair on head long.
8. No country music in the car if Master is there.
9. After I drive Master's car, put the seat back.
10.  Must ask Master's permission to orgasm if he is home.
11. If he is not home, unless otherwise instructed, I have permission for up to 7 orgasms in one day but ONLY if they are all in one session.
12. Do not give out our phone to people from Fet. without permission, or call them without permission.
13. No meeting people from Fet. without permission.
14. All play with others needs permission.
15. Take empty dog food sacks to the trash can.
16. Tea in the am should be in a large mug and have caffeine (Tea rules are for making his tea, he doesn't care what tea I have. I usually drink coffee).
17. Tea in the pm should be in a small or medium mug and not have caffeine.
18. All tea should have Splenda.
19. Microwave tea in large mug 3:30.  Medium mug: 2:30.  Small mug 2:00
20. Eggs must be well done.
21. Pasta must be al dente.
22.Clothes must be washed regularly.  Master needs clean work pants.
23. Tell Master when things are bad or good.
24.  Don't wake up Master!
25. OBEY!
26. I must always suck Master's cock while he reads my journal.
27. No giving to charities without permission.
28. No getting arrested in Las Vegas.
29. My ass belongs to Master.
30. Follow the chore schedule.
31. I must never purposefully hurt Master's property- which is me.
32. Do nightly ritual unless ordered otherwise.
33. Don't say "nothing" or "never mind" to Master.
34. Floss teeth daily.
35. Make Master's lunch if he needs one.
36.  No getting speeding tickets.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Walking Log

Monday I lost my Fitbit.  It was a tiny bit traumatic.  I had been hauling brush from the yard to the pasture in several places and when I came inside I noticed it was gone.  I looked all over the yard, and the kids came and helped me.  No luck. 

 I tried to get the dogs to sniff it out.  They ran around excitedly and ate random things on the ground.  Go dogs.

 I even brought out the secret weapon- Taz, the youngest- who eats everything he finds in the yard. He ate (and I mean it was 3/4 gone) one of Master's new gloves the other day.

I thought maybe he'd find the fitbit and I could rescue it before he started chewing it.  

Nope, he just leaped around me with a "What are we doing now, Mom?" expression.  

I went to the store, came home and took one more pass around the yard (I had done SO many passes, missing SO many steps).  There it was by the fence!  Victory!

Master and I went for another long walk that night, giving me 16,400 steps for the day even with several hours of work missing.

I'm not going to do a list of every day of the last two weeks, but the daily average has been 13,896 (5.68 miles).

The highest day was 18,486 (7.49 miles).
The lowest day was 10,403 (4.22 miles), so I haven't been under the 10,000 steps a day goal at all.  


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Goodness, That Was Hot

We stayed up late last night.  When everyone else was asleep, Master had me undress myself and rub his feet. Soon, this turned to cocksucking.  He told me what a good little cocksucking whore I am.  I basked in these words, this attention.  He paddled me, I squirmed; he fucked me, I moaned. Back to sucking.  Then more of everything all over again.

Then again this morning.  He fucked me first, standing up bent over a chaise lounge in our room.  He put a rope around me and used that as a handle to hold me as he did me doggy style.  He beat me with the rope ends, which felt really good and stingy.  Then he got me into bed and gave me the Hitachi.  Master said I had to keep using it while I sucked him, but not I was not allowed to come until he did. 

  It was really difficult, because I always want to come right away when the vibrator goes on.  I had to turn it off several times or I would have orgasmed uncontrollably.  Finally when I felt him coming I let go of my resistance and had a huge one.  

When we went for a walk in the evening he tied a thick piece of rope around my chest "To remind me".   I wore it after that too, while we watched a show, being continually reminded.