Sunday, April 26, 2015

NO Tummy blows!

I lost a pound this week.  We had our weekly weigh in this morning when he has me strip and get on the scale in front of him 
(undeniably, this part is hot, especially when he man handles me at the same time).  
So NO tummy blows are required for me this week.  I got one (or more) every day except one last week. Although he makes sure to always remind me that he can do it any time he wants for absolutely no reason at all because I'm his slave.  sigh.  But at least a small result of my effort is better than none.  I walked 15 miles this week, and am going to do another couple today if I can get off my lazy rear here.


Yesterday was the MAsT meeting and I wore my tall boots again.  Master had insisted that I wear them out Friday night to the Vagina Monologues (which was really good, alternately funny and sad- except for one skit where the writer was ragging on bald cunts.  Master reminded me it was only one woman's opinion and we didn't happen to agree with her.  He's so sensible).  Back to the boots though, I figured he would want me to wear them again so I did, with some old panty hose that were already starting to run.  He told me that was a good thing because he intended to rip them off later anyway.

The MAsT meeting was very small, as it is a new chapter in an area where M/s relationships are uncommon.   Hopefully it will grow.  Master had a good time and is interested in going back for another. Plus their dog was really sweet.    We didn't stay on the discussion topic (protocol) very long at all, but instead discussed many other fun and interesting things.  

On the way home Master had me expose my tits, and he ripped my panty hose, a large hole on the thigh.  Then he used a rubberband one-handed to snap that spot.  He has this finger trick with it.  And smacked my inner thighs a few times just to be sure.  I was getting wet.  He asked me how much I liked the panties I was wearing because he intended to cut them off when we got home.

In the driveway, I sucked his cock.

In our bedroom, he told me to get the big knife out of the toy bag.

"Now, crawl to me".   I crawled.

"You know what I want".  I did.  

When I had sucked him, he pushed me back on to the floor and began ripping away what was left of the panty hose.  
The knife.  Oh the knife.  

He turned me over and pulled me to hands and knees. My skirt scrunched up on my hips.  He made me turn and look at his knife again.   I could feel the knife on my back and my ass, scratching.  When he got to my cunt and I felt its coldness I let out a moan of fear.  He sliced away my panties, and entered me, so wet there, so good.

I was on my back again, the knife on my throat, getting fucked hard, all scary-hot.  He stuffed the wet ripped panties into my mouth and thrust in again and again, making me come.  He pulled my legs up on to his shoulders and fucked so hard and deep that it hurt.  

When I was all good and ravaged he took some pictures, then told me to take off my boots, my clothes, er, what was left of my clothes, and come to bed.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Things A Slave Shouldn't Say- part 152

Me: That's really more a guideline than a rule, right?

Him: stares

Me (digging myself in deeper): Or a suggestion?

Him: It's not a fucking suggestion. Or a fucking guideline.

He went on a bit more too, while I ducked and smiled what must have been the shit-eatingest grin since the fox was caught with the chicks. More of a grimace really.


I got all wrecked.  I'm pretty tired, but hopefully I'll be able to write more tomorrow.   Anyway, Master took a picture. 

The white fluffs on the carpet came from my clothing.  
There was a big knife!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Boots, Monologues, MAsT, Kicking n Sexin'- Can't Decide on a Title

These are the boots!  As soon as I put these on I knew they were the ones.  Master and I were shopping and he was pulling things off the shelf and saying "Try this", after I had expressed interest in some new boots.  They were deeply discounted too, at 80% off, so we could definitely afford them!

I have never worn heels this high for more than a minute, so even though they are thick heels, I'm having to practice walking in them- it feels awkward, but sexy.  Like a really sexy giraffe. 

They feel much better lying down, like my whole leg is having sex.   Master enjoyed very much snapping some pictures, then having me put on a mini skirt and fucking me like that, my boots up on his shoulders and mini skirt hiked up to my waist.

The boots I'm sure he purchased more as a sex adjunct than a wearing item.  Though I will wear them on Saturday when we go out.

Tonight we are going to see the Vagina Monologues.  One of our friends is running/starring in it and says she's to orgasm on stage.  I'm excited!  I've never seen it, so I don't really know what I'm in for.  
I'm hoping Mystique will go with us, if she's not too tired from work.

Then Saturday we're going to our first MAsT meeting (Masters And slaves Together) (they always leave the "s" in slave lower case, which I think is funny in an acronym)I'm a bit nervous about the discussions (it is on protocol) and not having anything to say.  We are not that big on protocol.  But I do want to try out the group just to see what it's like.

Last night Master kicked me as I knelt on the floor. In the ass and the cunt.  It hurt quite a bit, but at the same time got my mind in that super fuzzy-submissive-feeling-happy zone.  

Thoughts that float through my mind at those times:  "He's kicking me. On the floor. Ow, my twat.  How much lower could I be?"

  Then he caned me, which was also hurty.  And a flogging (it's been a long time since I had that) which felt totally awesome.  

And finally some excellent fucking and orgasms.  I love when he jams his hands into my mouth, either prying it open to the sides or trying to gag me.  It's so awful and invasive and just GOOD.   I sucked on his thumb like it was a cock.   He was thinking the same thing as he pushed me down to suck him some more.    

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spanking Implement

He bent me over the couch and spanked me with the fireplace shovel.  Now he's calling me "sooty butt".

PS. It was another good night, full of the rapey goodness.  My ass is perpetually sore.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My False Hope is Adorable. Evidently.

Last night as he was getting ready to ravage me (again! God I love him and his appetites so! Anyway...distracted lol)  he said it was time for my daily punishment.  I had actually deluded myself into thinking there would just be the one punishment.  Or I was hoping that he had forgotten about the punishment for gaining that one pound back being DAILY and was hoping that just the one on Sunday would be sufficient.  The way my mind plays tricks on me, I'm not even sure if it was wishful thinking or purposeful misremembering. Probably some of both. 

Anyway, he told me that if I was really, really good there was a chance that he would forgo the punishment for this one night only.  Hanging on to that little hope, I like to think that I was really, really good at sucking cock.  He was moaning with happiness, which is a pretty reliable indicator.  He made me pretend to be other women and called me by other names, which is pretty degrading.  

Soon he was fucking me.  He tied my hands to the bed.  When I was riding on top he asked me what I would like most right now.   I gave the required "Whatever you want, Master" reply but then he asked me again what I wanted, which means I had to give another answer, something that I really did want.   I thought for a minute, then said I would like to lie on my side and suck his cock while using the vibrator, and also with him spanking me at the same time.  I get overwhelmed with good feelings while doing that.  He had me describe it for him again in much greater and sexy detail. 

Then he let me have my desire. He let me do this - he took out a leather strap and beat my ass hard as I sucked.  It was just as good as I imagined, and I came hard and muchly.  Then he fucked me from behind and punched me.  Yum.

When he was done it was punishment time.  That was when he told me my false hope of avoiding it was adorable.

Tummy raspberries. Plus he bit my stomach.  Hate that so bad.

Let's see...5 more days to go.