Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fisting, almost

Last night we were snuggling in bed watching a movie, as he gradually took all my clothes off, feeling me all over.  It turned into pussy spanking and light punching, then he began to work his fingers inside me.  I had come and squirted from the smacking, so I felt soaking wet, and yet he told me to hand him the lube.  We keep a large bottle on the nightstand.  He squirted some on me (cold!) and then began working more fingers in.  It felt really good and stretched out, and left me with a pleasant soreness.   

After the movie, later on,  he watched porn while I sucked his cock and he fucked me, which I wasn't really getting into.  Sometimes I am just his hole to get off, though, and I deal with it.   For some reason I was having a hard time being that for him without feeling kind of bad.  A little sad, I guess, I don't know. Disconnected. 

 Really just a hole, but not in the hot objectification way.  When he asked what was wrong I told him this.  He told me I was his hole, his cunt, his slave.  

 But then he reached for the leather strap and put it around my neck.  All my distanced feeling was forgotten in the ecstasy of his pulling on the strap, it tightened... just for a minute...ohhhh!  and then he put it in my mouth like a gag or reins.   He pulled it tight again and told me to come, while wrenching my head to the side, THAT was a big one!   He let me use the magic wand also, and I pretty well soaked the blankets. 

I asked afterward how much of his hand made it inside me, but it wasn't that close to his whole fist, yet it was still feeling quite full with all his fingers up to the last knuckle.   Quite full and very delicious, in fact. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

One Man's Sex Blog, Posted by DM for ksst

One Man's Sex Blog

The question was asked recently why men don't write more sex blogs.  This is just one attempt to answer that question.

Yeah, we fucked more than a few times this weekend, and it was okay.  The last time ksst wore her big butt plug, and it felt so good bumping against my cock as I fucked her that I almost went for anal.  Ass sex.  But that reminded me of my Civ V game where I'm playing the Aztecs, so I came, and went back down to play.

In Civ V you can choose different countries to play, and I mostly choose the Aztecs because they sound like ass sex.  They're really not a good power; the special unit is weak, the special building is only a minor improvement over the standard watermill, and the special power sounds way better than it is.  

If you really want to go for policies, you should choose the French, or another power that gets steady and reliable Culture Boosts.  If you want to wage war, you should pick a country with a better unit, like the Mongols.  

Probably the best power in Civ V, for my style of play, is the Persians, who have a great power, a good unit, and a great building.  However, when I play the Persians, I tend to tortoise up and not fight anyone.  I've spent entire games without a single war.  I won them, of course, but seriously, why bother?  Same with the Egyptians and the French.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, pick fights all the time.  Units in the water are just free culture for me.  My caravels and frigates roam the oceans running over any unit they come across, just for the culture.  It makes for an interesting game, constantly fighting the entire world, but unable to pull off any really big conquests because at level 6, where I usually play, you can't conquer people and stay happy.  I'm usually happy if I can keep my empire's happiness above -10.  

I love the Mongols even more than the Aztecs.  Their powers of conquest are unsurpassed, but on the high levels the unhappiness quickly kills you, with your cities' production at almost zero, units fighting at half strength at best, and zero population growth.  Even razing cities to the ground, a common Mongol tactic, can't stem the flood of unhappiness.  I sometimes sell conquered cities to other civilizations with which I am not yet at war, but then I end up having to reconquer them.  So, ass sex, or Aztecs.

I've won with all the other civilizations at at least level 5, except for the Greeks, who should really be the Macedonians, as their leader is Al the Great, and Ramaramadingdang of the Siamese.  These civilizations are too boring for me to play.

This is why guys don't write sex blogs.  And don't even get me started on World of Tanks.


I am


I have removed my robe and am wearing only my leather collar and a thin shirt with lace edging around the neck.  

"You are so beautiful".  He tosses it out there like a fact.  
Just a statement, not a flattery, not designed to make me feel anything or do anything.  

And in that moment, his words create my reality.  What I am in his eyes is all that matters. 

I am. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Master says "More explicit"!

Yes, he thinks my previous blog was not racy enough.  So I'm left with the decision whether to rewrite that one or to write a new one, because just a few minutes ago...well, I'll just say the man gets horny A LOT.  

A new one: 

I was sitting here in my computer chair, when he beckoned me upstairs.   I followed him to our room, where he told me what he wanted.  I dropped to my knees in front of him.

His cock still tasted of me; that was only a few hours earlier, actually.  Before his shower he wanted me once more. 

He was already hard as he thrust to the back of my throat.  He grabbed my hair and began pumping into my face.  I started to orgasm.  In that second he saw it and told me to come, but I'd already started anyway.   He told me where to put my hands and what to do, then another few minutes of sucking and he pulled me back off and shoved me on to all fours.   He kicked me in the ass a couple of times, then positioned himself behind me.

Throwing my robe up over my back and ripping (almost literally) my pants down, he took me so violently I gasped at the tightness and dryness despite my orgasm (it was not a squirty one).  

I realized I kind of had to pee then, but the feeling of him deep inside me and pounding up against my full bladder made it even more intensely delicious.  Is this supposed to happen?  I thought sex when you had to pee was not supposed to feel this great?  Or maybe it always does?  These thoughts flittered through my head before all thought abandoned me, leaving only the feeling of him roughly fucking me like a bitch on the floor. 

I felt every inch his bitch.  He used my robe sash for leverage, driving in deep and hard.  Then he suddenly stopped and my greedy little cunt was like "Heyyyyy" but then my mouth, just as greedy, was filled again, his cock now tasting strongly of myself.  I had thoughts of damp panties being shoved into my mouth as a gag. 

 Maybe they'd be mine, or maybe someone else's... 

Going Out

Last night, for the first time in a few years, Master let me go out to a dinner at a restaurant with some kinky folks without him.  I went with Mystique and we had a fun time chatting and eating, seeing friends and meeting people.    Master stayed home to relax with the kids after he'd had a long day of work and then getting hay with me.

He said beforehand that since he was letting me go out alone I was going to owe him big time.  Now, this is kind of a joke since he already gets everything he asks for from me, but still, the idea of owing him more than that, well, it made me a bit worried.    Can I owe him big time and yet not owe him at all at the same time?  Or is he just messing with my head?  Knowing him, it is the second one.

This morning he wanted to lie back and have me pleasure him, which I am happy to do at any time, but this morning there may have been an extra willingness and eagerness in my work.   When he was done with that, he had me put the butt plug in, use the Hitachi and he fucked me, sending me on many massive orgasm journeys.   

Saturday, November 22, 2014

KOTW: Suck My Cock, You Whore! (Talking Dirty)

Post with all the Dirty Talk

My Master loves how it turns me on, how he can easily embarrass and humiliate me with it, and how he can make me talk to him which is also embarrassing to me and yet hot.   He sometimes tells me exactly what to say.

It spurs on our fantasies and our imaginations. We create elaborate, or not so elaborate (Fuck me, Master!) images for each other which makes the sexy times even more exciting.

Some of the things he talks about would have been hard limits for me if I were allowed to have any of those.  Years ago I tried protesting "Don't say those things!",  which didn't work. At all.  

I am a big fan of force and not having any say in this (which you may have realized if you read more than one or two days of my blog) so I got over it, rather than continue to protest.   His corrections to me generally went along the lines of "You are my property.  You will do as I want, and I will do as I want to you." 

 That is paraphrased.  It was at least a couple of years ago, maybe three, so I don't remember exactly what he said.  

Most of the sort of talk I didn't like at first I really find hot now, and if I don't, well, he does what he wants, right?   

And that is good for me.

Kink of the Week

Friday, November 21, 2014

Something about last night, plus punishment, then a little fantasy, my title is too long

I got tied down to the bed last night, and had a serious long beating with the misery stick, and the paddle.   I was humping the blanket in delight and agony before he let me come.  After that there was some delicious sex, the dessert.  :) 

This was my reward for doing a certain task for him yesterday, one that was difficult for me.    

And, surprising me, it turned out he was saving my punishment for this morning.  It was quick and painful, a lot more painful than the "fun beating" of the night before.  This is how punishments go, of course, with no time for warm up or enjoying it.  

I'm having a pretty awesome day today, with my butt all sore and everything.  I helped that along by wearing my butt plug for a while.  It has a string on it now, thanks to all the people that worried me with stories of butt plugs vanishing up their rectums. 

I had this delightful fantasy going on while I wore it.  

I imagined that Master and I were shopping together, and I was wearing the plug with the string, and also a longish coat.  He had his hand under the coat, holding the string and tugging at it to guide me around the store, or just to remind me that he was holding my leash.