Monday, October 22, 2018


Saturday night we went to a Halloween party and the first thing (after snacks) that we saw was someone getting her chest stapled. The staples went on top of this metallic coated thread, which was then zapped with electricity using a violet wand.  Master kept talking to me about how fun it was going to be to do it to me, so of course I just had to try it.   Master did the staples in my chest.  I can still count the holes so I know how many there were.  The first one was right in the center of my chest just above my boobs about an inch and that was the most painful one.  After that he was going down the squishy parts of both breasts and it wasn't so bad, about like getting a needle each time.   

There were 10 staples and then the staple gun ran out.   I was pretty much done with that anyway, so I was protesting that they really didn't need to get us any more, and Master let me be done.  There was a cute little spider sticker to go on the string web.   

Then Master used the violet wand electricity to light up the metallic string as well as the staples, and me.  It wasn't as painful as the staples going in- it was really more tingly than painful.  But I still don't like the zappy things all that much.  

I sat around for a while with my staples in, then Master took them out.  One of them bled a little bit, but that wasn't too bad.  

We had some more food and then he took me back in the basement area for some flogging and beating.   

I put some pictures of the staples up on Fetlife if you are on that site.  I haven't got them off Master's phone on to this computer yet though. 


TMI Tuesday

1. What’s the future of dating? 

I think in the future people won't actually go for coffee or dinner.  They will eat at home by the computer with the camera on for a romantic dinner for one, while watching their "date" eat and drink from half a world away.  Or maybe that is already the present state of dating.  

2. Do you usually wake up with an erection? 

I don't have a penis, so, no.  

3. What is your most bizarre talent?

Flipping my tongue over. 

 4. Do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex? 

My personal opinion on this is that all people are equally complex, some are just better at hiding it from the world so they seem  simple. I prefer a moderate amount, not too much exposed or too much hidden.  

5. Are you simple or complex? 


 Bonus: Tell us a riddle.

What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs? 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Growing the Fuzz

One of the ways my Master and I are really well matched is I believe we both have a kink (or maybe not a kink, but a desire) centered around control.  He gets off on having it and I get off on giving it up.   It's so much more all encompassing of our lives than if we just had a love of spanking or watersports, or a desire for most other specific kinks.  

Last week he decided there ought to be pubic hair again, which I had been shaving on his orders for a year or so now (I don't remember how long).   So now I'm at the itchy, stubbly stage of growth and he's eagerly anticipating me having enough hair that he can tug on it. 

I am too, to be honest. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

And More Whipping

My back today

Master was inspired by Saturday night's whipping to do even more whipping on Tuesday!  He asked me if I wanted more and I said not really, I was afraid it would hurt.  Which kind of made him laugh.  

  But he wanted to do it, so pretty soon we stopped the fucking (he was asking me in the middle of fucking) and he had me stand up at the dresser for some whipping with the belt and with the single tail.  

I think all the marks were new marks, and none of them fell directly on the old unhealed up cuts from before, anyway, it didn't hurt more than it always does, and pretty soon I was desperate to get on my knees and suck his cock.  

First, however, he had to put the clamps on my nipples and whip me again.  I was really moaning then, those are so unbearable, those clamps.  He put them on my cunt and tugged me around my lower lips.  Then he finally allowed me to get on my knees, but while I was sucking he continued to beat me with the belt. 

Not only that, but later that night, another short belt session and more fucking! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos? 

I have three tattoos and I do like them.  The first one is my Master's initials on my back/shoulder area.  The second says "Owned" with a chain and heart attached and it's on my thigh.  The newest one is a stylized elephant on my calf.  

2. How did you pick your online profile name? 

The very first kink website I joined I picked the name "ksst" because I had just watched the episode "Tsst" of South Park where they bring in dog trainer Cesar Milan to straighten up an out of control Cartman.   Here's a little clip:  I thought it was way too funny, although I'm not really a fan of Cesar's dog training method. 

I changed it to ksst to sound like kissed.  

A while later my Master began calling me ancilla, which is Latin for serving girl, and he added it to my name.  On fetlife I now have a different name, but that's a longer story.

3. What’s one saying you try to live by? 

My Master says I love by "Suck it, bitch".  Ummm, sure, so that's my saying.  

4. What was the last bad meal you ate? Why was it so awful?

 I really don't eat anything awful.  If it's that bad I toss it and find something else.  I would say my worst meals are just adequate and edible without being amazing.  Like the Chinese food we ate on Saturday.  I had leftovers from it which were really pretty good once I added a bunch of hot sauce to them at home.

 5. When was your last bad sexual encounter? Why was it so awful?  

I have no idea. 

Bonus: Tell us something random.  Go here.  Do the thing. 

Or go here:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Good Saturday

I got to be in a cage yesterday!

Saturday morning I got up with my Master at 5:30 and made his breakfast, and his tea, and my coffee. I served him when he got done with his shower, and then I opened and closed the gate for him as he was leaving (driveway gate).

I told him that a friend had invited me out to a bar at 9 am (really?) and he gave permission for me to go as long as I got all my stuff done first and I wasn't going to be drinking. But I ended up not going because I didn't much feel like being in a bar- instead I did laundry, cleaned the house, kept the fire going (we have no heat right now except the wood stove because our furnace died- it's cold here), and then took my puppy for a long walk.

Master got home about 1 pm and I made him some leftovers for lunch. Then we went on a little road trip to a kink event in a nearby town. 

On the drive down Master told me my new shirt made me look a bit like a shiny Magikarp (because it has a sparkly almost fish-scale-like pattern).   I thought that was funny, but it got even funnier when he told me that for the rest of the day I could only orgasm if he said "Magikarp, use splash!"  He did tell me that later on too, after he remembered what the command was going to be, but every time I was laughing so hard it didn't really work at intended. 

The first part of the event was a kink sampler with various stations where people could try out different kinky activities.  Initially I got excited about the vacu-bed idea, but then after watching someone else do it I was too nervous and didn't ask the demo person to try it.  It was really interesting to watch though.  Imagine a food vacuum sealer, only it's large enough to put a person in.  They only have a narrow hose to get oxygen from. 

We ran into a friend from Tryst who we hadn't seen in years, because we haven't been able to go, and Master told him that if he wanted to play with me I would be up for a lot of different things later on that night.   He seemed really surprised by this, but happy, and said he'd love to do something later on after he'd had the scene he planned with his partner.   We watched their scene and it was terribly exciting for me.  

But I'm getting ahead of things.

After the kink-sampler was done, we had time to go out for dinner before the party started.   We managed to get lost in a part of town that should have been familiar.  But that was ok, no rush.  We found a place to eat eventually, even if it was not the best, it was food.
 I was hungry.

After dinner, we still had time for a little Pokemon hunting, which was entertaining.

As soon as we got back to the party, right when the door opened, Master said:

"Get naked, we're doing this!" 

I was ready in a jiffy, and he clipped a leash to my collar and led me to the dungeon room.   He had me kneel on the floor holding the red leatherette handle to the chain leash in my mouth at the foot of the St. Andrew's cross while he laid out all his implements of ass destruction.   He tied me to the cross and started out with a bunch of hard snaps of the belt.  Then there were floggers and canes, and a knife, the dragon tail, canes, and the machete, and much "Magikarp, use splash!" followed by me giggling.  

By the time he got to the tire tread paddle all the giggling and/or stoic acceptance had gone out the window and I was yelping, crying and trying to escape by huddling up closer to the cross (which doesn't work when you are tied to it).  

He untied me and told me to kneel and suck his cock.  I did so, all the while he continued beating me with the flat side of the machete (that is as painful as it sounds).  I was absolutely dripping and hungry for it.  We then cleaned up our area and went off to a quiet back room for more sucking and fucking.  He came right on my ass.   We cleaned up again and after a little cuddling we met some friends and chatted for a while until the cage was empty, then he put me in it.  It's a popular spot, so sometimes you have to wait your turn. 

I waited in the cage until our friend was done with his scene and then he came and got me.  We hadn't negotiated anything at all beforehand, and the one time we had played together before was years ago at a gang bang, so we had a little quickie discussion about what we wanted and it turned out he was quite keen to do whips and you all know I love whips, so that's what it would be.  

He tied me up and whipped the beejezus out of me, front and back, with rope ends and a single tail.  I was totally spaced and flying- I couldn't stop trembling by the end.  It was really hot, too.   Not temperature-wise, I mean sexy-hot.  

When I got dressed again Master gave me his undershirt to wear instead of my white fish-scale-pattern one because he didn't want me bleeding on my new shirt.  

 We drove home late at night. Master drove, and I tried to keep him entertained and not falling asleep.

Monday, October 8, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Information on the Brain

1. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be?

- More time with my Master when it is just the two of us being together, not just on the computers. 
-More money/less work for him.
-Knowing that my kids will have good lives and futures, not having to worry about them.

2. What are your favorite things to spend money on?

Eating out.  I enjoy restaurants, the togetherness of being with Master or Master and friends, and the break from cooking and dishes. 

3. If you could write a song about your life, what type of music would you use?

It would be something like David Bowie, so my Master would listen to it.  It would be Bowie's great hit from beyond.

4. If you could choose your partner again, would you choose the same person?

Yes, absolutely.

5. When it comes to discussing your sex life, who do you confide in more than anyone else?

Pretty much only my Master, other than writing in the blog or on fetlife.  I guess it's not really confiding if I'm sharing it with the world?  So just Master, then.

Bonus: What’s your definition of cheating? Is there really such a thing?

Having sex with someone else outside of your relationship agreements.  Then one needs to ask and answer, what is sex?  That would be whatever your partner considers sex.  If you don't dare tell your partner what you are doing, that is getting pretty murky already whether or not there has been cheating yet- things like online sex chat get pretty close, but to me, do not step over the line to be cheating.  But a lot of people do consider it cheating, so it really depends what the other person in the relationship thinks more than any universal definition.  

Of course there is such a thing as cheating.  Lots of people are doing it.

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Caning

First I was kneeling in the middle of the room, my head near the ground.  Master stood on the back of my neck with one foot, pushing me flat to the ground. 

"You like that, don't you, slave?"

"Yes, Master". 

He pulled me up again by the collar and had me suck his cock.  Then he told me to kneel next to the bench by the window.  I leaned over it, but he pressed my head down even further.  

"Head down," he ordered.  "Do. Not. Move. I want you to count each stroke and say 'Thank you, Master' after each."

One stroke of the cane. 
"One, Master. Thank you, Master".

Second one.
"Two, Master.  Thank you, Master".

I barely got "Seven. Master. Thank you. Master" out around my grimace of pain.  That was an especially hard one.   

He went up to eleven, then ordered me into bed.  He told me he was going to violate my ass.  I dutifully got in bed on top of our waterproof blanket and lay on my stomach.   He finished caning me there, then gave me the vibrator and took out a rubber glove and some lube.  For my ass.  He stuck one finger in, then began to fuck me at the same time.  And I had the vibrator on myself, so it was really fantastic.   

Monday, October 1, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. What is the most annoying thing to you during foreplay or sex?

Definitely doing anything to my stomach.  I hate the feeling.  Blowing, kissing etc. is a no, and biting is right out.  Of course my Master would do it just to torment me.  
2. Tell us something you really wanted to do but let someone talk you out of when deep down you wanted to do it?

I am probably stubborn enough that I can't think of a time that this has happened to me.    I easily let myself be talked out of things that I don't really want to do.  The only times I haven't done something I really deep down wanted to do were when my Master said no, absolutely not.   I wasn't talked out of it, just told I wasn't doing it.  There were times when I wanted to go to a certain event, or get a new animal when that happened.

3. During sex are you more orgasm-centered or going for an all out enjoyable experience with connection?

I am not orgasm centered except when I'm masturbating.  I like orgasms, but that's not what I'm mainly into- it's the whole experience and feelings.

4. When was the last time you sought to introduce new activities in the bedroom? What did you want to introduce? Did you and your lover do the new sexual activity?

The last time I took the initiative on something new was actually with Dr. Peter, when I asked him if he would teach me to cane him, which he did.  I enjoyed it, for the feeling of making him happy, but I didn't get a lot of sexual thrills from the act of caning.  I was worried that I'd be uncomfortable, but I wasn't really. 
5. Finish the sentence: I would enjoy spending an entire day alone ______ .

If I had dogs with me and could walk in the country.  It's not really alone with dogs is it?  I assume it means without other humans.
Bonus: If you had to sum up the internet in one word, what would it be?



Saturday, September 29, 2018

T Shirt

My Master told me he wants to get me a t-shirt that says:

"It's not a blowjob, it's a suck hobby".

I said "Where am I going to to be able to wear that?"

He said "Everywhere".


Friday, September 28, 2018

Being a Used Cunt

I like being my Master's used little cunt.  Last night it was mainly my mouth that got used, and I relaxed into giving him pleasure without thinking about my own at all.  He was watching some porn (that I never saw) and I was sucking, or he was thrusting in and out of my mouth.   I did have the vibrator, but it felt like nothing at all, as if sensations below my mouth had no existence or relevance.  I was just a mouth.   Then he rolled me on to my stomach and I was just a cunt for his enjoyment as he took me.  Back to my mouth, and then cunt, repeatedly, until he came inside me.

Then, because he is nice, he used a toy on me and let me come as well.   My jaw, lips and mouth were sore, but I was as content as could be.    


Avoiding, for my health

Avoiding the news.
Avoiding facebook as much as I can.
Avoiding certain discussions.
For my mental health is at stake. 
If I stoke the anger in my heart anymore 
I could hurt someone.
It could be me.  

I watched A Wrinkle in Time yesterday.
A movie that is full of love, preaching love and bravery and fighting evil. 
How do I love when there is so much hate? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bringing Up Problems

This post is about bringing up topics that I find hard to discuss. 

I know I'm not the only one that gets all up in my head and worked up about "How's he going to react/how should I word this/what am I going to say?" and worried about if my problem is even big enough to be worth discussing or if I should just get over it myself. 

My Master told me once a long time ago that if it was big enough for me to get worked up about then it was big enough that I needed to talk to him about it.  Talking to someone else first wasn't the right way to go. 

In truth yesterday was not a very fun day.  We are sick with colds from the start of the school year; the youngest kid stayed home from school.  Master got no sleep from being at work all night.  We went out to do our Pokemon anyway, but it poured down rain so we were not able to walk and we were just dreary, miserable and tired until we gave up attempting fun and came home.  

Then I spent two hours making lasagna and finishing the laundry.  I felt a little better after eating way too much lasagna (the diet is going terribly, thanks).

It was only about 8 pm when it really felt like bedtime and we went up stairs.  We were all snuggled in bed with Master saying he felt too icky for sex when I brought up my issue.  I hate making complaints.  I feel like I'm unslave-ish and just whiny.  But it was something that wasn't going to go away unless I spoke up.  
My Master was very kind, and we talked a bit.  Then he was stroking me and suddenly not too sick for sex after all.  

I said "You think Nyquil makes me easy?" and he replied "I think everything makes you easy." 

So, anyway, I still feel sick today, but I feel a lot better than yesterday otherwise. 


Monday, September 24, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. How do you and your loved one connect?

Usually with snuggling or with sex.

2. When did you last make a mistake and were okay with that mistake?

I hit my head on the sun visor (again!) yesterday trying to get into the car.  I think it's funny though, as it doesn't really hurt.  I always forget to fold it up.

3. What are you just not seeing?

The point of Republicans.

4. If you could spend ten minutes with your hero alive or dead what would you ask them?

I can't really think of anything.

5. Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?

Yes, Travis and Wolfmoon.

Bonus: Have you ever won a medal for a sports activity? What sexual activity are you sure to win the gold?

I did. In high school one year I got an MVP medal on my soccer team.  I was a full back, and specialized in running people down and stealing back the ball when they were making a break for our goal.  Some people say I was a bit too aggressive and got in a few too many shin kickings instead of ball kickings.  Hey, that's what shin guards are for!

I don't know about a gold medal, but I should at least get a gold star for cock sucking!

Friday, September 21, 2018


How do you handle it? Say, if it is caused by general situations in the world which are hard to fix, and certainly not by one person overnight, not by specific people in your life that you can talk to?

Answer:    Scrubbing is a vital part of the process. I also decided that FB was causing me to be riled up more than necessary and I need to stay off of it. Ugh, FB junkie, though. 

Some retreat from people.  Rather than retreat from people, I found it helpful to get out and see some of my friends. Luckily they are easy to find during the day playing Pokemon- the stay at home moms, the work from home-ers, the flexibly scheduled, and the people who work night shift are my Pokemon buddies. It's a completely different context to the one that was upsetting me, so that was good.

But to even get that far I had to scrub the bathrooms, vacuum the house and work on the first step:  accepting emotions.

 I have my own process for this, which I sometimes forget to do, but when I'm reminded to do it it really works for me. It involves sleepy hedgehogs, which are prickly and yet adorable. I got the idea from this book I read Come As You Are.

Anyway, once I had the bathrooms, vacuuming and the acceptance part done, I started on the dishes and talking to my Higher Power. At first I was afraid. I don't have a normal religion, but I have a Higher Power and the scary thing is that sometimes when I pray I get an answer. I was afraid of what the answer would be. But I kept scrubbing until I felt like I had the right question and prayer, and then I asked. And I got an answer, which was amazing and beautiful and yet frightening. It was just two words "Free will."

I did not find anything out of the ordinary to do for anyone else, although most of my day and my evening are all about service, that is ordinary for me, that is what I do every day and I couldn't think of anything extra to do. Maybe something will come to me. I did go for a walk with my dog when it stopped raining. Then I made dinner and it was all good.  I also concentrated on thinking of things for which I am grateful.

I talked to my Master, late at night, maybe not the best time to discuss angry feelings, but the time we had when he wasn't busy reading things on the computer.   I told him my plans for violent revenge, which were scaring me.  He treated them like normal thoughts anyone might have, which made me see them for what they really are: vengeance fantasies, not plans.  They are much less frightening that way.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Now I Have to Wash My Pillow

I feel like I should warn you that there is a law in M/s relationships that not everyone knows about.  

No matter whose pillow it was before the fun started, once it is soaking wet that pillow definitely is the slave's pillow and the dry one is Master's.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

KOTW: Sex Workers

Just to provide fair warning, this one is fiction.

Master and I met our usual Pokemon group at a raid this afternoon. After a few hours of playing we ended up in a remote corner of a park with just one other person looking for rare Pokemon.   Master had gotten into a discussion of other rare Pokemon they had each captured with this one guy that we see all the time.  He's not bad looking, and he always smells nice, the other guy, practically a stranger.  I don't know his name, only his in-game name.   They wandered up ahead of me while I stopped to catch a couple of Magikarps.

I don't know what they were discussing but the other guy kept looking back at me with eyebrows raised and a rather surprised look on his face.  I wondered what that was all about. 

I rounded another bend in the trail and the two men were waiting for me to catch up.   My Master immediately told me to kneel down and kiss his foot.  I quickly looked at him, alarmed, but he nodded and looked serious so I did it.  The other guy made a noise of astonishment.  

Master told me to get up and follow the other man back to his car.  He told me he had traded my "services" up to and including anything that was wanted, except for anal sex, to his new friend for that shiny Groudon, a legendary Pokemon that he'd always wanted.  The friend commented that he had two of them, otherwise there would have been no way to make a deal.  

I began following the friend back to his car, and about halfway there he slowed down to walk next to me, putting his arm around my waist.  I felt very awkward, but I refused to let myself pull away, after all, this was my Master's orders.   His hand slid down to my butt, and gave a little squeeze.  Instead of awkward, I began to feel a tingling bit of turned on.  By the time his hand went down between my thighs there was a full on gush happening.

We reached his car, and he got into the driver's side.  I got in the passenger's.  He unzipped his jeans and smiled at me, nodding downwards.   I fell into my accustomed position, head in his lap, and got to work.  He smelled good there too.   He put his hand on the back of my head.   His head lolled back against the headrest of the seat and he muttered "I can't believe this is happening.  You are so good."    I would have smiled if my mouth hadn't been busy.  Instead I increased my effort and enthusiasm in an effort to be most pleasing.  He leaned back even further, relaxing into the enjoyment and making appreciative groans.  I rubbed my thighs together, my own excitement feeding off of his, as it does.  He didn't know my signal for wanting to come.  He didn't know I needed the command to be able to come.  He didn't know there was a command to come.  So I didn't.   Very soon he had released into my mouth with a great groan of happiness, and I sat up, smiling shyly and wiping my lips.

"You are a good girl.  Your Master should be very proud", was all he said to me as he got out of the car to make the game trade he had promised.


Monday, September 17, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. Which animal listed below represents your true sexual self?
a. Chipmunk – cute and cuddly
b. Monkey – all about being mischievousness
c. Tiger – I’ve earned my stripes

I would like to be that tiger, but probably really the chipmunk.
2. Your partner is in the mood for sexy fun and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!

What, there is no option for d. whatever he wants, that's what happens?
3. Which of these sexual descriptive labels closely matches you?
a. Dominant
b. Submissive
c. Top
d. Bottom
e. Switch
f. Kinkster

b. submissive and slave

4. Would you rather have your enemy eaten by a shark or die in an earthquake getting swallowed up by earth?

Well, a shark has to eat. I have sympathy for sharks.
5. For the next year, would you rather be dressed like a mime every day OR look normal but not be allowed to talk?

Look normal and not talk. 
Bonus: What’s the most beautiful word in the world?

Eclair. I mean, look at it:

Sunday, September 16, 2018


I'm feeling much more like myself now.  Master and I went to a party last night, and he gave me a long flogging which turned to whipping, caning and tire tread paddling and then fucking in the dungeon (they are very sex-friendly).  It was amazing, wonderful, brilliant!  I let go of everything, the worries and fear of pain and all that bad stuff.  I came multiple times on command during the whipping, caning and paddling part and then even more with the sex.  My Master said I not only looked happy to be enjoying it but I looked happy to be happily enjoying it, which was exactly the case.

I wasn't sure I was going to write about Thursday night but now that it is days ago and I feel better I guess I will.  We stayed out late that night (well, I guess 8 pm is late for a week day) looking for Pokemon and walking around the city.

When it got to be bedtime I had a terrific headache.  I took some medicine but it didn't help.  Master wanted to have sex so of course we did, but I didn't feel good at all at first, especially in the head down, ass up blow job position all the ache was rushing to my head.  By the middle of it I was feeling slightly better, being on my back.  He let me use the vibrator while he thrust in and out of my mouth and I nearly got to orgasm but at the last second he flipped me over and the feeling was gone.  As soon as he came the headache came rushing back with a vengeance and I wasn't interested in even asking to try to have an orgasm.  But I also couldn't sleep very well. 

I woke up feeling actually a bit horny.     It helps that I get off mentally on being used as a sex object without regard for my feelings or pleasure even when I don't get off physically.   We didn't have sex again until Saturday night at the dungeon, although Master teased me a bit before we left by taking me by the hair and putting me on my knees in our bedroom.

Saturday morning I did a three mile walk for raising money for a charity, then walked a bunch more with my Pokemon game trying to hatch some eggs (7 km per egg!).

So between that extra long walk and the heavy beating last night I'm feeling quite tired and sore today, but contentedly fuzzy in my brain.  


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Flagging Libido

I don't really know how to handle this yet.  I have gone from the insatiable sex fiend to really just not wanting it after my whole kidney stone ordeal.  I don't feel turned on all day.  I look at sexy pictures on fetlife out of habit and I don't feel like masturbating.  My third vibrator in 6 months broke and I don't want another one.  I don't feel like doing anything kinky.  I don't want a beating.  

Perhaps I am normal.  Maybe this is a good change as I don't feel a constant wanting and longing.   But I also feel a great sadness about not having that horny feeling anymore.  I worry that my Master will be unhappy with me.  He really liked the super slutty me.  

Is this a temporary dip?  Will it go back?  Is this the end of sex blogging for me?   Maybe I just need more time for my innards to settle down?

Since Friday we have had sex four times, which is almost every day.   I enjoy it for the feeling of being of service to my Master.  I enjoy being wanted.  I enjoy pleasing him, but I feel like if he hadn't wanted to any of those times I would have been just as happy to snuggle up in his arms and be petted.  

Saturday, September 8, 2018


For the first time in almost a week Master used me last night.  There was one time last weekend when I was feeling pretty good and I asked him if he would like me to pleasure him, and we did then too, but the rest of the time he's kept it strictly hands off and I had no desire for anything except to feel better either.

Last night there was nothing elaborate or off the wall, but it felt so good to have him inside me again, and to kiss and to have orgasms. 

Today there is no work and only playing Pokemon, which I'm excited about.    I even made extra food yesterday so I don't have to cook tonight.  
I made a huge batch of chicken Tikki Masala which took a lot of work but was very satisfying: .
The recipe was sent to me by our friend Dr. Peter.

Friday, September 7, 2018


I had so much energy yesterday!  I can't even remember when I felt that good.  There was such a weight off my mind.   

I spent the morning cleaning the house.  Sadly, you can't really tell, but I swept up a lot of fur, cleaned out the dog room, dusted, washed some walls and trim, vacuumed etc.   Then I went out for a walk in the woods with Pepper and caught some Pokemon.  I did some back to school shopping for things the kids needed.   Then I came home and mowed most of the lawn and cooked dinner.  Oh, and in between I did 4 loads of laundry.   I hope to get a lot done today as well.  

Thursday, September 6, 2018


So, being very unhappy with the "wait and see" approach of the first two doctors, we went to another specialist yesterday.  He scheduled a laser surgery for Friday to zap that stone into pieces, and we had much relief in peace of mind.

Then I woke up this morning, strained my pee in the device they gave to look for stones and there was a tiny blob in it!  It was too early to be excited, but I put it in a jar and it definitely seems like it must be a kidney stone. Plus, I have no pain at all- ZERO!   

Monday, September 3, 2018

Very Unkinky Post, Sorry

So, Wednesday being the day I was supposed to drive down to my parents (9 hours one way) and then attend the dog trial all weekend, pick up my kids and drive back on Monday so they could start school on Tuesday.

I was too sick to do any of that.  I would feel fine for a few hours, and then be in crippling pain so that I could barely walk and couldn't imagine driving anywhere, I could only imagine getting stuck on the highway in some small town with a lot of dogs in the car- disaster.  So I didn't go.  We waited to see if I'd feel better Saturday before asking Master's dad if he could possibly bring the kids up to us (he's about 11 hours away- not too far from my parents). 

My Master had taken extra work shifts all weekend (thinking we'd all be gone) so he couldn't get the kids either.  My parents were hosting the trial at their house, so they couldn't leave at all.

 Angel that my father in law is, he went to my parents' house, picked up the kids and drove them all the way up here.  Then turned around and drove back.  I tried to get him and his wife to stay the night but they wouldn't.      

Today, I have been feeling pretty good.  I have been trying to get by without the oxycodone because it doesn't make me feel good.  

TMI and very gross part:

One of the side effects of a lot of the medications I'm taking is constipation, and that has been bad for me. I haven't been able to "go" since Wednesday (it's Monday now), which does not feel good, if you have never experienced it that much. 

I tried stool softener, Mirilax, even Master's finger in my butt and I was getting desperate on Sunday.  I'd never had an enema before, for kinky or unkinky reasons, but I had bought a kit a few years ago in case he wanted me to clean out before anal sometimes.  He never did.  However, now he offered to give me one and I took him up on it that day without hesitation.  He did it twice and there was a little relief of pain, but still basically no poo.   It was definitely not kinky sexy fun time.

So now I figure I'm just going to explode eventually in a great brown shower of misery. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

So This Was Exciting

But not in a good way.

Yesterday I was supposed to drive to my parents' house and go to a dog trial there, and then bring the kids home Monday.

I woke up with a bit of a stomachache, which kept getting worse and worse over the next couple hours, and by 7:30 I decided I wasn't driving anywhere (I'd even gotten as far as getting the dogs and all my stuff into the car by then).   I called my Master at work and said I needed a ride to the ER.   It hurt so much I could barely think.  But I did manage to get the dogs out of the car and back into the house while Master called our neighbor and asked him to drive me.  They both came down, both neighbors, and also Master met us there as soon as he could, handing off his own surgery he was about to perform to the other doctor there.   

They did all the tests and soon found out I had a kidney stone.   It took a lot of different medicines before I started feeling better, but after the tests they sent me home.  I didn't feel too good all the rest of the day, but the drugs made me sleepy.  Our neighbors brought over a whole lot of food and some flowers, which was just too nice.  Master took care of me and brought me everything, until I was able to walk around again.  

Today I woke up nauseated, but I took medicine for that and I've been pretty good so far.  I don't know if the pain will come back or if the stone is still there, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  If I'm still good then, I might get to make the trip after all.   I'm nervous either way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Group and a Party

My Master was invited to present his flogging demo for a small group way up north, and afterward there was to be a party. 

The location was a large beautiful new "cabin" on a lake way out in the woods surrounded by state forests.  It was just gorgeous.
 Dr. Peter went with us and brought his canes, so there was a good deal of caning for those that wanted it, as well as flogging.  I was the demo model for the flogging by my Master.  Something was going on with my stomach all night, though, and I just did not feel good.  The only time I forgot about it was during the demo itself, but adding pizza to an already upset tummy was not a good idea.  I would have probably asked to have a scene after the demo, possibly some caning, if I had felt better, but as it was I was content with just some chatting and meeting people. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Sexy sex and stuff

1. What type of clothes make you feel sexy? 
a. a specially selected casual outfit 
b. lingerie or silky pajamas 
c. elegant, dressy evening clothes
d. anything that leaves me almost naked  

What about e.  Just some ropes?

2. Which do you prefer? 
a. pillow talk 
b. sexy texting 
c. love notes  

 Oh my gosh, love notes are the best. I just have a few, but I kept them all.  Does this make me a romantic?

3. Which do you do best?
 a. pillow talk 
b. sexting 
c. writing love notes  

 I talk a lot when I'm lying with my head on my pillow.  Not always about sex.  I wish I had someone to talk to now.  It's very lonely here and I'm putting off going to bed by myself.

4. You been granted just ONE of the following in your favorite city/place in the world. 
Which would you choose and why? 
a. 24 hours of romance 
b. 24 hours of lust (intense, overwhelming sexual desire but not acted upon mixed with enthusiasm for life) 
c. 24 hours of sex  

All the sex, especially if it includs BDSM and meals.  There have to be meals or I wouldn't make it.

 How do you tap into your sexiness?  

If I'm not really feeling sexy, but I want to, it generally means watching some TV show with sex in it or some porn clips.  But having my Master just start doing things to me is the fastest and best way to rev up the engine.  

Bonus: Which is better–your digital sex life or your in-the-flesh sex life?

Definitely my in the flesh sex life.   I don't really have a digital sex life, do I?  I prefer toys to my own fingers.

Bad Surprise, Good Sex

Yesterday we were looking forward to spending Master's day off together doing fun things like yard work, sex and Pokemon. 

 At 7 in morning Master got a message about what he was doing at work that day.  Oh shit.  He'd gotten his schedule mixed up and had to be at work by 8.  I was in the middle of making biscuits and sausages for him, and just barely got them done, so he had to rush out the door with food in a to-go container.  He left his tea mostly undrunk.

He was gone over 12 hours and was tired when he got home, but I served him up a tasty dinner (if I do say so) and a beer, naked, and we sat on the couch watching some silly TV show.   Eventually I crept into his lap and he said I could suck his cock.   I missed most of the second half of the show kneeling at his feet. 

We went upstairs and I waited for him on my knees.  When he came in, he made an appreciative sound, which is a delight for my ears. 

He went around behind me and picked a cane from the stand.  The first few blows were hard and made me gasp.  They came down hard and fast after that and soon I was moaning loudly.  

Master ordered, "Don't make a sound, not a word, not a groan, and stop making your cunt squish so loudly. Do you hear me? Answer Me! Speak up, I can't hear you!" 

I was conflicted about which order to follow.  I nodded my head but he kept demanding that I speak so I answered:

 "Yes, Master!"

"What did I say about talking???"

He continued to beat my ass with the cane, and to demand that I both stay silent and answer his questions.  I bit on my knuckle to keep from crying out or moaning. 

It was weirdly, demoralizingly, hot.

He took me from behind, pumping into me hard and I continued to be silent.  Then he said when he next ordered me to come I could be as loud as possible.   He did and I was.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wanna Be Whore

I watched this bad movie today (Concussion- don't bother) and I realized that I'm a wanna be whore.  The woman in the movie, I guess because she got hit on the head, decides to become a hooker that only takes women as clients.   For a movie all about sex, there really weren't any good sex scenes, but I blame my pickiness about what makes a good sex scene for that.  I guess they were trying.   

But still, something about the idea of getting paid for the use of your body, and honestly something about how degrading it seems, really turns me on.  Even thinking about how some of the men would take advantage of me, beat me up, be cruel to me is a huge turn on.

  I think this is one of those fantasies that should probably remain fantasy though. 

TMI Thursday, all about sex

1. What is sexy time to you?

Beatings, having sex, being tied up, ummmm, not sure what else.
2. Who’s sexier–women or men?

Oh, definitely women.  Some men are sexy too, like my Master and that guy from Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo, but I love boobs a lot. 
3. How did you learn to masturbate, and how old were you when you first succeeded?

 Rubbing a towel between my legs. I don't remember what age, early teens, maybe?  I also had a book called "Our Bodies, Ourselves" which my mom gave me that explained a lot of interesting things.

4. Do you like taking naked photos of yourself?

Yeah, it kind of turns me on thinking that someone will look at them and maybe be turned on as well.
5. What is your biggest sexual fear?

Not being able to have any.
Bonus: To you, what does the ideal penis look like?

This isn't something I think about.  They all kind of look the same to me, except maybe in color or circumcised or not.  I don't have an ideal.  I am not someone who goes around looking for great penises.  I'm more interested in the man attached to it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Date Day

 Master and I had a date for watching some England vs. India cricket and lunch with Dr. Peter.  This time, I didn't get hit with the cricket bat (that was another day) but I did get rubbed with the red ball.   

Then there was caning and fondling and fucking and sucking.  It was wonderful.   I feel like the luckiest slave anywhere.

Afterward, I was lying sprawled on the the bed, everything just hanging out, licentiously.   Master stood over me and commented:  

"Your cunt is still begging for cock, isn't it?"

"No, Master," I answered him.

"But it certainly wouldn't say no, would it?"

"No, Master," I grinned.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Play Party

I was feeling kind of droopy this morning, I don't really know why, but after breakfast Master told me to pop out some tits and come over, kneel, and suck his cock.  This cheered me in a funny way.   He has me come out and open the gate for him almost every morning as well, and then I have to flash him in the driveway, so that was done. 

 He was working in the morning and then we went to a middle of the day play party.  It was the first one for that group, and held at a strip club in the off hours (that's why it couldn't be at night).  I decided I like middle of the day play parties.  It's never too early to get some kink on.  The hostess told me right after we got there that she was glad to see me because someone needed to kick off the playing part of the event.  A lot of people were there and they were just sitting and chatting.  It's a funny dynamic that no one wants to be the first to be naked and beating/being beaten sometimes.   My Master isn't shy.  He's often the kickstarter, which the hostess knew. 

Master told me to strip, tied me to the cross with chains and cuffs, and then put the hood over my head.  I love the hood.   He beat me with all kinds of things, floggers and machetes and who knows what else because I couldn't see a thing, but most of them were painful, especially one direct hit on my nipple in a wrap around.  That one made me cry and hyperventilate a bit.  

After a long time, he took the hood off and placed a very sharp knife near my face where I could get a good look at it.  He traced it across my back and my sore ass.  He pressed it against my nipple as if to slice it.  Then down to my cunt.  I held very still except for the trembling. 

I was cold and shaking with the endorphins when he untied me and sat me down in a chair to recover.   He let me put my clothes back on. 

Master did a scene with someone else that didn't take long, then he led me off into the back room.  It is a strip club after all, and there is this set of booths for lap dances in the semi-private room.  He sat down in one of the booths and I set my glass of water under a big paper sign that said "Set drinks here" with an arrow.  This nearly made me giggle, but we were being serious and stuff. 

He told me to pretend he'd given me $20 for lap dances.  He said he wasn't going to touch me because that wasn't allowed.   I wiggled and rubbed against him for one song and then I was going to stop but he said he'd paid for 3 songs so I better just keep dancing.  Mostly he didn't touch me at first, but then he slapped me and punched me a bit.  Just too tempting, I know! 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Clit Burn

I have used my Hitachi so much the last few days, usually while having sex but also on my own (I'm allowed to masturbate once if he's not home) that I have burned myself.   So today Master said I had to give it a break on the vibrator, but I can masturbate other ways if I like.  Now I'm having a tough time deciding if I want to, or if I just want to wait!!!  

Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Mom and The Speaker Phone

This is a bad combination when Master is around.

I was talking to her in the car after we'd dropped off the kids.  Master was driving.  I had the speaker phone on, I don't know why.  This was probably a mistake.  

Mom says to me "You and him be sure to enjoy your time without the kids.  That is precious". 

I blandly said "We will", but at the same time Master from the other side is saying "Oh, I don't know, I think I'm too old and tired for all that" with a wink in his voice.   

Earlier that morning he'd been telling me how he was planning to beat and then ass-rape me now that there was no one to hear me scream.

Then my mom is saying to me how I should entice him with a look, you know, the one you can't do when the kids are around.   

By the look on my Master's face I can see that he's thinking of something to say that will truly kill me off from embarrassment this time.  

I rush to say goodbye and hang up before he gets to make any remark.  
Or maybe he hesitated out of self preservation.

I mean, we are talking to a woman who has more than once said if he ever hurt me she wouldn't hesitate to sew him up in the sheets and beat him to death with a 2 x 4.  

We spent the rest of the trip home getting each other all hot and bothered in various ways.   Master had blue balls for the first time in very many years and he wanted me to pay for that.  He fucked me and then beat me, but the ass raping threat was put off until a future date.  

Kink of the Week: Face Slapping

There is an art to face slapping.  Too soft and it can be anti-climactic and meh.  Too hard and you can do real damage- dislocate jaws, detach retina, joggle the brain too much.   

I like a slap on my face that stings.  One that I wish I had clenched my jaws for but it took me by surprise so that I didn't prepare.

I have a fantasy of being humiliated in public by a casual slap across the face when I said something out of line.   I doubt my Master would ever do this in public as it's not really wise.  But maybe in a kinky gathering or party.  I have hope.   The humiliation of that is the main thing to me, more than the sensation physically.

There was one time he slapped me that wasn't connected with sex, just as a rebuke when I said something, and that hit me in an entirely different way, really powerfully.  I play with it in my mind regularly, and that was years ago.  

When we have sex or play, Master slaps in the face frequently.  It makes me really aroused and can even be a trigger to orgasm.  It makes me feel like I'm his thing, his dirty whore.  I like that. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Already A Good Night

Master called me on his way home from work and told me to be naked except for my collar and kneeling by the door when he got home.   I was, and it was good.  He had me serve his dinner like usual except I was stark naked.  Now we are sharing a beer.   

We Are Back!

Two of us anyway.  We left the kids with the grandparents for a couple weeks, so we have the house to ourselves (yeehaw!).

In 10 days we covered 16 different states/districts:  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.  We drove in Boston and New York (and lived!).  We visited the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill, some aquariums and nature areas, Gettysburg for several very hot hours, and also a friend that I've known for a long time on Fet, but never met in person until now.  That was really wonderful!  She's the best.

We visited colleges:  Kent State, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, Chapel Hill in North Carolina. 

Master had many shower blowjobs until we got to North Carolina and our friend booked us a hotel with two rooms.  There still wasn't a good way to do beatings (too loud), but bed sex again was awesome.  

On the way home I teased Master and he teased me until we were both worked into quite a state.  He fucked me right away, then a bit later he beat me with the canes and paddles and belts.

It's good to be home.  

Saturday, August 4, 2018


We are going on vacation for a while, so see you when we get back!  Many adventures to be had, hopefully good ones mostly.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. One thing that you will never do again?  

Be 25.  

2. Who knows you the best?  

My Master.

3. Do you think a relationship should be 50/50 all the time? 

No.  One saying I like is "Fair is where they have the cotton candy and pony rides".   It can't be totally unbalanced to the point where one person never gets their needs met, but I think aiming for a constant 50/50 is not realistic.

4. When was your most recent act of kindness? Was it appreciated?  

An online friend asked me to join a suicide support group to give supportive messages to people who are reaching out for help. I did it, but I can't say it has been the easiest thing I've ever done.  Yes, she appreciated the help with the group.

5. Are you a good friend? Why or why not?  

All I can say is I try.  I have a lot of anxiety over whether I have annoyed or irked people and they just aren't telling me. 

6. What is something that you tried really hard to like but just couldn’t? 

Doing 69.  Just not fun.  

 Bonus: How was your month of July? Did you do anything fun, interesting, new?

Yes, yes, yes!  So many new and fun things.  There was the strap-on and dildo fun, and there was the shooting and fishing weekend.

Monday, July 30, 2018

WWW and Birthday Spanking

The Wild Women Weekend was really only a few hours, but that doesn't have the same alliteration to it.   I had a great time, and loved seeing my friend whom I rarely get to see at all.  We had some gun safety lessons and practiced shooting positions, and then there was a hunting dog demo that some of us got to participate in.  I was throwing the dummy duck.   That was the best part for me, as I love watching dogs at work, and this girl sure enjoyed her retrieving.

After that we practiced casting with fishing equipment, learned to tie knots that would hold a hook on fishing line, baited up our hooks (the worst part was touching the worms) and then set out to catch some fish.  We only spent about half an hour at that but two people caught fish anyway.  I had my binoculars and spent quite a bit of time bird/fish/turtle watching. 

Then the lovely volunteers made us a delicious lunch of grilled fish (not the ones we caught- they had fresh perch, bluegill and salmon- where we only could catch carp and bullheads in the swamp). There were a lot of sides and also a pot of venison.   Oh, and to get our appetites ready there was a fish head smashing and cleaning demo first.   I know that is where a lot of people decided they were more into the civilized woman thing rather than the wild woman thing!  But for me it was the worm squishing.   I've been fishing before, and we never used worms- either rubber lures or bits of hot dog work just fine for me.  

This is where we were. 

Absolutely perfect weather and natural surroundings, amazing wildflower gardens. 

Sunday was my birthday, and the only thing I really wanted (besides cake, of course) was a birthday spanking.   Master and I hadn't played or had sex all week, so I was really hopeful that I'd get it that night.  And I did.  He started out with the cane, and some really hard strokes to get me ouching.  Then he switched to the leather straps for a bit more warm up.   When he went back to the cane he started playing the ladder game.   He went all the way up to 47, my new age.  You know the ladder game, right?   I explained it on my birthday last year, HERE.  And then back down again.  My butt was sure red and sore after all that.  

He fucked me and used the vibrator on me.  Since my old one broke I haven't really had orgasms this week, but now the new one I ordered is here, so that was wonderful.

In the morning I woke up with his hand between my legs and I started rubbing against it.  He started rubbing back and soon he climbed on top of me and took me again.   This time I rode on top too, and had an absolutely massive orgasm, probably the best one in weeks.  

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wild Women Weekend

Today I'm meeting a friend at a Wildlife Wild Women Weekend.  And it has nothing to do with kinky sex!  Instead, we are going to hunt or fish or something, I'm not exactly sure since I read the flyer and signed up so long ago I've forgotten what it said.    I just know it involves women and mosquitoes and I need to remember to take my binoculars and bugspray. 

 Something like this:

 Is probably not going to happen.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Master and I were out walking and playing Pokemon Go today and he said he got a Pichu with hat and sunglasses from his latest egg hatch.

I was nearly swooning over the cuteness of little Pichu (I didn't have one yet) and told him it was because "God loves you".

He said "Yep, I have been good and pure and kind up to now, and that is why she showers me with sluts." Off the topic of Pokemon and back to sex, then.

TMI Tuesday

1. What do you need to learn but won’t admit to?

I don't understand the question. Why would I not admit to needing to learn, if I knew what it was that I needed to learn?

  2. If you could erase one event from your life, which one would you choose?
 Briefly describe the event, tell us why you would erase it. 

I would erase being assaulted as a child.  No need to describe it.  The reason is because it was horrible.

 3. Who drains your energy, and why do you let it happen?  

Occasionally my youngest goes on a talking streak and does not stop.  I don't stop him because I'm his mom.  But he can make my ears tired. 

4. Do your practice ‘self-love’ or ‘self-loathing’? 

Oh, a little of each. Gotta keep balance :).

5. What must you do daily to keep yourself ‘sane’?  

Masturbate, of course.

Bonus:  Who do you blame?

Republicans.  And anyone who didn't vote, or voted for a third party as well.  But mostly Republicans.

Monday, July 23, 2018

What A Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends Saturday night.  We had many long and interesting conversations about everything, this and that.  There was delicious food to eat and then a long night of play.  I can't remember the last time I spent 4 hours having sex/doing sex related kinky activities.    At least two of us were good and sore the next day!   

Oh, and I used a strap on penis for the first time, on the giving end!  It was fun.  She is so hot and amazing, so beautiful.  T., her Master/Owner/husband/soulmate is a lucky man.  
Actually, we are all very lucky people to be having such fun sharing.  

Saturday, July 21, 2018

To Do List

My list for this morning:

-make breakfast
-wash dishes
-computer work
-sweep and dust
-mop bathroom

So, I got this far by 8:30 and then I couldn't decide what to do next.

The next set of things I put down on a list and used a die roll to put them in order 1-4:

weed garden
play Pokemon
herd sheep

The dice told me:

1.  herd sheep
2.  walk
3.  Pokemon
4.  garden

I got done with the sheep herding and it was starting to get hot so I decided to move gardening up on my list, and since I already had the muck boots on. 

Now it's 10:00am and I'm tired and debating just skipping the walk and the Pokemon for this morning.  

I still need to get a shower and get all dressed and made up to go out.  


I hate it when Master is disappointed in me. 

Thursday I had a massively busy day, and this is no excuse, but I forgot to consider dinner until it was too late to go to the store.  We went directly out for some Pokemon raids, meeting in town on his way home, and then after that I had to tell him I needed to go to the store for food. By the time we got home and I cooked it, just some hamburgers which are quick, it was almost 8:00.   He was disappointed that I hadn't planned ahead to have something at home to make, and he told me I must do better.  

Friday I tried to make up for it with potatoes. Potatoes say "I'm sorry", right?  Not just potatoes, of course, there was also curried spicy hamburger with onions and radishes, a salad, and for dessert raspberry pie with ice cream.  

Friday, July 20, 2018

FFF 25. Yes, 25 Weeks of Attempting Fitness

Weight=  exactly the same
Walking= yes
Plans for weekend= eating

We are going to visit some friends on Saturday and so I'm making pie to bring and a pie to leave.  We went berry picking the other day, and got 2 buckets of raspberries.  I am really hoping for a weekend of nothing but good food and kinky fun times.   

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Morning Hotness

I had just showered this morning when Master came upstairs "to nap" and found me getting dressed.  He told me to put on some underwear that I didn't really care about so I picked these red ones that were starting to unravel a bit. 

As I stood in the center of the room, he pressed a knife to my cheek.  He trailed it down my chest and began slowly making cuts in the panties.  Not just one cut, but a series of tears until they were still hanging from me, but in shreds.  He poked the knife against my cunt lips.

He told me then to get my collar on and go and lie on the bed with my legs spread.  He made me beg him to fuck me with the knife.  He was fucking me with his cock at the time, and I begged for the knife.  He pulled out and touched it to my labia, running it all around so I could feel the sharpness.  Then with a violent motion he plunged hard into me and for a second my visceral, unthinking reaction was "Knife!" but the lack of pain made me realize two seconds later it was his fingers.  I came as ordered. 

He tore the soaked panties even more, using them like a resistance harness to fuck me and pull me to him, then he took them all the way off and stuffed them in my mouth.   He beat me with the wooden holey paddle as I lay on my stomach, and as he was fucking me. 

This is the kind of morning I like.  :)

TMI Tuesday: Finger Spews

1. If each of your index fingers could spew a liquid for the rest of your life, what liquid(s) would it be.

We're assuming magic fingers here, so we don't have to worry about physics or any of that tricky stuff.  I think my index finger would be liquid gold, for spending loot.  The other would be coffee, for convenience.  I hope that I can shut off the tap, otherwise this is going to be very messy.

2. If you could talk to everyone in the world for 5 minutes, all at once, what would you say?

Nothing.  That would be worse than public speaking.

3. Would you rather not be able to eat for a week OR not be able to _____ for a month?

I'd rather not be able to trip over logs for a month.  That's an easy one!

4. What exhilarates you?

My Master, when he wants to play with me.

5. What is the best perk of your job? What is the best perk you have ever had at any job?

Being at home, being outside on nice days. 
Not having to go to work..  

Best perk on any job:  good healthcare plan.   That was when I worked as a lab technician.

Bonus:  Just how naughty are you?

So naughty.  I once got caught giving head in the back seat of a car.  My mom was driving.

Monday, July 16, 2018

KOTW: phone sex

Him: How are things going?

Me:  Oh, you know, pretty good, but I miss you a lot.

Him:  What do you miss?

Me:  I miss you touching me.

Him: Touching you where?

Me:  My breasts... my... you know.

Him: Say it.

Me:  My cunt.

Him: Touch it now, you little slut.

Me: Yes, Master.

Him: Stick two fingers in.  Are they in?

Me:  Yes, Master.

Him:  I want you to come for me.  When I say three.  You keep touching yourself.

Me: Yes, Master. (breathless)

Him: One.


Three- Come!


Him: Tell me what you want to do for me.

Of course we don't usually need or have the ability to have phone sex, but this is exactly the sort we have when we do.  I think the last time was when he was on the trip to Las Vegas in January.  We used to do it a lot more when we lived apart.  I wouldn't say it is my
favorite sex, but it is better than nothing!  


Friday, July 13, 2018

FFF- week something?

I know I haven't been posting the last few weeks on the fitness topic, but I'm still walking regularly and occasionally trying to be on a diet (not super successfully). My weight seems to be holding steady.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cheeky Slave

Last night Master kept playfully telling me to repeat back to him the things he said. 

 Things like, "Say indefatigable 10 times fast without messing up, and then I will fuck you.  If you can't, then you are out of luck."  

He doesn't mean it though.  He's terrible about that because it's an empty threat.  I know he's going to fuck me anyway.  

I couldn't even say it once without getting tongue twisted. 

He was teasing me about being nice to me, and said "What would I be if I blew on your tummy?"

I said "You would be mean".

He looked all innocent and teased, "Maybe if you beg to give me a blow job I won't blow on your tummy."

So naturally I begged to give him a blowjob.

He smiled wickedly, "Ok, you can, right after I blow on your tummy".  And he did.

I fake-pouted and teased back "I don't feel like it anymore". 

He gave me the raised eyebrow of doom and I lowered my head to his crotch, but he pushed me away at the last second.  

"Maybe later", he said.  He told me to roll over so he could spank my cheeks like the bongos. 


Saturday night we went to a Halloween party and the first thing (after snacks) that we saw was someone getting her chest stapled. The staple...