Saturday, March 30, 2019


I seem to have lost my sex drive, which makes writing a blog about sex nearly impossible.  I'm super stressed out. My oldest kid is in the hospital over an hour's drive away. I'm terrified, constantly worried, stress is the new me. The barn flood is finally subsiding (not clean or dry enough to put sheep back in yet though) and I didn't run out of hay.  So, that's why I haven't been around. I doubt anyone is even reading anymore.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Weekend Alone Almost

We had almost the whole weekend to be together alone.  One of the kids is on a school trip and the other was at work both days.

And we were sick.  Saturday we did what had to be done- unsticking the barn door from the ice together- which is some heavy duty work especially when you aren't feeling that great. 

For me, making meals, doing laundry, feeding and watering the animals, and for Master, scraping the snow and ice off the roof.  Then we just curled up and watched TV, which was very cozy.  I slept better Saturday night than I have in weeks- it may have been the Nyquil. 

Sunday we felt a bit better, but I was still off my playing game.  Not feeling very masochistic or sexy.   Master had me put in my butt plug (which took like 20 minutes of fingering and lube and more lube because I was reluctant to hurt myself by just shoving it in).  He had me bring him some implements (a cane and crop were what I chose) and then suck his cock while he watched porn.  I really wasn't feeling into it, but I tried to please him at least.   He beat me a little, but he could tell my cunt just wasn't into it.  The flogging was nice though.   Finally he blindfolded me and took me to bed.  I reached in the drawer and pulled out the leather strap in hopes that he would tie me up, and he did.   Then he knelt on top of my face and fucked my mouth while playing with my cunt with the vibrator and dildo.  This was extremely nice!  I came several times, and then there was the great fucking. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Figging: KOTW

I have never tried figging, but my guess is that I wouldn't like it, which is sort of the whole point of tortures, isn't it? 

Over the last few years I have wondered why it was called figging when it is a piece of ginger, not a fig, and now I have found out more than I ever wanted to know from the KOTW site and a few others I couldn't help but plunge into.

Figging comes from the word feaguing, which means either "to improve the appearance by decoration" or "faking", possibly.  

How does shoving ginger up your ass improve your appearance by fakery?

Well, it doesn't. 

But back in old days when people would try to sell tired, worn out horses, they could get a better price if they temporarily made that poor thing appear lively, younger and spirited.  And evidently nothing puts a spring in one's step like a painful burning asshole.   It was a cruel practice to a poor animal, but perhaps not as bad as the other thing they used- a live eel.  Poor eel and horse!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Tmi Tuesday: Adventures

Complete each sentence with an anecdote of sexual adventure or misadventure:

1. The first time I had sex was on April 1st, 1988.  We were long distance because I was in high school and he was off at college.  I somehow managed to go visit him, and I have the letters to prove  that I was writing to him
before hand to say that these was the weekend I wanted to lose my virginity.  I knew he'd been wanting to for a while.  When it came down to the time, however, it wouldn't go in.  My pussy had locked up tighter than a vault.   He tried many things to relax me and get me loose, but still every time he penetrated me it hurt.  Eventually we tried with me lying face down and him behind me.  This didn't hurt as much and I just kept telling him to go ahead and finish even though I wasn't having much fun.  After he finished I felt relieved of the burden of virginity.  I have no idea why I felt this way.  I also was sure that if we just kept trying it would feel good (because he told me this).

2. The last time I orgasmed was about an hour ago.  Yay for early morning sex!  (I started writing this at 6:30 am, then I had to do a bunch of stuff).

3. The only time I . . .  I can't think of anything for this one!

4. My best cocksucking is after a good beating. 

5. My worst time for sex is when I'm super stressed out.  But beating will help with that too. 

BONUS: Everyone, no matter how much experienced, still has some unfulfilled desires. What is at the top of your yet-to-do list?

Maybe some bukkake.  Not sure.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Another Rough One

This week has been crazy, which I don't think I'll go into, but just to say that I really needed some stress relief, and going to a munch provided that. We got to see friends, talk, not think about snow or problems at home and we got to play a little bit too.   There was a back room at the private venue that was set up with a little dungeon equipment, and we hadn't brought the toy bag, but Master still told me to strip off my clothes and then he flogged me with my boots!

He let me put the boots back on, and used his hands to spank, slap and punch me.  Then he took off his belt.  I got a nice belt whipping.  By nice of course I mean relatively long and painful!

He put my tights over my head as a blindfold and then slapped my tits.  He held me and kissed me and I felt swoon-ish in his arms.  It sometimes still amazes me how this painful attention always makes me feel the most adoring.  We waited until we got home to fuck.  

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...