Saturday, October 29, 2016

Torch Lit Halloween Walk

Last night Master and I went to an annual event at the local nature center.  They light up paths throughout the park with tiki torches and carved and lit pumpkins.  The reflections of all the torches off the lake was a magical effect.  It was packed with people,  so there were no opportunities to sneak off the trail for a private naughtiness.   I had a really good time.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just A Bit of Silliness

Last night we were lying in bed just cuddling and talking and Master wanted me to tell him a story.  I did.  It started out to be the story of how we met, but changed into fiction along the way.  It was super romantic with knights and jousting and virgins and only a little bit of spanking.  Of course, he was the knight.   

Afterward he said "I like that story; you make me sound so nice." 

I said, "You are nice".

He said, "You have to say that."

I answered, "I do?  Or what, there will be punishments?"

Him:  "Oh yes."

Me, considering, "What kind of punishments?"

Him:  stares

Me: "Tummy blows?"

Him: "Yes, lots of them".

Me: "Well, then, you're definitely always nice to me."


Belt on Tuesday

Master told me to get ready for him, and to find his belt.   It had been a long time since that had made an appearance, and I had to search through a drawer and two toy bags before I found it under everything.  It's not his every day belt, or even the Philmont heavy leather belt (which he says does not like to hit me), but his old leather belt which is pretty much just for me now. 

I laid it out and got into position on the floor.  When he came in he began by snapping it across my thighs and ass.   Then he had me stand up and grab the dresser.  The belt snapped out. It was a shock all over again how much it hurt.  I guess I'd forgotten.  He got me warmed up with that, then switched to the floggers. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been flogged either, but it was painfully delightful.  Then he put me back on the floor and switched to the evil purse strap.  That thing has a bite to it, and he was wrapping it around the sides of my body to hit my breasts, which were hanging down as I knelt on hands and knees.

I was struggling to maintain that position and not scoot away in reaction to the pain, when one of his backswings must have snapped back on himself because he exclaimed in surprise, "Oooh, that hurts!"  This made me laugh, "Well, yeah." :)

Then he ordered me into bed and caned me while I sucked his cock.  This was tolerable until he switched to that dang holey paddle.  I wish it had never broken because then we wouldn't have it.  Only the handle is broken, but the part that is left still works well enough.  But I kept sucking, because what other choice is there?   It's so good for me.

After the caning we had some terrific fucking.  

So, that was our Tuesday, how about yours? 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This may seem totally obvious to you experienced parents, but we just had a morning revamp here and I'm so happy with how it is working out I wanted to share.

Our youngest (now 11) is the poster boy for ADHD.  

Getting him ready in the morning used to involve dozens of reminders of things that he had to get done, and still half the time he'd leave the house without half of them- pill and snack money left on the counter, yesterday's shirt on, homework sitting on the table.

  He'd also complain the whole time that I was yelling at him (I never yell, but he interpreted all my reminders (nagging) as yelling, but if I didn't remind him he wouldn't do anything).   

We had tried not letting him use the computer in the morning and making a list of things he had to do a few years ago, but somehow it didn't work.  I don't remember how or why, but it was a complete flop.

Last week I got desperate enough that I complained to Master about how horrible our morning was, and he said no more computer for the child in the morning before EVERYTHING is done.  I made him a list of what had to be done: breakfast eaten, pill taken, clean clothes, brush teeth, backpack packed etc.  

This whole week, he has been checking his list, he doesn't use the computer, and he's all ready to go 45 minutes before time.  It's amazing.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

After Feelings

Feelings after giving a blowjob or quickie that leaves me feeling unbearably turned on still with no relief in sight:

1. Happiness! The first thing I feel is happiness at having pleased my Master.  There is a bit of pride there too.  I'm so happy to have served him well.  He's pleased with me.

2. Sadness.  Then I feel sad.  That's it for me then for the day or two. No more sex.  No beatings.  Sadness.  Also extreme horniness and frustration. And more sadness.

3. Guilt.  Then I feel guilty for being sad.  What kind of slave are you?  You suck at this (not in a good way).  What kind of bad slave feels sad when she doesn't get enough fucking?  (This one).  I am never going to get this being a slave thing right.

4. Peaceful.  I come to grips with my sadness, my happiness, my pride, and shove my guilt away.   I find my peaceful, patient mind.  

5.  Happiness.  I DID serve my Master and make him happy, and that is good enough. 

Why does this have to be so damn complicated? 

Shower Time

We had to be out of the house EARLY for more canvassing (cries, why, god, why- everyone is at church on Sunday morning anyway- we live in a big churchy area)  so we didn't have time after breakfast for much of anything. I had made pancakes and sausages.

Master and I were getting ready to take a shower together, but he was so tempting, all naked there, that when I bent over to remove my socks, I gave his penis a kiss while I was down there.   It hardened instantly and he pulled my head down firmly; I knelt in front of him.  Then he pulled me to standing and bent me over the sink.  He fucked me for just a few minutes before saying we had to get going in the shower.  But he was distracted the whole time, getting me to stroke him, bending me over under the rushing water to rub his cock on my asshole, and finally commanding me to kneel and suck him.  At the last minute he pulled out of my mouth and showered me with his come. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beatings and a Knife, also a Machete

Just one word:


I was kneeling on the floor wearing my robe, so I quickly threw it off to one side.  Master nudged my ass up, then pressed my head back down with his foot.  He was walking around behind me, getting things ready.

The first thing I felt was the heavy stick thudding into my rear and thighs.  I had been craving this.  I'd been worried that he didn't.
He brought out another stick, the arrow one, which is thinner but not the thinnest.  It felt really good, until he pulled me up by the collar and I was sucking him.  Then he hit really hard, straight down on my ass, which is extra super painful somehow.  I had trouble keeping my concentration on sucking.   

He told me to get flat on the floor, and he beat me even more with several canes.  Then he got out the machete.

He rolled me over and fucked me, holding the edge of the weapon to my throat.  Fright and lust overwhelmed me as my head lolled back, my eyes rolling around half open.  I came on his command, but I couldn't scrunch forward the way I usually do, since there was this big machete at my neck.  The orgasm ended early when I felt that, but started back up again, somehow, when he moved the blade.  

Master stopped fucking mw and laid me back on the floor for more beatings.   It gets sorta fuzzy right here, but eventually there was a sharp knife, scratching up my back, now down my butt.  He pushed my legs apart and there was the sharp knife poking at my sensitive bits, scratching and hurting.  I was whimpering then, but holding quite still.  He wanted me to come, but I was too afraid I'd hurt myself if I moved.  

He told me to get on my back, and he used the misery stick on my tits, my delicate nipples objecting to this, but I struggled to keep my hands out of the way when they wanted to rise up and protect. 

He took me into the bed and let me use the vibrator.  I had a great many orgasms, I don't even know how many, before he let himself come.   I am a very lucky slave, I know.   When I woke up this morning, I still had his come trickling out of me.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Westworld, Again

If we had time, we'd probably be making costumes for Halloween.
I'd be Delores, and he'd be the man with no name in black.  

Anyway, if you haven't seen the show, this blog isn't going to make much sense, sorry. You should watch though, it's good.

The other day we were in the kitchen when for no reason at all Master grabbed my throat and propelled me backwards across the room and up against the cabinets, saying "It's time for us to get reacquainted now, Delores," in his scary Ed Harris voice.   He pulled up the drawer to my left and pulled out...

...a pizza cutter, in its little plastic sleeve.  It may be one of the sharpest non-knife implements we have, but still, it's a pizza cutter. 

I just flat burst out laughing.  

He rolled it across my neck a few times (with the sleeve still on) and he was laughing too.

Then he put it back and pulled out a heavy metal spatula, which he used on my butt a few times as we were both still giggling.  
Er, well, I was giggling and he had a manly chortle.  



Monday, October 17, 2016

Fate Worse Than Death

Sunday Master and I were out canvassing again.  I enjoyed the walking and driving with him, but I cannot WAIT for this election to be over.  I'm sick of the whole thing, as I'm sure every American is by now.  I have a good feeling about our side coming out ahead though, as the polls are in our favor. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. (Hunger Games)

There was one funny moment when this cute little terrier came out to get petted, but then his owner found out our politics and didn't want to talk to us.  He scolded (not too mad) at the dog "Get back in here and behave or I'll give you to the Democrats!"  A fate worse than death?  I was laughing all the way back to the car.  

Master was VERY horny.  He stopped at a park on our way and we ran around the lake on some wooded paths.  I'm sure he would have fucked me right there, but there were a lot of people out in the forest since it was such a nice day.  On the way home he was feeling me up in the car.  He couldn't even wait for me to make dinner, but took me upstairs and fucked me quickly.  Later that night he gave me a good caning and fucked me again.  It was really a wonderful day all around.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Sex Slave

I love this part, the part where I'm thinking we are just going straight to sleep, and he's allowed me to get into the bed so I'm snuggled deep under the covers.  He's given no real indication that he wants me.  I had a splitting headache but took some pills for it and am better, but my earlier horniness is completely gone from when the headache started.  

I'm totally unprepared when he pulls back the covers and simply takes me.  I'm dry.  It hurts. He likes this; he loves that just him taking me this way will turn me on.  It does, eventually.   He fucks me, anyway, regardless of what I want, telling me that I'm his hole and he will treat me like his whore... well, it takes a few minutes of that sort of fucking to make me wet.   He slaps my face and I feel slightly ashamed to be such a hole.   So much unconsidered nothingness here.  But then he tells me to get a blanket to keep the sheets dry, and my vibrator, and I am grateful that he's going to let me come too.  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life is Unfair

The other side.

I'm one of the luckiest people I know, in so many ways.  

People say you make your own luck, but do you really?

There are so many things in life that I have little or no control over, that just worked out for me.  Or else I am a master of manipulation so good I don't even realize it, bwahahhhaahahaa! 

Perhaps my life is just unfairly good.  But no one ever promised fair, either way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Master was fucking me today, on the floor with my hands pinned at my back.  I was under him, me on my stomach.  I could barely twitch.  I could sorta breathe.  A little.

"Want to play 'Westworld'"? he asked.

"Unf. Ok, Master, what does that mean?"

"You're being raped."

I guess that makes him Ed Harris. 

I couldn't even move my arms but I tried to wiggle anyway, gasping and groaning.  When I wiggled too much he beat on my back with a stick.  Eventually he got up and I thought I would crawl away but he grabbed my shoulder in a wrestling hold and flipped me over as easily as you would a sheet of paper. 

He slapped my tits and face and made me come, repeatedly.  He fucked me into a collapse state, giving up the struggle.  

A while later I thought he was sleeping and I came down to answer messages and work on the blog.  I'd just gotten the first two lines here done when he came into the living room.  

"Whatcha doing?" I asked, in my most slaviest of slavey manners.

"Getting my cock sucked."  He did too, and frosted me all over so I needed another bath.   

Monday, October 10, 2016

Million Things

I have a million things left to do between now and 6:00 and negative a million energy to apply to those things.  Ugh.  Short blog today because I have to leave in a couple minutes.  I didn't even manage a shower.  I was supposed to have a nap, but there's no time.  

Update added:

I didn't get everything done by 6:00. I also forgot that Master would be home by 5:00 so I didn't have dinner on.  What a day.  Feeling like a tired as fuck crappy slave. :( 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shamegasm, by DM

We were running late today, as usual. We almost never meet someone before 1:00 on a Saturday that I have off because on the rare days I get to stay in bed, I want to stay in bed. So there we were, trying to get ready to go, to be at the Democratic Headquarters at 10:00 for inspiring speeches an canvassing. ksst had missed my subtle signals that I wanted a quickie before our shower, and it was time to get moving. We hopped in the shower, washed, and hopped out. When I went up to get dressed, ksst was looking all sweet and naked and articulate, about how she was getting ready as fast as I was, and she had more to do, so I ordered her to kneel and suck. She did this readily, and sucked eagerly at my hardening cock. 
I pushed her back onto the floor and, pulling aside her panties, began to lick her cunt. ksst's lips swelled and moistened, and her nipples hardened, so I took her. She was dry and tight, but I worked my hard cock into her and began stroking in out. ksst loosened and moistened, and I began going faster and harder. Finally I ordered her to orgasm. ksst bit her lip and shook her head, and didn't. I went a little faster and harder, slapping her tits and playing with her nipples, and when she seemed close, ordered her to come again, but again she frowned and bit her lip and didn't. After not much longer- this was a quickie, after all- I came in her and ordered her to come one last time, and again she didn't. She didn't want to squirt and smell like sex while we were canvassing. 
I rolled her over, forcing my limp penis in her mouth and began spanking her with the broken paddle. Finally it was too much stimulation, and she came in her panties, soaking them. When ksst stood to clean herself off, cunt juices and my come drooled down her thighs. They were also all over her face from my cock. There was no time to shower again, so she cleaned up as best she could with baby wipes and slathered on some smelly hand lotion.
ksst was so ashamed thinking about walking around smelling like sex that she had refused to orgasm. But I persevered, and the shamegasm took her powerfully.


Life Is So Unfair

Fair is where they have the cotton candy and pony rides.  I know, I know.

I don't expect my life to be fair, but still, sometimes I really have to bite down HARD on my tongue.

Like this morning. He was giving me a hard time about how it takes me FOREVER to get ready.  Oh, the things I did not say.  I'm sure it is hardly wiser to write them here, but maybe they will seem funny after the fact.  

Things I have to do to get ready in the morning:
-Let dogs out
-Make breakfast
-Let some dogs in, and more dogs out. 
-Eat breakfast
-Wash dishes
-Let dogs in. I can't find one dog.  Say "fuck it"- I will come back to this later.  He's still in the yard somewhere because there is a fence.
-Find another towel while Master gets in the shower.
-Wash Master while I am standing on the cold side.  When he is all done and gets out I can wash myself.
-Shave my legs and armpits.  Cunt is currently required to be fuzzy.
-Dry hair and body.
-Put on make up.
-Get dressed.  Well, I attempted to get dressed but was waylayed by Master who wanted me to kneel and suck him.  Then he fucked me, which really hurt, and I smelled like cunt and had to change panties.   I put on some heavily scented lotion to try to cover up what was all over my face.  I'm hoping he's going to write more on that part in the blog because he said he wanted to.
-Wash up and finish getting dressed.
-Find my missing dog and put him inside.
-Gather all my stuff- coffee, phone, purse, shoes.

Ta-DA ready!

I still ended up being ready at the same time as Master.  Although we were both running half an hour late he wasn't that worried about making it to hear our senator's speech.  We canvassed 44 houses in about 3 hours, walking over 6 kilometers.  And I found 2 new Pokemon.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

One Of The Things He Likes

One of the things Master likes about me, he told me as he was looming over me between my spread open legs, is how I can continue to look innocent and frightened even after having taken enough dicks to build a bridge. 

One of the things about my Master that I like is that he can alternately frighten and amuse me. 


Because I Need This

Ten things I appreciate today:

1. Gummy vitamins.
2. Fall weather on a sunny day.
3. Dogs that are always happy.
4. Dorky jokes.
5. My friends are funny.
6. Having a really sore cunt.
7. The earth hasn't fallen into the sun yet.
8. Plucking hairs with tweezers (yes, I enjoy this, no judging).
9. Coffee.
10. Sausage biscuits.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Emotion Release

I was a sad and worried slave Monday night.  Master was gone.  I talked to my mom, which helped, but Tuesday morning the sad feelings were back.  Master came home and could tell right away.  He ordered up a quick breakfast from me, then told me to change into something else and kneel at his feet.  I felt warm, fuzzy and cared for cuddled up to his thigh, and some of my malaise started to fade.  

He had me suck him, and then took me upstairs.  He tied my arms together in front of me, then made me kneel and worship again.  He told me I better please him the best way I knew. Then he began with the worst thing of all, the holey paddle.  The thing is evil. 

 In no time at all I was crying.  He stood me up, told me to grab my dresser.   The holey paddle was the worst, but the arrow stick was also bad.  I continued to sob the whole time.  When he began using the whip I caught my breath, in the brief space between a new implement, but he quickly switched to his belt.   I struggled to calm down and stop crying.  It didn't work.  After a few sharp strikes in the center of my back I lost that battle and gave in to the serious wailing.  All the worries of the past month (mostly about our oldest kid) were streaming down my face and from my mouth.  It had little to do with the pain, but much more to do with my need to cry, although the pain was the very much needed instigator for emotion release.

He put me down on the floor, fucked me, and then spanked me again with the arrow stick.  I was completely in space by the time he stood me up and sent me to the bed for some long hard fucking.  He let me use the vibrator while I rode on top.  I don't even know how many orgasms I had that way.  The whole thing left us both wrung out exhausted, but happy.  

We were showered and out of the house by 11 am., even with all that, so that we could eat breakfast out and see Mystique for a short time before she needed to sleep (she works nights).   Master had worked at night too, but he'd been able to sleep some there (they have a bed for him). 

It was a grand day after all. 


On the weekend we were too busy having fun for any blog writing to get done. Those are the best times.  I made the (dorky) joke to Master:

How is my weekend like a Pokemon stop?

I got two balls and an ultra ball.

I count fucking with a caning as the ultra ball.  The other balls were pretty great too though.  My hoo ha was (is) sore.

Master missed reading my blogs, though (which is SOOO sweet!), so I'm going to write a more in depth one today, after I take the kid to school and maybe hunt up some Pokemon, I mean, go for a walk with the dog.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cum Covered Whore

The Kink of the Week is bukkake, which happens to be one of my favorite and most potent fantasies, sometimes also coupled with group piss play.   This is not something that I expect ever to do, because of the need for safe sex and condoms with anyone besides my Master.   Although, you never know what will happen, at least not if you are me.  

In my fantasy it is all about being a dirty slut whore and having several (up to 6) men cover me with various fluids. It is nasty and horrible, degrading, and ever so hot.  I want to touch myself just thinking about it.  

Read more about this from other writers here:

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I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...