Thursday, October 19, 2017

Days Like This

After a delightful lunch for three, we moved on to his bedroom.   I stood in the center of the room, my hands behind my back, looking down, waiting.

My Master was somewhere behind me, I couldn't see.  
Dr. Peter undid the third button to my sweater.  I had already undone the top two before I left home, just so.

 Dr. Peter used a leather tawse to tease the material away from my nipples, playing and stroking each one.   I sighed and arched myself to meet the delicious touch.  He gently lifted each breast free of the sweater now that it was open nearly to my navel, but didn't remove the garment entirely.  I felt even more exposed than if I had stripped myself down to nothing at all, being this way partially and deliberately uncovered.    

He began to pat each breast with the tawse, then to strike more firmly until I gasped in pain. Master pressed close behind me and pulled my arms back tightly, making my chest arch outwards even further.   

I was stripped completely, invited to step out of my skirt, which I did awkwardly and then knelt on the bench at the foot of the bed.   

Two hours later.  

All I can remember is the cricket bat and a cane that turns into a sword.  This is the first time any of us have used a cricket bat as a beating instrument.  I liked it.  It was less painful than some other implements even though it looks like a paddle.  It's made of willow- I'm not sure if they all are, or just this one.

The list of implements they used, from Dr. Peter:

Thin rattan canes, stingy.
Thicker rattan canes, thuddy,
Malaysian Dragon school cane
Smoked Dragon school cane, crook-handled
Whangee Cane  (this one has knobs, which makes it extra painful)

A picture from the web, whangee canes:

Extra long Smoked Dragon canes (one dark brown, one reddish brown, with wrapped straight handles).  Afterward I sniffed the handles to see what they were wrapped with and it was a fragrant leather.

Three tawses (two Scottish, one American) made with bridle leather.

A walking stick which concealed a sword.  I didn't see what they were using on me until later, but I could feel the sharpness going up and down my back.  Also between my legs, poking painfully into my tender bits.   I can hold very still when I need to.

And the piece de resistance,  a Tench Sports cricket bat, used by both Master and Dr. Peter. Made with willow.  Thuddy.
After all the beating and sucking and fucking was done, and a final cup of tea was shared as I sat gingerly in my chair at the table, Master and I were on our way home again.  

I love days like this.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Man In Black

Sitting at the kitchen table with my computer, listening to Crime and Punishment on audiobook, I heard steps behind me.  I smelled leather first, then a gloved hand went across my mouth.   A large knife, machete really, was at my throat and Master told me I needed to get upstairs.  He was dressed all in black.  Felt hat. Black suit coat. Black vest. Black jeans.  Black leather gloves.  Only his tie was gray, setting off the black.    He whispered in my ear as he ordered me to strip and then held the knife against my neck "You know what is going to happen next, don't you, Dolores?"  I shook my head as small as I could so as to avoid jostling his knife.  

"I can rape you before or after I kill you." That's a chilling thing to hear, even if I don't believe it.  My heart was pounding and my breath quick and shallow in my chest.  "It doesn't make any difference to me which way," he said coldly.  The knife traced down my chest.  

"These violent delights have violent ends." 

"There are only two ways you live tonight.  Either everything you can well enough to please me and make me want to keep you.  Or fight me and escape."

I felt no fight in me at that moment, and not knowing what I was supposed to say, I answered "I'll do whatever you want, Master."

That was the wrong answer, he told me.  He shoved me down on the bed and pinned my arms over my head.  He took the leash and wrapped my wrists, tying them off.   He entered my cunt straight away, and I was wet but somewhat unprepared.  It was tight.   He put his hand on my throat and pressed down.  Before I got light headed he let go and removed the gloves.  He used them to slap my breasts and my face.   Master had me in many positions, going from my cunt to my mouth and back repeatedly.  

In the end he came in my mouth and as he was doing so he held my head still in his hands, impaled on his cock, for a good long time; it seemed like minutes, as I tried to breathe and swallow at the same time. 

Bullwhipped and Ass Fucked

I think Master wanted to make our first time after I came back from my trip special.

Right after breakfast he had me put on my leather collar and a black silk slip.  I brought him a light cane and a heavy cane when he told me to pick a couple of implements out.   He ordered me to come stand by him at the kitchen table.  Master folded me down over his lap and gently lifted my silk slip up, sliding it over my bottom.  Then there was no caress but a hard slap, and another, and a dozen more after that.  

He let me down on the floor and directed me to start sucking.  Intermittently he'd have me stand and he would beat me with either the light cane or the wooden cutting board.   I was on his lap and I was bent over the kitchen counter.  My ass was smarting and my cunt was leaking.  I knelt on a towel on the floor and sucked him excitedly and vigorously.  When I felt him get close to coming I slowed down rather than sped up.   I desperately wanted to be fucked.

He finally led me upstairs and told me to strip and grab the dresser.  I could hear the soft but distinctive sound of the uncoiling of the bullwhip behind me.   He stung my back with it over and over.  My cunt dripped and began to shake with pre-orgasmic excitement.  He told me to come. I did.  He whipped me some more, and I came again. 
Master turned me around and pushed me to my knees.  He began beating me from above, coming straight down with the cane while I sucked his cock.  This was harder and more painful than anything he'd done yet.  I was just about sobbing when he stopped, and still trying to suck him, although not, I think, very well.

He had me get in bed, and take the glass dildo.  He fucked me with that as I sucked him once more.   

He got me up again, by the dresser, and flogged me, which was wonderful.
Then he lay back in the bed and had me get on top.  It felt so good to have him inside me.  He made me come several times, and then asked if I was ready to get ass fucked.  Of course I answered "Yes, Master".  Then he made me beg him to "Please fuck my ass, Master".  I really meant it too. I begged again.

He wanted me to have the glass dildo inside my cunt as he took my ass from behind, but as soon as I closed my legs around the dildo it already began to hurt, before he even had a finger in the rear passage.  He allowed me to take the the dildo out and just hold it on the outside between my legs.  He fingered my ass with one, then two, then maybe even three fingers, I'm not sure.  It had been at least a week since I used a plug, and a really long time since he thoroughly fucked my ass.   I was grateful for the lube and for the warm up.  When he slid his cock in it was painful but mostly felt extremely good.  It was so intense though, that I was still making a lot of noises.  

Then he had me slide the glass dildo into my cunt.  From the angle I was trying to reach I could only get it in just a little way, just the tip, but it was far enough that he could feel it as he thrust in and out of me.   I begged him to hurry and come, but he said he wasn't anywhere close.    He kept fucking my butt and the pleasure/pain/but mostly degradation that is anal sex continued.  The last part, the degradation, is the one that makes me cry.  I don't consciously think it, but my body feels it right down to the core.  That's what I love about it, honestly.

Then he pulled out, took off the condom and put his cock in my mouth.  I attempted to suck him off, but he pulled back again and fucks me, this time with me on my back and my legs up in the air.   We come spectacularly at the same moment, his sounds of pleasure pushing me over the edge to enjoy one more orgasm of my own. 

That wasn't even the last for the day.  After we'd gone out to lunch and done errands he took me again, doggy style on the bedroom floor. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

TMI Tuesday -Fill In The Blank

This is a fill in the blank TMI edition, so my answers are the underlined part. 

1. I am me because being someone else would be too difficult.

2. Kittens will never, ever do laundryAnd you can't make them.

3. He was grabbing ice cubes and shoving them in my cunt. Hey, it's happened.

4. Ok, ok I’m really happy to be home tonight .

5. The charming puppy got in my car and came home.

Bonus: Tell us about places where you’ve been happiest.

In bed with my Master. I wish I was there now. Sadly I just got home from four days out of town and he had to go to work.  But tomorrow we will have a good time.  I missed him a lot.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Trade

Sunday Master said he wanted to blow on my stomach, so of course I got into bare-stomach position in submission but dread.  He'd already been talking about giving me no orgasms until Tuesday, but said that if I begged really hard for the tummy blowing, I could have one orgasm on Monday.

I really, really wanted that Monday masturbation, because he's not home for more than half an hour the whole day and I get needy.

So I begged him for the tummy blow that I hate.  I even made my stomach squoosh back and forth in a ridiculous way so that it looked like at talking belly button.  He began to lower his head slowly toward my stomach, a millimeter at a time, making me squirm in anticipation.  The raspberry came, and it was not as bad as all that.  Not good, but totally worth it.   He said I could have ONE orgasm on Monday.  

When Monday rolled around, Master came home for dinner and then was immediately going to leave again, but he took 2 minutes to take me upstairs and have me suck his cock on my knees.  He even fucked me for like 30 seconds, but I couldn't orgasm, not even on command.  It was too rushed and too unexpected.  He had me come out with him to open the front gate for him, and he made me lift my shirt and flash him as he sat in the car as I stood at the open gate.  I didn't have a bra on.  Then he told me to come. He said later that he could see all the thoughts flashing across my face one after the other.
First "Oh no, that's not going to work. Again."  
Then "Shoot, maybe it is?" 
Then "OMG, orgasm time". 

He still let me masturbate last night, so technically I got a bonus orgasm.   


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TMI Tuesday: It's Complicated

1. How do you gauge the success of your romantic relationships?

Are we both happy?
2. How often do you prefer to talk about sex with your lover?

Multiple times a day. 
3. During sex, what is your top priority?

Obedience.  A feeling of submission to his will- that is absolutely the high point for me.   Pleasing my Master, that is up there too. 
4. What advice would you like to give your partner to be a better lover? Are you afraid to give that advice?

No, I'm not afraid.  I give him advice all the time, he just does whatever he wants anyway.  
5. While in the moment of having sex, what is the best way you like to receive feedback from a lover that they are enjoying or are not enjoying sex a. moans and groans b. tell me in dirty talk c. give me direction or be explicit d. just fuck, tell me later if it was good for you

Oh, the moans and groans are the hottest.  I also love it when he gives explicit directions. 
Bonus: Are you an idiot? Why or why not?

Oh, sometimes I do dumb things or get kind of spacey.  Not in general though, in my own humble opinion.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last Weekend

I barely did any blogs this week, only a snippet on Tuesday, and now the week is gone and there is so much to write it is hard to choose what to focus on.

Last weekend was the sheep herding trial, the first one I'd been to in 5 years, and I was really nervous about getting back into it. How would it be going back with a new dog? What if I didn't do well? What if people ask me questions about where I've been all this time?

Saturday morning I had to get up at 3:30 am to drive three hours and arrive at the trial on time. 

 Pepper answered that "what if" right off the bat, by being extremely bad about 3 seconds into her first run and we had to retire from the field.  However, nobody died, and I went back for another round in the afternoon.  This time, I was very strict with her, giving constant commands, not letting her have an inch, and she did great.  She got third place.

The next day we had two more runs, and I gave her a bit more freedom to work without being commanded down every few steps, and she did even better, getting a first and a second place, plus ribbons for Best Started Aussie.  And she won a weekend prize of $50, so that was nice.  The trials rarely offer money prizes, usually just ribbons.   

Even better, the camaraderie with old friends I haven't seen in years was excellent.  People I didn't even remember were coming up to me and saying my name right off the bat, although I did remember most of them after a few minutes.  It was very welcoming.  

On Sunday I volunteered to work, since I noticed a few less trial volunteers were there that day and extra help is always appreciated.  I ran the stop watch timer for one of the cattle trials (I hadn't entered cattle).   This is a fun job because you get to sit right next to the judge and hear all of his comments. 
I won some stuff!

 On Sunday I had also woken up at 3:30 am, even though I was at a motel five minutes from the trial and had no need to get up so early. That's what a case of nerves will do.  So it was a pretty long day, what with getting up early, working, trialing, being out all day in 90 degree heat with little shade, and then driving home three hours after that.   

I was pretty tired when I got home but Master had really missed me, which was sweet in theory, but in actuality I had a very hard time getting into a mood to appreciate his sexual attention.   I'd been so (temperature wise) hot both days, and I was still so dirty and sweaty, and our room was stiflingly hot.  

To tell the truth, I didn't feel like having sex.  Which is fine, my Master has the right to my body any time he wants, no matter my feelings.  And I was perfectly willing to be used, but it was dead obvious to him that I wasn't enjoying it.  He kept stopping to ask if I liked it and if I enjoyed it.  So my choices were tell the truth and make him unhappy, or lie, which I know is wrong. 

 I told him that I wasn't really enjoying it.  What I really needed was him to stop fussing at me and just take me forcefully. (And yes, I said exactly that out loud). It was the only thing that can press all the right buttons to take me from "Aahhhggg, let me out of here", which is where I was at that point, to "Oh, yeah".    He was just being too nice to me, too gentle, and then asking questions like that on top of it, when it was clear that I wasn't in the mood, was really, really putting me out of the mood.  

He did stop asking me questions, and started being violent with me, making whispered threats in my ear when I tried to fight back and push him away, holding me down with a hand around my neck.  Very shortly he had me eagerly fucking him back, and orgasming multiple times.  He enjoys it when I fight back a bit, put up a struggle.

It's all about the right buttons.  

We went downstairs after he came, and I had a piece of pizza from the fridge, a beer and a quick shower.   We watched a little TV, then he took me upstairs and caned me thoroughly before bed.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Master is the Cruelest

We were getting dressed to go out to an appointment.  I slipped out of my robe, staring at the belt in his hands.  He said he could hit me a few times with it, so I turned my back to him and grabbed hold of the dresser in anticipation.  I felt the swish of air as it went very close to my bottom, and I heard muted popping noises, but he didn't connect.  After a dozen of these near misses there was one hard pop on my ass, then he said "That's it. Get dressed.  We don't have time for any more."  

And how I want more.  That was six hours ago and he's sleeping now.   It's a rough life.

Friday, September 22, 2017

KOTW: Hand spanking: Giddy up!

With all the blogs I've written here featuring canes, paddles, whips or belts, I don't think I've ever written anything on just plain good hand spankings.  

They are more intimate and sensual, flesh touching flesh.  They are more likely to include stroking and fondling that an arm's length implement spanking does.  They are also fun.  A bare bottom is a must, in my opinion, for any serious spanking.  It doesn't always happen when he's just giving me a good swat or two, which might be over my jeans or skirt, but for anything more than that, bare is beyond compare.   

Spankings in the garden?

Hand spanking tends to be more of a warm up activity for us, because I think his hand gets sore quicker than my butt!  Soon he switches to an implement of ass destruction.  Hand spanking is also an excellent accompaniment to fucking from behind.  I have plenty of hip and ass for him to reach as he takes me that way.  Sometimes he even has me ride him in backwards cowgirl so that he can
smack my ass as it goes up and down.  Giddy up!  


Thursday, September 21, 2017

One Downside

One downside to cleaning the house naked on a hot September day is that even in the heat of late summer the basement remains cool. Which feels nice and refreshing, right up to the point where you are reaching waaaay down into the bottom of the washing machine to pull out the last of the clothes and your tit brushes the absolutely freezing metal side of machine, making you leap, shriek and frighten any dogs which happen to be about. Dogs who spring into barking action instantly like the valiant defenders they are.

Intruder! Intruder! Alert!

It's not just me with this problem, is it?

I Had a Date!

 I could also say that Master lent me out for the day to a mutual friend for pretty much any purpose he desired.  Sort of like The Story of O and Sir Stephan if I want to make it all romantical.  But there is no permanent give-away happening.  It was the first time I have gone over there without my Master. 

He asked me to wear stockings.

We had a GREAT time.  We played, we talked, he cooked food, I brought dessert, then we played some more, and talked more, and played more.  I was sore and spacey afterwards, and had just a few hours to get home and get all my day's chores done, but I managed that successfully AND cooked a tasty pork loin roast for dinner, so I am kind proud of myself for that last bit.  When I really just wanted to collapse on my bed, instead I worked my dog, cleaned the yard, did laundry and made food.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Unwashed

As he was fucking me, Master told me he wasn't going to let me wash before we went out for lunch and shopping later that afternoon.  He told me the people at the car oil change place we always go to would be able to smell sex on me.   I told him I would love to feel his come dripping down my thighs as we walked into a restaurant or around a shop.  He then told me he would be happy to spill a glass of water on my lap as a cover up if my wetness was getting out of hand. 

He did not let me wash my cunt before we went out, although I did wash other places.  He also did not let me wear panties.  I wore a long turquoise skirt and brown walking sandals.    I felt every breeze.

He also told me we were going to the car wash, and I told him that car washes are naughty places.  They are too. It ends with me sucking his cock as the bubbles slide over the car windows.

TMI Tuesday: Relationship

1. Why would you go to a therapist?

  a. You need support 
b. You want to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes?
c. You need guidance and to be told what to do

I have been to two therapists.  Both times were because my Master wanted me to, because I'm both suspicious and afraid of therapists, to be honest.  The first time we went together to a marriage counselor because (this was way back when we were first married and completely vanilla) Master was not getting enough sex.  This wasn't a great experience for me, as I felt they ganged up on me to just tell me I should do sex more even though I wasn't feeling it.  I had a very different mindset back then, and at the time, this did not help me "feel it". 

The second time I went to a therapist was much better.  I was still afraid, but I went because he told me to.  I was having some anxiety and she really helped with that.  I told her all about our power exchange relationship and she was kind and understanding. 
2. Thinking of the main male lover in your life, what is sex for him: a. stress relief, tension reliever  
b. a way to show love  
c. something exciting he likes to do

It think it is all of those. That's what he says too, depending on circumstances it can be all.

3. Do you feel a partner is being invasive for wanting to know your plans and inner thoughts?

No, I think as my Owner he has a right to my inner thoughts and knowing my plans.
4. In your opinion, what is intimate sharing?

Telling someone I'm close to things that I wouldn't want to tell the world at large.
5. Would you enjoy a weekend by yourself, without the company of your partner? Where would you go? What would you do?

This weekend I'm going to a dog trial by myself, the first one in years!  I guess that is the only thing that could tempt me to go off alone.  Master has been encouraging me to get started with trialing again.
Bonus: Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it? Then would you wear it as well?

No way.  I want him to approve of all of them.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Kneeling on the floor, a towel protecting my knees, I was eager to get started.  I had one eye on the large, sharp butcher knife Master had placed on the cutting board at the kitchen table.  My ankle cuffs pressed into my skin in a comforting way as I knelt.   He told me to get started, pressing the tip of the knife into my neck.  It is necessary to be vigorous and yet cautious in such circumstances.  

Another day, it is his short sword, also known as kindjal.  As I lie on the floor the the tip touches my chest, right at the sternum.  My heart responds, as does my swelling cunt.   The heart rate increase, understandably due to fear.  The cunt?  Traitorously lubing now, becoming excited at the thought of rape and mayhem?   Hard to say why.   But it does, and when he slides into me, with the sword at my neck, again I'm struggling to hold back any vigorous movements that may injure me, striving to be still and accept his plundering attentions.  When he tells me to come I can't help myself, regardless of my attempt to be still and avoid injury.   It is only a small orgasm, this time, because I'm afraid.  When he puts the sword aside and slaps my face, hard, over and over, on both sides, sometimes with a backhand, I am driven to a sexual frenzy and I come with abandon.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Negotiating Play Questions

1) Soft/Hard limits?

My Master does not let me do (receive) ass play with people other than him.  Hard limit, unless he tells you otherwise.

Use condoms for PIV.

Blood play, my Master will probably not allow.   A little incidental cut from cane, whip or other implement is fine.

Breath play, you should ask him first.  He has okayed this for very few partners.   

My Master requires a safeword system to be in place when I play with others, and it is RED, which means stop and check in.  YELLOW means please switch to doing something else.   I have very rarely used either of those.

2) Medical conditions I should be aware of?

My back cannot tolerate certain positions on certain days.  This is mostly an issue with face-up suspension, but I will definitely speak up if I need to change positions at any time.

3) Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection Status?

I get tested a couple of times a year for everything (Chlamydia, HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV, Hepatitis) but herpes.  If you don't have herpes (are you sure? Have you gotten tested? 80% of adults do have some form of herpes and you can get 1 and 2 in either location, oral or genital, and you may never have had a symptom) then you might want to take precautions. 

Condoms are a must for me, for PIV.  Not a must for oral- this is a risk my Master is willing to take. 

4) Body areas to avoid hitting and/or off-limits?

None, use normal caution around joints and such.  But if you bite my stomach without using restraints on me you may get punched. Sorry, not sorry.

5) How long do you typically scene?

Usually not long enough.  Time flies when you are having fun!
 I like to be a puddle of exhaustion afterward, so if you have the energy, go for it.  My longest have been several hours and the shortest, a couple of whacks (I don't even know if that counts).

6) When was your last scene?

Probably not very long ago.

7) What are your aftercare needs?

I can usually ask for what I need, this is not a problem for me, and it varies.  Possibly a blanket if it is at all chilly, and some sitting down time.  If you would like to cuddle, I enjoy it, but if not, my Master can take over there.  After a bit of rest, a drink or a snack might be good.  If the play was fairly short or light, I won't need anything.

8) Triggers?

Biting my stomach can trigger punching.  Or crying. Or both.

If you try to make me switch (to being dominant/topping you), that's a scene ruin-er for me.  It makes me very uncomfortable.  My Master can do it because he owns my ass and doesn't mind making me uncomfortable, but if others do it they run the risk of me never wanting to play with them again (not that I always get a choice!).

9) Words to especially use or avoid (slut/whore/cunt/bitch)?

I can't think of any words that are really bad for me.  If you call me Mistress you better be joking.  Because I will laugh.

I am sensitive to harsh criticism.  If you tell me I'm not doing well, I will feel bad and have even cried if I thought the person was serious and not just doing "scene talk".  I'm not saying it is a no-go area, but I am mentioning it just to make people aware of what may be my reaction. 

10) Marks (bruises, semi-perm, perm)?

Yes, please.  Talk to my Master first if you want to do anything that can't be covered up (such as to my face).  I don't know if he will allow that or not- it is doubtful.

11) What specifically do you want to experience?

I go into subspace fairly easily and I LOVE it, so that's always fun.  
In terms of specifics I like to do what pleases the person I'm playing with.  I love them to direct where we go and what we do. 
 I do not like to specifically direct things; having to do that would make play unappealing for me.

12) What are your longer-term, bucket-list items?

Heh, I don't give that out to just anyone, sorry!  

13) Anything else you want to add or let me know?

I enjoy fear play and humiliation.  I enjoy "force" or rape play.  I have an easy time doing "willing suspension of disbelief" in a scene.  I love being restrained.  Knives are hot. 

 I enjoy sex with my play, and basically all types of play feel sexual to me even if we aren't touching bits.   I like to be made to do things I don't really like, just because my Master or someone I am playing with wants them. It feels humiliating to me, but in a very good way.   I like to be objectified a LOT.  If you talked only to him as if I weren't there in negotiations, this is a major turn on for me. 

I squirt a lot in some circumstances. You may need a towel/tarp/blanket.  I orgasm easily and on command.  

If you hurt me too much I may get the urge to fight back. I will try really hard not to do so unless you like that sort of play (just tell me).   I will feel bad if I have to safeword.

14) Bonus Question: How do we know when it's over?

When you are done.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Let's Do It

Some musical accompaniment for my blog: Let's Do It

Our good friends T. and W. came to visit because he (T.) was speaking at a local group.  They stopped by here to pick me up, then we went over to Dr P.'s house to pick him up, then on to the munch.  Master drove separately because he was working in the morning nearby there.   They were all introduced here: Cast of Characters.

Before anything started I selected a seat on a bar stool next to W. so I could chat with her.  We were behind and slightly to the side of the table T. was sitting at.  The other chairs and the small audience were all arranged in front of the table.  I sat quietly and listened, knowing that Master and T. had talked about me being one of the demo subjects for the first talk (knives).  I wasn't sure if I should stay in my seat of go sit with the rest of the audience.   Eventually Master arrived after getting out of work, and I slipped off my stool to join him at a table.  A few minutes later T. walked toward me purposefully with a long curved knife in hi hand.  He looked at Master and said "May I?" and Master said "Sure".  No one asked me, the slave, of course.

 It wasn't this exact knife, but it was close enough to this style.  Definitely wicked curved and scary looking.   He yanked my hair back firmly, exposing my throat.   The knife brushed my skin.  I closed my eyes.  He told me to open my mouth, which I did obediently, eyes widened as well as my mouth.  He tapped my teeth with the metal.  Who told him I hated dentistry?  Oh yeah, I did.  Tap, tap, tap. On. My. Teeth.  The sensation was indescribable.   Even when he stepped away the feeling on my teeth lingered.  

Later on he was discussing scene communication and told everyone that some day he'd like to play with me really hard, much longer and harder than we ever had before.   I have a lot of feelings about this!  Mostly excitement, but with a healthy dose of fear in there. 

They spent the night at our house, but there was no play all together because of our kids being here and Master not wanting to risk them discovering us.

The next day, Sunday, it was just Master and I and we had something of an all day sex-fest.  He was horny and frustrated at not having had a chance at W. (something that T. heavily encouraged).

Naked Gardening Happens

Pulling weeds in the heat of the sun, my cunt still sore from being used roughly earlier that warm Sunday morning, I crawled across the sandy soil, careful over the spiny pumpkin vines, plucking out the long grasses from among them.   Master worked several feet away from me in his own patch of weedy vines. 

"Pull up your shirt while you work so I can see your tits" he ordered.  I lifted my shirt, freeing them, since I hadn't put on a bra that day.  I attempted to tuck the shirt around in a knot so it would stay up even when I went back to crawling, but it would only stay for a short time and then I'd have to re-tuck it to give Master the view he wanted. 

After more minutes of weeding and me fussing with my shirt he told me to take it off completely.  I hung it on the garden fence.  The sun warming my back felt good.  I resumed my crawling.  The occasional brushes of breast against pumpkin vine did not feel so good, but I didn't say anything.  I was getting very aroused by the idea that Master was watching me (while not seeming to watch) as I worked topless.  

He came up to me, stood in front of me, and asked if I wanted a taste. Of course I did.

He unzipped his shorts and took out his cock. I eagerly took him in my mouth.  That didn't last long before he turned me around, told me to get on all fours and jerked at my shorts.  I helped slide them down in front.  His cock slid into my aching wet hole.  Soon he pulled me to stand up and ordered me to grab the corner post of the garden fence.  I gripped rough wood in both hands as he entered me again.

Master told me we were done gardening and if we wanted to fuck properly we should go up to the bedroom.   I rinsed my hands and knees before going up to him.  

In the bed, he took off the wrist strap I always wear and fastened it to both my wrists in its specially designed handcuff fashion. I was laid out in front of him on the bed with my cuffed wrists pinned above my head in his hand.  My body arched up to him with intense desire as he kissed me.  His cock brushed against me, but he didn't enter my cunt yet.

Instead, he took the leash from the bed post and began slapping my inner thighs and my pussy with it.  I arched up again, somehow trying to fuck the slapping leash.  The metal snap made me jump on each heavy impact, but I strained back toward it for more.

Finally, he came down on top of me with all his weight, entering me.  It was bliss.   

When he unfastened my hands he allowed me to ride on top of him.  I came many times- I have no idea how many. 
Master finished and we lay in a wet heap, soaked with sweat and sex fluids and ready for (another) shower.

And at bedtime he (again!) used my mouth while fingering me.  I got a salty treat.  I was good and sore the next day.


Monday, September 11, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Reality

1. What is your reality?

The beautiful farm, sunshine, family, a slight feeling of lonely sadness mixed with anticipation of future happiness and also anxiety about phone calls, and worrying about family and friends in the path of hurricane Irma.  

  2. Will you have sex today? This week?

Today, no.  Master will be working all night.  We had sex twice on Sunday and then he wanted a bed time blowjob during which he fingered me.  It was an extraordinary sex-filled day and I really should write a blog about it.

  3. What did you hate doing this past weekend?

Nothing.  I had a great weekend.

  4. What did you love doing this past weekend?

Seeing friends, going to a munch, eating dinner out, making breakfast for our friends and my family, having sex a lot, not to mention being threatened at sword and knife-point by Master and Travis.  And half naked gardening.

  5. Which new technology have you found most helpful in your life? 

The computer.  It does so much, like help me write this blog.

Which do you find to be the most annoying?

I don't usually keep around technologies that annoy me.  I guess it would be websites that have video ads that you can't close.  That bugs me. 

TMI Tuesday link


Did you ever have one of those days when it is a perfectly fine day, everything looks rosy, but you're just not in tune with those feelings or the how the day looks?  I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today.  Not really sad, but kind of missing various things/ and people. 

I miss...

Kaya's blog and writings.

Other people on Fet who I used to hear a lot more from. 

My friends who I broke up with for reasons, I miss them being friendly with me.  Ex-friendships are like a big black mark.

Sex with a certain special someone. Cuddling in a pile.

My children being small enough that they could be taken places like the library or the park and have a good time (now they protest and moan and complain about being made to go anywhere).

I miss yesterday, when there were people here. Now I'm alone and a bit lonely.   

I should get out and do things.  We had a great weekend and I miss it. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

People I had sex with

There was a facebook meme going around which was "Let us guess how many people you have had sex with" and then they give you some completely ridiculous random number, like 215.  This made me start to wonder if I even remember, and while I am remembering, maybe I should write them down lest I forget.  However, so as not to cause consternation/embarrassment to others, I'm going to abbreviate them all with only two letters.

First, what counts as sex?  For sure, there are more things than just PIV that are sex.  So, oral, yes, that is sex.  If I just had oral sex (either giving or receiving) then I had sex.  Handjobs?  I'm going to say no.  Why? Because I feel like it.   S/M play?  Not exactly sex, so that doesn't count.  What if I had an orgasm but nobody was penetrated?  Still not sex because that happens a lot- in the nature center, at a restaurant, where ever Master wants to tell me to orgasm.  

Now that we have that out of the way, here it is:

Ma.(different than the first Ma.)
(at least three guys whose names I don't know)


So, that is 19, at least.  Possibly 20.  I lost count once, it was a bit intense.

Eight of those are women, 11 are men.   

The number shouldn't be important, maybe, but it is.  To me, anyway.  I don't feel it is high or low, nor does that matter if you have more or fewer, but I just don't want to forget.   I mean, any more than I already did forget.  Does that make any sense or am I blathering?  

Friday, September 8, 2017

TMI Friday: Sexy Weekend Games

1. You are going to make a sexy weekend with your lover. Which one are you most likely to enjoy? Which of the activities is most likely to happen?

  a. Cook diner together b. Play a sexy game c. Take a bath together

C. Well, if a shower counts, because we never take baths.  We shower together frequently.
2. Will you watch porn this weekend? Alone or with someone?

Probably not.  I watched porn today though.
3. Sexy games–pick one you’d like to play? Why? a. Naked twister or b. Strip trivial pursuit

b. I'm going to choose stripping because I'm so not flexible I'm afraid I'd hurt myself or someone else playing Twister.  I will definitely lose at Trivial Pursuit because my Master is the Master of trivia also. 
3. Friday night you hit happy hour, you meet a super sexy woman/man and the two of you chat and laugh the night away. She/he leans into you and says, “You’re irresistible, can I touch your pussy/cock?’ What is your answer?

Oh no, that belongs to my Master.  It would only be OK if he allowed it.
4. What do you really have planned for the weekend?

We have an M/s couple who are friends of ours coming to visit and we are going to a munch/demo/lecture where the male half of the couple is presenting on knives and communication.  Yum!  Communicating with knives sounds sexy to me.  I'm not sure it will be like I imagine; it may be two separate topics.  Some slave-swapping is always a possibility but not guaranteed.
5. Does this TMI on a Friday have you changing your weekend plans?

I'm a little confused by TMI on a Friday, but since I did last week's TMI this week, it's just all higglty pigglty, isn't it?  All good though!  I haven't changed plans because of it.

Bonus: What you like to do on the weekend but never seem to get the chance?

Picnics and long walks. I always think they sound fun, but then something else comes up or the weather is bad.  We go for more walks than picnics. 

See more about TMI'ers:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Leash Smacking Good

I just want to say: 
Being hit on the cunt and inner thighs with the snap end of my leash, and the leather end, but not being allowed to come, having to wait many minutes for the command to orgasm, is an AMAZING feeling.   Master had me writhing and bucking in desperation last night.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Day of School

First day of school coinciding with Master's day off?


I drove the kids to school on the first day while Master was still at work on the overnight shift.   Everyone made it to class ok, weighed down with at least 20 lbs of school supplies each.   

When I got home I started making a second breakfast for Master, and after an hour of not hearing anything I began to worry about him.   It was almost 9:30 when he got home, and I was nearly ready to send out a search along the roads by then.  But he'd just been really busy and unable to leave on time.  He did four surgeries and got no sleep at all.  

So the first order of business was that he ate and went to bed. 

I painted.  After 4 coats the kitchen wall is starting to look pretty nice.  I'm doing cream on top and red under the chair rail, and red doesn't cover very well.   The trim will be white.  There was much spackling first, due to the all the cracks and holes in the walls, so it has been a long process.  Not to mention the wallpaper.  Please do not mention the wallpaper.  Ugh.

Anyway, now that I'm totally sidetracked...

When Master woke up he asked me if the dildo was good and chilled in the freezer.  Oh no!  I forgot to put it in there, even after he reminded me.  So I went straight away to get it and freeze it, and he told me that just gave him more time to watch porn and have his cock sucked.

Which we did, for a long time, until the dildo was nice and frozen.  He also paddled my ass hard with the cutting board and large metal spatula (what else, when you are playing in the kitchen?).

He tied a rope harness on me and told me to go upstairs.  

When he got up there he had a cup full of ice and the dildo.  He sent me off to get the camera, and then he gave the cup to me and told me to kneel.

Yes it hurt, but only at first.  It warmed quickly and then had to go back in the ice cup for another freeze treatment. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

TMI Tuesday (A week late!)

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?

Nope, never.

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?

Frequently am I blindfolded or hooded.  I really enjoy that, as it sends me off into my own happy space even faster.  I think the only time I blindfolded my Master was last week and that wasn't a real blind fold.  He wanted me to tease and torment him while he was tied up, so after I tied his hands I threw a shirt over his face, just for fun. 

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?

Being tied up for sex is only just my very favorite thing ever!  As above, my Master sometimes likes to be the tied up one too.

4. Shower sex…yea or nay? Why?

Yes, definitely.  It may not be the most comfortable but it is rather hot.  

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?

Yes, I have often done this for my Master.  I also took belly dancing, so I can incorporate some dance moves into the the whole stripping thing.  I have also done it on a stage for a roomful of people.  Now that was hard! 

Bonus: What are you thinking?

I'm thinking about my bruises from Saturday.  There is something extra special about seeing one next to the "OWNED" tattoo I have.  I'm not sure what the bruise came from, but I know we had a great time.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

KOTW Squirty Girl

Squirting is not a kink for me, but it could very well be for many men I know, including my Master.  Or, if not an actual kink, at least something he really enjoys.

 To me it just means more changes of clothes and more laundry.

I squirt, a lot, when I'm really having a good time.  I do remember the first time.   We were up in our bedroom, about 6 years ago, and Master was fingering me deeply and roughly as we stood up in the middle of the room.  Previously he had been flogging me and had tied me up in rope, so I was really excited.  All of a sudden I was gushing down my leg and I thought "Oh no! I peed!" but he got really excited and told me how wonderful it was that I squirted.    Since then, he works to make happen as often as possible, as long as I don't get his new leather car seats wet!

For me, and I have heard the same from other women, squirting and orgasm don't always happen at the same time.  Many times they do, but I can have a fairly dry intense orgasm, or I can squirt while becoming extremely excited and turned on, but not quite there yet.   The longer sexual activities go on, the more I squirt, and I quite literally soak the bed (we have a mattress protector as well as many sex blankets). 

"A towel isn't going to cut it, better get a tarp" could be my motto.  He sometimes calls me his "squirty girl".

Master even likes it when I sit on his face and he makes me squirt on him.  I get totally embarrassed by this, but I still love to please him, so it is kind of a like/hate thing for me.  He kind of loves that I hate it and yet I still get pleasure from  that act.   For me, squirting usually only happens with a partner, because I don't often spend very long masturbating.  If I do work at it a long time, I can make myself squirt. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

An Alexander Day

If you have kids, or were a kid, you may have read this book:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day.

That was my day yesterday.  It started Wednesday night, with the neighbor calling to say that my sheep were in their yard.  It was dark, and since very few of you are shepherds most likely, I will tell you that herding sheep in the dark in a new place is much, much more difficult than normal sheep herding, because they are the ultimate prey animal and night is a dangerous time for prey animals.   They get very skittish even to people and herding dogs they know.   

I had long minutes of heart stopping and stomach sinking as I looked for them.
Luckily for me, it turned out to be only Decker that escaped, and he's the tamest of all the sheep, so Sprite didn't have any trouble getting him back in the pasture for me.  I still didn't know how he'd escaped, but I thought it could wait until morning.  


During my first cup of coffee the neighbor very nicely (I really appreciate this because I don't want my animals getting hurt in the road or causing a wreck) called again about a sheep in their yard.  

Dang Decker!  I threw on some clothes and boots and went out and got him again with Sprite; this time it was even easier than the first time.  I also moved all the sheep from that pasture to a smaller pen where they were unable to get back to the escaping spot.  I found where some fence posts had rotted and the fence had sagged enough to let Mr. Jumpypants Decker get across.  Buying new fence posts and replacing those went to the top of my day's to do list.  

I also needed to drop by the doctor's office with a school form, go to the bank, do three loads of laundry including all the sheets, work on painting the kitchen, go shopping for more school supplies, clean the house, scoop the dog poop in the yard, train Pepper on sheep herding, make dinner and so on and so forth.  You know, the usual things.   It was only 8 am and I already felt overwhelmed. 
 I started the laundry.

I was out doing the first three errands when I had the panicky feeling that a herding student might be coming that morning too.  I rushed home, checked my messages:  no student, no messages.  Why?  I don't know. I couldn't even remember which student, but it was on the calendar for 10 am.   No one came.  I fixed the fence.

I painted.  It looked horrible, but I already knew it was going to take several coats to really cover since I'm painting with red.   I still felt like utter crap just looking at it.  I lay on the front porch with my puppy snuggling me for a good long time until I felt better.  Puppies are good for that.

 I did some more laundry and cleaning, but with the kitchen all taken apart it still just looks horrible and the state of house under repairs is starting to really stress me out.  Especially since people are coming to visit and there is no chance of it looking any better by then.    

I was trying to get dinner ready and feeling really crabby and not like serving or being a slave at all.  Then I got the bright idea to try to do a second coat on the paint, as the first was dry to touch.  This pissed me off even further, because the second coat also looked really bad, and I was in despair when Master got home.  I'm afraid I took out all my frustrations by yelling at him about how I hated painting and it looked horrible and we should have just kept the stupid wallpaper.  

This did not go over well.

I compounded matters by giving Master the wrong tea.  He drinks decaf at night, but somehow a regular tea bag was the one I grabbed without noticing.  He didn't drink it.  I had taken my grumpy self off to read in bed so I didn't even know until later.  I offered to make a new one, but he didn't want it.  

He wanted to beat and fuck me.  This was the best part of my day.  I felt awful and cried, but then I felt good and everything was all right in my world again.

Until the next morning when I was thinking "Get the tea right, get the tea right."  And then I didn't!   So bad.  I made a decaf when it should have been caffeinated, a terrible error.  He dumped half of it out on the floor.  I made a new one.  

I think today I will do nothing at all and maybe that will go all right.  :(  Not that that is really an option. 



Wednesday, August 30, 2017


My cousin got married in Chicago this weekend and Master and I went alone.  We left the kids home because it wasn't a kid-friendly deal (it said this right in the invitation).  Although they could have come they wouldn't have been happy about it.

We arrived early, met and chatted with some of my relatives that I don't see very often.   Before the actual ceremony we needed to go change into our nicer clothes, and so we went back up to the room.  Once again Master forbade me to wear underwear.  I might have asked again just to make sure, because I really didn't feel like going commando, but I wasn't going to argue with him.  I left them in the suitcase.  

 The ceremony was short and sweet, and there was an open bar.  Master decided he was going to taste every drink on the menu, so he kept ordering things for me and for him, and then we'd share tastes.  The best was a hearty oatmeal stout, I thought.  His old fashioned was extremely strong.

We both got pretty tipsy and then switched to non-alcholic ginger beer before we started making regrettable memories.  We danced a little, and then Master said it was time to go back to the hotel room.  His intention was to beat and then fuck the hell out of me, but the room was like an echo chamber and we could hear a lot of people going by in the hall, so pretty soon the beating part was abandoned in favor of quieter forms of torture.  He ground his knuckles into my sternum painfully.  The second time he did it was so hard I lost my breath and began gasping.  It still is quite sore now.   He tied me to the bed with my leash, put the nipple clamps on me and fucked me, and then ordered me to kneel on the floor.  He came on my face and tits, and I made a bit of  puddle myself.  It was lucky for clean up (which I did) that the floor was some sort of composite industrial thing rather than the usual hotel carpet.  

The place we stayed was a converted youth hostel, still under construction, so everything there was a bit odd, from locking cabinets to bunk beds along side our regular queen sized bed.   The bathroom had absolutely no place to set down my do-dads and toiletries except for one shelf which was too high for me.  In some ways it was a pretty cool place, but in others, not at all suitable for our purposes.  Definitely too echo-y.  

In the morning we ate with my family and then headed back home, stopping along the way to eat with some friends.   After that we started getting a little frisky in the car.  I was teasing Master by unbuttoning my shirt and lifting my skirt almost all the way up.  We stopped at one of the many adult stores along the way and he bought me a glass dildo.   It went into the trunk instead of into my seat.  

Master had me lie back in the seat all the way and he fondled me a some of the time.  I did myself too also, when he allowed me to.  I was getting really aroused and completely soaking my panties (not the seat though, I promise!).  After a long time of waiting (it seemed) he allowed me to touch him as well.   The for the last 30 miles he insisted that I had to be demure and proper.  My whole body was thrumming with desire.

Once at home we rushed upstairs and threw off our clothes.   He put me on my knees in front of him and fucked my mouth while he caned me.  I squirmed and moaned and tried to get away, but he had me by the hair and wasn't letting go.

He put me on the bed facedown and caned and paddled me even more.
The new toy



So nice

Master used the toy on me, and those ridges are really delightful, I'm happy to report.  I had several squirty orgasms from that.  We didn't have a lot of time, because it was Game of Thrones night, so Master stopped before he came so we could have "round two" later that night.  And we did, too!  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Gone With The Wind

The other night we were in bed listening to Ella Fitzgerald's "Gone With the Wind".

 Master began playing with my cunt lips, fondling them, then opening and closing them like they were talking.  As if this weren't strange enough, he started doing voices for it. 

A deep voice, like the narrator of Gone With The Wind, the movie:

"Cock, the only thing worth living for.  The only thing worth dying for."

I laughed and said she has to have a much higher voice, a Southern belle voice:  

"As God is my witness, I shall never be horny again."

Of course my cunt would have that accent because she's
 "down south". 

Friday, August 25, 2017

KOTW: Going Commando

Master and I were getting dressed for a formal dinner on the cruise ship.  I was planning to wear a long sleeve black shirt with sparkly silver swirl designs, a long flowy black skirt and black sandals.  

Master leaned over to me and said quietly in my ear, "No panties tonight."  I nodded, feeling a little thrill go all through me, more at his command of this action than just at not wearing anything under my skirt.

   I went into the bathroom to get dressed up, and left the panties in the dirty clothes bag in the closet of our room.  By the time we got to dinner, I wasn't even thinking about my bare behind.  I'm sure with the long skirt no one could tell what I was or wasn't wearing.  But later on, up on the deck at the ship wide dance party, I began to get self conscious again.  As we danced together in the crowd, I could feel my lower regions rubbing in ways that they don't when I wear panties.  I began to get wet.  There was a lot of wind outside on the deck and even long, heavy skirts can unexpectedly blow up!   

Master twirled me a few times, and then leaned in close to whisper "Be careful when you twirl, we wouldn't want to flash everyone."   I hung on to my skirt and didn't twirl quite as wildly after that.   I'd like to say there was a grand finale of lust sating when we returned to the cabin, but with kids and all, it was not possible.  We simply went to sleep and saved up our lusts for a more opportune time. 

The Rest of the Day

Since I left off my "Day in the Life" post about teatime, I thought I'd finish it up now.

I spent an hour relaxing, then Master got home and I served dinner and cleaned up.  I finished folding and putting away the clothes.

We sat together and played on the computers for a while and then went to bed. 

(Best part of the day!)

We snuggled and kissed under the covers, then he took out a cane and had me lie on my stomach.  He beat me a little then turned me toward him and had me suck his cock while he continued to cane me.  He got out the nipple clamps and attached them.  I tried to remember to breath.  He told me I could orgasm after he'd counted down to zero. 

"Fifty" he said, and I about cried.  How could I make it that long with them getting more painful every second?  He pulled the chain to make sure they continued to tighten.

But then his next number was "Three".  Whew!  I can do three seconds, I thought to my self.

On zero he removed the clamps and I had a huge orgasm.  He gave me many more, with and without the clamps.  Once he put a clamp on my labia and continued fucking me like that, which is a delicious sort of pain.   

He had me ride on top of him while he beat my tits with his cane, and my shoulders, and even struck me lightly on the cheeks with it.  I made sure to hold still when it was coming at my face- that is pretty scary.  

Days Like This

After a delightful lunch for three, we moved on to his bedroom.   I stood in the center of the room, my hands behind my back, looking down, ...