Friday, September 30, 2016

Wicked At Work

Master invited me to come eat lunch with him at work yesterday.  We ate in the basement conference room, then I washed his dishes.  He stood behind me for a minute watching, then his hand reached under my shirt and he began fondling me. 

"What if someone comes in?" I exclaimed, surprised.  

"I locked the door," he said simply. 

I was still apprehensive, but he continued to fondle me as I washed.  He unzipped my jeans and slid his hand down to touch my lower lips. I wanted it more and deeper, but it was just a brush with his fingertips. 

When the dishes were washed I turned around.  "Kneel" was all he said.  I knelt and sucked him, right there, still nervous about being discovered, but madly turned on by it all too.  

That was it, just a tease for both of us, then rearranged our clothing and we went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Evil Paddle With Holes on Master's Day Off

Tuesday was Master's day off.  We were sitting in the kitchen with our laptops (I got a laptop of my own! Wheeee!  That was a whole 'nother story of how long between ordering, reordering and receiving it took, and a few problems, but anyway, I will skip all that).

I was trying to answer some post on Fet. and he randomly (as far as I could tell) began calling me names: "Slut.  Fuckhole.  Cocksucker. Whore," and so on.  He made me take off my clothes.   It was really distracting.  I kissed his hand.  And his arm. I wiggled in my seat and groveled at him.   More names.  Eventually I gave up trying to type anything.  He said I could suck his cock since I so obviously wanted to.    He was still typing. 

After a bit he gave me some new orders:  "Go get your butt plug in, some rope, and your other collar."  I ran upstairs for those things, feeling excited and extremely eager.  My cunt lips were already puffy and aching for his touch.  When I had the plug in and got back downstairs, he had me kneel on the floor, my face down, to show him.  Aaaah, now it was dripping.

He tied me with a rope harness and I gave his cock more loving attention, then he bent me over the counter and roughly thrust into my pussy.  Between the ropes and the butt plug it hurt, but in a few minutes that was all good.

He stopped and told me to bring him some things to hit me with.  The large cane wasn't handy so I brought a smaller cane and the cutting board.  It's what we keep in the kitchen. ;)

He caned me hard.  We went upstairs.  There was fucking on the floor on my hands and knees, more sucking, and the evil wooden paddle with the holes in it.  And more fucking on the bed.   I love it.  All of it.  Even the paddle, sorta, at least when it was over I loved it. 


Finally Feeling Better

Yeah, I woke up Master with a huge coughing fit last night when I couldn't seem to stop.  And I'm still full of mucous, cough, snort, so sexy, hey?  But I feel less sick today, like I might be on the mend.  

I might even go for a walk.  Or maybe not.  

I've been busy trying to catch up on my "to do" list which is way behind.  And the vacuum is throwing out more dirt and hair than it is picking up.   I'm just going to get a new one.   I spackled some holes in the wall that were made during the whole bed removal/replacement ordeal (not my fault).  Then I get to paint.  And I'm making bread.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Fucking

Master told me it was time to get ready to go, and I should come upstairs with him.  I could tell he had other plans than getting ready by the way he smacked me on the stairs.   We got to our room and I dropped my robe.  He pushed me to my knees and dropped his as well.  I concentrated on sucking him hard while he reached for a paddle.  It was the one with the broken handle and holes in the paddle end (carved holes for less air resistance), but still long enough to reach even as I knelt on the floor.  I struggled to continue the blow job as he paddled hard. I think he likes the way my head jerks.  He put down the paddle and gripped both sides of my head, fucking me, making me want him so badly.  He pushed me back a little, then smacked my breasts with the paddle as well.  I groaned softly.

He pushed me down onto my hands and knees and took me quickly in one hard thrust.  I moaned and leaned into it, fucking him back.  My arms began to buckle as I became totally immersed in being his whore-bitch-hole.   He told me to get into bed.  He pushed my face into the pillow and fucked me from behind.  He gave me the vibrator after a short time, and he told me he wanted me to read to him from the book on the nightstand, a part with a sex scene.  I did this while riding him and using the vibrator.  Talk about your difficult efforts of concentration! This is certainly a hard one.  I stumbled over words and tried desperately not to come too early. 
 I waited until he told me I could, and then I had one orgasm after another.  I think my coming pushed him over the edge because soon he was also.    

Happy fucking Sunday!  I would write about Saturday too, but the details are getting fuzzy.  Mostly I remember the part where he shoved the butt plug in my ass.  Very memorable!  Usually he has me do that myself.   It was quite exciting when he did it. 

After all that, he went canvassing without me Sunday because I'm still sick.   This has to be the longest cold I've had in a long time.   I was happy he told me I could stay home, and I could do laundry and make pumpkin pies instead of walking around in the rain.   Although I do like walking with him, I just was not up for it.   We also thought they might have us do phone calls, but with my voice and coughing, that was also a bad idea.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Master tells me he's flirting on line and this knowledge makes me all tingly.   Nerves, yes sure, of course there are nerves too, but also the looming excitement of possibility.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Needing More Caning

I hate to seem greedy, but I am.  

Thursday night Master fucked me, then caned me briefly.  I wished he would have kept going longer, but I hate to say anything like that.   It was just starting to go from painful to really good.  I never know if I should speak up at those times or if I will just seem tiresome to him, and not accepting and agreeable.
It doesn't do me any good to say it now, well after the fact, does it?

And I'm still sick.  Last night I made French onion soup and we watched TV.  So exciting.  I don't feel any better today than I have all week.  Ugh, I hate being sick.  It doesn't seem to slow down my love of sex and painful things much though.  

Side note:
I read something on Fetlife, in a group I don't belong to, about how giving head for 2 hours is completely impossible.   Now, I personally have never done that without a few breaks (usually for spanking and fucking) but I have done it continuously for over an hour.   Also, I once personally watched someone give head, not two feet away from me, for a solid two hours.  I was impressed.  And yeah, she was quite stiff from being on the ground that long.   It can be done.  

So, out of curiosity, how long do you do it?   With breaks? Without breaks?  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Doing Things

I did many things today.  I'm less tired than yesterday, but still very tired.  I was able to go visit Mystique, whom I had not seen in weeks and was missing a lot.  We just chatted and played with her dogs while a repairman tried to fix her TV (unsuccessfully).   

I also did laundry, got groceries, cleaned up the yard, vacuumed downstairs and cleaned one of the bathrooms.  I still have more laundry.  And fixing dinner.  And I want a nap, but it is already 4:30.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sick, sick, sick

So the kids have been sick all week.  I have been feeling "off" for days, since last Friday, and am finally admitting that I really am sick today.  Master gave me dispensation to take it easy and nap today. I'm still doing stuff, like laundry, because clothes are dirty, but I hope to have a nap also.  Although we also have a new bed delivery coming, which will be long and involved and I'm too tired for that.  Nevertheless. 

Yesterday we fucked anyway, twice.  I wasn't that sick.   The first time was wonderful, with hurty nipple clamps and many orgasms, and Master spitting in my face, which is so disgusting I can't even say, but it makes me crazy-aroused.  We were sticky, sweaty and exhausted by the end.  I felt happy then.  

Then S & M came over, bringing more tools and supplies.  I don't think I mentioned this, but S has brought her power tools to our workshop in the barn and has been building some cool stuff out there for the past three weeks.  The first project is a cage-bed commission for someone else.   Master has given her some aged ash wood, which will be turned into paddles.  Other projects are in the wings. So S, and sometimes M, have been spending a lot of time here, in between work and school.   

We had a shower, and took the older kid to the doctor.  On the way back we went for a short walk at the park.  Short, because I had to get home to finish making bread.  I have made two batches of homemade pita, which comes out more like buns which can be stuffed with filling, and everyone loves them.    After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen I was, again, SO tired.  I asked to go up to bed, and he said yes.  He was dealing with some paperwork on the computer.   

When he came to bed he pulled off the covers and took me.  It was quick, it was definitely more of a "used hole" feeling than anything else for me.   I fell right to sleep after.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Skinny Armholes and Sideboob

This morning I was complaining to Master about T-shirts with little skinny arms (so uncomfortable!) and he said that is so guys can't look up the arm holes and see sideboob.

"I'll show you.  Hold out your arm," he says to me.   But I'm wearing my robe and he can't see anything with the long sleeves. He pulls the robe open and smacks my tit with the back of his hand.

"See, sideboob."  

I think that is frontboob, Master.

TMI Tuesday: Sex, seriously?

 TMI Tuesday

1. Do you think being a sex worker is as legitimate a work option as being an accountant?

Depends on which sort of sex work.  Some of them are legal, and those are legitimate to me.  Where I live prostitution is illegal, so, no, not as much so.   It doesn't change the morality (I don't have a problem with it that way), but there is a lot more risk involved than with legal work.   The prostitute faces a constant risk of being raped or abused and no real way to seek police help.   There is a danger of being exploited by pimps, and also abused.  I think legalization would help these dangers lessen, or at least allow them to seek help without danger of being jailed themselves.
2. Which of these rules would you follow if your lover had to have it followed in order to be aroused: a. wear socks will having sex b. have the lights on during sex c. have the TV playing, volume up while having sex d. the room must be in complete darkness to have sex

He's the Master, so whatever he wanted he'd get. We almost always have the lights on anyway.  I like to wear socks in the winter.   The TV?  Kind of distracting.  It's hard to beat my ass in complete darkness, so that is my least favorite, although if he wanted it, it is completely up to him.  

3. You must plan an evening of sex with your lover. Tell us what you’ve planned for the evening.

He ties me up thoroughly, maybe with my butt plug, and my arms tied to the rafters.  Then the beatings and teasing.  Especially some flogging and whipping.  Cocksucking, face fucking, slapping, being told I'm a hole for him. Then a long session of fucking.  Maybe also finishing up with butt sex, and with cuddling afterward.
4. Rule: If one of you is in the mood for sex and the other is not, you give the other 24 hours to ‘get in the mood’ before masturbating. Would this work in for you or in your relationship–why or why not?

No, it doesn't work at all.  If I'm not in the mood he just takes me anyway.  If he's not in the mood either I just deal with being horny or I ask to masturbate.   I don't think being pressured to "get in the mood or else" works. I think it would backfire, honestly.  That's totally different than being taken forcefully, which is a huge turn on for me, so even if I'm not in the mood it puts me there in a few minutes, if not sooner.

5. Apparently, even though it is the year 2016, some folks still have a “number” that delineates another person from being normal and liking sex versus being promiscuous. What is THAT number for you? According to a recent U.K. report more than 15 sexual conquests for a man can be off-putting, while more that 14 sexual encounters for a woman may give a potential suitor pause.

Maybe 1,000?  I'm not sure. 
Bonus: How was your weekend?

There were some really good parts and some really bad.  About like every weekend.   I was worried about my kid, and also feeling down on Sunday, kind of sick too.  But I got to spend some really nice time with my Master both Saturday night and Sunday.   We also did some canvassing, and since hardly anyone was home it was mostly just walking around together.  I enjoyed that.   But then I had a headache and felt totally exhausted.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

Saturday Night

Master and I went for a very long drive to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  We had other plans too, but there was a minor emergency at home and we went straight back home instead.  Everything is ok now, whew.  We missed the play party, but kids come first.

Later that night Master had me alone in our room and told me to grab the dresser.  He did some towel flogging, which is more funny than anything.  I doesn't hurt but it is a warm up.  Then he caned me, which did hurt a lot.  He took out his machete and held it to my throat as I knelt and sucked him.  This is a special kind of a thrill for me, even knowing it won't cut me.  He spanked me with that machete too.  It was really hot, quite painful.

He ordered me into bed and knelt over my face.  His cock went down my throat, and he began vigorously fingering me at the same time.  I came multiple times.  It was intense.  Then he had me over the side of the bed, lying on my back while he fucked my mouth some more.    Finally, he took me. 

Sure, we missed our party, but we don't need that to have a good time together!   

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Friday, Ya'll.

Friday it rained most of the day.  I had a bunch of stuff on my list of things to do, much of it outdoors, including digging up the potatoes.   I got a few, maybe half a row, while the rain went from drizzle to downpour.  I gave up and went in, thinking I had enough to make a soup for dinner and Master would be understanding about the rain.  I started the soup cooking.  The rain began to let up, so I went back out to finish digging out the potatoes.  It was hard work, but I finished.  I now have piles and piles of purple potatoes (I just like to say that) to figure out what to do with.

Then I had to take the kids for haircuts, and some other errands.  I got back around 5:30 and finished up the soup.  It was ok, not the best soup ever, but edible.  I was disappointed that the kids wouldn't even try it.  At least Master and I ate.  The new rule about the kids eating dinner with us every night didn't work out so well when they won't eat (one had already eaten leftovers and the other was in such a bad mood he ate nothing at all but just stomped around.)

Master, the oldest kid and I went for a walk and when we got back I was in an exhausted funk too.  I did some dishes and Master said I could go to bed.  But the dogs still needed to be let out and fed and I kind of lost my cool and was snippy at him.  But I went to bed, and he took care of the dogs and the rest of the clean up.   It was 8:30.   

At about 11 pm I woke up and went down to get a drink.  Master was still awake.   When he came to bed he asked me if I'd been a good slave, and I said no, I hadn't gotten all my things done, plus I'd been grumping at him.   He spanked me, then used me quickly and came all over me.  I really like that useful feeling.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Today I went on my kid's field trip, along with 60  6th graders.  They were amazingly well behaved, and we were outdoors all day, canoeing, riding the pontoon boat, learning about science stuff.  It was really cool.   My arms and back are NOT used to an hour of rowing, though, so I am good and sore.  The weather could not have been better- 70 and sunny. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Wrecked Bed

We only had a couple hours Tuesday between dropping kids off at school and his physical therapy appointment, but we put them to good use.

Transforming a Long Time Relationship

There was a question about the challenges of transforming an existing relationship in a M/s group on Fet., and I thought it might make good blog reading, so here is my answer, with a few details added:  

Master and I started dating in 1987.  We married in 1993.  We started up a D/s relationship in 2011, so that is a lot of time and practice we had in being vanilla together.    We had to figure all this new stuff out together and much of it was really fun.  

However, there were challenges as well. My most prominent issue in the beginning was that I wasn't sure he would want to continue down this path. I was frequently scared/nervous/paranoid that he'd just say "Nah, nevermind, it's not for me," because we'd been vanilla for so long and that was ok for us too.  I knew that I didn't have to be submissive and he wasn't an obligatory dominant, as in "born this way".  This led to a lot of hamster wheeling insecurity on my part.

 At the same time, unknown to me, he thought I might tire of it quickly, especially of always having to obey and do things I didn't like.  He really LIKED (and still does) having me willing to do anything for him, at any time.  Sometimes especially the things he knows I don't like. 

The more we did, the more control he took over, the better we both liked it. It took a while for us both to really settle down about that and be confident in each other's desires. He didn't tell me his doubts until much later, but I told him mine fairly soon after experiencing them. 

Some other issues:
I had terrible communication habits, one of them being that I really just didn't communicate when I was really upset. I'd feel like my voice was strangled off by strong emotion and I'd deny everything. Writing came in handy there, and also that he just refused to let me say "Nothing's wrong, never mind, I'm fine" when I obviously wasn't. He'd press me in a corner and just stand there looking at me until I finally came out with it. Yikes.

In a simpler matter, that of just obedience, there were times when I fell down on it.  For example, the first time he told me to do the dishes and I didn't think it was my turn.  I said no.  He punished me and I felt bad, apolgized and did better the next time.  Now, it is always my turn to do the dishes, and I feel that is right:  I'm the slave.  

There were other times when I thought I needed punishment and he didn't, and those were honestly the worst for me to get over, just to accept that it was ALWAYS his decision.   There was a lot of frustration and hamster wheeling over that and other things. Our nightly ritual helps me feel accountable for anything I might have missed or done wrong during the day, without making more work for him (he doesn't have to keep track, I have to keep track and report to him).  I'm not saying he doesn't pay attention, but I have more time to pay MORE attention to these things than he does. 

There were times when I argued about his decisions, in the way that I had always done, and he had to bring me down with a verbal slap (not usually an actual slap- but sometimes that came later).

There were times he worried that he wasn't good enough at this, and the same for me. We did a lot of communicating, and still do, to make sure that the things we do are good for each other.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Plans for the Weekend

I asked my Master yesterday about his plans for the weekend.  
He said he was going to fuck me senseless Saturday night, and then Sunday morning I was going to have to make him ALL the things for breakfast.  Pancakes, biscuits, sausages, fried potato burritos, bacon, fresh squeezed orange juice, grapes, waffles... all of it.  I don't think we actually have any oranges, and I think he may have been hungry and exaggerating... anyway, I'm waiting until he wakes up to find out what he really wants to eat. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Are Those Your Good Panties?

"Are you wearing good panties?" he asked me on our way home from brunch yesterday.


"When we get home I want you to put on some old worn out ones instead.   And bring me a knife."


I did this, and he had me kneel at his feet at the kitchen table and give him a foot massage.  Sometimes he foot edged over into brushing my pussy.  Then it was pressing rather than just brushing and I started getting wet.  My mind was eager and yet relaxed, not desperate. Not much anyway. 

He had me stand up and he cut the old panties from me.  This is so hot to me, every single time, even when the knife isn't quite sharp  and the fabric is evidently made of kevlar or something.  When they were cut to ribbons he saved them for later and told me to suck his cock.  I did, for a long time while he played a game or watched porn.  I was starting to get achy from kneeling and sucking, and also even more desperate when he told me to go get some things to beat me with.  

What's in the kitchen?  The cutting board (never used for food) and a heavy hickory walking stick.  I brought them to him, and he laid them aside and had me go back to my knees. 

Some minutes later he told me to stand and turn around.  The first few whacks from the cutting board were hard and I was dancing about soon enough.

Then the cane, which was not quite as painful, but very thuddy.

He told me to go get a condom.  Now my brain was swirling, because we rarely use those so I didn't know what was going to happen.  As it turned out, the condom went on the end of the cane, which then went inside me.  I mentioned that this is a thick cane, right?  It was all kinds of hurty deliciousness.

He took me upstairs and continued to fuck me with the cane while I sucked him as I lay on my side in bed.   When he took me I was already sore.  He laid the cane across my neck and pinned me there with it.  I had the best orgasms.  

After he was done we had a shower and he ordered me to kneel.  He pissed on me to mark me as his, face and all.  He spit on me, called me a disgusting whore.   Aaaaahhh, nice. 

That was the day of the second shower time post. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Long Weekend Together

Except for Master having to work Saturday morning, we have had a long weekend together.  Saturday night I'd organized a get together for us with some friends but Master was in a really bad mood so I had to cancel and stay home.  Instead of eating out I got thrown on the bedroom floor and fucked.  He started to take my ass but didn't finish.  I was squirming to get away but I'm sure that wasn't the reason he stopped after only sticking in the tip.  Later that night he fucked me again briefly and then caned me until I cried. 

Sunday I was a bit glum.  I think I had caught Master's mood, but he was all better by then.  I made strawberry pancakes for breakfast, we sat around a lot, then we went to see a movie.  

 I loved Kubo and the Two Strings! It's probably the best movie of the year, or in several years even.  I was kind of sad again after the movie, but then it turned out I was just hungry.  That happens to me a lot.  My moods are extremely food dependent, which is a reason I suck at dieting.  I think it is also the reason I don't trust my feelings that much until I have had the same one for a while.  If it lasts well past a good hearty meal, it just may be a real feeling and not my body telling me that my world is ending because it is low on energy.

I have lost the train of thought now in this posts.

Sunday afternoon, right.  

 We went for a walk, and it was good.  I think we did 3.5 miles that night.

Then he fucked my ass.  Wowza, that was great.  It doesn't happen that often that I get a hard ass fucking.  All three holes got used and at least two of them were sore,  along with my tits (well slapped).

Monday I don't know,  stuff happened.  It was a holiday.  Master did the grilling out and made dinner, which was delicious: steak, corn, potatoes, grilled onions.  And for dessert, ice cream with berries. 

 What I remember most was being terribly horny all day and really hoping that he was going to want sex that night.  I thought many times of asking to use my vibrator but always decided against it at the last minute, for reasons.  What reasons? It's always hard to ask.  It's very vulnerable.

  He noticed my lust filled stare when I came in to the bedroom and we were undressing.  "You really want it bad, don't you?"  That made me turn half-shy, and I looked down as I stepped in closer to him.  "Yes, Master."  

"Yes, Master... what?" he asked, wanting me to say it.

"I want it bad, Master."

I ended up soaking the sheets and blankets, again.

Which reminds me, I have laundry.  

Second Time Shower

Taking my second shower of the day, I commented to Master that at least I didn't have to shave because I already had earlier.  He had already been washed by me and stepped out of the shower to let me clean myself.

I said, "I should probably wash my hair again because it might have got pee in it."

Master, a smile in his voice, answered, "For certain it did. "

That would not be a good leave-in conditioner.  I'd probably get bleached and frizzy.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reader Poll

I'm really curious, do you, the readers of this blog, see it as only sunshine/rainbows/fun times that I write here, or a balanced view of good and bad times? Please leave a comment? 

Friday, September 2, 2016

My Life

This week has been busy with school starting, doctors appointments and seemingly never ending back to school nights and school supply shopping.  It just started to settle into routine today, so I haven't written much this week.  My mind has been in too much of a flurry.   Last week we found out our older child has a serious issue, which I won't go into for privacy reasons, but it has taken up most of my emotional energy with worrying.  

The exciting note of the week is that Master bought me a laptop for my birthday.  This is, almost unbelievably, the first computer that I have personally owned (not borrowed from someone else) since my parents sent me off to college with one of those weird old green letter machines that started up with the message "Now draining the water out of the computer to prepare for start up" accompanied by draining noises.  I think my brother might have programmed it. 


KOTW: Hair

His weight was pressing me down into the mattress.  His hand reached around my head, gently at first, kindly, but as his fingers intertwined in the back of my hair his grip became firm.  The grip said "You are mine".  His other hand slapped my cheek.  
"My whore. My cunt. What are you?"  "Your whore Master, your cunt."  He smiled down at me.  

He likes my hair long, and fairly naturally colored.  A few times I have done red, with permission, or a lighter blonde, but no blues or greens or oranges, and definitely not shaved.


Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...