Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TMI Tuesday: Love and Romance

1. What makes you feel unloved?

Being ignored.  Yes, I like attention!

2. What is the one act that a person can do that makes you feel loved?

Cuddling and long hugs.

3. What kind of music do you find romantic?

This song:  Anne Murry, Could I have This Dance

4. What do you find utterly unromantic?

Plumbing.  Most things are pretty unromantic if I'm doing them by myself.  However, some things are unromantic no matter who is there.

5. What thing did you find out about your significant other that you decided to look past and go for a relationship?

I know you all think that I think my Master has always been perfect in every way, but it's not so.  There was one thing he said when we first got together, and I never mentioned it to him even, that gave me a moment of "Uh oh, I don't know about this" but I decided to wait and see if it would be a problem or not.  And it was fine, of course, here we still are, more in love than ever.

  When we were first started dating and I was telling him about my dogs he mentioned this girl he once knew who had a Sheltie that she was really attached to, and how obnoxious this girl was.  I never figured out what was obnoxious about her, whether it was her or the dog or both of them, but it gave me a worry that that was how he would see me- because honestly I was probably the most dog obsessed girl in school at the time. 
Bonus: In your life, is romance dead?

How can that be, when he called me his little cum dumpster just yesterday?   My version of romance tends toward the very kinky side, but it's there.  


Monday, January 28, 2019

Snow Day!

Everyone had a snow day today, the kids, even Master.  His work called him and told him not to come in.  There's quite a bit of snow and it's still falling.  I'm making bread rolls (from scratch) and then some more rolls for tomorrow.  Bread is needed when the temperatures get so low. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Winter, So much Winter

Tuesday did not go very well, from my point of view anyway.  I was doing ok until I tried to go for a walk while Master was sleeping.  I started feeling weak on the way home, and hot, which is pretty weird for 18 degrees.   I ate some food when I got back, thinking I'd feel better, but my stomach was upset.  When Master came into the living room where I was watching TV I told him I didn't feel good.  Instead of playing with me as I think he had planned, he just had me get on my knees, suck him, and then he bent me over the couch and came in me immediately.  I felt bad all day about missing out on a longer play session, but I'm just not sure I would have enjoyed it anyway if he had gone ahead.

We still had to clean out the guest room, fold up the tent (which was just sitting in there in a ball the whole time), wash all the bedding, and put away all the books and other random things that had accumulated there. I was going to take the younger kid to his play rehearsal but it was cancelled due to snow.  We were going to have family coming to stay the weekend, but the weather has been so bad they aren't coming after all.  But the guest room looks nice anyway.

Wednesday it snowed again.  I shoveled as much of the driveway as I could before wearing out.  I also cleaned a bunch more inside.  Master did the rest of the shoveling while I took the kid to rehearsal, which took much longer than normal.  I was feeling so sad and lonely, and lacking in spankings, but at least I was not sick anymore. 

Later that night, at bedtime, I hugged Master and told him I was sad. He thought some sex and beatings might help, and it was already looking brighter for me.  He had me get on my hands and knees, my face on the floor, facing away from him, and he began snapping me with a belt.  This was good right up until he landed a direct hit right on my cunt, which hurt like hell!  I leaped around and covered myself, glaring, but he just told me to get back in position. 

"Head lower. Ass higher." 

I did this.  He kept whipping me until I was crying a little.  He rolled me over on the floor and took me.  That hurt too.  He slapped me and told me not to move.  I had to put my arms straight out to the sides so there wasn't interference.   When he'd finished slapping me he told me to get in bed. I lay on my stomach while he caned me, and then fucked me again to several orgasms.  

Funny, I wasn't sad at all afterward!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

TMI Tuesday

1. What was your favorite part of yesterday?

I was very lucky in playing Pokemon yesterday, I got two shinies, which are kind of rare.  
But the very best part was making home in time before Master had to leave for work again and getting a big hug from him.
2. If you could make your own porn movie, what would you call it? Would you write it, direct and/or star in the movie?

It would be called "Beatings for Sluts".  And it would be all about beatings and being slutty.  I don't know if I could star, but maybe I'd like to at least audition. 
3. What do you like the least about sex?

When I don't feel like it.  Or when I'm hornier after sex than I was before.
4. So, now what are you planning to do?

Watch some TV. I have a terrific headache.
5. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Umm, Cheerios?
Bonus: If you could shrink down to ant-sized, what would you do?

Hope I grow back to normal.  Do not want to be an ant. 


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Laundry, a super exciting post, can't be missed

I just learned that the reason nobody else in the house does laundry is that I don't have an easily understood system, but instead use one that only I can figure out.  If only I had known that I wasn't doing all the laundry because I'm the laundry slave, or because I'm the stay at home mom and this makes it my job, but only because I lack a systematic approach!  Think how many loads of laundry I would have not had to do myself by now if only I had known this little detail!  

Well, now I have adopted Master's system and I think it will be great.   All the dirty clothes have to be thrown on the floor in the laundry room and only clean clothes will be in baskets.  Evidently we already had this discussion 17 years ago and I don't remember a bit of it.

 Yesterday I took the older kid to the psychiatrist's visit.  It's not only a long drive (an hour each way) but it takes a toll on me emotionally every time.   I don't know if it makes him feel better (he says not) but every time it makes me feel so hopeless and lost and unsure just talking to this guy.  
Don't tell me to switch.  There. Is. No. One. Else.  I've tried.  So, it's this or nobody who can prescribe medications.  

His latest recommendation was to have the kid do all the chores that I normally do.  This will keep him busy and contributing, right?  Ok, on the way home we decided that he could do the laundry while I finished up feeding the sheep and made dinner.  Only I didn't actually go look at the laundry while he was doing it so he ended up washing the clean clothes again with the dirty clothes so the load was too big and couldn't get dry.  I was feeling sick and tired last night, and everyone pitched in to help me get things done so I could go to bed a little early. 

This morning I felt slightly better until I came downstairs and every one was yelling at me about how the laundry STILL wasn't dry, and they didn't have that one shirt they wanted to wear, and my laundry system is not a system at all but impossible to understand.

So, yeah, I don't feel so great anymore.   But I'll doing some laundry all day.


Friday, January 11, 2019

Birthday Cake

So, this isn't a good Fit for Friday post, but today I'm making Master's birthday cake for his birthday tomorrow.  He's getting one of those big milestone birthdays with the 0 on the end of it, so I'm hoping he feels good enough tomorrow to go out and celebrate.  He's sick today. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Master got home this morning after working all night, and we starting talking about what makes us happy.  He says I make him happy.  I said beatings make me happy.  Ok, he makes me happy too, but what I was really hoping for was beatings.

He also said tits always make him happy, so I opened my robe and showed off for him, jiggling and bouncing a bit.

He took my hair in his hand and kissed me deeply, then pushed me downward, saying "On your knees".   This is what make me happy.  This and beatings.  After fucking me quickly he ordered me upstairs.  I undressed and stood in front of him.   He drew back his hand like he was going to slap me an involuntarily, in the middle of saying something, I forget what it was, I shrank back away.

"Are you flinching away from me?" He demanded.

"Yes, Master."   I didn't say the obvious.

He had me stand there with my hands behind my back and my eyes open (that's the hard part- I always want to close my eyes) while he slapped both my tits really hard several times.  This time I didn't shrink away, and I didn't close my eyes, but that was difficult. 

He turned me around, whipped me with the belt, and it was just what I needed.  He fucked me again on the floor in several positions before having me lie down on the floor and he stood over and came on my face.  It pretty much went every where, not just my face, but definitely in my hair and everywhere else too.   
Come covered slut.

I was still desperate for something even after that, I had that look I'm sure, so he asked me what I wanted.  I asked to be spanked.  He had me stand at the dresser and he used the belt on me again, as well as the wooden back scratcher and his hand.  It hurt in such a delicious way it made me orgasm.  I could have gone for a lot more but he was ready to get some sleep.   

I have all the happiness now.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Kink of the Week: Sleepy Sex

  I was woken suddenly when he pulled down the blankets, spread my legs and began rubbing his erect cock against my hole.  I wasn't wet right at first, and when he turned on the light I covered my eyes to keep out the unwelcome bright light.  After a minute or so my body began to react to his intrusion and I felt wetness.  He entered me completely then and I reached up and held tight to him.  We kissed deeply, my arms around his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his ass to pull him even more deeply into myself.  He came quickly inside of me and the rolled off.  He told me to get into spoon position so he could cuddle me up and we drifted off shortly after.

Being used by my Master, any time of day or night, awake or asleep, is a huge pleasure for me, both physically and even more so mentally, as reinforcing my slavery to him.   


Octopus Attack

Oh my gosh, I have been lax this week in writing blogs.  I have been giving the house a good New Year's cleaning, though, which pretty much sapped my energy, and before that I had some sort of stomach bug that wrecked our New Year's plans, in addition to all the things I normally do.   

I have also been working on club bylaws for our newly forming kinky club!  This is exciting but scary, the scary part being doing all this work and then hoping people show up.   We had a club meeting Friday just to hash out some details on the bylaws and how we want things to work, and then I typed up everything.  This has taken hours and hours, so I hope it works out.  

And then last night I was attacked by an octopus.  Or at least it appears so.

We went to seemingly perfectly innocent birthday party filled with unicorns and tiaras and cupcakes which then turned to spankings and fire play.   I was not expecting that because no one mentioned it wasn't going to be a vanilla party!  But it was a lot of fun, way more fun than vanilla. 

  I have to say that holding still while being set on fire as an ice cube is slowly melting in one's ass crack and dripping coldly down to other parts is very difficult! 


Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...