Thursday, August 30, 2018

So This Was Exciting

But not in a good way.

Yesterday I was supposed to drive to my parents' house and go to a dog trial there, and then bring the kids home Monday.

I woke up with a bit of a stomachache, which kept getting worse and worse over the next couple hours, and by 7:30 I decided I wasn't driving anywhere (I'd even gotten as far as getting the dogs and all my stuff into the car by then).   I called my Master at work and said I needed a ride to the ER.   It hurt so much I could barely think.  But I did manage to get the dogs out of the car and back into the house while Master called our neighbor and asked him to drive me.  They both came down, both neighbors, and also Master met us there as soon as he could, handing off his own surgery he was about to perform to the other doctor there.   

They did all the tests and soon found out I had a kidney stone.   It took a lot of different medicines before I started feeling better, but after the tests they sent me home.  I didn't feel too good all the rest of the day, but the drugs made me sleepy.  Our neighbors brought over a whole lot of food and some flowers, which was just too nice.  Master took care of me and brought me everything, until I was able to walk around again.  

Today I woke up nauseated, but I took medicine for that and I've been pretty good so far.  I don't know if the pain will come back or if the stone is still there, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  If I'm still good then, I might get to make the trip after all.   I'm nervous either way.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Group and a Party

My Master was invited to present his flogging demo for a small group way up north, and afterward there was to be a party. 

The location was a large beautiful new "cabin" on a lake way out in the woods surrounded by state forests.  It was just gorgeous.
 Dr. Peter went with us and brought his canes, so there was a good deal of caning for those that wanted it, as well as flogging.  I was the demo model for the flogging by my Master.  Something was going on with my stomach all night, though, and I just did not feel good.  The only time I forgot about it was during the demo itself, but adding pizza to an already upset tummy was not a good idea.  I would have probably asked to have a scene after the demo, possibly some caning, if I had felt better, but as it was I was content with just some chatting and meeting people. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Sexy sex and stuff

1. What type of clothes make you feel sexy? 
a. a specially selected casual outfit 
b. lingerie or silky pajamas 
c. elegant, dressy evening clothes
d. anything that leaves me almost naked  

What about e.  Just some ropes?

2. Which do you prefer? 
a. pillow talk 
b. sexy texting 
c. love notes  

 Oh my gosh, love notes are the best. I just have a few, but I kept them all.  Does this make me a romantic?

3. Which do you do best?
 a. pillow talk 
b. sexting 
c. writing love notes  

 I talk a lot when I'm lying with my head on my pillow.  Not always about sex.  I wish I had someone to talk to now.  It's very lonely here and I'm putting off going to bed by myself.

4. You been granted just ONE of the following in your favorite city/place in the world. 
Which would you choose and why? 
a. 24 hours of romance 
b. 24 hours of lust (intense, overwhelming sexual desire but not acted upon mixed with enthusiasm for life) 
c. 24 hours of sex  

All the sex, especially if it includs BDSM and meals.  There have to be meals or I wouldn't make it.

 How do you tap into your sexiness?  

If I'm not really feeling sexy, but I want to, it generally means watching some TV show with sex in it or some porn clips.  But having my Master just start doing things to me is the fastest and best way to rev up the engine.  

Bonus: Which is better–your digital sex life or your in-the-flesh sex life?

Definitely my in the flesh sex life.   I don't really have a digital sex life, do I?  I prefer toys to my own fingers.

Bad Surprise, Good Sex

Yesterday we were looking forward to spending Master's day off together doing fun things like yard work, sex and Pokemon. 

 At 7 in morning Master got a message about what he was doing at work that day.  Oh shit.  He'd gotten his schedule mixed up and had to be at work by 8.  I was in the middle of making biscuits and sausages for him, and just barely got them done, so he had to rush out the door with food in a to-go container.  He left his tea mostly undrunk.

He was gone over 12 hours and was tired when he got home, but I served him up a tasty dinner (if I do say so) and a beer, naked, and we sat on the couch watching some silly TV show.   Eventually I crept into his lap and he said I could suck his cock.   I missed most of the second half of the show kneeling at his feet. 

We went upstairs and I waited for him on my knees.  When he came in, he made an appreciative sound, which is a delight for my ears. 

He went around behind me and picked a cane from the stand.  The first few blows were hard and made me gasp.  They came down hard and fast after that and soon I was moaning loudly.  

Master ordered, "Don't make a sound, not a word, not a groan, and stop making your cunt squish so loudly. Do you hear me? Answer Me! Speak up, I can't hear you!" 

I was conflicted about which order to follow.  I nodded my head but he kept demanding that I speak so I answered:

 "Yes, Master!"

"What did I say about talking???"

He continued to beat my ass with the cane, and to demand that I both stay silent and answer his questions.  I bit on my knuckle to keep from crying out or moaning. 

It was weirdly, demoralizingly, hot.

He took me from behind, pumping into me hard and I continued to be silent.  Then he said when he next ordered me to come I could be as loud as possible.   He did and I was.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wanna Be Whore

I watched this bad movie today (Concussion- don't bother) and I realized that I'm a wanna be whore.  The woman in the movie, I guess because she got hit on the head, decides to become a hooker that only takes women as clients.   For a movie all about sex, there really weren't any good sex scenes, but I blame my pickiness about what makes a good sex scene for that.  I guess they were trying.   

But still, something about the idea of getting paid for the use of your body, and honestly something about how degrading it seems, really turns me on.  Even thinking about how some of the men would take advantage of me, beat me up, be cruel to me is a huge turn on.

  I think this is one of those fantasies that should probably remain fantasy though. 

TMI Thursday, all about sex

1. What is sexy time to you?

Beatings, having sex, being tied up, ummmm, not sure what else.
2. Who’s sexier–women or men?

Oh, definitely women.  Some men are sexy too, like my Master and that guy from Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo, but I love boobs a lot. 
3. How did you learn to masturbate, and how old were you when you first succeeded?

 Rubbing a towel between my legs. I don't remember what age, early teens, maybe?  I also had a book called "Our Bodies, Ourselves" which my mom gave me that explained a lot of interesting things.

4. Do you like taking naked photos of yourself?

Yeah, it kind of turns me on thinking that someone will look at them and maybe be turned on as well.
5. What is your biggest sexual fear?

Not being able to have any.
Bonus: To you, what does the ideal penis look like?

This isn't something I think about.  They all kind of look the same to me, except maybe in color or circumcised or not.  I don't have an ideal.  I am not someone who goes around looking for great penises.  I'm more interested in the man attached to it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Date Day

 Master and I had a date for watching some England vs. India cricket and lunch with Dr. Peter.  This time, I didn't get hit with the cricket bat (that was another day) but I did get rubbed with the red ball.   

Then there was caning and fondling and fucking and sucking.  It was wonderful.   I feel like the luckiest slave anywhere.

Afterward, I was lying sprawled on the the bed, everything just hanging out, licentiously.   Master stood over me and commented:  

"Your cunt is still begging for cock, isn't it?"

"No, Master," I answered him.

"But it certainly wouldn't say no, would it?"

"No, Master," I grinned.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Play Party

I was feeling kind of droopy this morning, I don't really know why, but after breakfast Master told me to pop out some tits and come over, kneel, and suck his cock.  This cheered me in a funny way.   He has me come out and open the gate for him almost every morning as well, and then I have to flash him in the driveway, so that was done. 

 He was working in the morning and then we went to a middle of the day play party.  It was the first one for that group, and held at a strip club in the off hours (that's why it couldn't be at night).  I decided I like middle of the day play parties.  It's never too early to get some kink on.  The hostess told me right after we got there that she was glad to see me because someone needed to kick off the playing part of the event.  A lot of people were there and they were just sitting and chatting.  It's a funny dynamic that no one wants to be the first to be naked and beating/being beaten sometimes.   My Master isn't shy.  He's often the kickstarter, which the hostess knew. 

Master told me to strip, tied me to the cross with chains and cuffs, and then put the hood over my head.  I love the hood.   He beat me with all kinds of things, floggers and machetes and who knows what else because I couldn't see a thing, but most of them were painful, especially one direct hit on my nipple in a wrap around.  That one made me cry and hyperventilate a bit.  

After a long time, he took the hood off and placed a very sharp knife near my face where I could get a good look at it.  He traced it across my back and my sore ass.  He pressed it against my nipple as if to slice it.  Then down to my cunt.  I held very still except for the trembling. 

I was cold and shaking with the endorphins when he untied me and sat me down in a chair to recover.   He let me put my clothes back on. 

Master did a scene with someone else that didn't take long, then he led me off into the back room.  It is a strip club after all, and there is this set of booths for lap dances in the semi-private room.  He sat down in one of the booths and I set my glass of water under a big paper sign that said "Set drinks here" with an arrow.  This nearly made me giggle, but we were being serious and stuff. 

He told me to pretend he'd given me $20 for lap dances.  He said he wasn't going to touch me because that wasn't allowed.   I wiggled and rubbed against him for one song and then I was going to stop but he said he'd paid for 3 songs so I better just keep dancing.  Mostly he didn't touch me at first, but then he slapped me and punched me a bit.  Just too tempting, I know! 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Clit Burn

I have used my Hitachi so much the last few days, usually while having sex but also on my own (I'm allowed to masturbate once if he's not home) that I have burned myself.   So today Master said I had to give it a break on the vibrator, but I can masturbate other ways if I like.  Now I'm having a tough time deciding if I want to, or if I just want to wait!!!  

Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Mom and The Speaker Phone

This is a bad combination when Master is around.

I was talking to her in the car after we'd dropped off the kids.  Master was driving.  I had the speaker phone on, I don't know why.  This was probably a mistake.  

Mom says to me "You and him be sure to enjoy your time without the kids.  That is precious". 

I blandly said "We will", but at the same time Master from the other side is saying "Oh, I don't know, I think I'm too old and tired for all that" with a wink in his voice.   

Earlier that morning he'd been telling me how he was planning to beat and then ass-rape me now that there was no one to hear me scream.

Then my mom is saying to me how I should entice him with a look, you know, the one you can't do when the kids are around.   

By the look on my Master's face I can see that he's thinking of something to say that will truly kill me off from embarrassment this time.  

I rush to say goodbye and hang up before he gets to make any remark.  
Or maybe he hesitated out of self preservation.

I mean, we are talking to a woman who has more than once said if he ever hurt me she wouldn't hesitate to sew him up in the sheets and beat him to death with a 2 x 4.  

We spent the rest of the trip home getting each other all hot and bothered in various ways.   Master had blue balls for the first time in very many years and he wanted me to pay for that.  He fucked me and then beat me, but the ass raping threat was put off until a future date.  

Kink of the Week: Face Slapping

There is an art to face slapping.  Too soft and it can be anti-climactic and meh.  Too hard and you can do real damage- dislocate jaws, detach retina, joggle the brain too much.   

I like a slap on my face that stings.  One that I wish I had clenched my jaws for but it took me by surprise so that I didn't prepare.

I have a fantasy of being humiliated in public by a casual slap across the face when I said something out of line.   I doubt my Master would ever do this in public as it's not really wise.  But maybe in a kinky gathering or party.  I have hope.   The humiliation of that is the main thing to me, more than the sensation physically.

There was one time he slapped me that wasn't connected with sex, just as a rebuke when I said something, and that hit me in an entirely different way, really powerfully.  I play with it in my mind regularly, and that was years ago.  

When we have sex or play, Master slaps in the face frequently.  It makes me really aroused and can even be a trigger to orgasm.  It makes me feel like I'm his thing, his dirty whore.  I like that. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Already A Good Night

Master called me on his way home from work and told me to be naked except for my collar and kneeling by the door when he got home.   I was, and it was good.  He had me serve his dinner like usual except I was stark naked.  Now we are sharing a beer.   

We Are Back!

Two of us anyway.  We left the kids with the grandparents for a couple weeks, so we have the house to ourselves (yeehaw!).

In 10 days we covered 16 different states/districts:  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.  We drove in Boston and New York (and lived!).  We visited the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill, some aquariums and nature areas, Gettysburg for several very hot hours, and also a friend that I've known for a long time on Fet, but never met in person until now.  That was really wonderful!  She's the best.

We visited colleges:  Kent State, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, Chapel Hill in North Carolina. 

Master had many shower blowjobs until we got to North Carolina and our friend booked us a hotel with two rooms.  There still wasn't a good way to do beatings (too loud), but bed sex again was awesome.  

On the way home I teased Master and he teased me until we were both worked into quite a state.  He fucked me right away, then a bit later he beat me with the canes and paddles and belts.

It's good to be home.  

Saturday, August 4, 2018


We are going on vacation for a while, so see you when we get back!  Many adventures to be had, hopefully good ones mostly.

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...