Friday, May 31, 2013

Outdoor Suspension


I heard more voices outside, but I wasn't sure who was here and if the USDA lady had left, so I stayed upstairs and out of sight until I could get Master's attention and ask if it was all right if I came down.

Finally, it was all clear for me.  I brought down the tack inserts and though they could use some improvement (shorter nails) they were ok for a first approximation.  Master took one from me and stuck it in my panties.  Pokey pokey!   I put a bra on, and the other one went in one of the cups.  I guess I need a third, because it was lopsided that way.  They felt pointed, and hurt a bit when I moved, but not too bad at all.  

We went outside to the swing set.  Mystique roped me up and suspended me a few feet off the ground then they played spin the slave, heh, with a few whackings of the big paddle and a really thin stick.  That last one left some marks!

It was fun, like having my own little hammock.   

The gnats were out soon enough, and walking all over me.  Eventually they got to walking on Master, and he said it was time to go in. 

I enjoyed the un-roping part too.  

Some more drinks and chatting, and then sadly all too soon, it was time for her to go.  

Master wasn't done with me yet.   He shut the gate, then took me upstairs, after having me put the tack panties on again.  He had let me remove them and the tack  bra for the suspension.   

I knelt over him on the bed, giving him the shoulder rub he ordered, with the tacks digging into my mons.  I looked later for marks, and there were indentations, but no scratches or cuts.   When he was all rubbed, he told me to take them off and ride him, using the vibrator.  I had several intense orgasms as he pinched and twisted my nipples, then he flipped me over, telling me he was going to rape my ass and he wanted to hear me scream.  

He got his wish, starting out with screams of pain, and then screams of pleasure.   At the first little bit of pressure on my ass, I tried to writhe away, but he wouldn't let me budge, and just reminded me to breathe.   Then he thrust in and once his cock was all the way in I bucked wildly against him.    When he came, he ordered me to come and I screamed more as I spasmed around his cock.  It was delicious. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to Myself

Well, there was a simple explanation.  PMS.   Tuesday, Wednesday, probably Monday as well, I just really felt odd, scatter brained, on edge, mostly confused and slightly frantic.

Now, I'm back to myself. 

But, anyway, enough about that not very interesting story of me and my hormones.

This is Thursday, and there were to be more adventures afoot for us.   It started bright and early with the plumber.   

No, nothing like that, perverts!

We had a cracked pipe to the septic tank, which was a big job, but not as bad as if we had needed a whole new septic system (think $10,000-20,000 - Eeep! ).

So, I spent a lovely morning mopping and bleaching the basement from last nights fall out.   

He (the plumber) promised to be out of there and done by 11:00 and amazingly enough, he was finished by 10:30.   

I showered and went upstairs to get ready for our date with Mystique.  Master said he preferred that I wear not much or nothing at all.  

So I put on my collar and wrist cuffs, then started going through my underwear drawer looking for a bra that could be turned into a tack bra.
Like this one-

Going through the drawer led to me pulling everything out and sorting it all.   I did find some inserts that would be just the thing, and I don't have to sacrifice a bra.   I couldn't find the one I was looking for anyway.  Bras don't just suddenly leave home, do they?

So, anywho, I'm sitting there on the floor, making the tack bra inserts, and I hear a car pull up the driveway.   The dogs bark.  

I almost ran down stairs right then to greet Myst, but just in time I heard an unfamiliar voice.   I stayed upstairs and out of sight, just quietly making my torture clothing.  Nekkid.  

Master went out to see who it was.  

Well, because I neglected to fill out and return the half dozen USDA livestock surveys that the government had mailed me (with increasingly dire threatening warnings on them), they had sent this really nice USDA lady out to get answers from us to questions like "How much acreage do you have in corn?"  "Soybeans?"  Do you plan to own in any cattle in the next year?"

Answers:  None, None, and probably not.  

She also tried to get Master to rat out all the neighbors and tell her what livestock they had.  He said she would have to ask them.   He  gave her guestimates on how many chickens we have, as well as ducks and sheep.   We have 1 chicken and 4 ducks, currently.  Twenty two sheep. 

I'm just listening to all this through the open bedroom window, and making my tack bra.   

As to the reasons I didn't send back the survey?

I'm debating among three of them:

1.  It is really, really boring to fill out.
2.  The USDA lady was really nice last time she was here and I wanted to see her again.
3.  It is none of the governments G_D_ business how many chickens I have.  

Number three sounds the best, huh?   But it was probably number one.   Maybe a little of each.   

-----To Be Continued----


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scattered Tuesday

Today I have been totally scatter brained.   Kind of like yesterday afternoon, actually.  I'm blaming it on trying to think too many thoughts at once.   

I started laundry, then went to yoga (actually it is Body Flow- a combination of yoga, tai chi, and something else, I forget) class.  Afterward I met Myst at the stationary bike section and we biked for what seemed like a long time but was probably only 20 minutes.  I lost track of time, because the clock on the bike started over, but by the end I was feeling fairly sick.  Then we went to McDonalds.  Nothing like following up a workout with some crap food, huh?   But I don't think their snack wraps are all that bad, and I didn't get fries or anything.   

Then I headed to school where the older kid is having a track meet.  I didn't get to see him do anything, but I watched the other kids run around in the rain for a bit.  Most of his events are tomorrow, so of course I have a full day planned and am not sure how I'm going to get over there unless some of my stuff gets cancelled.  Tonight I plan to ask Master how he wants me to prioritize a bunch of other stuff vs. seeing the kid's track meet.   

After that I had a whole long list of phone calls on the To-Do list Master left me this morning.  I got that done, took the laundry out, made the bed up again, and rewarded myself with a chocolate, cup of coffee, and some playing on the computer.  

I still feel scatter brained.  Maybe I need a nap.   Or more chocolate.  I don't know. 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy Busy Slut

I was a little slow in getting upstairs last night.   I had a few things to do, then ended up not being ready by the time Master came in.    He understood though, and didn't say anything about it.

We heard some odd noises outside, so I opened the window to hear a little better.  Coyotes.  They were yipping and howling out in the woods.

As I was standing leaning on the sill he came around with a heavy cane and smacked me really hard with it.  Over and over, more hard blows, then lighter up on to my shoulders and arms.   When he was done with that he told me to come to bed and rub his back and shoulder.  I gave him a long massage, then when I was falling into something of a rubbing trance and I thought for sure he was almost asleep, he rolled me over and took me.   He had me get on top also to ride, and tweak my nipples, and to make me cum.
He rolled me off and fucked me from behind, coming inside me.  After a minute he started spanking me again, and then lay back.  I begged for him to continue.  He went and got the thinner cane, and beat me thoroughly with it, so that when he had made me cum several more times I rolled over enveloped in a happy pleasure cloud.

This morning, again he told me to come upstairs with him.  This time I really did think we were going to just get dressed and go work on fixing the gate to the duck pen, which has been getting steadily worse.   But as soon as we were in the bedroom he locked the door, threw off my robe and used my sash to tie my hands in front of me.   As he did so, there as an audible squish.  Yes, I do like that, there is no hiding it, the squishy pussy speaks.   This made us laugh.    He tied another sash around me as a handle.   He had me get on the floor, caned me and used the whip, then fucked me using his handle to push and pull me.   That really is an amazing feeling- I just love it.

He propelled me to the bed, by the sash handle, and used me lots more before he knelt over me and came on my face.

Then after catching our breaths we headed out to fix the duck gate, move the sheep to the dog yard where grass is getting tall and then to do some gardening.  We planted the corn and zucchini, and weeded the garlic plants.  

Just a really good day here, even if it has taken me hours to write this because I am absolutely scatter brained.  Master said he fucked the pesky brains right out!

Emotional Masochism

I've been having some thoughts inspired by a book I've been reading.   It is Power Circuits, Polyamory in a Power Dynamic by Raven Kaldera.  You may recognize the name RavenK from Fetlife, and if not, he is a pretty smart guy, which is why I bought his book.  

In addition to the great stuff he writes, he includes a bunch of essays of the personal experiences of people in different types of poly power dynamic relationships.  Reading most of them, I was  academically interested.  "Oh, yeah, that is one way to do it."  The same things I think about when I read detailed stories of other peoples lives.

Then I got to one chapter, near the end, and I couldn't get through it.  I must have started it 5 times and had to quit and go do something else each time.   It was just too emotional for me.   I'd be totally wet and frickin' horny, but disturbed at the same time.   It was about woman who gets off on being in emotional pain about the fact that her Master is fucking someone else.   She describes how the more painful it is, if she is insulted and degraded at the same time, degraded in certain ways, but not every way,  it makes it all the hotter for her.    She said she also felt a lot of shame that people accused her of "doing polyamory wrong" because it is supposed to be all happy and friendly with everyone unhurt as much as possible.  But for her the pain was the whole point.   Once her Master collared a male sub and she became comfortable with him, and no longer jealous, the hotness factor of seeing them together went out of it for her.

I'm not saying I want to be in her place, not by a long shot, but I kinda sorta do identify with those emotions a bit.   My emotions are much less intense.   That is, I don't really feel hugely jealous or in pain.   I feel very submissive, very owned, and one specific time, the first time I watched him with someone else, the time at Tryst, I felt rather humiliated in very erotic way.  This is something he plays with all the time in fantasies, describing them to me, having me describe scenes to him.   

An aside:

Master says polyamory is the wrong word for this thing that we do.  It should be either multiamory or polyfilia, to avoid mixing Greek and Latin roots.   I suggested that it was really more multicultural to mix the two languages, and how could that be a bad thing?   He suggested that perhaps some time in the basement with my nose stuck in a corner would make me rethink that theory.   O_o


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ahhhh, romance.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Master is reading the newspaper, while I'm playing on the laptop.   I glance up to see him staring at me.   He has a look in his eyes that more than smolders.  It says plainly that he wants to rip off my clothes and fuck the shit out of me.   He jerks his chin at me, in that "Come with me" gesture.  Doesn't speak.   He rises and heads off upstairs.  I follow, with my heart racing and cunt throbbing. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Her Master's Voice

It's after, and I'm watching ksst perform her yoga routine.  She's beautiful, although she doesn't realize it.  She is working on a stretch, and complaining how difficult it is; how she hasn't gotten even a milimeter more flexible since starting two months ago, and I'm thinking how fun she well be to fuck in that position when she gets that extra few milimeters.  We are listening to k.d. lang, and she continues to stretch.

I start thinking about earlier today.  We were driving home after a few errands, and ksst had a real 'I NEED to be beaten' look about her (again).  The problem was that it was 2:45, and I would have to pick the kids up from school at 3:35.  Five more minutes home, and 12 minutes to the school, left only 38 minutes alone, which was not nearly long enough for a beating and fucking. 

 So I asked her, "Do you want a short, intense beating with no fucking and me running off and leaving you gasping in a puddle on the floor, or do you want to wait until after the kids go to sleep?"

"I don't know, Master."

"Because we will not have enough time for everything, and I'll have to run off.  Will you be OK?"

"I don't know, Master."

"Do you want to be beaten or not, slave?"

"Whatever you want, Master."

"Fine.  I'm going to beat you, but not fuck you.  You can deal with the after.  Any questions?" I asked her, finally annoyed at this exchange.

"Can I use the Hitachi after?"

At this, we both started laughing at the incongruity of it all, the calm discussion of a beating and sex and vibrators, and I pulled in the driveway past the gate and the fine trimmed lawn.  Running up stairs, I began yanking down ksst's skirt, and she began pulling off her shirt, so by the time we were at the implement drawer, she was naked except for her panties, which I pulled off and stuffed in her mouth.  Then the beating commenced with a three foot section of grape vine, thicker than my thumb, but knobbly and springy.  Soft, then hard, then soft, then harder, on the buttocks, thighs, and shoulder.  Finally, I pushed the the vine between her legs, and partially lifting her off the ground, ordered her to come.  As she finished gasping and thrashing, I began beating her with a variety of belts and straps, leaving welts on her back and ass.  

The time was 2: 57.

Next came Uma, the new paddle.  First I beat ksst's breasts, whacking carefully so the nipple poked through the eye or nose holes.  The nipple that sticks up gets beaten down I always say, paraphrasing an old  Japanese aphorism, but hard nipples never stay beaten down, so I switched to her ass.  Whack slow, then fast, soft, then hard, I thought to myself.  I pushed ksst's legs apart, and smartly smacked her cunt, eliciting a squeal and a squish of fluid.  I made  her kiss Uma, then set Uma's handle in ksst's cunt and began beating her with Kris, the curvy paddle (so named because it reminds me of the wavey bladed Melanesian Kris).  I beat her harder, and faster until ksst's ass was red and bruised, then forced her to her knees and beat her with yet another paddle while she sucked my cock.  

The time was 3:09 when I pushed her head to the floor, and raped her cunt from behind, gripping her thighs hard and ordering a second orgasm.  She screamed and bucked for minutes, and it was now 3:12.  

I dragged her to the bed, ordered her to clean my cock with her mouth, and was out the door by 3:20.  I made the school 12 minutes flat, and looking at me, no one would have guessed that we'd just had 38 minutes of intense, mind blowing sex. 

From the Slave

  In the car:

On the way home, Master asked if I wanted a quick, hard beating, or if that would leave me frustrated.  We didn't have a lot of time.  I had no idea how I would feel afterward, so I didn't really answer. I said whatever he wanted to do was what I wanted.   He got irritated by my lack of reply,  and said he really wanted to beat me, and he planned to leave me crying in a puddle on the floor, so that was that.  
 He asked what I was doing still wearing underwear.  I removed them.   He started slapping my thighs, and continued this the rest of the way home.   Master told me he wanted me to practice saying "Ow, ow, ow" for the beating later.   So I did.  I also went into comical begging "Please don't beat me, Master, I'll be ever so good" or some such nonsense that made him laugh and call me Brer Rabbit. 

At home:  
We darted quickly upstairs, and on the way up he pulled off my skirt.   I removed my shirt but he told me to leave the boots on.  

He grabbed my underwear, rubbed it into my cunt and then gagged me with it, telling me he didn't want to hear my screaming (or carefully rehearsed Ow, Ow, Ow! either? Heeeyyy.)

He started with the cane, then several different paddles, including Uma, leaving me trying to gasp for breath through my nose.   

Master switched to the belt, which was bad enough, but then he used the hard strap, leaving cuts on my ass and stinging my shoulders.   I was crying and moaning around the undie gag.   He made me cum, then removed the gag, rubbed me with it to give it a fresh slickening, and stuffed it back in my mouth.  

He made me kneel on the floor, and used a leather paddle on me while I sucked his cock, then he fucked me on the floor.  It was brilliant.   He let me use the Magic wand for one more knee-shaking orgasm.  I wasn't crying in a puddle on the floor, but I was sure a puddle when he left.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All About Master

I was getting ready when he came in.  I put my collar on, and he looked at the time and told me to get into bed.  As soon as I was there, about to snuggle down into the sheets, he flipped me over forcefully and began whaling on my ass.   After getting it nice and warmed up he used me, all the holes, and it was good.   

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Look? What look?

I was told by both Master and Mystique yesterday that I had on a look which said I had not been getting enough beatings.  What this look was, I have no idea.  I didn't complain or hint or think I was looking any particular way.    
Anyway, though it wasn't very intense compared to sometimes, on Sunday Master had beaten by breasts with a wooden spoon and left a small bruise.  Still, somehow I had this look of needing more, I guess.

Master asked me if I would like to be beaten and I said yes.  I always say yes, because I always do, either for my pleasure, his pleasure, or both. 

He tipped me forward, head down, butt up, kneeling.  He started with a cane, and a paddle.  

 Master hauled me to a standing position by the collar, with me trying to make sure my legs were supporting me rather than hanging by my neck as he lifted.   He laid me over one knee and paddled me.    He  turned me away and used the soft flogger on me, which felt relaxing, and then back to the paddle, which was not even a little bit relaxing.   He took a thick cane, put it between my legs and nearly lifted me off the ground that way.  I came as he was telling me how he had done that to someone else and she had come up all the way off the ground.   I hadn't known that before.  

He told me to suck his cock, and eagerly I did.  He took me to the bed, helping me because I had gone quite spacey and unsteady.   More paddling, a great deal of sucking and fucking, and I was ready to pass out.    It was a great night.

I woke with some guilty feelings, for not deserving such a good time, after I completely neglected, on purpose even, one of my chores yesterday.   Instead of telling Master, I got out the shoe polish and rag and did his shoes without him asking me to.  I'm not sure he noticed, but anyway, I feel like I'm just compounding fault on top of fault this week.    

 Even on top of the guilt, I still feel extremely good. I made it to yoga class.   He said if I don't go he'd cancel my membership, so I had to go.  It is great for centering and relaxing, not to mention exercise. 

The other thing that really helped my attitude this morning is that he gave me the assignment to write out everything that happened, and all my emotions about it, on Sunday when he was playing in my mind.  


Playing in my Mind  

A lot of that stuff was glossed over in the blog because  it is just too personal.  It was tough to get started writing it down, but once I started it all came torenting out in an ungrammatical mess. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Love and Dominance

Love O/p style

This is a link to an excellent essay from a Dom's point of view.   It says so much about what it takes from his side to make things work.   It really is not just about getting biscuits and blowjobs on demand, although we joke about that.

I appreciate that my Master makes me feel his leash or his foot on my neck  regularly because without that I .... well, just read the essay.   It says everything better than I could.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing In My Mind

Master took another trip into my mind this morning, playing, rearranging, poking about with sharp sticks... until he found passion, lust, jealousy, humiliation and tears, and then in the end brought me up and back to laughter and brain buzzing joy.   

He was also experimenting with his own emotion, but he did not find what he expected there in his mind.   In himself he was looking for rage, jealousy and anger, but found only love and acceptance. 

I feel exactly like his thing.  Property inside and outside.   I fell at his feet to worship him afterward, so grateful just to be allowed to do that.   He let me stay there for a minute, giving me a few swats with whatever was handy (a tube of saran wrap), then dragged me forward by my hair, flipped me over and masturbated onto my face.  My eyes,  nose, hair, mouth, neck, all over slicked with his come.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just An Ordinary Friday Night

I'm on the couch, cuddled up to Master; he slides his hand under my shirt and fondles me.  I snuggle in closer.  He starts pinching and I moan.  He pinches harder. And harder. Pain is making me wet and needy.  I begin to whimper.  Then he lets up.  

I ask if I can take my jeans off, to get comfy, ya know ;). 

He says no.  We sit together for a while, then his hand slips between my legs, and he begins spanking.   Slowly, then faster and harder.  He tells me to take the pants off.  More spanking, until my cunt is swollen and stinging.  He tells me to cum, and I do, hard.

I slide to the floor in front of him and suck his cock eagerly when he indicates that is what he wants.   It is a look and gesture rather than anything verbal. 

Master tells me to finish up what I have to do before bed and then get upstairs.  I rise from the couch, pull my jeans up, but before I get two steps away he is behind me, locks his hand on the back of my neck and pushes me down hard over the arm of the chair.  He jerks my pants down and thrusts into my sore pussy, still sore on the inside from Thursday, and now on the outside as well.   I yelp.  He fucks me for just a few minutes, and then on shaky legs I have to finish up what I need to do.

Upstairs, I spend a few minutes folding the rest of the clothes.  I do some stretching, get undressed, switch my day collar for the night one and kneel on the floor.   A short time later, Master comes in and tells me to get into bed.  As I walk away from him he swats me so hard on the butt that I stumble and gasp.   I still have no real expectations at this point because he as just as likely to tell me to go straight to sleep as he is to want to continue beating or fucking me.

He pins me down in the bed, taking me quickly, making me cum.  His hands hold my wrists down to the bed; he tells me that I'm nothing but holes for his pleasure, and describes how he will lend me out so other men can use me also.   I am his whore, his cunt, his slave.  I embrace him, and all that, with crazed eagerness. 

Master tells me to ride him, I do, giving us both all the pleasures I can in a wild ride.  He tells me to take his cock in my mouth.  I do, and as he cums I do as well.    He's smiling as I cuddle up against his shoulder, and I know that I'm his good slave.   

Guilt ugh.

Most days Master makes a list of things for me to accomplish while he's gone.  I write them down and check them off as they are done. 
Yesterday my list read:

-pay two bills
-take the bills to the post office
-go to the gym (and workout, not just laze around drinking     coffee.      This was not stated but obviously implied)
-call about making an appointment for Saturday for him 
          -grocery shopping

I also had a bunch of cleaning to do, but this is routine and doesn't get put on my lists, and I had permission to go rummage sale shopping with Mystique(and even buy things!  As long as they were things we needed for the house).  

I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry, then picked up Mystique, and dropped off the bills.  We went to the gym and worked out.   We did the rummage sale thing,  just driving around town looking for signs.  She got some lamps and I found a kitchen table and chair set which was dirt cheap and seems very nice.  I've been looking for one for a few years, so I only hesitated a short while in trying to decide if it was something my Master would like or not.  After poking around the rest of the sale items, I offered $40 for the set.  The lady there said no, but in a tone that indicated willingness to deal, so I offered $45 and she said yes.

I did  the shopping, dropped of Mystique at her house, and completely forgot about making the appointment until she sent me a message asking if I'd done it.  "Oh fuck" was my reply.

I called the place, and left a message, but it was after 5 and they had all gone home.   Master got home, and I immediately told him I hadn't gotten him the appointment because I left it until too late.  He said it was ok, he wasn't mad or upset.   I asked if I would be punished and he said no, it was not a big deal.  Big or small, though, I still felt guilt because it was on my list and I didn't get it done.

I asked for punishment.  He said no.  So....I'll just deal with the guilt myself then.   I had a fleeting thought of punishing myself, with an unpleasant task or something, but immediately discarded that idea, as it would be going against Master's wishes.  He said there would be no punishment, so there will not be.   

 But, on the plus side, he was extremely happy with my garage sale find.  He says it is a good quality table.  The old one got dismantled and stored in case we ever need an extra table.  It had been given to us by his mom over 20 years ago, and had had 4 generations of Master's family seated around it.  Far from a priceless antique, just a plain table, and it was really showing its age (hmm, reminds me of a slave I know-me).  The chairs also went into storage.   

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Snippet of my Day

As Master pulled out of me today he asked:

"Slave, do you know what I say when I have finished using your holes?"

"No, Master",  half exhausted, dazed, beaten, I had no idea what he was talking about.  

"Next."   Another penis, the strap on kind, entered my cunt a few seconds later.   Master moved around in front of me and took hold of the rope binding my hands, pulling it tight.     

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Has a Name

Lying in bed, just getting a bit frisky, I ask Master:
"What would you like me to do?"

"Bring me Uma Thurman", he says.

I think a split second, slightly cross, then with a bright idea, bounce out of bed, and fetch this:


"Here she is Master".   

Hahhahaha.  So funny until she gets me in the ass.   

Plans Amuck!

I talked with Master last night about a scene he is planning for a summer event.  I'm just not at all sure about it.   It will be something entirely new and scary.   He started out saying it was my choice and ended up arriving at the conclusion that he will force me if necessary.   Truthfully I prefer not to have options and to be forced because otherwise there are just so many doubts and questions floating around in my head that it makes my stomach hurt.  Having choices and options is not what I signed up for when I became a slave. 

So for now I'm operating on the premise that it will happen, and trying not to think about it.  (Yeah right, I'm totally thinking about it).  I'm also not going to spill it in public until (maybe) afterward.  

That is not the Plans Amuck part.   This is:

Today I got invited to spend the day out having fun, and Master approved,  but I had to cancel because the kids are sick.   Instead I'm doing some chores I have been putting off, and waiting for that good feeling of accomplishment to hit me (nothing so far...).

I'm also doing a lot of daydreaming about last Sunday night. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Don't You Forget It"

Collared, wrist cuffed, leashed, I curled up on the couch next to Master.  He finished his tea, then snubbed up the leash tight in his hand.  I leaned in closer, giving to the pressure on my neck and trying to comfortably relax into his space.   We stayed like that through half the movie, then he shifted the pressure down and across, leading me into his lap, face down.  He began a slow steady spanking, with intermittent stroking.  Heat built up in my lower half as it went on.

   When he paused, I tried to sit up, but his fist on the leash kept me firmly down as he reached down to the coffee table for the cane. 
He gave me a few light taps and then a steady hard rain of blows that had me reaching for my deep breathing.   Then WHACK! pause... WHACK! pause....WHACK! pause..., and a few more.  They were hard and deliberately applied.  This had me on the edge of subspace.   My mind started to float away but he pulled me back physically,  up to his side, and kissed me.   I laid my head on his chest, smiling in perfect relaxation to finish watching the movie.

He sent me upstairs with a few more taps from the cane.   I settled in to wait for him.   I was prostrate when he came in the room.  He circled around me, doing things? I'm not sure.   When the first kick landed I was startled, then the second and third.  I readjusted my knees wider so I wouldn't tip over.   This gave him a wide open target and he kicked me in the cunt.  I made a little jump of shock, even though I should have known what to expect, it still shocks me. 

He used the grapevine staff on me, and then sent me to the bed to fuck the daylights out of me.   I told him how wonderful he was and he just said "I know.  Don't you forget it".   

I don't, Master.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day: Fantasy vs. Reality

No, there is no sex in this post.

Our littlest kid (hereafter LK), who is 8, has been planning a Mother's Day surprise all week, which I think is just the sweetest thing ever. 

However his fantasy plan involved some elements that are just not not going to happen.  I guess it is always a good time to learn to adapt fantasy to real life considerations, and to be flexible.

Starting with the breakfast in bed.   It is a tradition that he picked up from somewhere, school or TV or the funny papers, I'm not sure.  I have never in my life been served breakfast in bed, except in the hospital, and that doesn't really count.  I'm a morning person, and even on a Sunday I wake up early, lying still and quiet for what seems like hours on the off chance that Master will wake up and want to use me.   By 7:00am the need for coffee overtakes the desire for waiting on the possibility of sex and I get up.   

LK is waiting in the hall, perfectly silent, and begins to complain that it is Mother's Day and I should stay in bed.    I tell him I can't sleep any more and need coffee.  He wants to make the coffee for me, but is frustrated by the pot, and the fact that everything is hard to do, and too tall for him.   So I help him make the coffee.  Then he goes off to play.

After about an hour, he comes back in and wants to go wake up his Dad.   I tell him he can't do that; Dad likes to sleep in.  

"But how are we going to make your surprise?  I need Dad!"  

"Well, we will have to wait until he comes down,"  I say.

Patience, Grasshopper, I want to say, but I don't.     

Eventually, LK gets hungry so I make him some breakfast.    

When Master comes down, somewhat before 9:00, they kick me out of the kitchen and now the sounds and smells are really getting enticing...  

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...