Wednesday, August 30, 2017


My cousin got married in Chicago this weekend and Master and I went alone.  We left the kids home because it wasn't a kid-friendly deal (it said this right in the invitation).  Although they could have come they wouldn't have been happy about it.

We arrived early, met and chatted with some of my relatives that I don't see very often.   Before the actual ceremony we needed to go change into our nicer clothes, and so we went back up to the room.  Once again Master forbade me to wear underwear.  I might have asked again just to make sure, because I really didn't feel like going commando, but I wasn't going to argue with him.  I left them in the suitcase.  

 The ceremony was short and sweet, and there was an open bar.  Master decided he was going to taste every drink on the menu, so he kept ordering things for me and for him, and then we'd share tastes.  The best was a hearty oatmeal stout, I thought.  His old fashioned was extremely strong.

We both got pretty tipsy and then switched to non-alcholic ginger beer before we started making regrettable memories.  We danced a little, and then Master said it was time to go back to the hotel room.  His intention was to beat and then fuck the hell out of me, but the room was like an echo chamber and we could hear a lot of people going by in the hall, so pretty soon the beating part was abandoned in favor of quieter forms of torture.  He ground his knuckles into my sternum painfully.  The second time he did it was so hard I lost my breath and began gasping.  It still is quite sore now.   He tied me to the bed with my leash, put the nipple clamps on me and fucked me, and then ordered me to kneel on the floor.  He came on my face and tits, and I made a bit of  puddle myself.  It was lucky for clean up (which I did) that the floor was some sort of composite industrial thing rather than the usual hotel carpet.  

The place we stayed was a converted youth hostel, still under construction, so everything there was a bit odd, from locking cabinets to bunk beds along side our regular queen sized bed.   The bathroom had absolutely no place to set down my do-dads and toiletries except for one shelf which was too high for me.  In some ways it was a pretty cool place, but in others, not at all suitable for our purposes.  Definitely too echo-y.  

In the morning we ate with my family and then headed back home, stopping along the way to eat with some friends.   After that we started getting a little frisky in the car.  I was teasing Master by unbuttoning my shirt and lifting my skirt almost all the way up.  We stopped at one of the many adult stores along the way and he bought me a glass dildo.   It went into the trunk instead of into my seat.  

Master had me lie back in the seat all the way and he fondled me a some of the time.  I did myself too also, when he allowed me to.  I was getting really aroused and completely soaking my panties (not the seat though, I promise!).  After a long time of waiting (it seemed) he allowed me to touch him as well.   The for the last 30 miles he insisted that I had to be demure and proper.  My whole body was thrumming with desire.

Once at home we rushed upstairs and threw off our clothes.   He put me on my knees in front of him and fucked my mouth while he caned me.  I squirmed and moaned and tried to get away, but he had me by the hair and wasn't letting go.

He put me on the bed facedown and caned and paddled me even more.
The new toy



So nice

Master used the toy on me, and those ridges are really delightful, I'm happy to report.  I had several squirty orgasms from that.  We didn't have a lot of time, because it was Game of Thrones night, so Master stopped before he came so we could have "round two" later that night.  And we did, too!  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Gone With The Wind

The other night we were in bed listening to Ella Fitzgerald's "Gone With the Wind".

 Master began playing with my cunt lips, fondling them, then opening and closing them like they were talking.  As if this weren't strange enough, he started doing voices for it. 

A deep voice, like the narrator of Gone With The Wind, the movie:

"Cock, the only thing worth living for.  The only thing worth dying for."

I laughed and said she has to have a much higher voice, a Southern belle voice:  

"As God is my witness, I shall never be horny again."

Of course my cunt would have that accent because she's
 "down south". 

Friday, August 25, 2017

KOTW: Going Commando

Master and I were getting dressed for a formal dinner on the cruise ship.  I was planning to wear a long sleeve black shirt with sparkly silver swirl designs, a long flowy black skirt and black sandals.  

Master leaned over to me and said quietly in my ear, "No panties tonight."  I nodded, feeling a little thrill go all through me, more at his command of this action than just at not wearing anything under my skirt.

   I went into the bathroom to get dressed up, and left the panties in the dirty clothes bag in the closet of our room.  By the time we got to dinner, I wasn't even thinking about my bare behind.  I'm sure with the long skirt no one could tell what I was or wasn't wearing.  But later on, up on the deck at the ship wide dance party, I began to get self conscious again.  As we danced together in the crowd, I could feel my lower regions rubbing in ways that they don't when I wear panties.  I began to get wet.  There was a lot of wind outside on the deck and even long, heavy skirts can unexpectedly blow up!   

Master twirled me a few times, and then leaned in close to whisper "Be careful when you twirl, we wouldn't want to flash everyone."   I hung on to my skirt and didn't twirl quite as wildly after that.   I'd like to say there was a grand finale of lust sating when we returned to the cabin, but with kids and all, it was not possible.  We simply went to sleep and saved up our lusts for a more opportune time. 

The Rest of the Day

Since I left off my "Day in the Life" post about teatime, I thought I'd finish it up now.

I spent an hour relaxing, then Master got home and I served dinner and cleaned up.  I finished folding and putting away the clothes.

We sat together and played on the computers for a while and then went to bed. 

(Best part of the day!)

We snuggled and kissed under the covers, then he took out a cane and had me lie on my stomach.  He beat me a little then turned me toward him and had me suck his cock while he continued to cane me.  He got out the nipple clamps and attached them.  I tried to remember to breath.  He told me I could orgasm after he'd counted down to zero. 

"Fifty" he said, and I about cried.  How could I make it that long with them getting more painful every second?  He pulled the chain to make sure they continued to tighten.

But then his next number was "Three".  Whew!  I can do three seconds, I thought to my self.

On zero he removed the clamps and I had a huge orgasm.  He gave me many more, with and without the clamps.  Once he put a clamp on my labia and continued fucking me like that, which is a delicious sort of pain.   

He had me ride on top of him while he beat my tits with his cane, and my shoulders, and even struck me lightly on the cheeks with it.  I made sure to hold still when it was coming at my face- that is pretty scary.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Day in The Life

5:30 Alarm goes off.  Master gets up.  I get up and unsnap my leash, then change collars to my day collar and go down stairs to make breakfast.  I make sausages and tea and coffee.  I get my computer browsing in, and let dogs out while cooking and eating.  Master comes down and eats.  I make him a second cup of tea and clean up the dishes. 

7:00 Master leaves for work.  I come out with him to open and close the gate, and keep puppy (who wants to run down the driveway after him) under control.

I go back in and spend about 45 minutes sanding down all the spackle I did in the kitchen yesterday.   I also put some ribs in the crock pot for dinner. 

A little after 8:00am  I meet Mystique and a friend of hers from work for breakfast at a diner in town.   We go to the 9:30 showing of Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows with a couple more friends of hers from work after breakfast.  She holds my hand and we snuggle during the sad/scary parts! I get a complicated mix of emotions, because that hasn't happened for a while out in vanilla-land. 

On my way home I stop at the store to pick up some shoelaces for Master.  I really want to buy some towels but I'm not going to get a set without asking him first. 

I get home around 12:30.   I work Pepper on the sheep.  I separated off the rams and ewes yesterday, so she just has 1 wether (Decker) and three rams to work.  She does really well.

I start a load of laundry.   Mop the kitchen floor.

I call the bank and transfer money from accounts, which was on my to do list from Master.  

Eat lunch and wash all the dishes from the kids' breakfast/lunches. 

Clean out the fridge (on my weekly list from Master) and scrub down the sink really well.  

About 2:00 I plant grass seed over the area that Master finished removing a huge stump from yesterday.  This was also on my to do list from him.  I rake the seeds in and spread hay over them.

I clean up the dog poo from the yard.   

It's now 3:00.  I have a few things left like finishing the laundry and getting in the mail.  Possibly I will do another layer of spackle first.  Or later.  Yeah, maybe tea first and spackle later.
Pepper and sheep

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Just Cruisin', But Not for a Bruisin'

Our vacation this year was going to be visiting Master's mom and her husband in California.  I'm not sure whether to call him a step dad since they got married years after Master left home, but anyway, he's a nice guy whom we all like.   He and Master read the same books, so that is always fun. 

It was going to be that usual trip, but Grandma decided it would be more fun to not have to cook, and to all go on a cruise together rather than sit around her house, so she bought us all tickets.  Master payed for the plane tickets to get there, and other expenses, but her help made it actually reasonably affordable for us.

This was our first cruise, so I had no idea what to expect or if it would be fun, or if we'd have toooo much family togetherness time all on a ship together. 

Along with the excitement I was feeling a bit of nervousness about trying a new thing.  We'd be going to a few cities in Mexico, which I wasn't really worried about.   Master signed himself and the kids up to do parasailing, but it was really expensive, so I didn't.

We stayed in a hotel in LA the night before we embarked on the ship.  The younger kid ate a pizza and then began barfing up at the dinner table.  I was now getting a sort of sinking feeling.  Please, don't be sick, not now!   I couldn't find my room key so Master gave me his and told me to take him back to the room right away.

After that little episode, kid 2 seemed better, so we carried on.

The cruise was really wonderful.   No cooking, no cleaning, no chores of any kind, simply eating, relaxing and the kids had the run of the ship.  There was no internet, which made them upset, but they have plenty of computer games that don't need the internet and there was a library as well as our room.

 During the orientation there was a raffle and we won not only a bottle of champagne but also a shore excursion worth quite a bit of money.  That was only for two of us, so Master and I went to the beach resort and left the kids with Grandma.   I can't believe how lucky we got winning two prizes with three raffle tickets!

I was thinking we'd probably go most of the 7 day cruise without sex or play of any kind, but Master is clever and determined.  He usually arranged either a "parent nap time" or "cleaning the room" and sent the kids off for an hour each day.  

We did not nap or clean, needless to say.  

We even fucked on the balcony looking out over the ocean.  There were a few times when I was very nervous about being interrupted and really didn't want to do anything at all, but Master will get his way and fucked me in spite of my nerves.   We didn't bring any toys, only the collar and leash, but Master only needs his hands and my pressure points (and later my sunburn) to give plenty of pain. 

Dinner every night was at the formal dining room instead of the buffet, and this was one of my favorite things about the trip.  The food was amazing there, and the servers excellent, plus we all got to dress up nicely, which was fun for me anyway.   

The excursion we all did together was swimming with wild creatures and snorkeling at the Marietas Islands.  It is so beautiful and I LOVE snorkeling (even though I'd only ever been once before I remembered how great it was).   There might have been more dolphins, but only the youngest kid saw one very briefly.  He also saw a whole pod from the big ship, which I missed!

I neglected to ask anyone to sunscreen my back that day, so in the hour or so we spent in the water I got horribly burned.  It's just peeling now, and itches like crazy.   

Here are just a few of the almost 150 pictures I took: 

All in all, a really great time was had by everyone! And no one was sick anymore, not even sea sick. 

TMI Tuesdy: Love and Sex

1. For you, can sex be separated from love?

Yes, I have had sex with several people I didn't love.

  2. Can sex be separated from caring?

And I have had sex with people I didn't care about particularly. 

3. Men: Does sex seem to be something that you can never get enough of and are constantly seeking or thinking about?

I know this was only addressed to men (I'm not sure why) but the answer is yes. 

  4. Women: Is sex secondary to intimacy, physical closeness, and commitment?

I would say yes, it probably is secondary to those things.  I really do like sex, though.  

  5. Who is more discriminating in choosing sexual partners–you or your significant other?

He says I am more discriminating.  So I guess that is that!

 Bonus: Who is more likely to take on additional sexual partners, you or your significant other?

He is. 

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

We've been on vacation

I may get back to blogging eventually, but for now there is laundry to do, food to restock in the kitchen, things to put away... and of course plenty of sex n' spankings!

I have now checked both sex on a big ship and sex on the balcony of a cruise ship off my life list.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bang for the Buck

For $5 at Fleet Farm you can buy a lot of ouch.

My ass is still hurting this morning from Master's new favorite toy. 

I got the "Pancake treatment".  


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TMI Tuesday: a little late

1. Can a penis be too big?


2. Can a vagina be too tight?

Yes.  I used to have that problem and sex was difficult and painful.  Sometimes it won't even go in if you are too tight.

3. Does playing with fake tits give you the same satisfaction and response as fondling real breasts?

I have no idea.  As far as I know, all the tits I have played with have been real. 

4. Fill in the blank: I prefer ____ over having sex.

Some days, I prefer getting a good beating over sex.  But usually I just want both.  It's not too much is it?

5. If a stranger offered you 30 USD to lick your boots or shoes, while you are wearing them, would you accept? If no, how much money would it take for you to accept the offer?

That is completely up to my Master.  If he said do it, I'd do it.  If he left it up to me to decide, I'd bargain for $50, maybe.  It doesn't bother me if someone licks my boots.   I had a friend do it once and she was super sexy.   A stranger, meh, maybe not so sexy. 

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Grand Opening

Saturday night Master and I went to the grand opening of a new kinky club.  It is a bit of a drive for us, since we live so far from anything like a big city, but it is so worth it!  Many of our friends were there, and it was just a great big old party.  

For most of the night I walked around with nothing on but my collar, chain leash and sandals, led by my Master. 

Master and I each had a couple scenes, together and apart, which I'm not really free to go into, but it was a ton of fun and I finished the night with many bruises and sore spots.   We also got to see people that we hadn't seen in ages, because they were coming in from all around for this event.  The space is excellent- so much room and good seating and visiting areas.  The only thing I could have wished different was some good places to have sex.   We didn't find one, so we ended up waiting until we got home for that.  

Sunday was a beautiful day.  I got up way too early, and later on when Master got up we went out with our Pokemon group to do some raids and take over gyms.  That was really great because Master caught TWO Moltres!  (I know, if you don't play the game this is meaningless, but this is a good thing in the game).  I'd been trying all week to get one.  Master and I have only one phone to share between us, and we share the same game account, so they are my Moltres too!  

Flaming Chicken of Doom!

After dinner we went over to Mystique's for our weekly Game of Thrones watching.  Wow, that was a good one for dragons.  

Hot dragon lady.

Altogether, it was a very fun weekend. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sed Petrus, qui improbissimus erat

 Subtitle: Unexpected Directions
Master came into the room.  I was waiting on the floor.  He ordered me to get into bed and hand him a book of erotica so he could read a story to me while I sucked his cock.
He didn't get more than one sentence out about Father Dirrag, the naughty priest, before he changed his mind:  "I want to do that to you."
He had me get out of bed and kneel leaning over the chaise longue.  
He asked me if I was ready to repent my sins.  I replied, not altogether confidently, "Yes, Master?"
He had the cane in his hand and was soon making me sincerely wish to repent all my sins.
"Close your legs, slut!" he commanded every time my legs shifted around and began to spread.

 He first lectured me in English about sloth, greed and all the rest, and then he switched over to Latin.
In nomine Padre, et Filii, et Spiritus sancti...
He said a bunch of other Latin words that I didn't know after that.
But then I heard:

Sed Petrus, qui improbissimus erat,
usque ad hortum Agricola Gregorii
rectam viam fecit, et sub portam
subluctatus est!
When I recognized the often repeated lines from Peter Rabbit, my whole body began to shake with laughter.  He kept beating me. 
 I kept laughing.  

"Do you find something amusing about my Latin....?" he asked in his Monty Python voice.  

I laughed harder.  

Then he began to chant liks so:

Whack! The end of each line was punctuated on my bottom.
 I continued to giggle despite the pain.

"You need to be more sincerely repentant."  He pulled me down off the chair and pressed my head to the floor with his foot. 

My ass was stinging and the laughter stopped when he got down behind me and took me with a great and painful thrust.  

I'm sure I shall go forth and sin no more (yeah, right!).

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fantasy Story, Part Two, The Middle Bit.

The first part was here.

She stood in the corner, she wasn't sure how long, until her arms ached from holding them stretched out.  She could hear the tick of the clock moving above her head.

The professor sat at his desk, supposedly working, but now and then his eyes lingered just below the hem of her dress, or at her waist.  

When he crossed the room slowly, purposefully, she gave a relieved sigh.  He took the cane from her and she gingerly stretched her arm muscles.  He pointed to the desk and asked her to bend over it.  Her elbows settled on to the polished surface.   She glanced quickly back over her shoulder, then returned to the required position.

She felt a line tracing up the back of her calf as he used the cane to tease her.  It touched the edge of her skirt.  With a quick movement he brought it down on her thigh, twice, hard.  She winced and her knees gave a little but she didn't make a sound.  The cane resumed its slow upward tracing, lifting her skirt to the lower edge of her bottom.  The stifling warm air of the room was completely quiet.  She shivered.

His hands gently tucked the skirt up to her waist now, out of the way.  He resisted touching her bottom.   Instead, he gave it 10 more blows, quick and hard and by the eighth she was crying out each time.   

He lifted her upright and spun her around. 

"I have a surprise I think you will like, girl," he said, smiling.  "Or, if you don't, I know I will like it."

Then: "Take off your clothes".

She looked at the floor while she undid the small, white buttons.  He lifted her chin when she had finished and gazed hard into her eyes. She wanted to flee from his stare, wanted him then to chase after her and knock her to the ground, to pummel her.   He looked into her eyes with a nod and slight smile, knowing she wouldn't run.  Couldn't run, really.

"And your bra" he said, less gently than before.

She did as she was told, letting it fall to the side.  He shook his head slightly at this act of carelessness.  

He considered saving his corrections for another day, but decided it was best not to wait. 

"Pick it up and put it back on", he commanded, as she stared back with a mystified expression. 

When she had refastened the garment, he took a hard grip in the back of her hair and propelled her to the bathroom adjoining his office.   Through some freak of architectural history, it also included a shower, which is why he had particularly chosen to keep this office when others he'd been offered had much better views.  Showers could be so useful in his line.

She felt her body moved against her will.  Kicking off her shoes as she went, she was pushed to the bathroom and then down into a kneeling position in the dry shower stall.  

"You don't seem particular about the care of this bra, the way you tossed it on the floor, girl.   So you shouldn't mind what am about to do."  

He didn't make a move to turn on the water.  

Part Three.

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...