Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Peeps!

Since we are not Christians here, Master is an atheist and I'm more of a Deist, or something, Easter is celebrated with chocolate and eggs and sex.  

Master reminded me that it goes back to the Pagan celebrations of Spring, and fertility, rebirth, the old dead winter leaving and the new life being born.  Thus we have eggs, from a seemingly dead thing comes life, and chickens, and rabbits, who are notoriously prolific.   And of course, fucking.   

We celebrated the holiday with a bout of that, which started out extremely silly, with an egg and some photographs.   Then it turned into a serious discussion.  Sex sometimes does that.  Silly/serious, all the moods come out.   We were talking about him playing with other people, and something he said just completely broke me down.   I cried, and told him why I was crying.   I felt a bit better, then we went downstairs and took a shower together.  

I asked him if I could email a friend about it and get her input.  She's a slave also, and has a good perspective on things from the outside, as well as being able to be blunt and get straight to the heart of matters.  Also, she matches my opinions on slavery pretty closely.    He said yes, and he read all my messages before I sent them.  

She told me that I should get over myself and think like a servant, just obey, that is always the right thing.    It seemed so simple put that way.   

And so, a rebirth of my good attitude.   Happy Easter Peeps!

Tied up/paddled pictures

It was a very good night.

Happy Easter Everyone! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I am making way too many blog posts lately.  Ah well, I suppose it will make up for the times when I can't think of a single thing to say.  

The title of the previous post referenced a delightful little book that Master gave me ages ago.  Here is a little excerpt:

Told by Frank Hembree, Galena, Mo., April, 1945. He heard it in the late 1890's. J.L. Russell, Harrison, Ark., spun me the same yarn in 1950; he says it was told near Green Forest, Ark., about 1885. 

 One time there was two farmers that lived out on the road to Carico. They was always good friends, and Bill's oldest boy had been a-sparking one of Sam's daughters. Everything was going fine till the morning they met down by the creek, and Sam was pretty goddam mad.

"Bill," says he, "from now on I don't want that boy of yours to set foot on my place."
"Why, what's he done?" asked the boy's daddy.
"He pissed in the snow, that's what he done, right in front of my house!"
But surely, there ain't no great harm in that," Bill says.
"No harm!" hollered Sam. "Hell's fire, he pissed so it spelled Lucy's name, right there in the snow!"
"The boy shouldn't have done that," says Bill. "But I don't see nothing so terrible bad about it."
"Well, by God, I do!" yelled Sam. "There was two sets of tracks! And besides, don't you think I know my own daughter's handwriting!"

More about this book:

Pissing in the Snow and other Ozark Folktales 

In case you are from another part of the world, and are wondering where the Ozarks are, they are in Missouri and Arkansas, back country areas.  My parents live near there.   

Hay! Oh, and Pissing in the Snow.

Today we were up at the crack of dawn.  I knew we had to get up early, but when Master poked me and said time to get up, my brain went "What?  What day is it? Why are we getting up in the middle of the night?  Oh yeah, the hay".    I think what came out of my mouth sounded more like "unnnnnhhhhhh". 

So I made breakfast while he showered and then we headed out to pick up a load of hay before the ground got so squishy that the van would get stuck in mud.  

We had a long car ride, and had a good talk about things in general, and relationships.   No problems, but it is always nice to be able to talk.

About 20 minutes from home I realized that my 2 cups of coffee was hitting me.  I had to go.  I really had to go.  I told Master, and he said "We're almost home, you can make it".   

About 5 minutes from home I said I didn't think I could make it all the way to the house, could I just pee in the woods beside the driveway?   He said yes.   When I got out of the car, he said to come around to his side, as he wanted to watch.   I never really thought (a few years ago) we'd get into that kink, but I have to admit that we both kind of do.  He enjoyed watching and I love having him enjoy watching.   As I was going, he told me to raise up a bit so he could see better.   I did, as much as I could without peeing in my boot.   A little humiliating?  Sure, but the fun kind. Besides I REALLY had to go.

The hay hauling went smoothly, then we had to carry all the bales about 70 feet up into the top of the barn.   That was some work, but with two of us it didn't take that long.

When I fed the sheep I found two new ram lambs that were born last night, and they are doing well.  Their mom was already in the barn- she's actually the one that was sick last week, so I'm super happy that the lambs were born safely and are doing well.  

Hot Dirty Van Sex

Hooking up the trailer had never easier.  Normally it takes a lot of effort and frustration, but tonight, the hitch just slipped together, slick as snot

 As soon as it was secured with chains, Master grabbed me by the coat and dragged me into the garage.  He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard.  Bending me over the hood of his car, he took me quickly from behind.   Unfortunately, the dog was there being really annoying,  interrupting things.  I tried to shoo him away to no avail. 

"Get in the van" Master ordered.  He climbed in after meI should say that my van has been used lately for hauling hay, not to mention all the dogs that ride in it with me, and it is still just a mess in there.   That is what you get when you have a farm and don't have a truck (sad face- I want a truck!).  

I was not really dressed for speedy sex, since I was wearing jeans, my Carhartt jacket, Muck boots covered with, well, covered with barn crap.   

That didn't matter.  

Master wanted me right then and he was going to have me.    He fucked me long and hard while telling me what he wanted to do to me and another slave at the same time.    I didn't notice how much hay was getting stuck to me until he let me up and I was picking hay out of EVERYWHERE.  

I went inside and had a bath.   But when I went upstairs to get dressed again I realized he wasn't done with me yet.   He was waiting for me.  Master pushed me to the bed and told me to lie on my stomach.   As soon as he grabbed the bottle of lube I knew what was coming.

I squeaked out the world's tiniest "no" when his cock began to plunder my ass.  

The chilly toned "What did you just say?" flattened me. 

"Nothing, Master."

He told me to be quiet, since I guess I was making some noises.  I bit down on the comforter.   Then it started to feel good, and I wiggled and bucked against him.   He went slow for a long time, just letting me do the work, then he began thrusting hard and deep until I came several times, my ass clenching his cock.     

After he came in my ass and we were lounging on the bed, I commented that "hooking up the trailer" had never been more fun that that.  Heh heh.  



Friday, March 29, 2013

Best TFTB post ever

No, I didn't write it.  But I'm going to link it here in case anyone hasn't seen it.

TFTB  ( Topping From the Bottom) for dummies. 

Because even though I read this blog entry ages ago, I still fell into thinking this way last month, which was the main reason I had "peon"  written on my arm (of course, as you may remember, this was shorthand for "You have less influence around here than you think you have"- or "Stop having such a big head").    It was kaya's idea.   Master approved --very much so.

The writing has finally worn off completely, and I think it has sunk into my brain well enough that I don't have to keep refreshing it in permanent marker.  

The worst task ever

Today I have to take some cheese back to the store.    I bought cheese in an opaque wrapper and it turned out to be moldy.   Somehow I failed to notice this as I not only cut it, but ate a bite and handed a bite to Master. 

My stomach is queasy just thinking about it.   How could I not notice?  Needless to say, he was not happy about this.  

So, he said I have to take it back to the store and try to get the money back, which combines all my least favorite things into one task: 

1.  moldy cheese, looking at it and handling it.   Ewwwww.

2.  talking to strangers

3.  not only talking to them but complaining about something to them and trying to get a refund.  The thought makes me cringe worse than moldy cheese.

The hard strap

I put on lipstick after I brushed my teeth.   It was bright, bright, whorish red, not the kind I usually wear for every day.   The kind Master likes to see on his cock.  

As I knelt in the bedroom all I could think about was the smell of sex wafting up at me.   Master's only word to me as he entered was "Strip".  

I tossed off my robe and he pointed to the dresser.  I turned around, bent forward and grabbed it.   He started slow and worked up the intensity.  When I gasped in pain he stepped forward, wrapped his belt around my neck and told me to come.   He held me tight so I didn't collapse.

After snapping my shoulders, back, ass and thighs with the belt, he switched to the thinner, sharper strap.   I yelped and danced in time with the blows.   He told me to turn around. 

"This is going to hurt", he commented in a casual tone.

I closed my eyes, raised my head and arms out of the way.  I don't know if I could stand to see it coming at me with my eyes open.  He has good aim- my thighs were marked.

"Spread your legs".  Oh god.

I stepped apart a teeny bit. 

"Spread.  Your.  Legs."

Fully spread now,  sharp pain between my legs as the strap found its mark, my cunt dripping, my thighs trembling and trying to close on their own.  I held them apart, breathed raggedly, and waited for the next stinging slap of the thin strap.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Hint of Spring?

I heard some Cardinals singing today, the barn is flooding, the driveway has turned to 4 inches of slush.   

It may be spring coming at last!

This morning I got up early, ate my breakfast, found the internet moving at molasses speed and decided to sweep the house instead of playing.

Master wasn't feeling good (another cold!) so he slept in.  When he got up I made his breakfast and then headed out to the gym.  I was a little late for my yoga class because of the breakfast making, but some things are more important that yoga class, right?  

I also went for a swim in the pool there, which felt great.  

I stopped by Mystique's and visited with her as long as I could before I had to head back home again, picking up groceries on my way.      Master had told me to be home no later than 3 or 4 hours after I left, so I had a deadline. 

There hasn't been much going on here but chores today.  

Last night I got quite a hearty paddling with the long wavy paddle.  Master asked me if I regretted wanting it, and I didn't.    It was quite painful, but in that thrashing around on the bed in orgasm/ecstasy/painful way.     Don't regret it a bit! 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mutual Feelings

I guess Master was feeling the same way I was because last night he told me to go upstairs, take off my clothes and put on my robe.

When I got back down he had me stand beside him and he fondled me while he looked at pictures on the internet, then told me to go back upstairs.  He didn't even wait for me to get all the way up, but pushed me down on the stairs, flipped up my robe and fucked me right there.   On the stairs!

When he let me up I scrambled up the rest of the way and made it to the bedroom.   He finished fucking me doggy style on the floor and then we went to watch our movie (Downton Abbey- season 3!).    During the movie he gave me a spanking, and then later, as we were lying in bed ready to drift off, he told me he wanted to spank me again.  I rolled over, and he did, before cuddling up and sending me off into dreamland with a warm, tingly, sore bottom. 

And for any who missed the reply to my own question yesterday - the current rule is once a day for self pleasuring. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


For unknown reasons, I'm feeling horny today.  Restless, hot, anxious to come.  Last night I expected to be sent straight to bed, but instead Master caned and then flogged me, then we had  quickie sex and went to bed. 

Today I'm just feeling like "More, more, more!"

He regularly changes up my masturbation rules, from week to week or even from day to day.  Sometimes, none is allowed at all.  Other times, I can do one time per day.  And sometimes, as much as I want.   If he hasn't mentioned the rule recently, I have a tendency to forget what the current one was last time he did mention it.  I'm thinking it was somewhere between once (already did today) and "as much as you want".  

I'm thinking I'll play it safe rather than be sorry, and just wait until he gets home to ask him.

Monday, March 25, 2013

One of the best things

One of the best things about being a stay-at-home slave is getting to make recipes that start out:  add 5 million ingredients and marinate the meat in this for 4-5 hours.

Today I'm making a lamb curry and couscous. 

Also, with permission from Master, I took Mystique some flowers so at least the inside of her house could be spring-looking, even if the outside still looks like Alaska. 

I'm having a pretty good day today, even if my mind occasionally does randomly turn to whippings and such. 

Master is home!


They had a good time, until the trip home when the kids were fighting and the little one got carsick. 

So guess who is going to be cleaning up barf today from the booster seat?  Yeah, me.  

But I don't care, because they are all back safe and I didn't have any disasters over the weekend.  And I mean none, little or big, so that must be some kind of new record.

Master said everyone asked where I was, and he told me he said "She's at home chained in the basement because she displeased me."    Such a kidder.   I'm sure he didn't really say that.  Pretty sure anyway. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Freedom of my chains

Loving arms

I love this song.  

"I've been too long in the wind.
Too long in the rain.
Taking any comfort that I can.
Looking back and longing
For the freedom of my chains.
Lying in your loving arms again."

I think I take it way more literally than it was meant to be taken. 


His hands roamed under my shirt, pressing, squeezing, pinching.   I moaned and sighed, leaning into him, adoring him, my Master.

I wanted to touch him also, feeling the pull of him so close and touchable, but it wasn't allowed.  Not at this moment anyway.  I'd have to wait.

The teasing and pinching went on, until he found the perfect spot and pinched so hard I let out a little yelp and tried to jump away.   He slapped me and said "Behave, slut!"

A submissive "I'm sorry Master",  as I snuggled back into him, smiling. 

Sorry, and yet not sorry at all for any of it.   

Just part of the dance  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Internal Enslavement: I haz it

One of those lightbulb moments came this morning, when I realized that I am not just a slave a little bit, or part of me, or externally, but all the way through and through.  

I never used to make the bed.  I'm not particularly fussy about things around the house being "just so" as long as they are fairly clean.  You know those OCD or neat freak people?  Well, I'm not. 

About a year and a half ago, Master decided he wanted the bed made every day, so he made that one of my rules.  I think I have only forgotten once or twice since then.   Well, tonight he's not going to be home.  So after everyone left I went upstairs to fold laundry, looked at the unmade bed and thought to myself, "Huh, it is only going to be me here tonight, nobody would notice if I didn't make the bed".  And then I went ahead and made the bed anyway.    Because it is a rule.


I really asked for it last night. 
My lower lip is cut, and my pussy is swollen and sore.
 I'm not going to see Master until Sunday night, and we are hardly ever apart for that long.   I'm very attached, I admit.  I depend on him.   I was thinking about that yesterday when I asked for a beating, something that would last, so I'd have something nice to think about while he was gone.

  In his usual way, he said "Maybe, we'll see."

Late at night, he followed me upstairs so quickly I just had time to switch to my night collar.  

 I was hanging up his shirt, fresh from the dryer, when he came in and grabbed me, pulled my robe down and pushed me to the dresser.   He tied my hands tightly with a leather strap and flogged me, front, back and between the legs.  It has been longer than I can remember for that particular delight, and I luxuriated in the smell of the leather all around me, and the sting of the falls on my tender bits.   

Then he took his belt to my back.  It started out light-ish, feeling good, but gradually getting harder and stingier until my feet started dancing of their own accord.  Maybe the feet were thinking about dancing out of the way.   I made myself stay in position.   When my knees started to buckle he lowered me to the floor,  thrust deep inside and told me to cum.   After a minute he sat back and told me to go find some clothes pins.

I crawled across the floor to the bag where they have sat, unused, since last fall.  When was the last time I hung clothes outside, anyway, maybe summer?   Anyway, they hadn't been used on me.

I brought them to him, and he told me to lie down and spread.   

I lay back with a bit of fear and a lot of excited anticipation.  I didn't really know what they would feel like, but I imagined it would hurt.    

He put at least three on each side of my labia, and a couple on  my nipples.  It pinched a bit ( like when the Dr. says "You are going to feel a little pinch"), but when he started flicking and wiggling the clothes pins with his hand I thought I was going to come.    I arched my back; I waited until he commanded me to orgasm. 

He fucked me again, clothes pins still attached, and I moaned and whimpered.  Once again, he stopped.  When he removed the clothes pins there was another rush of pain.   He took a long wooden paddle out and used it on my thighs, and on my cunt.  

The clothes pins again- this time he used them to fasten my lower lips to each other.  They were all neatly pinned up closed now.   More wiggling, more orgasms.  Ohhhh!   I think I like it.  Such a slut.

Then off with the pins, blood rushing, pain,  ohhhh ouch!   He took  me again, holding me down, telling me to struggle.  I wiggled ineffectively.  He stuffed his t shirt into my mouth, hard, and told me I wasn't getting away.  I kicked and punched at him; he kept fucking me as I was unable to budge him.    When he grabbed my hair and held me down I folded, completely relaxed in submission, unable to even pretend to fight.     

He let me up, told me to get the Hitachi and get into bed.  He made me cum over and over as he fucked me and the magic wand did it's magic :).   When I was completely wrung out he flipped me over and came inside me.  

We lay together in the damp spot, and he said he is enjoying the positions he has been teaching me.  I have two positions now, to be done on command, besides kneeling!  This makes me oddly happy. 

 They are:

Cuddly Cunt Position One
He is lying on his back and my head nestles against his shoulder, right at the perfect pillow spot there, our bodies close. 

Cuddly Cunt Position Two
Known to other people as spooning.

Sometimes the names are switched to Cuddly Slut Position One and Two, but the positions are the same.

We drifted off.  I dreamed of pancakes.  In the morning he fucked me again, quick and hard.   I told him about my dream after and he said "Pancakes and poontang, sounds good.  Go make me some pancakes, slave".    

He has gone now, until tomorrow, but I will be enjoying thinking of all this for a good long while.   Thank you, Master! 


Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...