Thursday, October 29, 2015

Visitor, also 4 am fucking

My Mom is visiting this week.  She's taking one of my rams home with her because I have too many and she doesn't have enough after an important one died.  

This doesn't actually change much of our routine, except that we got to go out to eat Korean food, but last night Master wanted to go to be really early, like 9:30, because he was worn out from not sleeping well the night before.  I went to bed with him, of course.  We went straight to sleep, but then 3 am rolled around and I was wide awake and super horny.  I tried to sleep for a little bit, kept fantasizing about waking Master by sucking his cock, decided I didn't really feel like getting in trouble for the same thing twice in one week, and finally got up and turned on the computer.  

Master came down to see what I was doing only about 20 minutes later.   He said he was wide awake now too, so I could come back to bed to get used like the little horny cunt hole that I am.  Yay! 

He took me hard and violently, called me names, slapped me around.  It was awesome.  I even fell back asleep for a bit when he was done with me.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Naked in the yard!

After he'd had enough cock sucking, and I'd been paddled a bit with the cutting board, he took me out in the yard. I was still totally naked.  He was wearing his robe.   

"Squat and pee", he said, pointing to a spot in the grass.

I felt hot humiliation creeping over me, but I didn't hesitate.  

When I was finished, he pissed over top of the spot I'd used.  As I was standing there watching he told me to come.   

It's different when I do this act and when he does it.  I guess because I've been ordered to do it, and the way he looks at me.  And I'm naked.  And I have no choice.  All this makes it an entirely different, more humiliating, experience that just peeing outdoors behind a bush when I'm out hiking.  I guess it just shows that it is not the act, but the intention behind it that determines the meaning of it, and how one feels doing it. 

Which also directly applies to when he was eating my pussy after fucking me a little later on.  He really enjoys that.  I do sometimes, too. 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I made his breakfast, some skillet potatoes and sausage in a burrito, then washed myself up and sucked his cock a little, until he told me to go away.  Now I am waiting to be called back...



Wondering if I should prance around in naked invitation or just wait here in the other room...hmmmm.   

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fucking Festival of Fucks

As soon as my period ended it became a non stop fuck fest around here.  Saturday night.  Sunday morning. Sunday night.  Leaving one  sore and happy cunt here.  I have so many sore parts from his punches and nipple twists, pussy pounding and paddles.  

This morning he came in to wake me up just before he had to leave.  For some reason he'd let me sleep in and made his own breakfast, not unheard of, but rather unusual.   It gave me a slightly guilty feeling, having missed out on making his breakfast and tea, but bed was just so warm and cozy.

He jerked back the covers and bit me on the chest, lightly.  Looking at me with intense dark eyes, he says, "I just want to prey on you."

I wanted to be his prey, be devoured, ravished, hurt, inflamed.  
I wanted to touch myself when he moved away.  But I didn't. Instead I got up to help the smaller kid get ready for school.  

Going backwards:
Sunday morning I broke one of his rules.  We'd been up very late the night before, but I still woke sometime early and snuggled up to him.  Evidently I woke him up with my persistent snuggling, which is not allowed.  He asked me if his Not waking Master up rule was out the window, or what? 

Ummmmmm.  I had no reply. 

I asked if he was going to punish me and he said yes.  Punishment was to be that I'd have to watch all of the Walking Dead with him and not ask any questions like "Who's that?" or "What are they doing now?"   Zombies completely creep me out, so I rarely watch it- just enough to know some of the plot and characters, but I often leave in the middle when it gets scary. 

 I also normally ask a lot of questions.   

Anyway, back to Sunday morning.  After he seemed like he was going back to sleep, I was still lying there awake, so I tried to slide out of bed.  A sleepy arm encircled me and grabbed my tit.  So I stayed.  It was really nice and snuggly, but I couldn't sleep anymore and my coffee was calling me.  I tried to slide out of bed again and his sleep-grip on my boob only got tighter. 

Another ten or twenty minutes went by and when he rolled over I did slide out of bed.  I made it about 5 feet away and was just putting my robe on when he said "Come here and give me a blow job." 

It is back to bed for me, then. 

A blowjob turned into some hot and rough sex, and many orgasms were had.  Much later we rolled out of bed together and I made some bacon and biscuits for breakfast.   We had a very lazy Sunday, except for our walk of three miles, then after the Dead (Spoiler alert- someone died!)  and the kids were put to bed, Master let me get in bed first, but almost instantly he was pulling back the sheets and fucking me.  I was so dry it really wasn't working, so he applied lube and yanked my feet up over his shoulders.  Yum, sex.  In the end he came in my mouth. 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Gaming Day

Today we had a few of our kinky gamer friends over, as well as one non gamer who was willing to try it.  I'm afraid he's regretting it.  We played History of the World, a fairly complicated board game, a bit like Risk except with more details to figure out.   We played about 4 hours and then it was time to quit for dinner.  We'd only done 4 out of the 7 Epochs (turns).   

The other excitement is that Master is planning to be Walter White (Breaking Bad, the show) for Halloween so he's growing a beard and he's going to shave his head.  He's got a prickly hedgehog chin now!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Possessiveness by the owned

I'm hoping to get some reader participation on this, so I'm starting with the question:

Does your Master/Owner/Dominant encourage or allow you to be possessive of him/her?  What does that mean to you?  Does it help or hurt your mindset?

Or if you are the Dominant, what would you think if your sub thought of you as hers/his? Would you be proud? Would you correct him/her? 

For me, the feeling of possessiveness seems counter to being property.  I mean, I do say "my Master" a lot, but there is a "my" which is also applied to my town, my country, my father or my God that just implies relationship, not possession.  And that is the one I think I'm using all the time. 

What if there is a disconnect between how I see things and how my Master sees things?   Isn't it my job to get on board with his program? Is it his job to explain things to me so they don't make my head feel all explody?

Anyway, that was my goal last night, to resolve this little, actually very minor, confusion in my mind by writing some thoughts down for him and much two way communication, some of which involved him nearly chopping my arm off, or perhaps just my left pinkie tip.

And then he fucked me all sore, just because it is fun.  I think my pussy will be recovered by tonight.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flogging Post in the Basement

From previous entry.

Crabby Ass Slave

 I was one crabby ass slave this morning.  I tried to get on with service as normal and not be objectionably grumpy, but I know Master knew about my mood.  

It started last night when I had a headache and went to lie down, then fell asleep for over an hour.  When I got up we watched some TV and Master told me he wasn't going to do anything to me, probably, so not to get all worked up.  Then sometime in there he changed his mind and took me to bed, caned me really well and then had me give him a blowjob.  Well, thanks to that making me extremely horny, and also having had that nap, I couldn't sleep at all.  I tossed and turned.  I kept Master awake until he said if I didn't quit I'd have to go to the couch.  So after that I lay perfectly still but didn't sleep.  Images of sex and sexy things kept floating into my brain. As soon as I pushed them out images of hanging myself, or cutting myself, stabby images, horrifying images, came floating in and then I'd push them out and try to think of neutral, boring things which would then turn into sex again.  And so on.  

I woke up before the alarm went off at 6:30, tired and still a bit stabby, trying to be at least reasonable if not cheerful.  I made strawberry pancakes and sausages.

Master took the younger kid to school and then told me to rub his feet while he played on the computer.  It was somewhat soothing to me, being made to just kneel on the floor and rub and rub.  I couldn't even tell if I was still very horny (I was) or just really grumpy.  I was pretty sure that my becoming a slave had been a mistake.  I can't do this.  What was I thinking?  I'm no good at this.  Even as I was soothed by being allowed to rub his feet these thoughts were storming around my head.   I wondered if I should tell him, but then decided they were only passing thoughts brought on my bad mood and I'd feel better later, or tomorrow.  I decided not to say anything.

 Eventually he told me to fetch all the floggers, a rope and the gag from upstairs.  He asked me if I was going to be such a crabby ass as to ruin all his fun. I shrugged noncommittally.  Yeah, that is some good slaving, there!

He took me to the basement, gagged me, tied my hands to a beam and looped a sash around my neck to pull, and flogged me hard.  It wasn't the most painful beating, floggers rarely are, but it was plenty humiliating with the drool and also totally hot just being tied to the post.  He tormented my poor nipples with his hands after flogging them.

Then he untied me, led me upstairs and fucked and humiliated me.  Eventually I cried. We stopped and talked things over because it wasn't a good kind of crying.  Then fucked some more.  Now I'm sore and all fucked out, but my mood is peaceful again.   

Monday, October 19, 2015

In the shower

I'm freezing cold, because we have not yet won the lottery (that we don't play) and put in our dream bathroom with the larger shower with double heads, one on each side (everyone's dream, right?).

Master is in the hot water, and my feet are freezing.  Seriously, I have ice cubes for feet at that moment.  

He looks at me and says "There is only one way you are getting some of this hot water".

I kneel.

"Nice and warm, isn't it?" he says.

I smile up at him, "Yes, Master."

Then he rinses me off and I stand up and wash him thoroughly. 

I am so lucky, too.   



When bringing my Master a cookie

I said "Cookie for Cookie Master!"

Well, I though it was funny.

C is for caning, that's good enough for me! 
 I mean cookie. 
C is for cookie.

 He was too busy eating his tasty cookie to laugh, I'm sure.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Master called me yesterday afternoon to say they had been talking and he was bringing her home with him.   We went for a nice long walk all together, as it was a beautiful crisp fall day, and talked of many things.

Then we had tea and watched Master fix the front door knob, which needed to be replaced since it had stopped turning the other day.  Good thing we have a lot of other doors.  More talking, and just hanging out and then Master took her home.   

Master asked me if I was disappointed that my humiliation/cuckquean fantasy didn't happen that time, but I said, no, not really.  I wasn't either relieved or disappointed, just kind of going with the flow.  If he didn't think it was a good time to play because they needed to talk, then that is up to him.  

All the talking is important, but sometimes a good beating is even better.  After Master got done fucking me this morning he tied my hands and beat me with the cane for a long time, with musical accompaniment.  He even did the soles of my feet (nice!) and my calves (mean!).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hard Things, part 27 (ok, I don't really know what part I'm on now)

Master has to work today, only a half day, and then he's stopping on his way home to see one of the other girls in his life.  I'm concentrating on being a good property, having slavishly submissive feelings and not being jealous.  Definitely a challenge! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Spanking Game

I was in the kitchen as usual when Master got home last night.  He was passing me and roughly grabbed me, saying he wanted to fuck me.  I squeaked out something about "Guests...other room" and he yanked my hair back and told me to say I wanted to fuck him too.  
I did.  It was hot and overwhelming.  And nobody noticed anything.

Later on at night I waited in position.  He came in, came and knelt behind me.  I wanted to be taken right there, but instead he picked up his sword (it is actually a sword) and rubbed it over me. Cold metal, the edge.  When he poked me in the cunt I squeaked a little.

Then he took me to bed and fucked me.  I asked for more hurty things.  I asked for it, and I got it, and then it really got bad. (I mean good, arg, I don't know what I mean. Bad/good).

He was fucking me with my legs up on his shoulders, and said we were going to play a little game.  I had to count 10 swats with the paddle, but if I wiggled enough that he came out of me, we were starting back at 10.  If I succeeded in holding still, I could have an orgasm. 

 The first time- FAIL!  We had to start over. Another 10. The second time I succeeded in holding still.  Some of the swats were on the backs off my thighs.  Some hard ones on my breasts (Jeezus H, hard!). Some were slaps on my face.  

One set done, he was happy to move me up to try 15 swats.  Then 20.  I failed once more, so we had to start over. I think we made one set of 20, but never finished the twenty five.  He flipped me over and fucked me from behind, which was deliciously painful.  I may have whimpered a little, but I didn't cry until the end.

It wasn't the pain that made me cry, it was the way he held me and told me how much he loved me that did me in.   

Here's the results of the spanking game:

Everyone's a winner!

Cont. Saturday night

It's taken me a long time to get around to writing about the rest of Saturday night.   I've been distracted with other things.

At the Exploratorium we also visited the electrical demo people, and mostly Master got shocked. He thinks levels that most people find uncomfortable are pleasant and relaxing, whereas I'm the opposite- I don't like any of it, even the ones they say are "just like a carpet shock".  Well, I freaking hate carpet shocks too.  

So Master got fully electrified and demanded that I kiss him, which  shocked me. 


After going out for dinner and book browsing (we found one Sci Fi porn sort of thing that Master wanted to buy- author Sharon Green),  we headed off to the play party.   I changed into my costume, which was Jeannie again- it's probably going to be my only costume forever.  I like it.

We hung out for a bit and then Master tied me to a rope frame and beat me a whole bunch, really hard.

After a break I got to play with another Dom who we haven't seen in a couple years.  That was also really hard beating and nipple pinching (the worst!), plus there was some play with sharp things. I can still feel a nice big scratch down my back.

Sorry, there's not going to be more details.  

It was a good time, but, heck, it is Friday now and I just don't know anymore.  My brain hurts. I wish I could shut it off somehow.   

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Total Slut Tuesday

I've been trying to come up with a title to replace "Three Hole Thursday" since our day of debauches is now Tuesday. I'm not completely settled on this one here.

Master allowed me to finish my two cups of coffee this morning before calling me back into the kitchen (by FB message!) to suck his cock.  He interspersed a very long worship session with some spankings, fuckings and recording me masturbating.  I wore the butt plug too.   When I was sure enough worn out he took me upstairs and fucked me, cunt and ass both.   

Three hours (!) after that summoning message he finished, every thing was messy, and it was shower time, time for me to wash him and get my hair pissed on.  I'm really liking this day off thing of his again.  

- One totally used slut

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some Ranty Rants

In case some of you non-parent type people were wondering, having kids is at least 50% worry, 40% irritation and 10% heartwarming sweetness.   We try to focus on the 10% to keep sane.  

Smaller kid had a project due today, which I reminded him about Friday, but of course he didn't start it until 4:00pm Sunday when I said he absolutely had to start NOW.   I thought it might take a few hours but be done by dinner.... noooooo.  This is the kid with ADHD.  He took one look at the project and went into full scale crying temper tantrum meltdown.  I told him he could go to his room until he calmed down.  He came back down after a bit and Master helped him on the project while I made dinner.  
Kiddo took a brief break for dinner, and then I took over the helping role so Master could watch the Walking Dead, but at almost 9:00 he was still working on it.   Then he told me he also needed 10 photographs of specific things to go with it.  

That's what I get for not reading over his directions carefully.  I might have sort of kind of gotten extremely crabby and snapped at Master, who HAD read the directions, for not telling me about the photos.  Thank goodness for Facebook.  I took most of them from there, and the rest from photo albums.  

We finally had to send the kid to bed at 10 so he could get enough sleep and Master and I finished up the cutting and pasting, which I swore I'd never do (finish up one of the kids' projects for them).  And yet there we were.   He had at least done the hard part, which was the writing, with much interspersed despairing and complaining.

Then of course I was called on the carpet for being rude to Master. Arg.

This morning I had many, many things on my to do list.  I was feeling over tired, nerved up and twitchy.   There was supposed to be a herding client coming and I got every thing all set for her (brought in sheep from the pasture and sorted them) while feeling extremely sub-droppy, only to have her not show up. Grrr, people.

   Master had told me I could nap, because I was exhausted still this morning, but there just wasn't time. I figured out the time schedule for the day and there were only brief non-nap sized chunks of time available.  I did laundry and swept the house.  I walked two miles. 
 I put the sheep back in their field.  I went to the dry cleaner and grocery store, put groceries away and then it was time to start dinner.

A wind had come up and knocked a tree on the power lines, so just as I was getting things ready to go in the oven the power went out.  I know how to light the burners without power, but wasn't sure about this oven, so I changed the meal plan all around at the last minute.   The power came back unexpectedly fast, but too late for using the oven.   

Anyway, it's 5:30 and I'm longing for my bed and hiding under the covers. Tomorrow is another day, right? 

Things I Learned From Children's Books, A Cynic's Version

1.  If you work hard, you're allowed to be a selfish bitch. (Little Red Hen)

2.  Don't send your kid to bed without supper or he'll leave home.  But if he's really a badass he might become the leader of his own gang. (Where the Wild Things Are)

3.  Don't trust small children if you are a witch, as they are very sneaky.  (Hansel and Gretel)

4. Monkeys are dumb. (Curious George)

5. If your dad ever remarries, shit is about to get fucked up. (pretty much all fairy tales)

6. You can only be happy with someone who is just like you (A Color of his Own).

7.  People die, and sometimes it is forever. But not always. (Harry Potter series). Is this even a children's book?

8.  Lions are good, beautiful women are bad (The Chronicles of Narnia).

9.  Violence solves all your problems (The Billy Goats Gruff).

10. If you keep badgering someone, eventually they will give in (Green Eggs and Ham).  

PS. that last one is dang useful for getting a dog.


From the needles on Saturday.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Yesterday we got to go to the Exploratorium at Satyricon, and then dinner with friends, a little used book shopping and then a play party.   It was a wonderful day, except the part about me not having the name or address of the place we were going and relying on "Oh, I've been there, I will remember once we get close".  It always works fine for me, but regrettably I tend to forget how Master hates it.  I was only off by a couple blocks but wandering around looking for it pissed Master off to no end.  Yeah, I got punished in a weird way.

Mystique was doing the fire demos at the Exploratorium (an educational event where you can try many different things with presenters), so I was quickly nabbed to be the first victim there, to get others brave enough to give it a try.  Master told her to be sure to be extra mean to me.  The fire can be done in a mean or a rather nice way, and Mystique knows all the ways.  There was no Cooter of Death though, because site rules say bikini areas had to be covered. 
I lay there smiling in bliss, but I think I should have screamed more just to give a good show :).

Next Master took me down to the needle area, because I'd been expressing interest in trying that.   I sat down, a bit nervous, and she suggested my arm, to avoid getting my white shirt bloody.  How did they feel?  Well, a lot like needles going through my skin, funny thing that.
  I didn't watch, but followed directions to breathe in and out, and it really was just a little prick and then it didn't hurt anymore.  She waited a bit after each one to see how I was doing.  After a couple needles went in, Master didn't feel so good and left the room, saying I could get as many as I wanted, or stop with what I had.  I asked for a couple more, then figured four was enough.  I was getting some endorphins going, and I wasn't really sure about stopping or keeping going.  We played with them some, wiggling and poking and so on, then I was ready to have them out.  It didn't really hurt anymore, though.   Master was back and when she asked if I wanted them out the mean way or the nice way, he said be mean.  This was my punishment.   The mean way made me see stars.  There was some twisting.

There was a beat down demo group (wrestling) which Master and I had great fun with.  It is pretty comical when I try to do the wrestling holds on him, given our difference in size and strength.   He wrestled me down and spanked me a few times, and I sat on his head, using the gripping thighs of Doom hold!  

I also got half mummified in plastic wrap at another station.  I got all floaty-happy just from the very tight restraint, and then Master punched me some, and I was really extra happy.   Hot inside all that plastic, but happy.   

To Be Continued...



Saturday, October 10, 2015

No Shave November

Master decreed that it starts today for me.  Despite the fact that it is still early October, he wants me working up to a good fuzz by next month.  This means not just the bits, but no shaving ANYWHERE.  I can pluck unruly hairs from my chin, but that is the only fuzz I can remove, until further notice.  

The Trouble

Too dramatic?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Master Is Home

I had one whole day planned, and then it all changed today.

My herding client cancelled and then Master came home mid morning from work not feeling well at all.  I made him some food and tea and now he's gone to bed.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So much punching and soreness for days.  One bruise.  Well, there are two, but the top one is really faint. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Schedule, and Humiliations Galore

Master's schedule at work has changed, which means my schedule changes.  He now has Tuesdays off, which means much more free alone time together than we've had in the past years.  
I'm beyond thrilled!

Today he re-worked my chore schedule to free me up on his day off and move the things I'm required to do to the other days.   

We had to wait until the repairman came and left this morning (we might be buying a new fridge), but then much of the middle part of the day was spent in debauchery.  He watched porn while I pleasured him.  I wore the butt plug.  He caned me while I was on my knees.

  There was a lot of humiliation for me today, starting off with being told if I wanted to be fucked doggy style I was going to have to sound like a dog: bark, whine, howl.  I did it, too.

That was only the beginning.  The next humiliation was hot, but very personal.  The one after that hit me hard directly in old emotions and I cried.  He said terrible things to me.  He made me agree with him and repeat them back to him, even as I cried and protested, as he slapped me for protesting.    These things are good for me.  I'm his slave, I shouldn't protest.  But sometimes the struggle is the point.  

After that he fucked my ass.  It was all incredibly hot.  My butt is still feeling very well fucked.  We got up to shower right away since it wasn't all sparkly clean there (details redacted) and he marked me as I knelt in front of him in the shower.  

I washed him. 

He reassured me that I was all good.  

I know, Master, I do know.  

I love you too.

Out Late

Master had a meeting after work, so he was out late.  I was already in bed asleep when he got home, but I woke up when he came in, and after cuddling up, I asked if I could give his cock a kiss.  

"Just one little kiss" he said, but that turned into him forcing my head down on it, and then fucking me, punching me in the chest and calling me his "Dirty cunt whore" and other lovely things.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mystique and the rest of Saturday Night (long)

We met Tuesday to walk together, and then did our grocery shopping together. 
As we were parting ways, she said,

"I have a new toy to use on you.  You're going to hate it".  

I asked what it was, and she said I'd have to wait and see. 

Sadists, right?

Friday she and I got together again, this time at our house.  We took the dogs for a walk, then picked apples.  I tried guessing what the new toy was.  

A hurty thing?  Yes, for sure, it will hurt.
Will it burn?  No.
Will it pinch? No.
What is it?  You have to wait.  
Arg, the waiting!

Saturday night she brought it out just after I'd already been beaten twice, first by Master with his belt and then by Dr Peter with many of his canes.  The latter wasn't a simple scene, since Master was also doing various things to me the whole time- holding down my wrists or taking a turn on me with some of the canes.  Giving me a breather and then finding more things with which to hit me.  

Here are some of the marks:   

The new implement Mystique got turned out to be a flat, rigid, deadly looking stick. It came from Cane-iac, so I was able to find a picture of it here.

She used it on me, and Dr. Peter hit me with it, and worst of all, Master used it on me (worst because he hit the hardest).  

It was quite stingy, but I still think our misery stick is worse.

After that, Mystique said she could light me on fire.  She'd just gotten a new shipment of flash cotton. 

Master wanted me to have it done on my front side, so I lay back on the table.  He spread my legs and said we must do "Flaming Cooter of Death"!

I was sure to mention that I'd even taken the tweezers to my few remaining cunt hairs after shaving, so I was sure that there was NO hair remaining, at least on the parts that I can see.  I'm not making any claims of perfection for the further back areas.   Didn't matter though.  It's all about the fire anyway.

He held down my thighs as she arranged a large poof of flash cotton over my pussy.   
Click, click, click from the lighter and the wumpf!
It felt like a sharp burning slap but then it was over.

Mystique began arranging more cotton over my stomach.  Someone dropped a hood or cloth over my face so I couldn't see any more.  Master held my wrists.  
The cotton went up in flames and I felt a brief burning heat and then Mystique was quickly toweling out flames that still burned on me.   Evidently they didn't go out quickly enough on their own.  She dripped cold water over me, even more torment.  

And that was only the first half of the evening. 

There was more beating from Master for me and a young lady (B.), during a super hot threeway scene, with us being tied together in a bed and flogged, belted, and the misery stick.    Watching Master fuck her was incredible.  I touched myself, indeed I did.  I even did that instructional fantasy bit that he wanted, that I was so embarrassed about earlier (a few months ago when he first started talking about it).  I first wrote about this fantasy of his here and here, although I was awfully coy, wasn't I?  It was just me showing and telling her what to do, which felt awkward and embarrassing for me. 

 Both of them seemed to love it, and I loved it when Master praised me afterward. 

S. came in later after we were done and had been resting for a few minutes.  She had a taser.  B (who is her girl) immediately said "red" and I hid behind Master.  Nobody got tased.  This time.

Later on Master told me that S. has his permission to do just about anything to me anytime he's not using me, which I did not realize.   Again: property.  I guess I just accept that, then.

I was starting to get my clothes back together when it was time to go and Master informed me otherwise.   I'd been naked except for my boots- the tall sexy ones- the whole party.

 Master told me I could drape my jacket over my shoulders because it was nippy out, but otherwise I wasn't allowed to put on any clothing, not even for the ride home. I walked out to the car naked, thank goodness for the rural location, set my blanket down to protect his seats, rode all the way home with just boots and a half open jacket.  

We got home to one of the least romantic discoveries ever- one of the dogs had made a big mess on the rug.  Seriously, dog!  We have ONE rug downstairs and many non carpeted floors to choose from.   So I'm cleaning that up and Master tells me to make sure I wash my hands well because he still wants to use me again before we go to bed.

 I did, and he did fuck me quickly once more.  Other than the dog mess, it was a thoroughly wonderful night.  



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Little Funny

We were pulling in the driveway last night and I complained about how sore my butt was. 

Master said something like "Awww, you poor thing".

I said "You really feel for me, don't you?"

He said "Only because I'm not exactly sure where you are in the dark".

Ba da bum, Tshhh!

Being Property

Well, we had an excellent, wonderful, amazing night.  I still smell like sex, but not all my own sex fragrances.  Other, foreign tasting sex.  Yum. 

  I have been thinking a lot this morning about how hot I find it being my Master's property. It is a fact, but it's not just a fact, it is also an inspiration driving most of my fantasies.  When that fantasy becomes reality, hits me right in the chest, literally, it gets more exciting that the best fantasy I could come up with on my own.

One of the best ways he smacks me in the face with that property fact is when he lets other people do things to me.  I don't need to be consulted, because I'm property.  They have his consent, that is good enough.  A non person doesn't need to be asked.  Ok, I know I'm a person, but for that moment it ceases to be an important consideration. The fact that he often doesn't ask, just tells me or holds me down for someone that I was trying to avoid, oh, my the hotness of that for me is overwhelming.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015


 Master wore me out last night.  First my mouth, and then when I was starting to think it couldn't take any more use without falling right off (that's never happened, has it?) then the rest of me was well fucked.  My tits were like punching bags.

Ow, ow, ow. 

I have the best Master ever :).

And tonight we're going to a party.  I probably should get a nap, but I'm too excited. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Just a Thursday Night Bliss

I have no bruising on my chest and yet it aches with every movement.  It feels puffy to touch.  But no bruises except for a tiny blue spot.   I was complaining about my lack of visible marks and he says he did it that way precisely on purpose.  So, that's ok then.  It's what he wanted.

Last night I gave him foot rubs and back rubs, then after the youngins were asleep, he let me suck his cock while he watched porn.  He asked if I felt very ignored. 

"Yes, Master," mumbled around his dick.

 I did, but in a purposely disregarded and kinda hot way.   I enjoyed being an instrument for his pleasure.  I wasn't even thinking of my own wants (for a change) but he took me upstairs and tied my hands behind my back with a rope harness which tightened painfully on my sore chest.  That little pain sent me spinning into near subspace territory right there.   

Master pushed me into the bed and fucked me all the ways.   When he was on top of me he punched my chest again, over and over, right in the sore spots from Wednesday night.  I do so love receiving pain from him.   Pleasure and pain, exploding through my body.   I can come just from being punched, even when he doesn't give the command, even when I don't mean to.   I don't get in trouble for these orgasms though.  He enjoys making me come even when I was trying to hold off.  

When he's done with me, my body is ragdoll-loose.  My arms fall completely pliant across the bed as he manipulates my body to remove the ropes.  



Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...