Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One Jumping Jack: The Humiliation

Tuesday, I dressed up for Master before he got home.  We had a whole day with no one home and nothing planned except for being together.  It was a great feeling to have that stretched in front of us.   I put on an old blue button down shirt that Master had given me.  He likes the look of me wearing a man's shirt and nothing else.  I discovered that it had no buttons down to my navel and I remembered he'd ripped them all off last time I wore it and I'd never sewn them back on.   Good times.

I also put on my leather collar and wrist cuffs.  A touch of lipstick, combed my hair and cleaned my undercarriage, and I was all set!   I made some breakfast for him.

When he came in he looked me all up and down hungrily.   I cuddled up close to his chest and took a deep breath, inhaling him.  He cuddled me back then stepped away and ripped the shirt open, sending the last button flying.  Then he sat down to eat.

Afterward he took me upstairs.  He had me get the camera out so he could make a movie of me doing jumping jacks with the nipple clamps on.  First one set went on.  I took a deep breath to prepare for the other which went on below them.  This isn't too bad, right? (ha!)   

"Jumping jacks now?" I asked, a little plaintively.  

"Yup," he said. 

I jiggled up and down just a little bit, wincing.

"Come on, jump, jump!" he encouraged. 

I did one very small jumping jack and cried.  

He took the clamps off.  I moaned some more.

Then he got out some ropes and tied my hands and arms in front of me as I took some deep breaths.  I realized he hadn't even picked up the camera yet.

"You didn't get a video of my jumping jack.  I could do it again." I don't know where my mind goes at times.  I didn't want to fail, that was the thing.

"Nope, we are moving on now to something else", he said.  My one little jumping jack with nipple clamps was just too pathetic for movies.  The humiliation!  I know I could do more if I got another chance.   Well, maybe.  That really hurt like fucking ouch!

Instead of more painful jumping, I got tied and fucked and flogged.  He put me face down over the chaise longue and fucked me until my knees were so weak I could barely stand up.  He fucked me doggy style on the floor until he came.  

He told me to get in bed, and I lay face down as he got the music set up.   John Denver?  
He started caning me and singing along, one song after another.   He began with the really heavy, thuddy cane.  Then the lighter, springier one.   My butt is still quite sore.   When he was done I found out he'd made a video of part of it, which was absolutely hilarious.  He's singing "Country Roads" but making the lyrics all dirty.  I'm lying there with my tied hands covering my face shaking with laughter as he's leaving red welts all over my backside.   With all the laughter and floating around in subspace it was just the most beautiful thing. 


Monday, April 24, 2017

TMI Tuesday

Does your workplace have a “casual Friday” or a day when you can dress down or out of uniform?

Since I stay at home, every day is casual day for me.

2. Has the growth of social media and unabashed sharing of personal info on social media made you MORE or LESS cautious about your privacy?

It has made me a bit more cautious about sharing details, especially when mixing kink and vanilla worlds can happen.

3. Is gay marriage legal where you live?

Yes! Hurray!

4. Is smoking marijuana legal where you live? Under what circumstances?

No, not under any circumstances.  It is still popular here though.  We don't risk Master's DEA license by using illegal drugs.

5. Give us a hashtag that best describes your weekend. Hashtag must be 15 letters or less.


I'm not explaining.

Bonus:  Have you ever stalked a celebrity? Who?

Oh, just a little.  I wouldn't really call it stalking.  I happened to see a local famous author, Patrick Rothfuss, eating dinner at a restaurant one night.  I recognized him because at the time I was reading his blog.  I asked Master if I could go over and ask him to sign "a body part" and he said no, let the man eat in peace.  So I didn't talk to him, but I did look over there a few times and "squee" silently in my head.  

My other celebrity I follow (also in a very non stalkerish way!) is Dr. Patricia McConnell.  I took her class back in college, went to her dog training classes and was religious about listening to her radio show until it ended (boo!).  
I also went to her book signing just a week ago and she signed my copy of her new book.   She didn't remember me.  The highlight of my celebrity experience was once (20 years ago) she invited me to come out to her farm, see her house, meet her dogs and watch them herd sheep. It was quite a thrill. 

TMI Tuesday Blog for more fun answers.

Fun Day!

Master opened up the new box of clamps.  I was standing naked in the middle of the room in a mixture of fear and excited anticipation. I have so much of a love/hate relationship with nipple clamps.

He reached for my nipple to put one set on.  Right before it touched me I gasped (prematurely).   Then the other set went on right below the first.  He told me to be glad he didn't put them in the freezer first.  I whimpered a little bit.

He played with them some, took pictures, turning me this way and that, and then he had me lie on the floor.  Master took one clamp off of each breast and fastened them down lower:

 He had me stand up and lie down again, which was agony.  He took the clamps off my nipples and made me hold the two free ends apart like so:

When I tried to lessen the tension he told me "wider, pull more" and I did, reluctantly.  He finger fucked me as I did this, making me come and squirt. So fucking good.

He had me stand up again; the clamps had gotten tighter and tighter until I was almost crying.  When he took them off my lower lips I doubled over, gasping out "Oh, fuck!"

He had his laptop in bed already, and he soon had me between his legs, pleasuring his cock as he watched porn.   He took me and fucked me, making me come in all different positions.  When he had also climaxed, he told me to lie on my stomach, because he wasn't done with me yet.  

He tied my hands to the headboard.
Then the caning began.  It was quite possibly the most erotic thing ever.  In a little while he put on some Bowie's music and I was humping the blankets as he beat on me.  I think I had three or four more orgasms and my butt was bright red and smarting after much more beating. 

After that we took a shower together.  He had me bend over in front of him and his cock nudged up against my pussy.  He began to piss on me, in me, and then I thought that maybe THIS is the most erotic feeling ever, his warm stream flowing over my hole.  He turned me around mid stream, had me kneel and he covered my front in his piss too.  Then Master pulled my mouth onto his cock for the last few bitter drops.  I think he was just as turned on by this as I was, and he began jacking himself.  I turned around and bent over accommodatingly, silently begging, really.  He took me.  He fucked me for a short time that way, bent over under the stream of the shower, then he put me on my knees again.   He came in my mouth.

 I washed him all over.  As he was getting out of the shower he said "I'm getting out so you can finish yourself off." 

I leered and touched myself, saying "Oh yeah?" 

"Come!" he said.  I did, too.  


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Yes, I'm an addict.  Caffeine is my dark mistress.   
I ran out of the regular coffee yesterday, because I thought I still had some in the back of the freezer and it turned out to be de-caf (why I have that, I have no idea, probably an accidental purchase). 

I drank my de-cafe/fake coffee and tried to get on with my day. I should have had some tea but I thought I could get by without.  I couldn't even masturbate properly because all my fantasies turned into thinking about sleep.  I hurt my pussy keeping the vibrator on it for too long.  Then I lay in a sunny spot on the floor and tried to think how I was going to get dressed without standing up.  

That didn't work. 

I did some gardening, moved the sheep to new places in the yard where they could get some new grass.  Ben was my helper dog.  He did a perfect 30 minute down-stay while I worked in the garden and watched the sheep at the same time.  I need the dog out there with me in case the sheep start to wander toward any of my bushes, flowers or small tree areas, because they love to eat that stuff.

Finally in the afternoon I went to the store and picked up some coffee, came home and made myself 3 cups.  Then I had energy to bake cheesecakes for Trivia, take the dogs for a walk, do some training on sheep with Tessa, make dinner and finish up some chores.   

I headed out to Trivia before Master got home, leaving dinner for him, because he said he didn't want to go.  

To my surprise and happiness, one friend had gotten everyone a gift bag full of little presents to celebrate the team's 25th anniversary!  Can you believe they have been doing it that long?   The contest itself is on the 48th year.     

In the gift bag was a blindfold, a tiara and some Mardi gras beads, among other things.  I wore all of them all night, though the blindfold was pushed up on top my head so I could see.   It was a really fun and silly time and my mood was completely back to happy normal by the end.  

When I got home it was late but Master was still awake in bed.  He was waiting for me.  What an ending to the day! 


Friday, April 21, 2017


I'm having a morning of feeling empty, lonely, disconnected.  Hating everyone and everything.  I read a blog about someone else's struggles with being on a diet. Of having to be perpetually on a diet.  Worrying about Unicorn frappacinos and what it means for the country.   I felt slightly better.  Yes, that's relatable! Dieting sucks.  Also gaining weight does too.  Which sucks more?  Eh.

Swept the floor.  Feeling slightly better after that.  I still hate everything but at least the floor is clean.  And I have to make cheesecake today.   But I don't have to eat all the cheesecake!  It's for Trivia, which I am also feeling ambivalent about instead of excited.  I think I need some sunshine.  I should get out in the garden but that just seems like a lot of work.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I ordered Master a present and it arrived yesterday. I put it on his pillow under the blankets so he'd find it when he came to bed.  

After someone (Tori!) had made a comment on my picture about needing more clamps for my other side to by symmetrical when wearing the clamp from nipple to labia, he thought that sounded like a great idea.  Clover clamps are cheap, so I ordered another set for him.

I think he was happy about it, but last night he set the clamps aside for later.  I was lying on my side in bed and he was sitting at my head.   I was just gazing up at him, until he said "What, you need an engraved invitation?  Start sucking."  Then as I did so, he proceeded to "engrave" along my ticklish side with his finger, "To... whom... it ... may...concern".  I fought off my laughter to try to continue pleasuring him.  I lost it when his finger dug in just above my hipbone for the colon.  Not my colon.  Then colon on his engraved invitation to suck his cock! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Growing Up, But Not TOO Much

Our oldest kid is at the age when we start to wonder if he's going to want to do Easter egg hunts or not.  He just got his Driver's permit, after all! I took him out driving on Friday and Master did yesterday.  It's a bit frightening to think about. 

 In my opinion, you can never be too old for hunting eggs, and I only stopped because when you leave home and get married the Easter bunny doesn't come any more.  Kind of like Santa, that bastard.  

Then I had the somewhat zen realization that for the Easter bunny to exist you must become the Easter bunny yourself.    

Master thought he might be too old, though, so I asked the kid if he still wanted to do egg hunts and he said "Yeah, of course!"   


I got up at 5am to hide the eggs, mostly because a headache woke me up.  Then at 6 the smaller kid was bouncing around asking if he could wake up his brother.  I made him wait a whole half an hour. 


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Current Project: Translation

My current project for my Master is translating a naughty French novel of 1748.  I bought a cheap paperback online without realizing it was in French.  I couldn't find an English one for anything like an affordable price, so I'm translating, page by page.

Here is a sample:

No, please my dear Abbot, replied Madame C. it will be nothing, I swear: all that you have said cannot calm my fears; and I have given you a pleasure that I could not taste, this isn't right.  So let me do it.  I will put this small bugger...
Well! She continued, "Are you satisfied with my breasts and thighs?  Have you fucked enough, have you had enough excitement?  Why do you pull my cuffs above my elbow?  Sir likes to see the movements of my naked arm?  Do I do well? You haven't said a word! Ah! Naughty! He has pleasures!"

There was a moment of silence.  Then all of a sudden I heard the Abbot who cried out:
"My dear mother, I cannot take it anymore, a little faster, give me your little tongue, I pray you: ah! There!"

Judge, my dear Count, the state I was in during this edifying conversation.  I tried twenty times to get up, to try to find some opening through which I could see them, but the sounds of the leaves always held me back.

This is Therese Philosophe by Boyer D'Argens.  It is quite an anti-clerical book as well as erotica.  I use google translate a lot to help me when my French is lacking.   My favorite, of course, is the spanking scene.  I know there is at least one in there, though I haven't gotten to it yet, because of its inclusion in my book of erotica as an excerpt. 

Friday, April 14, 2017


I find I am forgetting things.  Things like how hard it was to be a submissive and a slave at the beginning.

I read a popular post on Fetlife by a submissive who had committed to seven days of submission and how she struggled to get up and get her Dom's coffee some mornings.  I admit I was scoffing when I brought it up to my Master.  

He brought me down to humility again when reminded me that I struggled to do the simplest things at times in the beginning too.  The first steps can be the hardest.  I should not forget that. 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lipstick, Canes and More

Tuesday I needed to pick Master up at the oil change car shop after dropping the youngest at school.  I only had one thing (as much as possible while doing 100 mundane things to get ready) on my mind, which was Master. 

I put on some whore-red 16 hour kiss proof lipstick, heavy eye make up to balance it, my most padded bra and tight shirt, along with a skirt and boots.  

On one hand I was hoping with wouldn't make it all the way home without some sexy action, but on the other I kind of wanted breakfast at Perkins.  As if he were a mind reader, when I picked him up he suggested breakfast at Perkins before I even said anything.   I felt like quite the slut suggestively eating my hash browns and sausages among the old (er) people that make up the weekday breakfast crowd.   Our waitress was young, with nose piercings and interesting hair, and noticed nothing amiss. 

After we ate Master directed me to drive to the woods nearby where we could pick up some Pokemon.  It was a dreary, cold, nearly raining day so no one else was out.  Once we were into the forest he played the game and directed me to fondle his cock through his pants.   I wanted him/it so bad I was nearly sizzling.  He pretended to be barely interested in me or what I was doing, although the occasional moan and the hard cock I held told me otherwise.

We went to yet another park, this one with no private spaces for getting frisky, before heading back home.

He immediately ordered me to go get undressed and put in the butt plug.  He had me bring him the paddle and get on my knees.  He alternated the sucking with a little fucking and paddling until he was ready to go upstairs.  Pushing me to my knees, he got behind me and teased my lips apart.  He entered me with a hard thrust and I pushed back into him, desperately wanton.  Soon he ordered me to stand and face the dresser.   I felt the soft floggers against my back and began to relax into it.   He switched up to the stingy set of floggers and my cunt began to drip traces down my leg.   Master set the floggers aside and brought out an assortment of canes.  The heavy red one was first. 

The middle two felt the same to me, although Master says one of them is more fun in his hand, the feel of it is nicer for him.  Then last was the misery stick.  I'm rarely prepared for that sting.

He had me in bed then, slapping my breasts (as you can see in the picture the other day where they were still all red) and making me come until we were both exhausted.  He asked where I wanted him to come and after some hesitation and hemming and hawing (not allowed) I admitted I was hoping for my ass to be fucked.   He did not do this, he just wanted to hear me say it; instead he finished in my cunt as he wished.   I think we kind of passed out for a bit then; I still had the butt plug in.  

Oh, and the 16 hour kiss proof lipstick did not survive.  :)   


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Random Discussion

As we were driving in the car yesterday:

Me:  I don't think I want to be evil.

Him:  Small and cute makes the best evil, though.

I think we were talking about Pokemon.  He identifies with Team Rocket.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The bruises on my arm are from Sunday.  The red marks are from today.

TMI Tuesday: This or That?

1 – Lights on or off?

Lights on, unless I'm trying to sleep.

  2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?

Both, either, yes!  The teasing needs to have some pain and bondage for maximum fun.

  3 – Giver or receiver?

Both!  I live giving pleasure, I like receiving pleasure and pain.

  4 – Background noise or no?

Doesn't matter, I will tune it all out anyway and focus on what's important.  Sometimes while playing in a dungeon with a loud driving beat in the music I will dance along to the music, that's fun.

  5 – Top or bottom?

Only bottom, for S/M play.   I like to ride on top for sex too though as long as I don't have to be in charge.

  6 – Private or public?

Heh, both!  I have a bit of exhibitionist in me, but also get shy and embarrassed easily, but also have a severe humiliation fetish, so that all works out well for me to turn me on.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both.

I don't have a single best sexual encounter. I have a ton of best sexual encounters and I expect to have many more in the future.  I was talking to Master about this question when we went out for breakfast this morning, and one time I particularly remember as especially hot was described in full HERE

Another one was up at Scott and Kaya's a while back:

And yet another time that was particularly good was HERE.

There are many more besides those.

I also don't have a worst time ever.  Possibly some time when I was super horny and ready for a long fucking/beating and Master just wanted to finish quickly inside me and go to sleep.  Those are frustrating.

TMI Tuesday Blog

Monday, April 10, 2017

Willing Victim

Sunday morning Master ordered me to follow him upstairs.  He laid me down on the bed and stuck some fingers in my cunt.  It was already wet with the expectation.  He knelt at my head and I sucked him hard.  It felt so good to wrap my mouth around him, and I was getting everything all soaked from the heavy finger-fucking he was giving me. 

Then he took me and after a minute of fucking I gave him a wicked glance.  

"What's up?" he asked.

"I'm thinking about trying to escape," I said, asking permission indirectly for that sort of play.

He said "Go ahead and try," and so it was on. 

I tried to push him off, but I'm just not strong enough. I tried to wiggle away, but he somehow got a nipple and a wrist in each of his hands so that any wiggling I did was agony on my nipples.  I lay still and accepted the continued fucking I was getting until he changed grips.  Then I began my struggle once more.  He slapped me and held me down and twisted and pulled my arms until I lay still.   Then he stopped and pulled out. 

"Ready for the next game?" 

"I guess? What's that?"  

"Now I'm going to rape you and you have to try to stop me," he said.

I struggled and wiggled and tried to bite him, but he avoided my teeth, slapped me some more and got my legs open anyway, despite my best efforts to get away.

When I had given up and gone limp he flipped me over and fucked me from behind until he came.  

I felt totally relaxed and really beat (defeated and exhausted) after that.  I love it.  

I was admiring the bruises left on my upper arms later.  Nice, huh?  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Oh, To Be In Bed

It's after 6 and Master isn't home yet.  Given what happened yesterday, I'm seriously considering going up to bed right now.  

But that probably wouldn't happen again, would it?

Yesterday I made dinner and then spilled a cup of water all over my pants while trying to make tea.  I went upstairs to change, got all comfy in my bathrobe, then noticed my book, the bed... one thing led to another and I fell asleep reading there.

I woke to Master coming in and asking if I was ok.  

"Yes, I just fell asleep, should I come down and keep you company?"

He said yes, but at the same time he was pulling back the covers and eying my panties.

With a Look of disappointment.

"You're wearing panties."

I didn't say anything, and before I could begin to remove them he reached down with both hands and ripped them in half!  The waistband held tight, so he fetched a knife and finished that off.  Then he began tracing and scratching my nether bits with it.  

"All right, time to get up now.  I'm going down stairs", he said.

When I followed him he looked at me with mock-disapproval and said "For shame, you're not wearing any underwear!"  I laughed and put the shredded polka dot undergarment on my head.  

"Yes, I am!" 

He took it from me and stuffed it in my mouth. 

"There, you are wearing them right."

It was then that he gave up the idea (or pretense) of going back down stairs and simply bent me over and fucked me. 

Eventually he asked if I wanted to use my vibrator at the same time.

"Whatever you want, Master", I answered.

"I'm giving you a choice", he said.

I said I would, then he asked if I wanted to make it more interesting.  With great misgivings, I said yes.

"Get the nipple clamps and the vibrator, then, slavegirl."

He put them on me and I rode on top with great grimacings of pain.  Those things are so bad! Or my nipples are just that tender.
I had many orgasms anyway.   So, it really is a good/bad sort of pain.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Analingus: KOTW

I enjoy the feel of a tongue on my asshole.  It has happened a few times, mainly in the early days of our relationship. Back then I would worry for about three seconds about the "dirtiness" of the act, but then the pleasure takes over and I forget about all that and just enjoy it.  I think Master has lost interest rimming though, which is all right, I would never want him to do it for me unless he actually liked it.   If he doesn't, then that is that.

He never forced me to do it to him, although once I asked him if I could because I thought he might like it.  We were in the shower, and first I soaped and rinsed his ass really well.  Then I knelt behind him and licked him right on the hole.  I think he liked it ok, but since then he's never had me do it again.  I think perhaps the possibility of germs bothers him more than what he got out of it.  


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Caning Banter

Master was saying how much he loved the new cane, and how it "Doesn't even hurt, really."

I turned my head toward him so as not to be muffled by the pillow and quipped "It doesn't hurt YOU at all."

Oh really?  I said that?  Derp.

"I guess that little comment means we need to hurt you a bit more", he quipped back, and he set the new cane aside in favor of the misery stick.

I Heart Tuesdays

Breakfast made for Master
His nap is done
Cock sucking
Beating with the paddle
Bent over the table fucking
On the floor again
Nipple clamps
On my knees in front of him
Flogging my breasts
Taking my mouth
On hands and knees, fucking
Fucking, coming on my ass
Caning ladder to 25 rungs and back down again 
Knife scratching again the cane welts.
Pressing into my cunt.
don't make any sudden moves
or you may get cut.

Monday, April 3, 2017

TMI Tuesday: What is

 Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.

1. Sex is _____ .

Sex is many things.  It can be a bonding experience for lovers.  It can be fun.  It can be crazy hot.  It can be painful or sweet. It can be anonymous or deeply personal or scary.

2. Love is _____ .

Love is the best thing in the world.  Love is cuddling up to my Master's chest after a hard day.  It is the scent of a baby's head as you kiss them.  Love is your dogs' eyes shining up at you when they ask for petting.  

3. Money is _____ .

Well, now we get to the non- romance!  Money is necessary for a lot of things: food, housing, electricity, medical care.  Extra money is nice for the fun things like vacations.

4. Power is _____ .

Power is something I don't want in my relationship.  It is something I am happy to give up to my Master in exchange for his dominance and leadership.

5. Life is _____ .

Life is nasty, brutish and short.   Life is a weird thing to me.  How do we know we are alive and the table isn't?  The table (wood) used to be alive.  There is no going back from non life to life.  A one way trip. Why?

Bonus: Food is _____ .

Food is best made with love.  And chocolate.  Love and chocolate.

See more here:
TMI Tuesday Blog 

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Yesterday we had a birthday party for our youngest, who is turning 12.   I made this cake on Friday, but left most of the preparations for Saturday morning, so I had a really long list of things to do.

We were taking the kids (5) to play laser tag, so I had to clean out my van.  It was kind of a disaster since I mostly haul around dogs in it.  It didn't have a lot of trash, but of fur and rocks, sand and grit, there was plenty.   There were sheep to feed, the yard to clean up, shower, finish frosting and decorating the cake, and of course make breakfast and lunch and wash dishes.

It was about mid-morning, with only the making breakfast and writing a blog accomplished so far, when I started listing out the things I needed to do on my fingers to Master.  At the end he added "And give a blowjob". 

I smiled and held up one last finger, "Give a blowjob". As soon as I finished the dishes he had me upstairs between his legs as he looked at magazines and pretended I was one of the hot little models in them.   Eventually it turned into fucking and orgasms for everyone, then I had to get up and shower.

Cleaning the car took me a full hour, but the rest of the tasks were pretty quick and I was done 10 minutes before kids arrived.

The laser tag place is over an hour away, but the kids seemed to have a good time punching each other or something in the back of the van (Four 12 year old boys!).

I thought the laser tag was great!  I had such fun.  Master played too, and he tried to explain the rules to me, but it was really complicated and I ended up not really figuring out all the modes until the last few games.  So, I didn't win or anything, but it didn't matter, I had a GREAT time.  Our older son was one of the top scorers not just in our group but for the whole day.  He's done it before with his friends.  

After that we took everyone to Huhots Mongolian BBQ, which everyone loved, although it was so crowded the lines were really out of control.  

Then the ride home.  After a while they got kind of bored of teasing each other and began singing the song from Frozen as a group.  This was pretty funny.  Then Master really impressed them by singing for them and knowing all the words to Weird Al's Star Wars parody of American Pie.   If you want to see how long it is, here's a link:
By the end they were all joining in on the chorus.  

It was a very successful, if tiring, day, I thought.  


Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last night I waited on the floor for Master to come upstairs, as usual, and when he came in and told me to hop in bed I did this, quickly pulling the covers up to my chin as there had been no indication from him that he wanted sex.  

He approached the bed, looming a bit, then jerked the covers down and asked me if I thought we were going to sleep now. 

"I don't know." I peeped out.  

He began by nibbling my thighs and the spot above my pussy.  He bit me there and I jumped and squeaked.

"Did I bite you too hard?" he asked. 


"Suffer, bitch,"  he told me.

He resumed what he was doing, and when he got to the really ticklish spot at the joint of my leg I couldn't take it anymore and pushed his head away.

He stopped and fetched a strap.  "I know how to take some of the wiggle out of this tart," he told me, and tied my hands to the bed above my head.

Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...