Thursday, December 31, 2015

Being a Slave

This post was inspired by Tara's very interesting blog post here: Thoughts on slavery

My Master defines how my slavery will be.  That is what it is at the most basic level.  How I want things to go, how I want things to be, most of the time just doesn't matter.  Sure, I can give opinions and make suggestions, which he may or may not take into consideration, but how I am a slave, the things that I do as a slave and the ways that he treats me, that is all up to my Master.   He makes me and forms me to suit him, within the limits of my own personality.

 We interact differently now than when we were vanilla partners, when we were just husband and wife.  It is all very different for us with a power exchange in place, and it is much more satisfying and fulfilling for both of us.

It is not just about washing the dishes or housework or sex, although sometimes it is about the dishes.  Sometimes it is about sex, and a lot of the time it is about me kneeling at his feet sucking his cock while he watches porn and ignores me.  No one tells you these things about being a slave (except Kaya and her under-the-desk adventures) and maybe she and I are the only ones.  

But probably not. 

 It is about obedience, compulsion, being pleasing (for me), giving orders rather than requests, controlling rather than convincing (for him).  It is about not saying no, about never refusing (for me).   It is about being my Master, owning me, not letting me get away with doing those things or being overly sassy, about forcefulness, but also about kindness and understanding, mercy even; for him it is about getting into my head, demanding access to my thoughts and feelings so he can give me what I need to be a better slave, and so he can control me better. 


The house is never spotless.  It is as clean as he demands, which is regularly cleaned but not obsessively cleaned.  I have a schedule that he gave me for various chores.  If he demanded cleaner, I would work on getting it cleaner. If he said all the dogs had to live outside so we wouldn't have fuzzballs all over, then that is what would happen.  If he banned clutter, then I'd probably die. (No, actually I'd figure out ways to get rid of clutter).    But I'm not and never have been an obsessive house cleaner.  I'd rather have dogs at my feet than no fluff.  If he's not complaining, then I'm ok with it.  For the record, I clean the house every day, but the dogs/kids make messes faster than I clean.  I can't imagine ever having baseboards clean enough to lick. Nor can I imagine any universe in which he'd see that they were dirty and make me lick them.  I do wash the baseboards, but not all that often, every other week probably, or if I notice they are dusty.


Rarely fancy, but they are regular.  I am almost always the cook, and I usually cook from scratch.  I am required to have a salad ready for him every night, but most of the rest is up to me to decide.  I know his likes and dislikes pretty well.  I do not love to cook but I do love to eat.

I make breakfast for him unless he slips out of bed without waking me.  Maybe one day a week he makes his own oatmeal.  I enjoy serving him this way, even when I'm still groggy and stumbling about.  This morning I made sausage and fried potatoes with cheese and Tabasco for him.

I also get his lunch ready to take to work, or if he's home I make lunch.

Tea is very important. I almost always serve it to him, and the exact ways are prescribed. 

And I don't get to fuss or pout about ANY of it if he does these things for himself.  He's the Master, he decides. 


I write mostly about sex and BDSM here so you all pretty much know how that happens.   It is always his way and about him, but one of his big enjoyments is seeing me in the throes of pleasure.  That right there is a power trip for manliness.  I call this a win/win situation.   

Orgasm control/orgasm on command is one of his favorite things to do to me.

He likes using all three of my holes.  The frequency of use is completely up to him, but it is generally 1. mouth 2. cunt 3. ass.

I think maintenance beatings and casual humiliations are a huge help in keeping me a happily willing slave rather than a sad and angsty one.  However, they are not necessary.  A very smart friend once told me "M/s and S/M are not the same thing, never confuse them." 

 I have found this to be so very true and helpful.   Still, there is something about pain that settles my mind when it comes from Master.  He can always tell when I'm getting that squirrelly/angsty "I need a beating" look around the edges but it is still up to him if he feels like doing it or not.  Often he does, or he feels like beating me even if I don't have that look. 

We are not monogamous.  I have no say over what he does with others, although he does tend to keep me informed on everything because he thinks it is better that way.  He also has all the say over what I do with other people.  So if he says "Do that with that person" and that person is willing, then I do it.   Sometimes he takes my feelings into account but not always.   


This is not his thing for the most part, although I guess it depends on what you compare us to.  Normally, I pee when I want. I go out of the house on errands without texting him (actually I can't text him because he doesn't carry a phone).   I do ask before going to bed, though, and before buying anything significantly costly.  I am definitely not allowed to bring any new animals home. I have to ask before masturbating if he is home.  If he's not home I get one freebie, but then I'd have to ask for more.  I rarely ask.  For some reason embarrassment still prevents me unless I'm getting desperate. 

My preference is always for more control, more management, rather than less, but as I said in the beginning, it is not about me, it is about what he wants.  


I love these, and get very attached to them.  My Master is careful not to make so many that they get annoying or cumbersome for him.  Streamlined and simple is his preference.

Right now we have the before bed kneeling and waiting for him to get there ritual, and then in bed usually right before sleep, we have a quick ritualized discussion of whether I got all my shit done for the day.  

Usually the answer is yes, but if not then I might get a punishment.  Again, his decision.  I have the hardest time still with not receiving a punishment when I thought I deserved one, or with only receiving a light one.  I think I ought to be accepting of whatever he does, but this is very hard for me to get my head around.   It frequently leads to internal wrestling on my part.  If he asks me if I need a punishment, then my head practically explodes. I hate that.  But then I go back to "It's really not about me."  

That quick discussion is also the time when I'm supposed to bring up anything he has done that made it harder for me to be his good slave, any constructive criticisms I might have.  I can't even remember the last time I had anything to say on that.  It was a while ago.   

Recently he began leashing me to the bed at night.  I'm not sure if that counts as a ritual or not.  Maybe if one does it enough it becomes ritual?  


I have to tell him how I'm feeling, even if I'd rather keep it to myself.  This doesn't mean whining or complaining though; there is a line there that I understand from experience.   That doesn't mean I'm always successful either way.  Sometimes I clam up.  Other times I am annoyingly whiny.  Slaves are human, what can I say?

Nope.  None.  I don't have it or need it.  I am owned, all of me. 


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Home Again! Possibly going to Hell.

The last two Christmases we were not able to go visit our family, and the one before that we did make the drive, but ended up all getting sick and having a terrible trip.

It is a 9 hour drive to my parents' farm, and then another 2.5 hours to Master's Dad's house.  We took all the dogs (7 of them) with us.  I worried insanely about this for weeks, but it worked out ok.  It was cramped in the car, but we all survived.  

A few days before we left, one of the girl dogs came into heat.  Did I mention that I also have 4 intact males?  So, that was a complication, but that's what dog crates are for. 

This time, we were barely sick at all (except Master ate a few things that didn't agree with him and I had one morning of nausea which was probably due to nerves- it was the day we were heading home).

It was really nice and homey to see family this time of year, in spite of the difficulties of getting there.  We hiked in the woods, played board and card games, went to see the new Star Wars, and of course ate, and ate, and ate.   

There was basically nothing remotely kinky going on the whole time, except for Sunday morning when everyone else went to church and Master and I didn't.  We had a quickie in the shower, which left me super horny and frustrated, and then he beat me with the few toys we had packed, which got rid of all my frustrations and replaced them with a sore ass and a peaceful mind. 

 No, we don't believe in Hell, but if we did I'd say we're going there.  

Most of the little rituals we do at home we were unable to do on vacation, or if not unable, it just didn't seem to work out that we did them.  After a few days I started to miss that.   It's good to be back home and have things like kneeling before bedtime for ritual again.  

I was very happy to be in our own bed again last night, all leashed up.  

I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How To Be Super Sexy, by me

Me:  I feel weak.

Master: You know what would make you feel better?

Me: A donut?

Master:  No. Clipping my toenails.

A few minutes later, pedicure accomplished, I lowered my head to kiss his feet, as one does.  I did not consider the trash can I'd been using for the clippings.  The trash can that was sitting right there with half a broken plastic coat hanger sticking out of it at an angle.  When I lowered my head my hair brushed up against the hanger, and using its amazing powers of tangle, my hair hung on to it with a death grip.

Master looked down at me.

I looked up at him as the broken coat hanger dangled off the side of my head like festively deranged antlers on Bride of Frankenstein.  

He laughed; I laughed.

Yup, that is how it's done.  All the sexy here. 

Week off!

My Master has the week off.   Yay for vacation!

My knees are weak, my arms are shaky, my ass is sore, and my lips and jaw are aching.  Yeah, it has been a good couple days. 

Yesterday we had a ton of errands to do, including getting to the Rudolph Cheese Factory a little after 9 am.  The place was absolutely packed.  Parking lot full, throngs of eager cheese buyers lining the few aisles.  Pretty much all they sell is cheese, other than a few sausages.  If I ever have doubted that I live in the land of cheese, I didn't yesterday.  The people were out for all their holiday related cheese needs.  I really wanted to do some Monty Python jokes, but it didn't fit because there was cheese of every kind, enough for everyone.  We got a bunch, including some fresh out of the vat cheese curds which were still warm and squeaky.  I ate some on the way home.  They are so good with that mouth watering texture!  If you are not from around here you probably don't know what you're missing. 

We also went out to lunch at a noodle place, and brought home some bao (steamed buns) for later.

It was a very nice day, wrapped up right at the end (before the kids got home) with some time for us to play.

He told me to go get my buttplug in, and then I sucked his cock and he paddled me. He sent me back for the misery stick.  Sometimes the sucking and beating was simultaneous, and sometimes he'd have me stand and bend over to whale on me a bit more.  He tied a tight chest harness on me, making my tits squished and popped out for extra sensitivity.

When he took me upstairs he used the belt on me, then fucked hard doggy style on the floor.  It was awesome and painful with the buttplug in.
Master let me come multiple times as I rode on top of him and used the vibrator.  He had me take out the plug, roll over and present my ass for his plundering.  I'd had a dream about that the night before, but this was much better. 

And still later than night was when he wanted the blowjob. 

Today, again, another knee trembler.  

He had me use the butt plug, and suck his cock for a very long time.  He ordered me to lie on the floor and play with myself while he kicked me or stuck toes against my cunt for me to rub on.  

I had, I don't know, half a dozen hard orgasms before he took me upstairs to flog me.  After the flogging, he turned me to face him and snapped the belt at me. I have marks now on my inner thigh and mound from that belt.  He put me over his knee and beat me with it the regular doubled over way.  I was so high by then, pretty deep in subspace, it all felt great.

I don't know what else he did, but there was sucking and fucking and beating for hours all together.

I was completely starved afterward.  


KOTW: Come Slut

At bedtime Master wanted a blowjob.  He was seated at the computer, watching porn, all but ignoring my efforts, seemingly ignoring me, anyway.  The way his cock responded I know I was making him happy.  This is what I am, just his hole in that moment.  A thing for pleasing him.  Being useful.

When he came he was standing and thrusting into my mouth as I knelt on the floor, and so deep down my throat I coughed involuntarily. His semen didn't all go smoothly down like usual, but went all over everywhere- trickling down his balls, down my chest, all over my face. I licked up the part of the mess that was all over him.   

The best part of all came when he looked down at me, stroked my hair and told me I was a good slave. 

The Kink Of The Week is come, or semen.   Part of the appeal for me is the dirty, messy and humiliating feelings. Being a disgusting come slut, having men come all over me is a favorite fantasy, bukkake, which I have never experienced due to safe sex concerns.  

But it is also like the frosting on a doughnut, although not quite as tasty (wouldn't that be great if it was? I would be a come-monster for sure then).  

My Master sometimes comes on me as I lie on the floor and that never fails to be hot, especially when his foot is on my neck.  I have a thing for subjugation. 

I enjoy the feeling of his come trickling out of my cunt, down my thigh.  Waking up with that feeling of having been used the night before, when I can still feel his come in my vagina, it reminds me of what I am.  Feeling it in my ass, as it was yesterday, is quite delightful as a sensation.  

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rapey Goodness (again!)

Master had softened me up with the bamboo back scratchers first.   He beat me in time with all his favorite Christmas songs.   He slapped my breasts so hard I felt a little sick. 

Back scratchers, aka butt drumsticks

He flipped me on to my back and snapped the leash to my collar.

"You have no choice.  Tell me you don't want this. Tell me 'no'. Tell me I can't take you."

I said the things he told me to say, and also tried to push him away with my hands and hold my legs tight together.

He took my wrists and wrapped them in the leash.   I begged him "No, please, no, don't fuck me now, Master".  I'm sure I was really convincing (rolls eyes).  

"I own your cunt.  I'm going to use it, you whore. You are mine."

He plunged into me.  I was on the edge of coming, but holding off and waiting for his command.

"Beg me not to rape you."

I did.  

"Come now, cunt!"


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday Night

After I wrote my blog yesterday when I was feeling good, Friday was kind of a tough day for me.  I got to feeling blue, and worrying about everything and nothing.  When Master got home I didn't get off the couch to greet him or to serve him or make his salad.   Finally I dragged myself into the kitchen to make his tea.  I started to feel better when he pushed me up against the counter by my throat and said I needed a beating for sure.  

He always knows how to cheer me up.

At bedtime I got a little spanking over his lap, and a flogging, then he switched to the misery stick.  And the evil back scratchers which hurt like the devil. I could barely stand that.  It seemed especially painful last night.  I'm not sure if that was my emotions, or how hard he was hitting with it, or if it always just really hurts.  Probably the latter, as it didn't get to be called a misery stick by being full of fun and happiness.

When he switched to his belt it was a relief.  I relaxed into the painful stings it left.  Then he put me face down on the bed for more of the painful stick, a wooden spoon and the paddle. He attached the leash to my collar, and fucked me and let me come, which was a great relief.   

Afterward we talked (even though I didn't want to) about all my various worries of the day.  He reassured me that he'd take care of me no matter what it took.  I love him so.  I also confessed my faults and failures of the day.  We have that little ritual every night, but usually I have nothing to admit. Usually he just tells me I was a good slave.  Last night I did, about falling down on my service through self indulgent couch-lounging.  I don't know if he will punish me, since last night's beating was for fun and maintenance, not punishment.  

Friday, December 18, 2015

Frustrated But Happy?

I woke up purely frustrated (sexually) but trying to pretend that I wasn't.  La di di, don't want to have sex, not turned on, not going to be interested at all... these are the lies I tell myself. 

My Master was about to get up when I asked him to untie me.  He did.  We got up.  I made his breakfast as usual.  He came down and ate it after his shower.  

When he went back up to get dressed I followed him, which I haven't done in a long time.  I got out of the habit because I didn't know if it pleased him or not.  Lacking feedback, and after receiving immediate orders to go back downstairs many days in a row, which made me think he didn't want me up there, I just stopped.  Maybe I was just being irritating following him around?  Honestly, a lot of my life is guesswork, trying to base my behavior on his reaction the last few times to what I did, trying to figure out what will please him, because he didn't tell me one way or another what he wanted.  I'm constantly searching for meaning or direction when maybe there is none.  Anyway, that wasn't the cause of my frustration, that is just something that was going on in my head when I decided to follow him upstairs once again.   

I was hoping for the chance to kneel at his feet, hoping not to be sent away.  He allowed me, and told me to remove my clothes.  He fondled my tits, then pulled my hair back and told me to come.  Without any recent orgasm, this was a big one, especially considering the complete lack of any touch to my nether region.  
I kissed his knee, kissed his feet, on fire with desire now.  Wanting so much more, this orgasm was not a release so much as a open door to more wanting.   He told me no more orgasms until he tells me I can.  No playing with myself.

I'm somehow frustrated but secure in his control.  Happy, but far from content. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Retro Cunt

My Master likes my retro cunt.  

He's been making me practice saying that in perky tones, just in case anyone asks why it is so hairy.

Last night was all about him using me quickly.  I didn't even have an orgasm, which is practically unheard of here.  I'm sorta interested in having one now, but also a bit ambivalent, I don't know why.  


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fluffy Bunny Sex

Yesterday after he'd strapped my wrists and ankles into spreader bars and was in the process of beating the heck out of me, Master  commented "I only wanted the fluffy bunny vanilla sex today.  All this pain is for you, right?.....  Right?"

I didn't believe him at all, but in my predicament, I figured I should reply agreeably,

 "Whatever you say, Master". 

Whack, whack.


"Right?" he asked again.

"Yes, Master."

 He was just teasing me, of course; he LOVED beating the snot out of me as much as I loved receiving it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seasonal Program

I had the BEST idea today.  Master was fucking me and I had clothespins attached all around to various places- my labia, nipples, even my chin.  I told him we should have little bells glued to all the clothespins!  Think how festive the sound would be!  I am now wondering how easy it would be to glue bells to clothes pins. 

TMI Tuesday: Computers

From this site:

1. Do you access the Internet on a your own computer or a shared computer?

I do not have my own computer.  This one that I use belongs to my Master.

2. Do you regularly browse web sites that you would prefer your significant other (or your mother!) not know about?

My Master knows everything about me.  He has access to everything so I have no privacy from him, not that I feel like I would want it.
  My mom?  No, I do not need her to follow my blog or see other websites I look at, yikes!

3. Do you have browser bookmarks for sites you would prefer no one else know about?

Yes, well, depends who we are talking about.  Vanilla friends or kinky friends?  The kinky friends, I wouldn't mind if they saw any of the websites I read, but not the vanilla friends.

4. Do you clear your browser history? If yes, how often?

Usually right before family comes to visit, just in case they would want to borrow a computer.  That's fairly infrequent.

5. Do you use “incognito windows” for some of your browsing?

No, I don't even know how. 

6. Do you overwrite deleted files?


7. How often do you total shut down your home computer? Tablet?

Every night we try to remember to close it down.  

8. Do you have one or more pseudonyms that you use on the web?

 How many? What do you use them for?

Yes.  I have two pseudonyms, one for blogs and a different one on Fetlife.  They used to be the same name, but Master likes to change my Fetlife name sometimes.  Right now I'm twuntalope_ksst over there.
9. How many email accounts do you have? Why?

I have two, one for blogs and personal friends, and one for buisness/work related stuff. 

Bonus: Do you use any of the following sites? Which ones? What makes them work for you?
SnapChat, Chaturbate, OKCupid, Ashley Madison, Tinder, Down, 3nder, Pure.

Nope, I've never used any of those.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

Used Slave

Sometimes it is all about being used.  Being an object for his pleasure.  He uses my mouth, perhaps my cunt as well, but just long enough for him to get off.  He is satisfied, and I love pleasing him; I love seeing his contented smile afterward.  I'm just his holes, used holes.  I would like more, of everything, but it's not about me, is it?  Not this time.


Master was caning me, and it was quite painful, which makes me laugh.  I know it sounds horrible, but it actually happens to quite a few masochists I know.  I have no idea why, endorphins or something.

 Master started encouraging me with this routine:

"Do find something amusing about my fwiend in Wome?"

"No, Master", with stifled giggles.

"My fwiend, Biggus Dickus"?  

More laughing.  Harder caning.

"He has a wife you know."

"Do you want to know her name?"

Stifled giggles.  Dancing feet.  Another hard whack with the cane.

"She's called Incontinentia.  

Incontinentia Buttocks".   

I'm dying!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It All Started...

The Implements of Doom:  leather strap, lighter, knife


It started with a kick between my legs.   I had been kneeling with my head to the floor when Master walked into the bedroom, came around behind me and kicked me.

"Get up, drop your robe, and grab your dresser", were his brief commands. Then once I was up, "Wrists". He tied my hands with the leather strap.

The floggers were first; they felt so good against my back.  He worked me over from shoulders to butt, then had me kneel again for some hard down strokes.  

He had me stand again, and switched to a cane, used very hard and painfully, so that my feet began to dance in place first, then to the side, away from the cane.  Master steadied me with his leg in front of me, bending me slightly over his knee, and kept going, commanding me to be still.  By the time he moved on to the misery stick I think I was getting a bit subspaced.  

Then the paddle, which proved me not so deep in subspace, because that sucker hurt!  After four or five hard blows to each side I was close to crying.  He grabbed my butt cheek hard, dug his nails in to the tender spots, and squeezed hard.  A painful ecstasy pushed me to the brink, just as the command came: "Come, whore!"

I got a few seconds to rest until I heard the snick of the new knife blade opening.   He traced across my back slowly and sensually at first, and then with quick stabbing motions that made me wonder when the blood was going to start flowing.  I know he must have been careful, probably not even using the blade at that time, because I wasn't cut up, but at the time my mind was playing tricks on me.  Not just my mind, Master was tricking me.  

He put away the knife and took the lighter around to my back instead.  I could feel its heat brushing me, and then the metal touched down.  I flinched.  A few more gentle brushes of the heat, and the dreaded clicking.  He made me close my eyes and lift my chin as he came around in front of me, clicking the lighter near my chest, just under my chin, near my face and my messily disarranged hair.  It was all I could do not to panic.  

Then he was done with the fire, telling me to get into bed and spread my legs because he was ready to use me for his orgasm.  He fastened my leash to my collar and ordered me onto my stomach. He spanked me again with the wooden paddle before telling me to raise my ass so he could thrust into me from behind.  My hands were still bound by leather strap.  He took the leash off temporarily when he was done and told me to go remove the strap and put on my wrist cuffs for the night.    When I came back to bed, he snapped the leash to my collar and I snuggled up against him, so grateful to be his and so grateful for this night.  


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Getting Up, Difficult Decisions

Well, I undid my own leash today.  After several weekdays of being tied by collar and leash to the headboard (which I LOVE, beyond all bounds of how much it is reasonable to love something as simple as being loosely tied at night), of getting up at the same time as Master and him unsnapping the leash for me , I undid myself today.    Saturday morning he likes to sleep in, whereas I wake up early thinking


I waited for hours in the bed, quietly (ok, maybe it was not hours, but I couldn't see the clock and couldn't reach my glasses). It finally came down to waking Master up (forbidden), undoing my own leash (unsure if this is allowed) or making a mess of the bed (just gross). 

I chose unsnapping the leash myself, which I hope was the right decision.
I should find out soon enough. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Improve a Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I spent it getting things done around the house, then Master came home really worn out and we watched some TV together.   

But that night he fastened the leash to my collar for the night.   
It gave me all the happy warm feelings to turn a good day into a most satisfying day.   I again had no trouble sleeping that way, and quite enjoyed the soft clinking the snap and ring made when I woke up and rolled over.  

When he unsnapped the leash in the morning it was just as delectable. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Sexins and Beatings

When Master got home this morning I was all ready for him- undercarriage washed, leather collar and cuffs on. 

 He quickly had me on my knees, worshiping.   After a short while he told me to go put in my butt plug, which slid in easily this time, and then back down to give his cock more attention.   A while later, he told me to fetch down the misery stick so he could beat my ass.   Which he did, as I was sucking.

He took me upstairs then, beat me more with that painful stick, and then a two handed beating with twin back scratchers.  Those things hurt.  I actually began to cry after a while.  A little more sucking, and then he got out the new knife, the one from the party.  He scratched all over me, gently, not to break skin, while I tried to hold really, really still, enjoying the sensations.  When the knife (or something cold and metal) was prying at my lower lips I felt a trembling and self destructive urge to thrust my pelvis upward to meet it.  I didn't.  I lay still, but there is no denying the urge was there.   

Instead, he took the knife away and began hitting my cunt and inner thighs with the bamboo back scratchers.   He let me orgasm, then got me up on my hands and knees.  He told me to tuck in my string (there is a string on the butt plug) and close my legs.  He flogged me then, going harder and harder, and moving through several positions until he was ready to send me to the bed. 

Master told me to get in bed, and he followed me.  He looped the leash that was still attached to the headboard around my neck, and put me on my side sucking him while he spanked me again, this time with the paddle.  He handed my my glasses and a book and told me to read.  It was difficult to keep reading during the paddling, but even more so when he rolled me to my stomach and fucked me from behind.  It was tight and intense with the butt plug in, but he forced me to keep reading sexy bits of the book to him, as he pulled back on the leash, reining in my neck, until the fucking grew violent enough that I just couldn't resist tucking my head down and letting the book fall.   

He moved me through several more positions before I ended up on top, having many orgasms, even one that was not commanded by him (oops).   

Walk in the Woods

In addition to the other events of Sunday, Master and I went for a walk and explored a new county park that just opened up down the road from us.  It is quite secluded way down by the river.  Mostly we just walked, but once he had me kneel and suck his cock.  Another time he had me bend over a large flat rock and he thrust against me without removing any clothes.  If it had been warmer, or if we hadn't just finished fucking, who knows what else would have happened??

Monday, December 7, 2015

Kinky Holiday Party

This weekend we attended a kinky holiday party.  It wasn't a play party, though a couple of people got spanked anyway.  Master came home with one of the gag gifts (not an actual gag)- a leopard print penis warmer, which is pretty hilarious.  And it won't be nearly as painful for me as the teddy bear paddle he originally unwrapped.

 I'm not sure where or why one would need to wear a penis 'n' balls warmer, but that scrotal frostbite can be a bitch.  So I've heard.

The gift exchange was one of those crazy endless stealing games.
 I ended up with a really nice knife, after lots of trading/stealing.

  Sometimes it is surprising what gets stolen.   There was a monster dildo that a new guy got, which ended up being stolen from him (you should have seen how happy he was about that!).  Once your gift is stolen, you can take one from someone else.

The baby Jesus butt plug was also stolen once.  Yes, really.  You can get your own sacrilegious sex toys right here:

 After the party, Master was exhausted and went straight to bed while I cleaned up the kitchen (wrecked while we were out!) and took care of the dogs.   

Sunday we had a delicious session of ass sex and leather strapping and orgasms.  Master took that leash that is still tied to the head board and looped it around my neck so he could partially strangle me while fucking me.  The best!  

Then we spent all afternoon doing Christmas cards together.  So wholesome.  :) :)  They are all done now, which is a huge relief off my mind.  Now I'm going to have to think about doing some Christmas shopping.  No, I haven't started yet, except for the things I bought for the kinky gift exchange.  


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Leashed to the Bed

Master leashed me to the bed last night after he was done using me.  He put the wrist cuffs on me and had me get a leather dog leash.  He slipped the snap through one ring, then snapped it to the other.  It was very comfortable and comforting.  He's not sure if he wants this to be an all the time thing, or just on occasion.  I loved it.  This was a huge fantasy for me.  

Can you see my smile from there?  

My leash and cuffs:

In the morning he unsnapped it to release me.  I refrained from singing out "Free at last, free at last!" as that would have been unseemly.  (But funny.)

Friday, December 4, 2015


Master let me start shaving again, everything but my bits.


Nipple Clamps

Master did a little experiment last night to see if the nipple clamps hurt more when I had to put them on myself, or when he did it.

I checked with him first to make sure I could put them anywhere on my tit- yes, anywhere- and then clipped them to the skin near but not on my nipple.  That did hurt a lot less.  Then he pushed me down on the bed and fucked me hard, pulling the chain, and with all the bouncing and pulling it began to hurt a lot more.  He moved them to my nipples and it felt like the stings of a million bees.  By the time he got done fucking, bouncing, pulling on them I had tears coming.

He moved the clamp to the spot just above my clit, which also hurt, but not as bad as my nipples.  He kept on fucking me, pulling the chain, making me come.  An orgasm on top of all that hurts three times as bad.  At the same time it was the pain giving the orgasms more strength.  Feedback loop?  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Sunday night I went to bed just fine.  I had a sex dream, about going to an orgy, and somehow twisted my back in my sleep, waking up to excruciating pain.   I didn't even get to join in because the back thing happened as I was getting ready for my dream-orgy and pain woke me up.   Master began to comment about my waking him, but when he realized how much I hurt he went and brought me some medicine.  I pretty much limped around all day through my chores.

It was a lot better by Tuesday and he was able to use me.  He flogged me hard as I knelt on the floor in front of him, once catching my asshole with a wrap (ow!) that made me scream. 
I went from not aroused at all to a complete dripping, moaning slut eagerly slurping up his cock in a few minutes.  

He had me fill my ass with the butt plug, sent me to the bed and he brought the magic wand and the dildo.   He filled up all my holes, fucking my mouth and my cunt, and using the dildo on the opposite hole.  It was quite delicious.   

I thought Thumper needs a picture here:  



Monday, November 30, 2015

Big Fucking Weekend

This blog has been really tough to wrap my mind around.  Finally last night Master told me that I must write something for him about what we did. So here goes.

Saturday morning it started with Master fucking me in the shower.  Then he was telling me what to wear.  And what not to wear.  No undies. No bra. Skirt. Very thin silky top.  Only my leather coat, not the parka.

Master and I went over to Saumya's house Saturday to help put plastic weatherproofing on her windows, in addition to some more fun things he had planned.

We also had to try out the new double headed dildo I bought.  It is a great big thing, and I named it "Thumper" after Master hit me in the ass with it. 

She had acquired a rubber mallet, much like this one.

So first Master beat our butts a little with that, and then with "Thumper".  

He had us undress and lie face down on the bed next to each other.  He commented that the smell of arousal was strong, and slightly different for each of us.  What a bouquet we made! More beatings, with the floggers and other items from the toy bag followed, before he began forcing us to perform various acts with each other and with him.  Not that it took much forcing, of course.

When we were both pretty blissed out he commanded "Stand up".  It was hard.   He began putting rope on her, and told me to kneel and wait.  As he tied her, he also began hypnotizing her.  In one of the stranger acts of obedience I've ever been required to perform, I made nature sounds to contribute to his work.  O-ka-leeeee! 

He roped my chest up also, and then tied us together standing against the wall.  He flogged us and then used the belt.  I have a feeling I got the worst of the belting (lucky me!).

There was a lot more fucking and sucking and slapping, and just all kinds of things- several hours worth.  I'm very sorry that it all just comes in snatches now (heh) and I can't piece together the full event.   Master had two orgasms.   Saumya and I had a few (dozen).  We fucked each other with the double headed monster Thumper.  It was quite the slutty wet time. 

I was wrung out, brung down, rung down and all kinds of mean and nasty stuff, but it was a fabulous day.

When we got home Master fucked me again.  Twice.  

My cunt is still sore.



Saturday, November 28, 2015

Busy Friday, and Another Dinner

This was my Friday:
-start roast
-start laundry (5 loads washed, dried and put away, including the sheets I'm normally supposed to do on Thursday but couldn't because we weren't home)
-clean the house
-make 2 pies (pecan, blueberry/raspberry)
-clean the kitchen again
-write blog
-get dressed
-feed sheep
-clean up poop in the yard
-set the table for guests, hang out with Mystique and hasufel while we waited for Master to get home.
-finish up the salad and side dishes
-wash dishes, clean kitchen again
-play Lord of the Rings Risk (the good guys won. Master and I were the Orcs)
-take care of dogs
-go to bed around midnight

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pretty Brutal Night

 Just what I was hoping for!

Wednesday night I was flirting with Master again, and I asked him to hurt me, hoping for something like that a little later at night. 

He stroked my head and said he only want to make sweet, gentle love to me.

When I got a bit goggle eyed by this weird statement he punched me hard in the chest.

"So then you don't expect it when I do that!" he laughed.

Such funnies, Master.

Later on, after a cock sucking session, I waited for him kneeling prostrate on the floor of the bedroom, wearing my night collar and the fuzzy robe that I'm allowed in the winter.  In a few minutes, he came in and said sternly "Naked, slave."  That was my cue to expect a rough night.

He told me to grab the dresser, and he took out the mean toy- the tire tread paddle- and a long leather paddle.  He used them on my ass quite hard, until I was dancing away from him, and then even a little bit more, before he told me to lie on the floor.  

He cropped my tits, cunt and thighs. He took me.  I started to struggle away, but he held me down, punched me in the chest repeatedly, bit me, and told me he was raping me, so I better enjoy being a raped little whore.  I did enjoy it too, though I kept on struggling to get away. He told me I'd like being raped by anyone, I was such a whore.  Mmm, all the squishy feelings!  I came.

Master pulled out and rolled me over.  He cropped me again and whipped me lightly with the dragon tail.  
Then he told me to get in bed, get the pillow under my hips.  He fucked me from behind and came quickly.  Then he rolled me back over and grasped a nipple and pulled hard. 

 He flicked it. I whimpered.   

He began a count down: "One hundred."  

Really, 100 nipple flicks?  Eeep. (In my head.)

He flicked it again.  "Ninety nine".

And so on. He may have skipped a few numbers but eventually reached "Negative one" before he let me come and stopped flicking my poor nipple. 

He gave me ten hard cane strokes on the backside and we were done.

In the morning I made his breakfast- fried potatoes, sausages and cheese in a burrito with tabasco.  It was Thanksgiving, and we were soon to be heading over to our friends' parents' place (about a 2.5 hour drive each way) for dinner.  

I microwaved my hot cereal, but before it was even done Master said he changed his mind about letting me eat breakfast first and said he wanted me upstairs right away. 

  He put the nipple clamps on me and pulled the chain as I rode on top (kaya, if you are reading, he said "I have to thank kaya again for these, they are SO FUN").  One of my nipples was still way more sore than the other from the night before. I might have cried a tiny bit.

  He held off my nose and mouth with his hand, taking my breath.   He let me use the vibrator as he fucked me, until I had two huge orgasms, then he came inside me.  

We had to hurry and get ready after that, because it was close to time to go!  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for my Master, and family and good friends again this year.  We spent the day with some friends and their parents in another town. 

 They made the traditional dinner and didn't even let me help clean up afterward.  I brought the party potatoes as our contribution.  Now we are stuffed and happy and going to bed as soon as I get my dogs exercised and fed. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Non Crying Parts of Tuesday

Almost half the day was gone and Master was still getting work done on the computer.  I mentioned that my appointment was coming up soon (ok, soon is relative- it was still 4 hours away) and didn't he want to do some things today?

He said "What things?" and I knew he was just teasing me, but I still didn't want to say out loud what things.  I don't remember what I did say.  I might have mumbled something as I wandered off. (Nothing I care to repeat).

An hour later, he told me to get naked, go get my leather collar and a leash and DO NOT use the bathroom.  I bobbed my head with a grateful, "Yes, Master". 

He had me remove all his clothes as well, then he put the leash on my collar and tied my hands together.  

He took me outside and told me to squat and pee.  Then he went on top of my spot while I held his cock.  It's a "marking on top" thing. 

Do you know how cold it is here now?  Plenty. It is plenty cold.  

Back in the house, he told me to go get my butt plug in, then he let me play with and suck his cock.  Now and then he would have me bend over and fuck me standing up, then back to the sucking.

This time when he took me upstairs he had me raise my arms while he got out the lighter and brought it right up to my fuzzy armpit hairs.  I stayed still, just barely, but I was whimpering and fearful as he burned some of it off.   He didn't get my skin, but I could smell the burned hair.  

He fucked me in bed, and had me sit on his face (not my favorite thing), then he let me use the vibrator while he took me again.  I had some huge and intense orgasms, for which I had to beg him.

He came inside me. That was when the crying began (see last post). 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Master fucked me today.  He didn't want to mark me up because I had a doctors appointment this afternoon and he didn't know which bits I'd be exposing. He didn't want questions.  I had specifically made the appointment for his day off so he could go with me.  I'm getting a permanent birth control installed.  I didn't know until today exactly what it would be or what all was involved in the procedure.  

After the fucking I was extremely shaky.  It was one of those times when between the butt plug causing discomfort and emotion (butt plugs cause emotion? Well, I think they do. And discomfort), and the huge orgasms releasing emotion, as we finished I collapsed on his chest.  
I began to shake and cry.  First he tried talking with me, and I was worried I'd disappointed him.  Then he tried blowing on my tummy, because I was due for one anyway, and why not torment me some more?  Then, bringing out all the stops, he gave me a chocolate toffee bar.

 So there I am, lounging on my side in bed next to him, eating my chocolate, when he takes off the chain leash I'd been wearing (ever since he took me out for my freezing-ass cold piddle in the yard much earlier) and begins beating my ass with it.  

 Eating chocolate toffee while being beat with a chain, I have now decided, is the ultimate in hedonistic pleasure.   

When I tried to make his lunch I shook some more.  I looked at the cheese I was slicing, my shaking hand and this little yellow cheese, and it was just so sad.  I don't know why, it makes no sense at all now, but that little cheese was just so sad I had to cry.  Master told me to put the knife down and he came over and held me, told me to breathe, until I'd stopped crying.  He wiped the tears from my face.
I went back to making lunch.  

At the doctors' they said what they offer is the Essure procedure, for which I had to get a shot of Depo Provera right away, as a preparation.  I will have to get another shot in three months.  The Essure can be done before Christmas, which is what we wanted.

The nurse came in with the shot and I was all freaked out again, shaking and close to crying (I'm not usually like that about shots). 
 I felt panicky and slightly nauseated.    It all seemed like it was going so fast.  She said she wasn't going to do the shot unless I was sure I wanted it.  Yes, I wanted it.  As soon as possible.  I managed to get the hysteria out of my voice.  Master told me to look into his eyes while I had the injection.  I felt swimmy (giddy, dizzy) as the needle went in.  He said my eyes looked weird and they both kept asking me if I was going to pass out.  No, I'm not going to pass out over just a shot.  It's just all going so fast.  The Essure seems like it will be way easier on me than a tubal ligation, but still, having anything done to me like that scares me.  Master told me if I really didn't want it I didn't have to, we could do something else, but he really thought it was the for the best.  So I'm doing it. I had the shot. 

On the way home I started crying again.  

But I made soup for dinner, and muffins, and all is well again. 

Master thinks I didn't enjoy the sex because it made me cry. But nothing could be further from the truth.  I enjoyed it so much it snuck deep into my being and made tears fall out.


Do You Ever?

Do you ever get those days when you are so dang horny that you can't even think?  Sometimes my brain is like one of those "This is your brain on drugs" fried eggs from that one PSA commercial, except not with drugs, just with its need for pain/sex.  

 We had an extended play time on Sunday, when I was caned and fucked into near-oblivion, but a few hours later, cunt aching still, I was wanting more.  I was reading an erotic fantasy book and getting all worked up again (Why? I don't know).  He had me reading it aloud to him, just the best bits, and sometimes he was feeling me up, or squeezing my tit.   He told me he likes me all wanton and horny.  He had me kneel at his feet and he slapped me. I gave him a blowjob.

 Then Monday I was buzzed up with desire all damn day.  Master teased me again at night, with touching and fondling, but nothing else.  At bedtime we just went to sleep.  Sometimes I feel like I'll go out of my mind, then I think, no, I can handle it, I got this, I can wait.  Ah, fuck me.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Hair

Since mid October I have not shaved ANYTHING, not pits, not cunt, not legs, except for the day of the Halloween party I was allowed to shave a little off my legs for my costume. Otherwise,  I have definitely gone all hippie chick on his orders.  I'm not one of these girls that doesn't really grow a lot of hair, either.  I have hair EVERYWHERE.   Soon I should be able to make armpit braids.  Today he found his delight in yanking a few of those hairs out of me.  Gleep!

Master told me he likes my hairy bits for two reasons:

1. It just looks sexy. (ok, different tastes, whatever)

2. The main one.  He knows I hate it and that gives him the sadistic smile of glee.  He knows as soon as he gives the permission, I'll be in the bathroom giving my neglected razor a workout.  His power over me makes him happy.  His power and glee makes my cunt twitch.  

So, I'm good with it.  Not so much the hair, but with knowing that he is pleased. 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Steamed Buns, Caned Buns

We discovered a new restaurant in town (ok, it is only new to us, it has been there for a year) that has a Friday special on steamed buns.  This is a Korean food which you can see being made here and we love them.

On Master's orders (I'm not allowed to get take out otherwise) I went and picked up two buns for each of us yesterday, and along with some rice and broccoli I made, that was dinner.  I saved one of my buns for lunch today.

I didn't have to ask what Master wanted after the kids were asleep.  His looks had been telling me all evening.   Every night this week he fondled and teased me, that is a constant every day thing.  Wednesday he'd used me quickly before we fell asleep.  Thursday I asked if he wanted to use my cunt and he'd said no.  

Friday, though.

Friday he was eye raping me with almost malevolent, lustful looks. Pinching a nipple or fondling my ass as I walked by.  He said I was going to get a beating.  Possibly a fucking too, or maybe some come down my throat.  

I eagerly sucked his cock as if I'd been waiting for the chance my whole life.  Kneeling at his feet as he watched porn, I felt quite content in my place and in being of service to him, being his servant. ("Gag on it, bitch") He nearly came, but he pushed me away.  

He took me upstairs, roughly jerking my robe to the floor of the bedroom.  He drew back his hand fully and smacked my tit hard, and again, and the other side, hard. A few more times. I gasped and shook.  He felt between my legs with one hand as the other one pulled my hair back.  He kissed me deep and hard, then bit my ear, right on the sore spot where I'd had it accidentally pierced.  I yelped and tried to use my hands ineffectually as shields: fluttery, wiggly, flapping shields that didn't really mean it but couldn't help themselves. He drew back his hand and slapped me hard again. 

 I was dripping wet.  I'm getting excited all over again just thinking about the above treatment now.

He told me to get in bed and lie on my stomach.  

He had the cane, which he used on my back, thighs and especially my butt.  He ordered me to come.   Mid orgasm, he was on top of me, thrusting into me from behind.  He pinned my wrists above my head.  Somehow he was caning me still then, my ass squirming under his cane giving him pleasure as he fucked my cunt. Setting down the cane, he began punching me.  Punching hard on my ass and other places as he fucked me.  He pulled my arms behind me and pinned them against my back. The pleasure was intense in that straining position.   He flipped me over. I smiled up at him in a haze of sex and need, arching toward him.  He slid inside. After he came inside me he picked up the cane again and did my tits and cunt with it, and for good measure told me to come again.  

Such a good way to spend a Friday night, I think! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kinky Day of Excellent Fun

I paced back and forth from window to door, watching for his car, feeling a bit like his faithful dog.  Except a dog that was supposed to have breakfast ready when he got back.  I didn't really have to keep watch, as my own real dogs will bark as soon as they hear a car in the long driveway, but I was so exited about the upcoming after breakfast events that I couldn't help my pacing.   I knew he wanted me, because he'd been teasing me earlier, sticking his hand under my robe and squeezing and fondling, not letting me come but getting me to the edge.  My desperation for him was making me antsy.

While he was out, I made the breakfast he ordered: toast with cheese and toast with butter and cinnamon sugar.  I just had to pop it under the broiler when I saw his car, because it takes less than 2 minutes to cook.  

He arrived and I bounced up and down (literally).  I told him I had breakfast for him.  He told me he had cock for me.   (Squee!)

After he had his tea and toast he told me to go get a leash and come back to kneel at his feet.  I scurried off and fetched the chain.  I knelt and he fastened it to my collar.  He used the chain and collar to guide me I as worked on his cock.  At first he only allowed me to use my hands, but then eventually my mouth as well.   He nearly came several times, but each time pulled me away at the last second.  At times he pulled my head down on to him with one hand while pulling up on the leash with the other, making me choke.  When he choked me he let me orgasm.  It was a delightful time.  

There was much more: a heavy paddling with the cutting board, beating and scratching with his sword, clothes pins and clover clamps on my nipples, then my cunt, then nipples again as he fucked me.  

Later on, when he was ready to come, he told me I was going to have to do a terrible thing for him.  I waited nervously in bed, listening to him rustling around the dresser, wondering if it was going to be the lighter again, if I was going to get burnt. That was the terrible thing that was in my mind when he came back with a paper back book.  He wanted me to fuck him on top and read him a smutty passage from this book!   It wasn't bad at all, bouncing and reading, especially when he told me I could make myself come anytime I wanted!  It took me about 10 seconds, and he came at the exact moment I did.

A short while later, after some relaxing in bed, he told me to get up, tied my hands together and flogged me as I stood gripping my dresser.  It was WONDERFUL. Even better was when he snapped me with the belt many times.  Then he gave me the hitachi to hold and whipped me with his dragon tail.  I was trembling and unable to hold the dresser with my hands tied that way, plus holding the vibrator.  I had several huge orgasms but still remained standing somehow.  The dragon tail left me with a few cuts.

He wanted to take a shower right away, but when he saw my spaced out look, goofy smile and swaying instead of walking, he let me lie down for a bit first under the blankets to recover.

When we showered (hot water, YAY!) he ordered me to turn my back and kneel so he could piss on my head and back.  That was hot, too, very different from the usual pissing on chest or face version, but I'm not sure why exactly it seemed so different to me.  



Monday, November 16, 2015

Doing Three Holes on a Sunday

And it's not golf. :)

Once we were alone, Master had me put in the butt plug, then ordered me to grab a blanket and lie on the bed.  I looked down at my chest and saw the faded remnants of the words he'd written on me the night before:

"whore slut cunt"

 He attached clamps to my nipples and let me suck him as he knelt next to my head.  He shifted over between my legs and began stroking my clit with the head of his cock.  

  My nipples were in screaming pain, and my ass was gently contracting around the butt plug, but the stroking was beginning to overwhelm even those sensations, taking me from sharp pain to somewhere more bearable- still pain, but mixed with pleasure.

 He gave me the order "Wrists" and I presented my wrists to him for tying.  He fastened them via leather straps to the rails on the headboard.

 He thrust into me and my tits bounced with their clamps shifting brought that sharp pain back to the front. I strained against the straps and tried to remember to keep breathing. He was deep inside me and fucking steadily.  He picked up the chain between the clamps and pulled it.  I thrust my hips up against him, becoming half animal-minded with the hurt and the pleasure taking over all thoughts.   He removed the clamps and in that instant of even sharper pain as the blood returned he told me to orgasm. 

He gripped one of my cunt lips between his fingers and placed the clover clamp on it.  The second one went back on my nipple which was still pulsing with pain.  I sucked in some air and concentrated on the fucking I was receiving.  He shifted the nipple end down to my cunt lip on the other side, holding up the chain like some pussy reins, and rode me.  This was painful but bearable.  I guess it is all bearable, because I do bear it to please my Master, but the clamps on my cunt lips are somewhat more bearable than on my nipples.  

He moved the clamps back to my tits again and kept on.

Then he rolled me over, straps still in place on my wrists, and fucked me from behind. I grunted like an animal.

Master smoothly eased the butt plug out and in the same motion plunged his cock into my ass.  It was an easy and open highway for him this time.  He thrust in hard as I pushed back upwards against him.  "Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck my ass hard, Master" I moaned to him, and he went harder and harder into my hole until he was done with me. 

After a short rest we made our way down to the shower, where we found only tepid water.  He washed up quickly as I waited, then when he was done I started to wash myself. By then the water was absolutely freezing.  I had the world's shortest bath, barely getting the important zones clean at all.   It turned out the pilot light on the water heater had gone out, but after he re-lit it, it seems to be working today.   Brr, but that was unpleasant.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Little Mousie Mindfuck

We have mice. This is nothing new.  You live out in the country in an old house, you are going to have mice that move in every fall trying to stay warm.  So we have perpetual war against mice, and sometimes we win a little victory and catch one in a trap. 

The first thing I do when surprised by a dead gross mouse a trap is shriek in horror and disgust.  Then I look around for Master, who is the designated dead mouse removal expert. 

This morning I watched him remove a mouse from a trap, throw it away, then go into the bathroom.  I know he washed his hands. He must have.  Why else would he go in there?  He called me into the bathroom with him.  Making his hands shaped like a spider gag he shoved his fingers into my mouth and pried it open.

"Mouse hands!" he declared, most amused by my facial contortions of revulsion.

For that couple seconds it didn't matter if he'd washed his hands ten times, he still had "mouse hands".


Teasing and Attitude

Master's plans for seeing (aka beating and sex with) someone else yesterday afternoon fell through, and he was a bit disappointed, but these things happen, not a big deal to him.  There will be other days for that. 

I was at the sink when he came up behind me and said in my ear, teasing me deliberately, "I guess I won't be having sex this afternoon."

Without stopping to think (always a mistake) I teased him back, "Because you can't have sex with me.  No sex for you!", which is evidently "giving him attitude".  Instead of sex, I got dragged off to a private corner of the house, thrown me up against a wall and punched repeatedly.  It sounds worse than it was.  It just made me horny, to be honest.

The caning/spoon whacking and fucking wasn't until 10 hours later, by which time I had bypassed extreme sexual desire and gone on to extreme sleepiness.   The misery stick woke me right up, though.   My cunt is still aching from the attention it received. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cast of Characters for My Blog

I saw this idea on Cammie's blog and thought readers might appreciate a recap of people that have appeared here:

Master:  Appearing here as Master, or signing himself "DM" in the comments.  He's my Master, my Owner, my husband, and father of my children.  We have been together since 1987 (I was 16 when we started dating.)  Wicked and naughty sense of humor.  Sadistic and caring, loving and protective.

Me:  Appearing here as "me" or "I".  A slave to Master.  Forty-something year old "ordinary" mom, crazy dog lady, and deeply kinky masochist slut.  In Master's posts I'm also called "ksst" which is my Fetname (usually).

Bigger kid:  We have a 15 year old son who appears occasionally. He's pretty much Master's mini-me.  He reads, he plays computer games, he hides in his room and skypes with his friends and tries to avoid doing homework.

Smaller kid: We also have an 11 year old son, a somewhat more mercurial, but very giving, loving and affectionate child.  Poster child for ADHD.

Mystique:  The leader of our local munch group, dominant sadomasochist (mostly on the "sado" part), and a dear friend for the past 4 years. Sometime ago was involved with both Master and I in a sexual and play relationship.  She lives not far from us at all, about 20 minutes and she has three wacky dogs that fit in with our pack, at least the parts of our pack that get along with other dogs.  Now the sexual part of the relationship is gone for various reasons, but she still likes to occasionally whip me or light me on fire at parties.  I love her the same as always.

The fireplay is her favorite thing, see: 

 Flaming Cooter of Fun (Death)!  

Also, Googly Eyes.

She has a submissive:

Hasufel, also known as Nuri.  He plays only with Mystique, as her sub, and he comes visit us and hang out occasionally.  Also, he is a very dear friend.  He is super handy with all sorts of building/repair type jobs.   And he's a real fire fighter, which comes in handy for Mystique's kink (kidding! Ok, maybe not really kidding). 
 One of his favorite kinks is pony play, so I may eventually be hooked up to a cart with him.  

Saumya:   For a while she was an occasional play partner, then she and Master began developing more of a part time CNC based relationship.  It was not entirely CNC the way I think of it, since it only covered certain times and areas.  One of our playtimes:  Thing one and thing two.  This is over between them now.

S. and M., aka Sophie and brat_tastic:  A young local couple in our community (twenty years younger than us- and, yes, that age difference is sometimes weird for me) with whom we used to play or Swap occasionally. 
S. is a transwoman, a very outspoken and committed activist, and M. (aka brat_tastic) is her sub.

Travis:  Real name, Travis, appearing here as (guess what!) Travis, an old guy from Texas, now living in Wisconsin, with many interests, and many years in the kinky scene. Known for the catch phrase "Trust me"("I'm a lawyer"), his bullwhips, his love of cooking and eating, and his great sense of humor.   He is a dear friend, and once in a while he whips me (hard!) too.   
Our first scene is here:  Whipping.  His slave and wife is Wolfmoon, a wonderful woman.  They have a Master/slave CNC type relationship. 

Sir David: also known as WiDomher or currently, BAD.  A friend from the UP who occasionally plays with me if we meet up at a party, with Master's permission of course. Our first scene is described here.   And continues here.
 He plays with me hard, and I love that: whips, knives, "road rash" paddle.

Dr.Peter:  Canes, canes and more canes!  He loves them.  He lives near us and sometimes Master gives me to him for some, guess what?  Caning!  He's truly an expert and has been teaching this skill for years. He is a switch and likes to receive as well as give.

I think I have covered most of the regulars, but I may come back and add to this later if needed.  

Je pense à vous tous

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France in the wake the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

His New Favorite Joke

Him: What's the difference between pink and purple?

Me:   I don't know, what?

What happens then: I get my boob squeezed really, really hard. 

 The second time around:

 Him: What's the difference between pink and purple?

Me: I already heard that one.

Him:  Hmmm.


 The third time around:

 Him: What's the difference between pink and purple?

Me:   I don't know, what?


What can I say, I'm a masochist.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Butt Pliers

  We started out the day by watching some TV, which naturally led to groping, pussy spanking and cock sucking.  He wasn't letting me orgasm, and I was getting increasingly turned on throughout the show/ordeal. 

I asked if I could go pee and he said yes, so I headed for the bathroom.

"Um. What are you doing?" he asked.

"Going to the bathroom," I replied.

"Nope, you will use the outdoors".  He made me leave my robe inside, and it had frosted that night, so the ground was COLD.  I was swarmed by dogs as I tried to squat.  Holding them off with one hand (not very successfully) I pissed in the grass.  
Dogs: "What are you doing? We halp? Pet me, pet me, pet me!"

It's a good thing I've never had a shy bladder.   This is becoming a regular feature of Tuesdays.

Back inside, Master led me upstairs by my hair, giving me a few punches along the way.

He tied me up, except for  my hands, then had me grip the dresser.  He started out with a delicious flogging, which gradually grew harder, making me strain up on my legs and curl my toes.  He told me to turn around and put my hands behind me.  He flogged my tits with the stinging tips of the floggers.  He wrapped the floggers hard around my butt which hurt so good.   Then he had me kneel in front of him and he beat straight down with the misery stick as I sucked his cock.  That really, really hurts! I was soon crying. There were a bunch of other implements used that I couldn't always see: spoons and crops I think.   Over and over, in the same damn spot, until I was whimpering even more.  

Master put me on my hands and knees, my head down on the floor, he beat me until I was near to sobbing/hyperventilating and then he left me there.  I don't know what he was doing, but he was directly behind me.  He didn't actually leave the room, but he was waiting and watching.  I could feel his eyes on me.  Still I waited and tried to recover my breath and composure.  Wondering what was going on, relieved that there was a pause and fearful of what was next.

Finally, he asked me if I felt the humiliation of my situation, felt what it was like to be his slave. Yes, Master, I do.

He gave me the vibrator and went back to beating me.  He allowed me to come, twice, spurred on as I was, but also distracted by the pain he was giving me. With the second one I toppled over to my side. 

Something sharp was scratching the backs of my thighs, my ass, my inner thighs.  It felt exquisitely scratchy but barely painful. 

"Don't move or you're really going to get hurt", he warned me.

I tried to stop my trembling.  

I felt something hard and metal against my asshole.  It began to press in.  I tried to think what it could be- not a butt plug or beads, it didn't feel like those.  Surely something that didn't belong in my ass!  I held very still.

When he was done he showed me his pliers and told me how dirty I had made them.  Wicked dirty girl, I am.  :) 

Then he told me to get my butt plug in and get ready to be fucked.  I did these things, and he fucked me thoroughly with the plug in.  One of the orgasms I had was so strong it was painful, a massive earthquake-gasm- I actually cried and he was worried something had gone wrong.  Nope, just a really good one!

Now he has butt pliers. 







Just a little update

I'm still doing the weight watchers program, and am down a total of 6 lbs, 4 of which of course were the first week.   I am fitting into...